Friday, March 31, 2006


I know I can't make it
but it's really not my fault
It's part of the job, really
But you said I have my own life
Do you think I expected that to happen?
Yes I know you're dissapointed
But do you know
That you're not the only party who is dissapointed?
Don't you think I want to talk to you so badly too???
Do you think I'm happy with this condition?
Now, I really don't know what to say to you..
You've felt bad about me
I don't have any other words to explain anymore
'Cos no matter how I explain, you won't care.. you always think I'm the one who do not want to talk to you or spare my time for you

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Hope everything goes smoothly

Well... first step has been done. Yesterday morning I went to my boss's office before she started her day. She looked at me so curious... and after telling her what I wanted to say, she felt much relieved... cos she thought I was going to resign... kekekeke...
Then she asked me to raise the leave form and I raised it that morning since I was catching the time *the ticket must be bought before 31st March.
And this morning, she managed to get the GM's signature... Hurayy.. and after finding out where my leave form's existence, I felt much relieved too...
I supposed to purchase the ticket this afternoon, but my sis-in-law didn't bring her card and tonight, I just managed to purchase the ticket online using her CC.
Tomorrow I'm gonna call them and ask them whether she has to come to check in counter or is it possible to get approval by giving authorisation letter to CTO, or has to personally go down to CTO.
I'm so exciting about the holiday. A 3-week holiday.. Long time I never take such a big break abroad.. especially in a country I've never been before..
I've planned to go some exciting cities in US, and it's been my dream to go there before I left this world one day. Hopefully everything goes smoothly and I enjoy the trip.
Well.. quite late now.. gotta sleep soon.. otherwise, I wouldn't be able to wake up tomorrow morning to work.. Ciao and please pray for me that everything is going to be alright... =)

Friday, March 24, 2006


Yesterday my friend sent me an attachment, and first, i found it not be useful.. but after have some thoughts, then realised.. how important that be!!!
I've been wanting to go there in my life and I hope I could fulfill my wish before I left this world =P How ironic.. hehehe...
I'm now holding S'pore Passport, therefore I don't need to apply for that complicated and expensive Visa... Then.. since the cost to go there is quite expensive... I plan to go there for about 3 weeks, which means.. i have to apply additional one week unpaid leave.
The attachment that my friend sent was the cutting of the air ticket promotion by NWA. It's only S$929 plus tax etc, for around S$1,260.. what a good bargain!!!!
Previously I thought of taking SQ as the one most comfortable in the sense of its schedule and convenient.. but it priced me S$1,941 for the whole journey - air ticket only! Difference of S$680 made it worthed to take the offer!!!
So I contacted my friend who I'll be spending my time there with and there is 'supposed to be' no problem of getting there earlier than what I've planned on.. earlier one month.. and now I'm waiting for my Boss to come - next Monday - and to inform her all my plan, and hopefully she allows me to be away for 3 weeks from the office...
Well.. waiting is a very miserable thing in world. But again, i just believe one thing.. if it's urs.. it's urs.. if it isn't.. it wont be urs then.. so.. I just hope everything will go smoothly.. if it's mine... Please pray for me.....

Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Really can't wait till 1st April. I have asked my pal to have lunch there on that day...
Craving for their foods...
Just now I went to the website.. checking out the food menu... ;D~ ces.. ces.. my sliva's coming out... hehehe...
I've always love American food.. well, i know it's a junk food, but I just love it...
Not only the food, but also the beer and the location made me attracted to go there..
It's located along the Riverside and they produce their own beer.. hm.. imagine me sitting outdoor, sip the cooled fresh beer, and snack the cheese sticks with it... in a hot weather but windy... hueheehhehehehe...
Too bad, still 2 more weeks to go.. 'cos it's quite expensive for us and we have to wait the 'good news' to come first then enjoy.. hehehe....
Well.. no time to write.. must go already now.. to school.. *bleh... cya

Sunday, March 19, 2006

C'est fini encore?

Je pense que c'est fini entre nous.
De distance entre nous est plus loin.
Vous avez votre vie, et moi.. j'ai ma vie aussie.
Peut-être nous n'avons pas destinée dans c'etre vie.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006


After few weeks enduring from tiredness... my body finally couldn't take it anymore...
The flu started out two days ago. Now i can feel my nose blocked. Can't enjoy the food tonite.. huaaaaa.... ;_( too bad...
Perhaps im going to see doctor tomorrow for medicine's prescription before work *hopefully it's allowed.. so i could sleep more.. kekekekeke...
Still confuse whether to take or not take.. Dun think can manage to take.. but a little part of my heart said.. who knows the exam is not as hard as usual.. could be the lucky one??
But i signed up for revision class already, which is not cheap.. hm.. take or not ya??? Next month is the last day for signing up the exam... God.. help me lehhhh....

Friday, March 10, 2006


Very very very very sleepy..
These few days I really hadn't slept enough.. Very tired and sleepy..
Yesterday in the class, first hour I almost fell asleep. My brain couldn't think much.
This morning, i felt like continuing sleeping. But I can't.. so I still had to wake up and prepared myself to work. After a cup of orange juice, it was all fine but now.. I am sleepy again...
I don't know why I found myself so restless nowadays. Even though sometimes I got time to rest, I didn't use it to rest, but went out to do something I wanted, as if there would be no tomorrow. Was it my personality that I should stay restless and won't waste up time in life? Couldn't be sure.. But i feel really exhausted with all my activities. Next week and next next week would be another busy and tiring weeks.. Everytime in my mind, I wanted to take leave.. just a day.. but then.. I can't use up my leave too much.. =((( I hate restriction.. but I had to be like this or else.. no long holiday in Aug. So much sacrifice for it.. hopefully I can stand it..
Feel very tired too in the office. Perhaps my eyes couldn't stop seeing and my brain couldn't stop reacting.. Wish I could have a long break just to take a rest, sleep and again.. have enough rest.. Quit working??? No, no.. not a good idea.. but it's actually leading to having a really good rest at home.. but no income.. hahaha..
Well .. life o life.. either u continue or give up.. and i will never give up.. for whatever right and choices I have..

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Go & come back w/ ur Master degree.. Bonne chance!

Yesterday nite after class, my hubby fetched me to the airport directly from school to meet my faraway best friend. She was there for transiting only for few hours. Actually she invited me for joining her dinner with other friend when I was in class, but I really couldn't make it, so only after finishing the class then I 'd be able to see her.
We just had a chat less than half an hour before she went in to the immigration.
It was a short conversation but I'm very glad of meeting her again.
This time, her journey there is to finish her paper and hopefully to get her Master degree back home. Wish her really a very good luck and I'm glad for her advancement. Hopefully the degree is really useful for her future life.
It isn't easy to maintain a friendship, especially when the people is very far away from where we are. Thanks to the electronic advancement that nowadays we have an e-mail, friendster, msn messenger, skype, and so on. Without it, the slow letter and expensive call will be the only media to keep in touch.
For me, I hope I could maintain the friendship with my friends all around the world. Seldom contact doesn't mean no friendship between us. Even the long lost friend can be found, by friendster, and to get to know a good friend and suitable companion is not that easy too..
So... would you start to contact ur long lost friend now? Guarantee, there are many things to talk about and the feeling was wonderful... =)))
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