Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Last day of year 2008

After posting previous blog...

Raymond and I got ready for our first appointment to SGH. At first, we went into the ward to collect all appointment letters. Then, sent my stool for lab check, and finally I had ultrasound check for kidney part. Dunno how the result was 'cos the staff didn't say anything about it and usually it's a doctor who would say how is it.

Well, all done at about 11.30am.

We headed to Bugis to have our late breakfast - nasi lemak plus otak (not so nice...), then went to 'pai pai' to Kwan Im Miao. So glad that I still had a chance and good karma for that ^^ We walked to OG for a while, then had a seat at Bugis Junction. We had our lunch at temporary Albert Court hawker centre. I ordered my favourite mee pok w/ fish balls, pork ball, and fish cakes. I also found my favourite breakfast stall there selling cheong fan, peanut porridge, and fried beehoon w/ sesame and sweet sauce on top.. nyummy.. too bad it has closed 'cos it's afternoon liao.. Perhaps I could go there next time for my breakfast.

I sms-ed Hong Mei's hubby while having lunch. I told him that I would go to the hotel where they live this afternoon. He said they would stay in hotel from 2-5pm. So we headed to Paramount Hotel in Marine Parade and met him. Then I realize.. it's actually only her hubby who came, not with her and actually I found it a bit weird 'cos in the morning I could only manage to talk w/ her hubby on the phone, but not Hong Mei. I thought they came together.. kekeke... and he told me that Hong Mei had just given birth to a baby girl on Dec 26, 2008, that's why she couldn't get away from Beijing. We exchanged gift there.. hahaha.. They gave us Beijing Olympic 2008 CD while I bought them some souvenirs of Singapore and goreng pisang.. hahaha...

We went back home and took a rest for a while.. before we went out again. This time, we brought Reever together. We went to have dinner at Marche at Vivo City together w/ my mom, bro n families, and my bro's friend, Ian. We arrived there quite early so we managed to get our seat fast. Most of us were having rosti mixed w/ sausages and/or chicken stroganoff, soup, and pancakes w/ ice cream as desserts. Nyummy...

We went around the mall after dinner and my mum bought me new bag from Esprit... Wow, finally I have one!!! I've been looking for one since long time ago.. hehehe.. thank you, Mum!!!

Oh yeah.. it's past 12am already.. Happy New Year everyone!!! Just watching the fireworks on TV from home... much better than sitting down there, so hot and crowded.. kekekeke...

Well.. going to sleep soon.. Just a glance of hope that.. everything would get better... Good luck!!!

31 December 2008

It's the end of the year 2008. Tomorrow, we need to change a new calendar. The year that we write will be different. Perhaps SB wants me to be happy today, when there is lesser than 24 hours left.

This morning I had a dream. The dream that never happened before.. to see someone to be soooo... happy that he finally gotta be married with someone he loves and most importantly.. he treats me as his friend still, even brought me some Doraemon balls as present for me - in my dream, of course hehehe... (Actually I have already had one, but when I see his sincerity, I took it as if I didn't have one before). I can see him singing, dancing, and even fighting when he was happy, as if it's real.. Anyway, it's time for him to get married!!! So, what are you waiting for???

I heard doraemon's sound from my mobile phone. I got a message. It's 7.30am in the morning so I thought it would be a reminder from hospital. But still, I checked it out. And you know what? It's a sms from my Chinese friend, Hong Mei!!! She told me that she and her husband will arrive in Singapore this morning and she wanted me to meet them at Quality Hotel!!! She really surprised me this time!!! Actually she wanted to surprise me last two years by coming here w/ her mom secretly but she didn't make it as her mom was sick and had to cancel the trip. Then she got married last year, so I didn't expect so much that she would come. And now, she is pregnant.. and we seldom keep in touch. But still.. this good friend of mine never fails to surprise me!!! I just called her hubby's mobile and he told me that they just passed through the immigration and would collect their luggage afterwards. So I will just call him again in a while.

I guess they would have lots of plan to do today. Hope that they still have time to be spent with me later. Can't wait for it...

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Home sweet home

Hehehe... I didn't really keep my words on updating my blog often, not because I don't want, but because I was really have no time to do it.

So many things have happened since my last blog. Starting from attending my hubby's cousin's wedding dinner on 25th November 2008. That's where the my feet started swollen. Didn't know why that happened.. I assumed it's because of the new Scholl brand shoes that I worn for 2 days. The wedding was held in Conrad Centennial Singapore, one of the five stars hotel. There were not very much tables there, but I could see lots of familiar faces as they invited lots of families and relatives that I met before. It's been quite some times since I met them 'cos recently I was rarely having a chance or going for any family reunion/occasion. Some who were small and young, now has grown up big and tall, and more mature. That would be my last chance of really enjoying beer and wine too.

The next week, was my hubby's childhood's friends wedding (5th December 2008). My hubby helped them around becoming a driver, one of the 'brother' when trying to get into the door, and other things as well. I went there w/ my mother-in-law and my son, sitting together w/ my hubby other childhood friend, Wei Yi.

Congratulations for Wilvin and Kate!!! Finally fate has brought both of you together into the marriage stage. Heard that both of you have come back from your honeymoon in NZ, hope both of you enjoying the trip very much. Just a piece of advise, that it's all just a beginning.. there will still long way to go for you to go through.. so.. learn to adapt to new environment, be more understanding to each other, always take and give in any situation, give in too when needed, be happy and sad together in any up and down situation that both of you face together.. and of course.. always loving to each other.. ^^ Do I sound like a granny here? Hahaha... Sorry if I didn't help or give much during ur wedding preparation 'cos I myself didn't feel very well and hard to move about.. so perhaps these advises would help.. Btw, great MTV Video! You should put it on ur blog!!! Hee.... ;p

Could see that your mums were very happy on the wedding day. Although they were busy and tired, but they were both very proud of you... So, must treasure them!! Without them, there wouldn't be where you are or what you are now!!! They were happy too that they could meet old friends during the reception :)

Next... Sunday, 7th December 2008. We finally flew to Hong Kong. The week before was the stress week for Raymond. With Thai protesters sitting and staying over a week in the airport, has made my hubby's heart to beat faster. Luckily they resumed back the airport on Wednesday, so that his boss' plan to fly was still on!!! And seven of us could have our holiday peacefully.

The flight to Hong Kong wasn't that good as the plane kept shaking while we were having our dinner. It was due to the weather.. Luckily nothing happened and all of us could reach in HKIA safely. My er-jie fetched us in the airport and she was a bit worry on our tardiness to meet her. Well, there were lots of people queieng in immigration, that's why we had to wait for quite some time before we could take our luggage. We stayed in Er-jie's house for the whole trip. She has also helped me a lot in giving the directions on which transport should we take from her house to the places that we go and vice versa.

On Monday, we were having our first 'yum-cha' or dim sum at Tai Po shopping centre.

Yum cha at Tai Po
It was nice and economical too (It costs only S$50 for 5 adults and 7 children). The restaurant was quite modern and has good ambiance.

At Wong Tai Xin Temple - Hong Kong
Then we headed to China Travel Service to enquire about Zhu Hai. We were planning to go there for 2 days one night but after found out that the ferry tickets were very expensive (S$80 for round trip both adult and child), we then cancelled it. So the whole trip was only in Hong Kong. First place to go was Wong Tai Xin Temple. We prayed over there then we went to Ladies Market and had our late lunch at Char Chan Ting nearby, then shopped around the Fa Yuen Street, a place where local usually shop with lots of varieties. My son enjoyed the wanton mee very much, and so does my hubby despite the service given were suck, the waiter's face expression was as if we owed him money. Kekeke... We also had a break at fishball curry shop at Fa Yuen Street. The fishball tastes very good. Lots of people were queing for that. My hubby tried their San Bao Ma La.. *See photo. It's actually beef's organs such as tripes, intestines cooked in Ma La Spices. It was damn spicy! But he enjoyed it very much! After that, we stopped by at shopping centre in Kowloon and headed home. We reached home at about 11pm, after having McDonald dinner in my Er-jie's area.

On Tuesday, we went out to Repulse Bay. It was quite a long journey from my Er-jie's house. We went to Qian Shui Wan to pray and take pictures of many Gods statue, including the famous Wealth God (Cai Shen Ye), Long live God, Fate God, Ma Zu God, three goats, dragon, etc. It was located just along the sea.

