Friday, August 26, 2016

Jar of Happiness :)

Time flies. Today it would be my last day working in this establishment. Yesterday I took half day off in the afternoon. I was thinking of what to buy for my dear colleagues whom I’d leave behind, to thank them for all of their love, help, support, guidance, care, accompany that they had offered to me for the past 8 months, without having to make a hole in the wallet, yet could make everyone happy - something sweet, something unusual perhaps??? Try to think about it now for 10 seconds!!! Hahaha… not so easy right??? :P

Beautiful sunset :)

After some time, I had some rough idea. The whole evening I was looking for mixture of sweets -something minty, caffeine, and sour to lose your sleepiness while working at the office, something sweet like chocolate and different fruit flavors and colors’ candy to beautify the boring and mundane tasks, and not forgetting mixture of lollipops, which would bring you back to your sweet childhood memories for a while :) Then I went to look for jars to fit all of stuffs above. I found two types which I thought would fit the criteria.

Jar of Happiness - Malaysia :)

Once reaching home and taking a bath, I sat at my favorite corner of my room and started preparing it. I opened all the sweets’ packaging, mixed the contents around, and fitted them into each jars. There were still some more sweets left after filling them up. Hhhmmm.... Then I was thinking, why I made it two jars? Whom should I give to for another one?? Then, hey, the Malaysia and Indonesia teams were here! So, why didn’t I make it three??? There were enough sweets anyway!!!

Jar of Happiness - Indonesia :)

So I went to the kitchen and rummaged the cabinets. My in-laws often brought the containers back home. And I was lucky to find one bright and sweet red lovely jar, still new from its box. I took it and immediately filled it up with sweets. Hehehe… Three was perfect!!! :)

Jar of Happiness - Singapore :)

I called them “Jar of Happiness.”  Outside and on top of each jar, I cut and pasted the cute ‘bear’ paper and stickers with my handwriting that said like this: “Share the HAPPINESS by filling me up when it’s empty… Share Love... Share Happiness…” My intention was to put each jar in the office and everyone could take whatever they like. But once the content had finished, they would have to refill the jar with any sweet that they wanted to share.

The true meaning of life by HH Dalai Lama :)

Because I believed that “Happiness comes from giving and it’s not how much we give, but how much love we put into giving.” That’s what the “Jar of Happiness” means in this context :)

Love is when someone else's happiness is your own happiness :)

Well, I could not expect that everyone would continue on the spirit in filling it up once it’s finished though, but at least I started the initial stage, leave my footprints there, and leave the rest to the nature, although I hoped they could continue the legacy on :) And I also hope they would smile upon opening the jar instead of feeling sad that I'd have already gone...

Saturday, August 20, 2016

"Hhhmmm.... How I loved this morning...."

Good morning! Make each day your masterpiece!!! :)

The sky was still dark when I came out from my house this morning. The clouds were still hovering above. I tightened my blue color sweater while walking through the glossy stones path towards the bus stop. It was raining just a while ago. Luckily, it’d stopped.

Cool gust brushed my both cheeks. Hhhmmm…… How I loved this morning breeze!!! I would love to walk over this path over million times if I could!! And as I approached nearer, a group of people from different walks of life was waiting surrounded the shelter.

Beautiful walk path towards the bus stop :)

A young boy with earpiece on his ears reminded me of my son who used to take MRT and bus to his primary school himself. A young mother was sitting down with her yawning daughter at one side and her younger son at the other side munching his bread for breakfast. Couple of office workers were sitting down holding the lunch box at one hand and personal bag at another. Many Indian (mostly construction workers) were mostly waiting at the back area, leaning their butt to the cemented walls made of bricks.  

Feel blessed!!!

Hhhmmm….. I loved this morning scene, really…. All had gotten themselves ready to start their brand new day - a life with purpose. And as the bus approached the shelter, they were all rushing towards the bus door, trying to get in as soon as possible as to secure seat along their journey.

The orangey salted egg yolk sunrise :)

I was not spared too! I was one of them when my bus was approaching. If reaching early, usually the double decker would appear. And I would go up to the upper deck, find the seat with big screen window beside me. Most of the time, the dew would appear at the outer layer of the window glass. Only on lucky day it would appear dry and clean.

Welcome a new day! A great adventure ahead!!! :)

As the bus turned towards the bridge, I could start spotting the orangey salted egg yolk sunrise at afar. Ooohhhh….. It was so so so beautiful!!!! It would go fast. Once you missed it, that’s it! You had to wait for a while to see it again. It played hide and seek behind the bushes and greenery. And by the time the bus reached the Seletar Airport, you could find them shining higher and brighter. Hhhmmm….. How I loved this morning sunrise!!! Something I wouldn’t have seen if I had to take MRT to work...