At Repulse Bay or Qian Shui Wan

After that, we went to Stanley Market. The area was a bit looked like our Boat Quay. Lots of foreigners and riches stay there and enjoying the pub/cafe/restaurant there. The market was actually more designated to ang moh, rather than Asian tourists. We ended up did not buy anything there, but we stopped by at the hidden Char Chan Ting and had our noodles and nai cha there before we went to Sha Tien to meet my Er-jie and her two children.

At Stanley Bay, Hong Kong
It was our first time to meet the two children although we had been staying in her house for 2 nights. Hahaha.. 'cos when we reached her house, it was already late and they had gone to sleep. Both of them were having exams too and we didn't want to disturb them studying. When they woke up early in the morning and got ready for school, all of us were still aslept. So my son was very exciting of meeting them and he wanted to introduced them to his two cousins. That's why when we went into Snoopy World, he was too happy and ran about, then fell down in the slope. His head was injured by the thick sand paper that they actually put it to avoid the slipperiness on the slope. But too bad, my son trap on it and fell on it too. His right forehead was opened and came out lots of blood, below his eyes were scratches, but thank God it didn't touch his eyes at all!!! He cried very loud. At first I was very panicked too, 'cos I seldom see any injury that take out lots of blood. But after a while, I could let myself calm down and as a mom, I should do that and it was my turn to make my son calm down too.. Da shao (Raymond's cousin's wife) took out tissue and she pressed it into the wound to make the blood stopped. The medical team came out in a while and asked us if we need ambulance to bring him to hospital. We agreed into it and the ambulance came in a while. They cleaned the wound first and cover it temporarily before we headed to hospital. We went into A&E department and waited there for 4hours before we got in. Doctor checked on the wound and the nurse stitched the wound afterwards. My son was very brave in there!!! I was so proud of him. 'Cos although it was very painful, he was still there and go through it all!! Well done Reever!!! Of course his dad accompanied him through the process and he tried to distract his attention too by asking him his favourite games that he wanted to play in NDS.. kekekeke... Bravo Raymond!

On Wednesday, we had our breakfast at Tai Po Market. Raymond and his cousin enjoyed the food very much. We've tried toast w/ peanut butter and butter, pineapple bun w/ butter, you tiau w/ cheong fan skin, pork cutlet and chicken wing noodle, pai ku fan, yin yang drink, etc.

After makan, they went to Lantau Island to see the Giant Buddha Statue and shopped at Tung Chung Station there, got shopping centre w/ lots of factory outlet while Er-jie, Reever and I went to Tai Po shopping centre (Reever went to toys department), then we visited Chinese Physician to look at my swollen feet, and had our high tea at Pizza Hut hehehe.... We went back home at 4pm. My Er-jie's children just came back from school. Reever played with them at home while I went sleeping at my room. At 7pm I was woken up by my Er-jie and we went to Shang shui do eat cu chao at their hawker centre inside the market. Jie fu joined us too after he finished his work. Then we went back home.

On Thursday, we had our breakfast at Tai Po Market. We tried dim sum this time, but it wasn't that good. We still ordered other food. I order pinneaple bun w/ ham and egg, but the pineapple bun has finished, so I ordered toast w/ ham and egg. Not enough, I ordered maggie mee w/ ham and egg.. Hehehe.. although it's just a simple menu, it tastes good ^^ My hubby managed to have chi zai mian (his favourite noodle).

The Peak - Hong Kong
After makan, I brought them to The Peak at Central. We took tram up and down and saw the Hong Kong view from the outside Pavillion. We reached there in the afternoon.

Avenue of Stars
The view were very nice. We sat down at McDonald to have a break, then went down. We took 'teng-teng' tram from there to Causeway Bay. We separated at Sogo and met up 1.5 hrs later. My son brought us to toys department and my hubby bought him 2 sets of Scissor-X robots that were on sale, one for his X'mas gift, and another one for his birthday gift. Raymond bought parfum for himself. And we stopped by at the road side snack shop. We bought niu lan (beef's organ), and fried cuttlefish. I tried the Japanese snack from a shop called Taiyaki. It was fish shaped dough filled w/ sausage and tuna (Italian style). Normal size and costs S$3 each. We had kiwi juice to quench our thirst. We took pictures in front of Times Square and Lane Crawford. There were Christmas art decorations there. After we met up, we continued our journey to Avenue of Stars. We reached Tsim Sha Tsui at 6pm, while the laser light show would only start at 8pm. So we found and took a seat there, and took pictures while waiting. The show lasted for about 15mins. After that, we just walked around Tsim Sha Tsui area. Lots of branded shops and five stars hotels there. We went back home and took a rest.

On Friday, we ate at Tai Po Market again. My hubby ate chi zai mian again, for the second time. I ordered pineapple bun w/ ham and egg. Reever ate pai ku fan. This time, we just shopped around the Tai Po area. Reever bought his Bakugan shoe (costs HK$200 or S$40). Raymond also managed to buy Adidas shoe, which was on offer. His cousin and da shao bought two pair of Adidas shoes each, also one each for their sons. They walked by themselves after wards, while Er-jie, Reever and I went back home 'cos my swollen legs were so painful and my son still need to take a rest. I slept 'til 7pm. My son was playing w/ Er-jie's children. The rest reached home before 7pm.

We went to Er-jie's mother-in-law house for dinner. Er-jie has brought home the Hong Kong traditional food, pen chai or bun-choy in Cantonese. That Friday, 12th December is Reever's birthday, 14th December is Ka Ming (Er-Jie's son)'s birthday, and I thought of celebrating their birthday by having pen chai and cut birthday cake together. So there we were!! We ate at 7.30pm when all has gone back home from work.

Penchai or bun choy in Hong Kong
The pen chai was not as wonderful as we usually had for Chinese New Year/ Baby full month / Wedding celebration 'cos we ordered it not from the same place. The place that my sis used to buy were quite far away (in Yuan Long) and she had to take it herself (no delivery service). I didn't want to make her troublesome just to buy it. She told me there was an alternative pen chai sold nearby her area, but when she got there, the shop was closed and replaced by other shop. She assumed that the shop has gone bankrupt. What a pity! That's why this time she bought from another place, which she had not tried it before. It was fine for me as I tasted it many times before, but the taste might not be so fantastic for Raymond and his cousin. Kekekeke.. Never mind la.. so there would be a reason for them to come back to Hong Kong next time hahaha....

After dinner, children played in the playground, while Raymond played bicycle. They even walked to the nearby store to purchase cans of beers. Hahaha.. My hubby drank beer too, saying that he only drank it in cold weather.. kekeke... At 9pm plus, we went back into the house. It's cake-cutting time!!! My Er-jie ordered both cakes from Maxim's. So expensive!! Reever's cake (Ultraman) costs HK$326 or S$65. Her son one costs HK$250 plus. Reever's cake is fruit cake, while his son one is mango mousse chocolate cake. The fruits were all very fresh. So we sang the birthday song in 3 languages (English, Chinese, and Cantonese), they blew the candles off, and we ate the cake together. Hope it was memorable for both of them.

On Saturday, we ate breakfast, again, at Tai Po Market. Hehehe... My hubby ate pork cutlet noodle for the second time. I ate pai ku fan. We waited for my sis to go home and at first we planned to meet at Tai Po Market train station. When I called her, she was still at her home there waiting for the xiao ba (small bus), so I told her that we went to Disneyland first to buy tickets, then met here there. She agreed. But when reached Sunny Bay station, the MTR staff announced that there was technical problem for the Disney train and we had to wait for 30 mins before it was okay. *See picture.

While waiting, my sis had already reached us, so when the first train came, it was super crowded, so I told them that I would go there first alone to buy tickets, while they waited and took the second train. Everything was planned well. I didn't have to queue to purchase tickets at ticket booth. We went in, took pics, then played first. We used fast past in most of fast past available games so we didn't have to queue very long for those games. While waiting for the fast pass time, we went to play other games. Lucky us that the queue wasn't that bad that day, although it was weekend. Usually it would be much more crowded than weekday, as it's also school holiday for many people from other countries.

Anyway, we played 'til evening, had our dinner there, then went separate way and met up again at 8.45pm for the fireworks. I went to buy souvenirs and gifts w/ my hubby. My son went w/ Er-jie and her children. Alan were playing again w/ his children. We met up near Information stall, and in a while the fireworks started. It was wonderful.

We were given special glasses too to see the effect from the light. Each light has turned into snowman. My son were so exciting when the fireworks start. He kept shouting 'snowman'. It was very crowded. My hubby and I had to carry Reever so that he could see the fireworks. No matter how tired we were, his happiness is our happiness too ^^
We went back by bus to Sha Tien, then had dinner at Tai Wo. Raymond managed to eat his favourite pig blood.. kekeke.. while I managed to eat pigeon.

Sunday, 14 December 2008, last day in Hong Kong. We went yum-cha in the morning in Shang Shui. After makan, we walked to lao bo ping shop to buy lao bo ping, but the seller said the lao bo ping had not arrived yet from Yuan Long, so they asked us to return back half an hour later. So we shopped around lor. Next to the main door where the restaurant located, there is a small shop selling those miniatures and figure display. At there, I bought my favourite Doraemon's collection, total 3 sets. Hehehe.. At the shop inside I also managed to buy clothes for my mother-in-law hehehe... We went back to the lao bo bing shop afterwards, then to Wing Wah to buy Chinese sausage for Alan. We stopped by at dessert shop to have dessert before going back home. Jie ful asked Raymond to have snake soup while we were having dessert and we met up at bus stop. Reached home, all of us packed our stuffs and then took taxi to bus station where the airport bus located. We took bus back to the HKIA. After checking-in, we went inside. Goodbye Er-jie!!! Thank you for your hospitable services letting us stay at ur place and all ur help and presents that you gave us. Next time it would be our turn when you come to Singapore ;) We reached Singapore at 11pm plus then went back home.

Monday, 15 December 2008. I went back to work. At 4pm, I went into our company's group clinic located nearby our hotel. Dr Kuan was shocked to see my swollen feet and ankles. Since I was having my menstruation on that day, she asked me to take blood tests. She took 2 samples of my blood and send it to lab that day. The results would be out on Tue and Wed.

Tue, 16 December 2008. Dr Kuan gave me MC. So I took lots of rest at home. She gave me a call when I was at home. She said one of the blood test results had come out. She told me my blood count was very low. Normal rate should be 12.5, but mine was only 7. She asked me to go to her place again next morning. She wouldn't be there as she didn't work there on Wed. So she asked me to see Dr Tan, the other doctor there. And she told me that I must make sure that I went there the next morning. Inside my heart, what's the big deal? Just go there and take a result ma? Nothing difficult, rite? She told me that she would ask Dr Tan to write letter for me to go hospital to do check-up.

Wed, 17 December 2008. I went to work by MRT that morning. It was a fine day. I didn't get a seat, like usual, so I had to stand up all the way. Although the swollen on my feet has reduced a lot, they were still aching and pain, especially the right side one. So almost all the way, I needed to depend on my left leg to stand. I kept looking the three guys who sat in front of me, thinking on when would one of them leave the train so I could occupy their seat. It was until the MRT passed over Little India Station, my hand that held the hand rail, suddenly got no power, and so did my body. I fell down to the side. Lucky there were quite number of people beside me, some more they were women. Next thing, I found myself falling over them. I could hear them shouting and one called me Xiu Jie for many times. They asked the guy to give up their seat and few people there carried me to the sit in front of me. I could hear a lady talked to the staff using the emergency call, saying that there was a lady fainted in the MRT. When I tried to open my eyes, few people in front of me blew the newspaper and some gave me the medicated oil. The train reached Dobhy Ghaut. The lady who spoke using the emergency call asking me if I wanted to go out there. I said yes. She helped me to sit outside and there was a guy, who learnt about the first aid waiting there for me, in case if I fainted again. The MRT staff came in a while and accompanied me. I sat near the MRT for a while.

At that time, I was aware about what happened, and had regained my power back little bit. At least I still could come up to the control station myself and had a seat there. The guy asked me to call someone to accompany me to the destination. I called my hubby, but he was waiting his boss playing golf and wouldn't reach here anytime soon. Lucky I remembered that I still have a brother in Singapore. Kekeke.. 'cos he and his families were staying in US for 2 years, so I wasn't used to their returns yet. So I called him. I woke him up and told him to come to Dobhy Ghaut MRT and asked him to accompany me to the clinic. I also still got time to write sms to my CC to inform her that I wouldn't go for work that day as I would make a trip to doctor to get a report, then to hospital for check-up. I thought after taking a seat, I would feel much better. But dunno why, I felt the other way around. I felt very giddy, the power was decreasing again. Dr Kuan asked me not to eat anything first 'cos she wanted me to have body check-up. But at that time, if I didn't eat, I won't have energy to her clinic. So I called Dr Tan and asked him if I could eat anything hahaha.. He asked me to drink Milo. I was quite weak liao when asking for Milo. Lucky the staff got Milo. He made it for me right away and I drank few sip. I told him I would like to go to toilet. He asked auntie, a cleaner, to accompany me to the toilet. But only after I walked one step, I fell down again. They helped me going back to my seat and asked me if I need an ambulance to get me into the hospital. I said yes. So they called the ambulance, then called my brother to hurry up.

The ambulance came in a while. I couldn't open my eyes and had little energy to even talk to my hubby on the phone. When ambulance come, my brother has reached too, and he called my hubby that the ambulance were here already. He was shocked 'cos previously I only told her I faint once and he thought I could made my way to clinic by taxi after that. So they brought me to SGH A&E Department. When they measured my blood pressure, it was only 74. They lifted my legs up and got the blood pressure up to 94. They put me into critical care room and handed me over the doctor and nurses at A&E.

Short to say... I stayed there for a week. I managed to go back home today. After waiting for many blood test results, they had a conclusion, that I have contacted the chronic auto-immune disorder disease, called SLE (Systemic Lupus Erythematosus). Supposely, anti body would attack the virus or any foreign items that comes into the body. But in this case, the anti body has gone headwire.. so they are attacking the health cells and tissues resulting in inflammation and tissue damage. SLE can affect any part of the body, but most often hurts the skin, joints, skin, lungs, blood vessels, kidney, and nervous system. The course of the disease is unpredictable, can occur more commonly to women at child-bearing age. The cause of the disease is unknown, could be genetically but so far I've never heard any family members contracted to this disease. You could read more about it in this web: It can be treated by having regular medications, but can not be cured.

During my stay in hospital, some of my colleagues, my close friends, my brother and his families, my hubby families were visiting me. My mom even flew to Singapore on Wednesday night. That afternoon she and my father were out of town. So they made a trip back to Jakarta immediately. In here, she brought me food almost every morning and evening. She cooked those food that she believes can increase my red blood cells, and also increase my energy.

At first, the doctor only found that I had an anemia. But they wanted to know what was the cause of the sudden loss of the blood. That's why they did so many blood tests and investigated the results. Even after they had a clue about it, they still asked me to do many blood tests so they could find out on how far the anti body has been attacking myself. Its symptoms didn't come together. It's like a puzzle, a bit here and there. So I told them that I had joint pain since a year ago. I felt giddy and weak during my menstruation day (feel like want to faint in MRT). Then recently my skin has red patches when I was in air-con room/during a bath. And the swollen of my feet was the worst one that never happened before. I was afraid that it has attacked my kidney (the swollen thing), but luckily so far, after doing 24hr urine test, although they found some protein in it, it's only a minimal amount, so they conclude that so far my organ were quite safe.

Nevertheless, I still have to go for ultrasound test to check if there is anything wrong w/ my kidney and the appointment still not confirmed yet, it can be a month later. Anyway, they let me out today. I was so thrilled. Although I don't celebrate Christmas Day, but I miss my home.. miss my hubby and son, to be together with them. And after all, home sweet home. I still need to go back for review next Wed and Fri. And many more tests to come.

Welcome to the new life of Lupus. Just hope that by having regular medication, avoid sun exposure, and maintain health life style, the anti body can be surpressed and don't bring more problem to other part of my body. I don't expect myself to have a very long life. There is one patient in my ward who is 102 years old, but what he did was sleeping almost all the time. What I want is a reasonable time in life that is filled with many meaningful events, do things that what I want and like to do, and most importantly, although separated, I would still be closed and in touch w/ my family, especially my parents, brother and sisters, not forgetting my hubby and son. My parents, brother and sisters have been worried sick of me, they were very eager to know on what exactly what I encountered, so does my hubby. And when they knew about it, they were very sad, while myself, I took all this thing positively from day 1.