Mesmerising morning sky :)

Once I enjoyed this beautiful nature on my way to work, I would take the journal out from my bag and start writing my morning journal. It started with… “Thank you SB for another beautiful day and great health that we all have today…” My mind would automatically recall everything I was grateful and thankful with, express my feelings (be it good or bad), and pour it into words with a move of my hand towards the paper.

Shining bright like a sky!!!

I would smile occasionally as I recalled the beautiful moment and take the worse event positively and bravely, told myself to be stronger to overcome whatever things came along my life’s journey. Ooohhh…. How I loved this morning moment!!! When everything was done, I would get myself ready towards whatever come next in my life. And as the chant hummed along on my ears… I closed my eyes and prayed for every sentient beings’ happiness, wherever they are… Amituofo… Om Mani Padme Hum… Om Ahum Vajra Guru Padma Sidhi Hum… Sadhu Sadhu Sadhu

Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Si beh blurrrr.....

Bhutanese name usually consists of two words. E.g. Tashi Namgay, Karma Wangchuk, Nima Tshering, and so on. But none of it represents the family name like what Chinese or other nationalities named their descendants. And in the beginning, I didn't know that many people were having the same name as their names were gotten mostly from perhaps the same Lhakang (temple) when they were just born as babies. Mostly were having religious meaning, e.g. Gyeltshen means victory, Lhamo means queen or Goddess, etc. The name could also be given based on the day you were born. E.g. if you were born on Sunday, you'll be given a name - Dawa.  On Monday - Migmar. On Tuesday - Lhakpa. On Wednesday - Phurba, and so on.

Bhutanese names (Source:

So when I knew someone, I thought their siblings would share at least the same name with them in the beginning or later word, but it wasn't the case at all. Sometimes you may not even know from the name whether it was man's or woman's name. So I was a little confused in the beginning and not accustomed with it. However, over time, my concept has changed and I began to understand.

Well, that's just the introduction. What I want to share here was not really confused about their names, but, let's just read on...

I have a female Bhutanese friend called Tashi Yangzom (name has been altered for personal reason). She has just graduated from New Delhi. While waiting for the civil servant exam, she helps her sister taking care of her few months old baby on the day to day basis. She posted the baby photos sometimes in her Facebook, also in We Chat. 

One day, I was surprised to see her posting more photos of her sister's baby on the Google+. Sometimes, it was comment. For example: "Parenting is about making your baby feel comfortable even it means your discomfort."

Comment screenshot

When I read that, I was like 'Woahhh.... so deep! She was really into parenthood although it wasn't her baby.' So I wrote a comment there,"You'll be a good Mom. Just like your Mom wished, find a good guy soon." (She mentioned to me once in the letter that her Mom couldn't wait for her to get married soon).

Then I saw her posting a photo of the baby with the mother, but the head was posted only half. So my hands were automatically posting another comment, "So cute, but why you cut the mom's head la? :) :) :)" This time she replied, "Thank you Rima. I cut the mom's head cos it's spoiling the beautiful pic :D" which then I replied again, "LOL!! Sad mom :P" - which I referred to her sister since she was the one took the photo.

Comment screenshot

There was another post of baby photo lying sleepy and looked like sucking the finger comfortably almost fell asleep. Oh, the baby was very cute and chubby there! My hands again typed a comment, "So chubby!!! Want to pinch him." There was no reply given. Well, I thought maybe she was busy and didn't look at my message.

Comment screenshot

Then the night before the Preliminary Exam, I saw her posting photo at around 2am Bhutan time and comment as per follow, "Staying up because my baby girl still not ready to go to sleep. I guess reality of being with her loving mother is better than her dreamland... lol." Wait! Baby girl? I thought Tashi's sister's baby was a boy? Ah, maybe typo error! Or did I remember wrongly?? Anyway, what the heck she did at that hour not sleeping but taking care of the baby? Weren't she worried with her upcoming exam?

So the next day after exam over, I managed to chat with her asking about her exam and what she had done after that. And recalling the late night post, I asked her why she posted the photo so late that night. She confused and asked, "Which photo?" I said, "Google Plus. You said baby couldn't sleep." She tried to recall and said, "Oh yeah but I posted that photo long time ago." I was wondering. "Ina?" which means "Really?" asked me. She said, "Yeah so fast, when did you see?" I said, "This morning. Hahaha.. Maybe didn't notice the timing." It became me confused now. How come she so fast forgot what she had just done a night before???

"I didn't post. Which photo? Can you send me?" asked her.

Final post

I browsed the photo back in Google Plus, screenshot the photo and sent it to her. "21h ago," I typed to ensure she took note on the timing she posted that photo.