Got one day, I've got hurt with one of the doctor's comment. She said, "Actually you are sicker than you look". I was down when I heard. But after the test results came out, I felt much better, 'cos at least although it has attacked my blood, skin, and joints, it has not attacked my organs like kidney yet.

The doctor has warned me about the side effects of the medicines too. By having steroid in long term, my appetite will increase. It means I will eat lots more and my face would be moon face and my body will be full of fat. It will be hard for me to maintain my body weight. The anti malarias medicine, if taken in long term, can cause cataract in the eye. Well, I only can recall one thing. Yes, if my body will grow fat soon and hard for me to return to current condition, it's all about 'kemelekatan' or 'stickiness', was it the term called? There is nothing forever in this world. The young will become old. The good can become bad. And it won't return back. As for cataract, when the time comes, it will come. Just go through it. So far cataract is still curable. If it's time for me to leave this world, who will ever live forever in this world? Everyone will die one day. It's only a matter of time. So, thank you for the strength given to me to face this reality all this while. I dunno where the strenght came from. I just hope I won't give up easily facing this life and I'm sure all your pray help me a lot too wherever you are. Thank you for all your support!!!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Fresh news from Malaysia, Yours truly Asia

Kekekeke... allow... cieee... ya lor.. it's been quite some time since I posted my last blog... Caelahhh.... stylo milo... kekekeke... Well... how are you everyone? I'm in Internet room in the hotel now. We stay in the Chinatown area. Alrite, from beginning lah ya... We departed from S'pore at 8pm and reached KL at about 2am. It's five of us. 3 guys and 2 gals. We all work together in the same place, but from different department. To cut it short, we were fetched by P's father (P is M'sian), and we were allowed to stay over at his house for the first night. Reached his house, put our bag, then we went out to have our first meal encounter. Kekeke.. We went to have dim sum. It was raining little bit so not many people were eating there. But... lots of rats (ratatouille) accompanying us eating. Kekeke..... Fat2 one some more... Dun care la.. Just enjoy our meal and get used to it... hahaha.... We ate dim sum and one big claypot of fish porridge plus chinese tea... Nyummy.. We went back home at 4am. Perhaps because we drank tea too much, we couldn't fall asleep easily, so we chatted until about 6am. Hahaha... then slept until 10.30am ba...

2nd day - We had our late breakfast (about 11.30am) - wonton mee near Sunway there. Forgot the place name. P recommend us that place. We ate the wonton mee plus kampung chicken.. Not bad. Then we headed ourselves to Sunway Piramid. My friends wanted to activate the handphone prepaid card that they bought during our way to KL. I bought one as well since it was quite cheap (only 8.50 RM). We took some pictures there, browsing around the area, and I met up w/ my long ago friend, Sean Soong.. who came back to KL for holiday. So happy that I got a chance to meet him. We sat at Starbucks and catched up a little while before we went out to have our asam and curry laksa at Steven's Corner. Sean also joined us for the meal. We chatted more and had to separate. He'd have his brother's birthday party at nite, so he couldn't join us anywhere that nite. That's ok... 'cos after our laksa meal, we continued on our journey to Puduraya, to buy bus ticket back to S'pore, then booked our hotel, which I stay in currently. We just walked in and book. It's 150 RM nett inclusive of breakfast for 2 and free internet for one hour. The room has no window though.. and not too big. But it can fit four of us. Hehehe...

After settled our matters, we went to Berjaya Times Square. At there, four of us (excl. P), went and played at their in-door theme park. The ticket costs 37RM (for M'sian local, which is also our price ;P). They have a very high roller coaster which turn here and there.. We played twice for that one. We also played the ride that made us turning 360 degree for about 12 times in 2 different direction. This one is quite scarry... But four of us sit facing to each other, so we can see the opposite friend's reaction when we were turned round and round. Hahaha... Very fun! At first, Asch didn't want to join us, 'cos he was afraid he couldn't take it. But at the end, after we persuaded him, he decided to play.. But when we were turned around, he kept calling my name, then follow w/ c*b*i (bad words) for many many times.. hahahaa... (perhaps I told him that it wasn't that scarry.. hahahahahahahaha.. while in reality.. it's really scarry!!!!). We also played on the ride that brought us high and they turned us around there.. quite scarry if you're afraid of height... And I think we only played that.. We didn't have much time la... But enjoyable.. We could let our stress out by yelling out loud during the whole rides.. ^^

After that, we shopped there for about an hour before we had our dinner. It's 9pm and we were all hungry. We went to Jalan Alor and had cu chao (cooked food and rice) at Wong Ah Wah. We had deep fried sotong, cah kang kong belachan, ham (kerang) cooked w/ chilli, tie pan tou fu, mai pian prawn and crab, of course, cooked w/ spices. When the food arrived, all of us just busy ate and had less talk. Hahahaa.... quite funny 'cos all of us were very very hungry.... Usually we would chat here and there, but this time.. we just concentrated ourselves to eat and eat and eat.. Hahaha... It's quite cheap. Whole meal costs us 160 RM (less than 70SGD). If we ate in Singapore for that menu, 70SGD is not enough.

After makan, we went to our hotel to put our stuff there. P has another appointment w/ his friend to catch up 10.30pm movies. We went out and walked around at Chinatown and see if there is anything we wanted to buy. Most places were selling almost all the same things. Fake branded bags (thousand of it), fake branded clothes, jacket (sport brands), belts, souvenir, etc. We were there at 11pm, so some people were preparing to close their stalls. At the end we didn't buy anything there. We went to 7-eleven to buy mineral water and went back to our hotel to take a bath. At 12pm, Sulianto called us up and checked if we wanted to drink tea and/or eat roti canai at Steven's Corner. Well.. although we were all very tired and lack of rest, we still went for it. Not because we were hungry, but because we didn't want to waste our precious time doing nothing. So we went w/ his friend lor.. We drank tea halia and had roti tissue. We were sitting and eating then his friend brought us to 'small Genting' to see the KL's view. Nothing much and couldn't take picture.. Too dark maybe and far.. so only could see small buildings from there..

He actually brought us and asked us if we wanted to take pic of the KL tower at 1.30am... My friends were tired and sleepy, so we rejected. And we just headed back to hotel to sleep.
And this morning here I am!!! I woke up at 8am (slept at 3am), and while waiting my friends to get prepare w/ themselves, I just us the internet here lorr.... hehehe.. And after this, I'm going to go out w/ them to have bakuteh for our breakfast.. have some shopping at Sungai Wang, then see what else we can do around here... Well, we will depart at 5.30pm back to Singapore by coach.. hopefully everything is fine and goes on smoothly... Dun miss me ya... Hehehe... Will post out some pictures later on when I got back Singapore. Take care all!! Have a great Sunday!!!

Saturday, November 01, 2008

It's been quite some times since I posted my last blog. Dunno.. like no motivation to write anything here.. Common boring life. Haiz...
Why life is so boring.. why o why????

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Gathering week

I've been meeting with family, relatives, and friends these last few days. Starting from my eldest sis who came here for meeting. Then my suk2, sukme, and cousin who came from Bangka. We went out together for dinner for consecutively two days (on Tue and Wed). First night we had our dinner at Boon Tong Kee Chicken Rice at Balestier Road. Actually at first we would like to have Bakuteh, but too bad the shop was closed on Tuesday, that's why we ended up eating chicken rice there. Only on the second night then we had the bakuteh at Founder Bakuteh, also at Balestier Road. I also met up w/ suk Asen and his friends who came here for 4 days 3 nights.

With Ing2 and her children
I met up w/ Ing2 and her family members on Monday. She came here for a short holiday. It's been so many years since we met up together (around 15 years, I guess). She is now having 2 children (Whitney and Wilbert). She looks the same. I still can recognise her. The way she talks, still like before, 'preman' style.. hahahaha.... She is still as funny as before.. If only my 3rd sis was here, it must be very fun!!! Below is her pic.. We met up at Food Republic and had our snack and dinner there.

Ing2 and her families :)
And today, I met up w/ my high school' friends. At first, I thought I would only meet Lucy together w/ Aileen and Shelly, but then Aileen told me that Sylvia Darwin is in Singapore w/ her hubby. And later on found out that Denvy would be coming too. Hendry Agus and Anthony were coming too. We had drink first at TCC (Aileen, Shelly, Lucy, her mom, and cousin), then continuing w/ dinner at Thai Express at Plaza Singapura.
I'm just coming back home and taking my bath. Since I'm not sleepy yet, then I just uploaded the pics we've taken to my laptop and write this.. hehehe...

Denvy, Sylvia, Henry, Shelly, me, Lucy and Aileen
This pic was taken before all of us going back home...

Aileen, me, Lucy, her mom, her cousin, Shelly, Sylvia, Denvy, Anthony and Henry
See you all again friends.... Take care!!!

Sunday, October 05, 2008

The Chant of Metta by Imee Ooi

I found this peaceful chant some time ago but only today I think of finding it at YouTube. If you listen to it, you will feel very peaceful. There is subtitle too so that you know the meaning of the chant.

Description: The Chant of Metta from Imee Ooi, a Malaysian Buddhist composer from Kuala Lumpur. Her name in Chinese is Huang Huiyin (黃慧音). This is a version of the Metta Gatha or "The Chant Of Metta", a Buddhist chant on the quality ofmetta which is usually translated as "goodwill" or "loving kindness."

The language is Pali, the language of the Theravada Tipitaka (canonical scriptures), with subtitles in English. You may recognize some of the words in this song if you regularly attend Theravada temples as the monks there chant many of the same things but without instrumental music.

Lyrics in Pali

Aham avero homi abyapajjho homi anigho homi sukhi-attanam pariharami Mama matapitu acariya ca natimitta ca sabrahma-carino ca avera hontu abyapajjha hontu anigha hontu sukhi-attanam pariharantu Imasmim arame sabbe yogina avera hontu abyapajjha hontu anigha hontu sukhi-attanam pariharantu Imasmim arame sabbe bhikkhu samanera ca upasaka-upasikayo ca avera hontu abyapajjha hontu anigha hontu sukhi-attanam pariharantu Amhakam catupaccaya-dayaka avera hontu abyapajjha hontu anigha hontu sukhi-attanam pariharantu Amhakam arakkha devata imasmim vihare imasmim avase imasmim arame arakkha devata avera hontu abyapajjha hontu anigha hontu sukhi-attanam pariharantu Sabbe satta sabbe pana sabbe bhuta sabbe puggala sabbe attabhava-pariyapanna sabba itthiyo sabbe purisa sabbe ariya sabbe anariya sabbe deva sabbe manussa sabbe vinipatika avera hontu abyapajjha hontu anigha hontu sukhi-attanam pariharantu Dukkha mucantu Yatha-laddha-sampattito mavigacchantu Kammassaka Puratthimaya disaya pacchimaya disaya uttaraya disaya dakkhinaya disaya puratthimaya anudisaya pacchimaya anudisaya uttaraya anudisaya dakkhinaya anudisaya hetthimaya disaya uparimaya disaya sabbe satta sabbe pana sabbe bhuta sabbe puggala sabbe attabhava-pariyapanna sabba itthiyo sabbe purisa sabbe ariya sabbe anariya sabbe deva sabbe manussa sabbe vinipatika avera hontu abyapajjha hontu anigha hontu sukhi-attanam pariharantu Dukkha muccantu Yatha-laddha-sampattito mavigacchantu Kammassaka Uddham yava bhavagga ca adho yava aviccito samanta cakkavalesu ye satta pathavicara abyapajjha nivera ca nidukha ca nupaddava Uddham yava bhavagga ca adho yava aviccito samanta cakkavalesu ye satta udakecara abyapajjha nivera ca nidukha ca nupaddava Uddham yava bhavagga ca adho yava aviccito samanta cakkavalesu ye satta akasecara abyapajjha nivera ca nidukha ca nupaddava

Lyrics in English

May I be free from enmity and danger 

May I be free from mental suffering 
May I be free from physical suffering 
May I take care of myself happily 
May my parents teachers, relatives and friends fellow Dhammafarers be free from enimity and danger be free from mental suffering be free from physical suffering 
May they take care of themselves happily 
May all yogis in this compound be free from enmity and danger be free from mental suffering be free from physical suffering 
May they take care of themselves happily 
May all monks in this compound novice monks laymen and laywomen disciples be free from enmity and danger be free from mental suffering be free from physical suffering 
May they take care of themselves happily 
May our donors of the four supports be free from enmity and danger be free from mental suffering be free from physical suffering 
May they take care of themselves happily 
May our guardian devas in this monastery in this dwelling in this compound may the guardian devas be free from enmity and danger be free from mental suffering be free from physical suffering 
May they take care of themselves happily 
May all beings all breathing things all creatures all individuals all personalities 
May all females all males all noble one all worldlings all deities all humans all those in the four woeful planes be free from enmity and danger be free from mental suffering be free from physical suffering 
May they take care of themselves happily 
May all beings be free from suffering 
May whatever they have gained not be lost 
All beings are owners of their karma 
 In the eastern direction in the western direction in the northern direction in the southern direction in the southeast direction in the northwest direction in the northeast direction in the southwest direction in the direction below in the direction above 
May all beings all breathing things all creatures all individuals all personalities 
May all females all males all noble one all worldlings all deities all humans all those in the four woeful planes be free from enmity and danger be free from mental suffering be free from physical suffering 
May they take care of themselves happily 
May all beings be free from suffering 
May whatever they have gained not be lost 
All beings are owners of their karma 
 As far as the highest plane of existence to as far down as the lowest plane in the entire universe whatever beings that move on earth may they be free from mental suffering and enmity and from physical suffering and danger 
As far as the highest plane of existence to as far down as the lowest plane in the entire universe whatever beings that move on water may they be free from mental suffering and enmity and from physical suffering and danger 
As far as the highest plane of existence to as far down as the lowest plane in the entire universe whatever beings that move in air may they be free from mental suffering and enmity and from physical suffering and danger

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Singapore Flyer

Today Da Jie is coming to Singapore. Reever and I went out as early as 10am from home to the airport. I thought she arrived at 11.05am, but actually she arrived at 12.25pm. Kekeke... She only wrote sms to me saying that she would depart from Jakarta at 9.40am, and I got a bit confused on the arrival time. We reached airport at 11.05am. I was quite hungry when we reached there, so I decided to have 'brunch' first in the staff canteen. Reever chose Yakiniku Rice Set, while I ate the 'kway teow mian' w/ fish fillet and fried egg. Reever's one was not bad.. my one was not so nice. After having a full meal, we had a walk to T3 and went back to T1 at 12.30pm. Her plane was turning round and round, waiting for the other airplane to go down first so it landed quite slow.

We went to Bishan to put her luggage and she brought some things for us. She even gave me a bracelet as my birthday party, which I called a 'baby bracelet' hehehe.. Thank you Da Jie!!!
We took a rest for a while then we went to photo booth and took Reever's picture for the Dharma Class registration. I brought the form and three of us went to temple first to submit the form to the receptionist. It's been a while since I went to the temple until I wasn't sure which bus to take and which bus stop to stop. Lucky there were some good people around telling us the right way ^^

We went back to Bishan and had late lunch there. We ate and chat while Reever was playing in the playground. We went to J8 for a while, then we went to Singapore Flyer...

We met Irene, her hubby and friends (9 of them) at the bus stop opposite of Fairmont Singapore. We took bus there then walked for about 5 mins. We had a scoop of ice cream first before all of us went up. It costs $29.50 per adult and $20.65 per child. Thanks Da Jie for treating our first trip there. Btw, it was a bit funny.. Supposed that we brought them there instead they brought me and Reever there. Kekeke....

Singapore Flyer
We went up at 7pm. It was not dark yet.. but slowly as we went out, the sky changed slowly into a dark. Lights were on too everywhere surrounds us. As we took our step inside the capsule, we started busy taking picture here and there... Hehehe...

Baobei and his small activity bag
His cup brochure

Became a hat :)

Reaching to the top

Both of us together - I love you Baobei... muach...