After a while, Tashi replied me,"Hahaha.. It's not me. Mine is a baby boy. And this is baby girl, as it's written."

My expression (Picture source:

Yalama!!!! No wonder!!! All this confusion!!! Especially when I remembered her was baby boy but the photo kept saying baby girl. Lol!!! I immediately browsed all the photos back with comments that I'd put in. Huahahaha.... ^^" I even laughed at my stupidity.

I felt an immediate sorry to the person I posted the comment to. She must have wondered who was this crazy woman, commented her photo with so much confusion! "Wanted to pinch my baby boy???" Mine was baby girl!! "Sad mom?" Did she referred me of being sad??? And "Find a good guy soon???" Who did she think she was to comment as such??? :P That's my imagination though!! No wonder she didn't reply more on such confusing comments!!!

Tashi was laughing so much too upon hearing this!! :D I immediately deleted the inappropriate comments from the photo and even wrote an apologize comment to her ^^" Hahaha... I couldn't stop myself from sharing this incident here with you guys! Si beh blurrrr lor!!! :P

Blur like sotong :P (Photo source:

(In Singlish: Si beh blur - In English: extremely confused, clueless, ignorant) :P

Tuesday, August 02, 2016

It will never end, my feelings of love for you...


Time flies… It’s been a year since the last time I visited Bhutan. As I browsed the history posting from my Facebook page, I ended up rereading many of my blog posts that I wrote related to my trip there.

Last few days in Bhutan- July 2015

The five-day Bumthang trip, challenging journey to Samcholing Secondary School, pilgrimage trip to the eastern Bhutan, village stay at Uma - Wangdue, journey and my stay at Phuentsholing and across Indian border, hiking towards the sacred Tiger Nest across the mountain back in Paro, visit to the Madman Drukpa Kunley Buddhistmonastery Chimi Lhakhang in Punakha, up to the rest of my stay back in Thimphu meeting up with my various Bhutanese friends, soaking ourselves in wooden tub (Bhutanese style hot stone bath), visiting various holy Buddhist temples, and so on.

The memory was still vivid at the back of my mind. It’s as fresh as piping hot coffee that I had this morning. Reading the blog post reminded me of every detail event I went through before, the memories that I would never forget all through my life.

Last few days in Bhutan- July 2015

Their warmth welcome, their hospitality, their delicious home cooking food (ema datshi, Indian curry chicken, kewa datshi, various veg curries, etc.), their fresh boiled tea with milk (suja and ngaja), their fresh milk, curd, etc. (pressed from the cow), their welcome alcoholic drink (wines, whiskey, Druk 11, ara, etc.), their fresh handmade Puta and Khuley (Bumthang noodles and pancake) and Sel Roti (Nepali traditional sweet deep fried dough), their providing warmth shelter and comfortable bed, their accompanies, their precious time, and so on. I would never ever forget them.

Even after a year gone by, occasionally I still received many gifts from them. Fresh ema (chilli), datshi (local Bhutanese cheese), red rice, Happy chips – it made me smile upon seeing it! – bottles of wines (Zumzin, Vintria, etc.), local produced whiskey (1907, Misty Peak, etc.), ezzay, dried chillies, and so on.

Blessings from dear friends

I felt very thankful and grateful each time receiving their sincere love and heart to send me all those. It’s their remembrance and heartfelt thought towards me. I appreciated it very much la!!! Not forgetting everyone who had been so helpful transporting them all the way from Bhutan to where I live. Name same kadinche la all of you!!! I sincerely express my thank and gratitude towards everything all of you have done for me, especially for your love and friendships :)

Last few days in Bhutan- July 2015

Choe lu ta dhi dhey bi say, 
Nge Gi sem ya Jang dha yi 
(Staring at you, I lost my mind)
Choe lu gu dhi dhey bi say, 
Nge gi me tsay zo ya si 
(Waiting for you, didnt realise all my life’s years have gone by)

Bum choe no wai bu su dhi, 
Bu nga ghi choe lu bay jin gay 
(Your dream boy, your prince charming, let me be the one for you)
Nam so khai dha ma, ma bew lay, 
Che nge ghi in say lab na may 
(Before the autumn’s tree leaves fall,  Please say that you are mine.)

Choe lu ga wai sem dhi mo, nam yang zo ne mindu sa 
(It will never end, my feelings of love for you.)
Choe dha dhey bi rewa dhi, Nam yang zo ne mindu sa 
(The depth of my love for you, it looks like it will never end)

Choe ga gi mo, Nga ma shey 
(Can you belong to anyone? I never know)
Nam ya zo ne mey, choe lu ga wai sem 
(It will never end, my feelings of love for you.)

(Lyrics and meaning are from Misty Terrace blogKadinche la! It’s a beautiful song!!! :)) 
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