After reaching back the land - Baobei and his smile :)

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Dikutip dari fsnya orang... Renungan hari ini

Tujuan utama manusia adalah untuk mencari kebahagiaan, tetapi proses untuk mencari kebahagiaan itu tidaklah mudah, dibutuhkan keuletan, kesabaran, ketekunan, keceriaan, ketenangan, konsentrasi, dan merasa puas dengan usaha yang telah dikerjakan, dan akan berusaha untuk mengerjakan apa yang belum dikerjakan dengan lapang dada. 

Bila tujuan hidup adalah untuk mencari kebahagiaan tetapi mengapa kita terkadang masih terpaku pada kesedihan, terpaku pada keserakahan, ketamakan, kebencian, kesombongan, iri hati dan senang mencari-cari penderitaan orang lain atau penderitaan sendiri.

Dengan menderitanya orang lain sudah pasti akan memberikan penderitaan baru bagi diri sendiri.
ada lagu rakyat gelang sipatu gelang: "buat apa susah? buat apa susah? susah itu tak ada gunanya!". Kita hidup mencari bahagia!!!!

Stress - it's hard become a mum

Well, now I feel the stress of becoming a mom, which I didn't feel previously.. Even thought of adding another one.. But now I guess, one is enough.

Not just thinking of the money.. I guess you all know how high the cost of living in Singapore. House loan, electricity, transportation, school fee, daily use, food & beverage, and now.. plus the additional education for children. I used to laugh at my colleague, who thought raising a child is like an investment and 'til now he hasn't got one. Dunno if he really didn't want it.. or because they still can't get it. But now, I realize that.. a child really costs a lot of money here. Well.. not only in Singapore, also in other countries like Hong Kong, US, and even in Indonesia. If the parent earn lots of money, then it's just a piece of cake for them. But if the parents only earn a peanut... then something must be cut down.

I used to travel on my own to the countries I've never been before. It can be faraway, and it can be expensive. This time round, I've planned to travel to Hong Kong in December, but more on like family holiday. I will go w/ my hubby and son, and my hubby's cousin and his families of 4. I was thinking of traveling to Seoul or Taiwan before that.. but after comparing the prices and benefit, I changed my mind and decided to go to HK. My 2nd sister has agreed of letting us stay in her house. Thanks a lot for that! We can save a lot of money and we'll have more guidance and help from her too... hehehe... Then that would be my son and her son's birthday during that period, so it's great that we can celebrate birthday together for a very first time.. hehehe... I also plan to bring them to Disneyland on Saturday. Just want to give them great time before starting the school again in January. He will lead a hard study life after that... So just give them a great break time!

Back to the story.. I just enrolled my son to Kumon this afternoon. The chief instructor told us about how it works. Basically, the child need to practice everyday at home by themselves and they learn through repetition and memorize. I was a bit worry that it can work for him 'cos he's a playful type of child and he's have a hard time to concentrate. I enrolled two subjects for him, English and Math. It's damn expensive! Haiz... hopefully our money won't go into the drain..

I don't think next year onward I'd have the luxury of travelling on my own again.. unless to the near place from Singapore. But at least I've a goal now.. to save money for my upcoming new house, and to my son's education. Haiz.. money oh money...

Btw it seems like we're going to move to Punggol in Dec 2012 'cos I checked the HDB web that most of the houses have been chosen by people. It only left about 10 percent. Haiz... too bad I don't have any luck in 4D or TOTO... otherwise... I can have easier life now.. hiks... Stress...

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Thank you

Thank you SB for giving me great friends and families. On my birthday, few of my old friends sent me sms and wished me happy birthday. Actually since I've lost my friends' data from my handphone, I couldn't get back some of the numbers unless they called or sent the message back to me. And do you know how happy I were when I received news from them? I felt so grateful that after so many years of friendship, and many years of lost in touch, they were actually still remembering my birthday. Hehehe... I was so grateful too for having my current friends who remember my birthday. Well, I know.. friendster helped.. but their effort of wishing me birthday that I appreciated them for.. My mom sent me sms early in the morning before she flew to Menado. All my siblings called me too on that day. Thank you ya... ^^

Although I may not be a successful person in life.. I'm still very lucky of having great friends and families around... and I'm very happy because of that.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

It's my birthday today... Finally I reached 30 yrs journey of my life. Hopefully there is still many years to come. Thank you for all sms, phone call, msg in friendster, email from all family members, relatives, and friends. Thank you too for my colleagues who accompanied me for steamboat dinner tonite.. I can feel that my metabolism getting slower.. hahahaha.... Well.. it's not so early now.. going to bed soon... Good nite and hope my dreams come true... ^^

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Feivel & Me

After a year, I managed to meet again w/ David. I only realized that it's been a year after I passed through my old post blog. Wow! Now Feivel is 1 1/2 years old. Don't you think he's cute?
It's my first time meeting him though. Hehehe... He is sooo chubby.. like his dad.. eh.. btw, David has lost weight la.. He has lost 6 kgs since we last met. Thanks Pid for buying us lunch at Chinese and Seafood Restaurant near Sunter Lake!!! Next time when you come over here, it'll be my turn to treat you ya~~ Cya.

Exam result

Just wanted you to know.. that I've passed my exam!!! Hehehe... Thanks God! I thought I would fail... 'cos I'm not confident of passing my exam... It was very tough and I left lots of blank spaces in my answer paper. I managed to get 61 marks for my F7 paper.. hihihi..
Hopefully next year I can start again to take the next paper... Wish me luck ya!!! Jia you!!!

Annual D&D 2008

Hehehe.. I'm back!!! Just right after my trip to Indonesia, I joined the D&D of my company for my first time. The theme of the D&D was 'Retro'. I prepared my outfit weeks before the 'day'. I found it in OG after searching up and down in Bugis area. At that time, I went w/ my colleague and he thought that the outfit suited me, so I brought my hubby there the next day and showed it to him. He also thought that the cloth suited me well and since I have only a restricted time, then I decided to buy it first and I was thinking if I found another cloth that could suit me better, I'd buy it. But after my trip, I didn't find any better replacement, so I decided to stick to that outfit. I bought the pants in Indonesia, very cheap he... only 25,000 rupiah.. less than SGD 4. I also bought the belt there, it only costs 15,000 rupiah, about SGD 2.50. It would cost SGD 9 to 10 in Singapore for the pant and SGD 5 for the belt. So I managed to save quite lots of money for it. Hehehehe...

Too bad I couldn't find the accessories... Luckily my friends haven't bought their as well, so we went out during lunch time to find our accessories. I managed to buy the earrings, necklace, bandana, and sandal hehehe... Not bad... all of our efforts were not going in vain. 4 of us were chosen as finalists of the Best Dress.. Kekeke.. but too bad all of us didn't manage to win the 1st prize, which is SGD399 cash... It's not because we didn't dress well, but it's more to unfairness in judging us. Can you imagine, what is the relation between 'Best Dress Competition for Women' and 'Seduce a guy who was blindfolded'? And what is also the relation between 'Best Dress Competition for Men' with 'Strip your clothes w/ "Tuo Diao" song by J-Chou??? Anyway.. just be part of it and have some fun la... Below is the pic of me w/ some finalists (total 6 finalists, but not all were taken).

We entered the Ballroom at 7.30pm and started at about 8pm. We had buffet dinner first, then followed by some performances from EXCO and HOD, also from other staffs. MC then started the game divided the whole ballroom into two groups. Yeah.. just follow lor...

There were lucky draws as well. I think the lucky draw gifts were about 250 plus, while the staffs were about 400 plus.. so not all staffs got it. The top 30s were only drawn after 11.45pm. For the sake of the lucky draw, I waited and waited for it. Not me alone. My hubby who came right after work to discuss some matter w/ me, also waited quite long until we went back at about 12.30am. But the waiting time was worth it for me... 'cos I managed to get the 23rd prize, which is an iPod shuffle 1GB (purple colour), and $250 Best Denki Voucher. I was so happy 'cos usually I never ever had a great prize for lucky draw while this time, I really need the money to buy microwave for my sis-in-law's new house. Hehehe... Thanks God!!! ^^

Well.. overall the D&D was alright, but was dragged to long. I'm sure many people wanted to go home and rest early. After went back home, I took a bath and only slept at 2am. What a tiring day!!! But finally over! Hehehe... Well, hope you enjoy the pics!

Friday, August 15, 2008


It's a boring day. Alone. Guess no one understands me. What I want, what I do.
Well.. end up watching Heroes season 2. Just b'cos I'm bored.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

The result came out last Friday. We never went there for witnessing the ballot, but my mother-in-law went there to ask for the result. The result is... Reever has successfully gained a place in Xin Min Primary.. What a release!!! Thank you SB for giving him the best!!!

I fell sick since Thursday night. I was down with flu, lack of sleep, too tired, and fever. Perhaps because of the nasty weather these few days. It was hot then rain, then hot, then rain again.. My office cubicle is also very cold and when I went out, I could feel the hot air from outside.. Haiz... My colleague was also sick. He went to see co' doctor and passed some of his medicine to me. Thanks S!

Yesterday was Singapore's National Day. And also 4th death anniversary of my father-in-law. My hubby, me, and Reever went to the temple where his ashes were put. We paid our respect there then went to Bugis to pray in Kwan Im Temple. After that, we had our lunch and browsed around in OG, Bugis Street, and had our earlier dinner @Soup Spoon in Bugis Junction. We went to Bishan to pass the zoo pass to my father's friend's daughter, and browsed around a while in Junction 8, then headed home.

The night before, 080808, I watched the opening of the Olympic Games 2008 Beijing. It was a very nice opening. My hubby kept getting proud w/ China and 'wah' all the time when the opening was being shown. I believed him when he told me that it was his first time watching the Olympic opening... kekekeke....

We didn't finish watching the whole opening as I was feeling very tired and didn't manage to see the team of Singapore when they were introduced to people around the world.. kekeke...

Today I didn't go out anywhere. My hubby bought the porridge for me and I just slept for another half day. Now he and my son went to swimming w/ his cousin.. Weather was not that good. It was raining in the afternoon. Well.. write 'til here. Another week to go and I'll be going back home. Hopefully I can get well soon.. Please pray for me!!!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Primary School Registration

Today I took a day off. I woke up at 7am, got myself prepared and went to Xin Min Primary School. It's just 10 mins walk from my house. Reached there at 7.40am. Actually I wanted to have a breakfast first before went in, but I didn't want to waste more time by waiting longer inside, so when I saw people queuing, so I joined the line too. Hehehe... Not many people yet... I got queue number 17. When I went in and sat in the seat provided inside the school, it reminded me on when I first went into my primary one. I felt touching at that moment 'cos now I went in to register my son's primary one. Time flies really fast. At that moment, I sent sms to my mom and told her what I felt. She replied me and saying.. next time you would know how I felt if the children were lazy or got bad marks in school.. Kekeke... Anyway, the registration went well so far. They said they will inform if there is any ballot exercise or not on 6th August. I just can cross my finger and wish for my luck!! The school is not bad. The Xin Min secondary school is quite famous for its students' results, but again... it depends on the student itself. Right or not?

Yesterday night before I slept, I told my son that I was going to register him to Xin Min Primary school this morning. You know what he said? "I wanted to go to the same school with Britney." Then I told him to check with her, in which school she is going to apply? I told him that his school would be 'Xin Min Primary School'. He was unhappy and said that, "I don't want.. I want to go to Primary one..." Kekeke... He doesn't even know what primary one means... He thought it's the school's name.. Too bad I couldn't find out from Britney where does she go to next year 'cos today she didn't attend the class. Well.. it's all fate ba! Leave it to the above. Just wish for the best... Jia you!!!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Cooking mood

I had the cooking mood since last Sunday. Last Sunday I cooked spaghetti w/ ham, onion, pepper, pineapple, cream sauce, and topped w/ baked cheese.. nyummy... At night I cooked the noodle soup w/ veggies, pork ball, completed w/ my favourite fried egg.. nyummy...
This Wednesday after work, I cook the pasta, macaroni shell, w/ sausage, pork ball, onion, pepper and cream sauce... nyummy... hehehe.. fatty boom boom... This morning I cooked the pancake for Reever, Raymond, and Rainier.. so many Rs.. btw, my sis-in-law second's son name is... Rayson.. Lots of R sia.... anyway... this afternoon, I cooked the frozen prata w/ pork cheese hot dog, lettuce, tomato, and mayonnaise.. nyummy... Very full la... don't think I will buy the prata anymore this few months.. hahaha.. better buy from the nearby shop.. Oklah.. gotta play my game again... Just wanted to share recent activities.. Btw my second sis is going back home soon.. What a wonderful feeling when you are going back home again.... Join you soon...

Durian fever

It's month of July now... going to end soon and durian is in season now!!! I'm quite sick of durian now.. after two days in consequences, we kept eating durian!!! Uncle bought 20 pcs small one at $1 each, then next day, they bought again... Plus my hubby went out and waited for the durian to fall down from the tree... ckckck... He went there w/ his friend from 8pm plus and reached home at 1am, brought back 4 pcs of durian. His shoes were soiled but he came back w/ full of satisfaction in his face... He said he kept waiting for 4 hours for the durian to fall.. hahaha...
Enough for me la.. I eat it until I don't want to eat it again... hahaha...

Thursday, July 10, 2008

05-06-07-08 Batam Trip

Hm.. good number for the title above. Hehehe.. Yup, it was dates where me and my colleagues had a trip to Batam. We met at Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal at 7 plus in the morning and got in into the ferry at 8am. It was only a short 45-minute trip there and we landed at Nongsapura Terminal. Total of 18 people from Finance department, quite a big number, and yes, it was my first trip out of Singapore together w/ colleagues. In my previous working place, I didn't have any chance to go out of Singapore together w/ colleagues.. So, mixed feelings lor... No family member join each of us, so purely colleagues.

Continue on... I got a seat on top of the ferry that morning and got a chance to enjoy the beautiful sky w/ clouds above.. What a wonderful world.. =) We stayed at Batam View Resort and rented out 2 villas. 1 villa w/ 2 bedroom and another villa w/ 1 bedroom. When we arrived, we were allowed to check in early to the one of the villas. So we put our bags there and went to beach side having a game or two. Started w/ teambuilding game, walking blindfolded from one side to another while the foot much touch the slipper in different area and guided by another people in the team. Oklah... not bad. I guided my friend. And there was a funny moment too where someone just kept walking although she has reached her destination.. kekekeke....

Then we played volley ball. Wow, it's been so many years since I touched the volley ball. We all just played for fun.. quite interesting. But the sun.. shines loudly.. Burnt out our skin.. hiks... my face.... must go to a facial soon...

After the game, we went back to the room and some of us took a bath... What a hot day... In moments... the hot day changed into the rainy day. It was raining while we were waiting for lunch. We ate at Wangi Melati Coffee House for lunch. It was buffet. Per pax is SGD18+++ They all said the food was not that nice, except for the black pepper crab. Hahaha.. Anyway, I was quite enjoying it since they served pecel lele and es teler.. Kekeke..

Then it was free time. So few friends and I went around the area and took some pictures. Then we went into the 1-room villa. The view there were much better as the location was directly facing the sea... My friends and I sat in the balcony and enjoying the view.. Really loving it.. I mean.. I was just thinking.. when was the last time I really had that relaxation moments.... Hm....
We had some kind of private dinner next to the beach. The dinner was prepared only for us. The chefs came to cook for us. There were fried kangkong, barbecued chicken, lamb, prawn, sotong, otak-otak, and many more. They serve all u can eat soto, fried rice, and desserts in buffet counter. We can listen to Power 98 as well.. hahaha... not bad oh?

After makan, we went back to villa and took a bath. At 9.30pm, we went to karaoke. Before that, we had a small game in round. The loser drank. In karaoke, we stayed until 1am. Some colleagues drank until high and they danced very happily.

I went back to villa and slept in 1-room villa. Sleeping 'til the next morning. I woke up at 6am. I thought I turned the alarm 7am Indonesian time, but it was Singapore time, that's why I ended up waking up at 6am. Kekeke.... We had buffet breakfast, again, at Wangi Melati coffee shop and we were picked up at 9am and went out for our city tour.

First destination was Barilang bridge, which connects Batam with other city. Then we went to the largest Maitreya temple in Asia. It was indeed very big. There is Buddhist school for children too... We prayed there.. then we were brought to snack's shop, and had our lunch at Golden Prawn 555. Not a very good food..

After makan, we watched a short show, Kuda lumping show, whereby 2 people performing few things, such as eating glass, eating fire, jump over the burned tyre, etc.

We were brought to Polo shop too, but we didn't buy anything there, everything is expensive. Next destination was BCS, Batam City Square. We walked from 1pm to 3.30pm. Not much time. I only managed to buy some tidbits home. Before we left, we also got a chance to eat chicken noodle and had avocado juice.. nyummy.... Hehehe...

We went to Batam main ferry terminal. While waiting our boarding pass, my colleagues went out to buy J-co Donuts from opposite of the building. One of my colleagues bought all of us donuts.. Nyummy.. very nice.. and cheap too.. It costs about 67 cents each, while in Singapore, it costs $1.20 each. Married one got one dozen while single one got half dozen each.. kekekeke.. Thanks ya! Well, we went back happily and all of us were very tired too.. some more some of us didn't get a seat in the ferry so they ended up standing up for a whole journey.. Well.. nice trip. Nice place.. and it makes me wanting to go to Batam again.. Hahaha.... cu again.. byeeee.....

Saturday, June 21, 2008

New fridge.. and patok surround Farrer Park

Kekekeke.... weird title, isn't it? Well, our house's fridge was spoilt since 2 days ago. The freezer's part can't freeze. Just cold. My hubby was little bit headache with the situation and invited 2 so called 'fridge technician' to come over our house and analyze the situation, which I prefer to call them 'cheater'. My hubby just picked any number from the newspaper and called them up. Both of them delayed the time for few hours then finally came. Funny thing was.. they both came empty handed and both wasn't sure if they can solve the problem. They both suggested if we can try to fill the gas but they don't have any equipment with them. And also.. one of them suggest if we want to have second hand one. He said he can find one for us which cost about 150 bucks. Errr... no thanks. I suggested my hubby that he can do part time job like that too.. Just put advertisement in newspaper as ur cost, then if someone called, what you need to do is just go over their place, talk non-sense thing here and there, and tell them that you are not sure if u can solve their problem. And suggest them too to fill the gas.. but tell them also that u don't have the equipment. Conclusion? U got 10 dollar each time u go to people's house. Easy job rite??? Now u know why I told you earlier.. that I guess they more look like 'cheater' rather than a 'technician'. Don't you agree??

So yesterday, after fed up with no solution but already forked up 20 dollar for nothing, my hubby so kanciong went out to Ang Mo Kio to see the fridge at NTUC and Courts. I told him, we may meet at Dobhy Ghout once I finished working then we can look for it at Carrefour and Best Denki. But since when I finished working, he has finished browsing around and found nothing, then we both proceed to Mustafa Centre taking the MRT to Farrer Park.

It was our first time going there by MRT. Usually we took the van there. But since Mustafa is a well-known place to shop, it is not difficult at all to find it. After reached the MRT, we just follow the direction to the nearby exit and walked about 5 minutes. We straightly went in and looked for the fridge. What I like about shopping there is.. there are lots of choices there. Any brand, any model, and of course, cheaper price that what u pay outside. We can compare the products easily. All is there. Rather than go to one shop and see one product and lesser type, Mustafa has offered us with what we want. We managed to pick our choices, narrowed it down into two, either Samsung or Sharp. Quality wise, I dunno which one is better, but I guess, brand wise, Sharp is better. Almost the same price, 560 and 575, with slightly different size.. we then chose the Samsung one. It is bigger (more spacious inside), cheaper ($560), but only 1 year guarantee (Sharp has 3 year guarantee), and Sharp consumes less electricity (annual consumption of 543 instead of 611). Anyway... considering that we have quite lots of people at home and my mother in law won't go to market everyday (maybe twice per week), then we buy a bigger one lor. Well.. done. Problem solved.. at least for now. We paid $25 for delivery charges and now the fridge is in our home.

We cleaned the place first before putting the new new one. We also transfer and select the food from old fridge to new one. Tried to ask few karang guni whether they want to buy.. but nobody is interested in it. Haiz... Perhaps we will just put it downstairs till someone came and picked it up. Otherwise.. I have no idea..
Continue.. after settle our fridge, we had our dinner at nearby Indian food stall.

Both of us ate roti prata and teh ice. The curry was nice. We ate there before.. about two years plus ago.. so it brought us back some memories.. That time we were there to buy the Samsung TV. And now we bought Samsung fridge. Just think.. what to buy next with another Samsung brand. And I told my hubby, perhaps washing machine would be the next one. Hahahaa.... The washing machine at home is quite old already leh... He said.. they use it for 15 over years.. Believe it or not? Hahaha...

Then after makan, we went in again and looked around. We bought something. Then he said he wanted to eat the curry rice at Kitchener Road. We also used to buy the curry rice during our patok time. So we walked there and bought a plate and share it *we were quite full w/ our prata. But I felt very romantic lor.. holding our hands and walking around the area.. and sharing our food.. Hahaha... Well.. just love the moments. We went back by bus and reached home safely.

Today I just cut my hair at nearby our house. Very cheap.. only $7.60 for wash, cut and blow. Baobei cut his hair for only $3.80. Not bad la.. I trimmed my messy hair. And now I'm going to Bishan to have my facial. Gotta go now... hehehe.. have a great weekend everyone... Muach..

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day

Today is the father's day in Singapore. After woke up at 9am, I prepared breakfast for my dear hubby and son. Hehehehe... it's a special day mah... I fried bacon, sausages, eggs, and took out orange juice and yoghurt from the fridge, and took out the cereal as well. It was enough to make 4 portions. 3 for 3 of us and the rest for others to share.. I didn't have enough for all la.. hehehehe.. sorry ya... My hubby was very happy lor.. too bad it's only once a year. Hahaha.. better than nothing ma... Forgot to take a picture..
After that we went out and had a walk in Suntec. Wah, so many people sia... There is PC show there. Very crowded la... We only went in for a while, then had our lunch at food court before had a walk and went back home. The weather was quite hot in the afternoon so it's better to hide ourselves inside the room and turned on the air-con/fan for a while before we headed to pasar malam at Hougang Mall. We bought pisang goreng and some snacks, then went to library for a while, and had chicken rice before walked back home. Quite a tiring day.. Anyway... it was fun! ^^ Happy Father's Day once again Laogong!!! Muachh.....

Family Day

Hehehe... We joined the family day held for SMC's staffs in Bottle Tree Park somewhere near Yio Chu Kang. Flo emailed me last time about this and asked me whether I wanted to join in or not.. Since I long have never attended such an event, I agreed to her. My hubby was also able to attend the event since his boss has flown the day before.

So yesterday we took the bus from SMC together w/ Flo about 9am in the morning. We reached there before 10am and went in for registration. I met lots of ex-colleagues there, including my ex-boss.. kekekeke... Hm... seemed like not many people attended this event. From fin dept itself there were only few who came. The rest have their own reasons on why they don't join in.. which I found.. a little bit too bad lor...

My co doesn't have its own family day. We have one, but under 1 big group above us, which I found.. little bit too far to know other people closer. Anyway, I'm not joining them.. They will have one next month in Sentosa.

Back to the event... I met my ex-GM, and other EXCOs members. I also could see lots of new faces there. There were quite a bit change la... At 10 am, we had warming up session (doing chicken dance) led by the emcee, which then led others to have telematches, kids corner's, paintball competition, prawn fishing, longkang fishing, etc. My kid only joined in the kids corner where he made his first sand colouring assisted by his father. Hehehe... We didn't participate much this time 'cos I knew that I wasn't the staff anymore and I gave others chances to join the games. It's better this way too 'cos I would have more freedom to see or do things whatever I want. I saw how my friends catching the prawns.. hm.. quite interesting but I myself would not do so.. as it would kill or hurt the fragile prawn. I had a 20-minute massage for only $6, not bad la... and we watched the other game for a while before we decided to leave the place. The weather was quite humid there and we were quite sticky too w/ our bodies..

We went to AMK Hub and had our late lunch there before went back home. I slept for few hours before we had our dinner and shopped little bit at NTUC for breakfast this morning. Well.. overall I am quite happy w/ the chance given to us to join the family day.. and so happy too to meet my friend, H, who passed me lots of doraemon magnets to me... Thanks H!!! It's almost created another one set.. but too bad, I don't have the shield... I tried to find in any 7-11 shop but they are out of stock. Hiks.. hopefully can find it one day...

Well.. enjoy some photos taken there...

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