Friday, January 27, 2006

Gong Xi Fa Cai!!!

Happy Chinese New Year to everybody!!!
I wish you so early this year 'cos when the time comes, I won't be able to access Internet.. I will be at my hometown celebrating it with my mom, sis, bro, and relatives and even friends...
It will be a reunion day for us.. except for my dad.. he went to China on Jan 25th to meet his relatives there.. Wish he were with us in Jakarta during CNY...
I will go back tomorrow nite by plane. My sis and her hubby will take the same flight. My bro and his families are there already and he will fetch us tomorrow nite. My son will be very happy 'cos there are lots of children to play together with..
On 30th, we are planning to go out of Jakarta, to another city, Bandung in West Java. There will be 14-15 adults going and 5 children. We will stay for one night there and hopefully everything is going alright. We may stay in Puncak - mountain area - at the second nite in my sis' friend's villa. It's been a long time since I 've been there.. There are lots of changes in the area. I like the weather.. cool and fresh air.. which we can't get in the big city.. I love the nature of the area too.. mountains.. trees.. plantations.. fresh fruit.. fresh veggies.. and many more.. hey, I love Sundanese food as well.. hehehe... My sis has made a plan on what will we do and where will we go.. and hopefully I could meet my chatting friends in Bandung. Last year's trip, we were unable to meet since the location I stay was very faraway from his place. Hopefully on this trip, we are able to meet up again.. together with his friends..
We are planning to go to one of the Cafes there.. which is quite famous in the area. Also to visit the factory outlets.. which I've always been wanting to go.. hopefully my dreams could be fulfilled this time.
How time flies.. next year is 'Dog' year. Just hope that everything would be fine and everybody enjoys the celebration wherever they are.
Tomorrow before going to Airport, we will have a 'Duan Yuan Fan' earlier than usual.. Again, just hope everything will go on smoothly..
Happy new year again... Gong Xi Gong Xi...

Notes: Photo above was taken after coming back from Jakarta. It was Singaporean way of celebrating CNY, is also called 'Lohei' in Cantonese. The food in the middle consists of many kinds of shredded vegetables, such as lettuce, carrot, etc., raw fish (very important material.. this one had salmon fish.. nice big one.. hehehe.. my favourite), sesame seeds, poured with oil, sesame oil, cinnamon powder, pepper, etc. Then people would stand surrounding it and mixed it together while saying good words when mixing it. It was a very fun celebration and I miss it to do it again.. hehehehe.. and again.. and again... It was in the office with my colleagues.. well.. very enjoy, weren't they? ;P Yeah.. forgot to say.. when mixing it, the higher the better.. that's why you could see there in the pic that they're trying to take it higher...

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

So much in life

Hmm..reading your blog..i perfectly and truthfully understand what u meant and what you feel..
lots of times i feel that way as sux..whats the meaning of's boring..what should i do or what would i be in 10 years, etc etc etc
different people has different path in their life..some people's life might"seems" better than the other/us..but hey..there are so much things in life..are you really wanna sacrifice everything you have for your dream? Couple months ago, I'll support whoever dare to follow their dreams..just go for your dreams without regret!! live life to the fullest!!
but recently, a close friend of mine got really down coz of following her dreams..she even dare to leave her boyfriend who really loves her...
End up..even though she has new friends and old friends in new the end she still feels the end..she just realized..that no matter how good the dreams are..but if you're not with someone who you love, it will be only a nice and short dream..where you'll wake up and cry for leaving everything behind but you realized it's just too late..and you have to start all over again...
Lesson that i get from her careful with what you dream of..
when you reach for your dream..are you gonna be with someone you really love?
Love here not only meaning of boyfriend/husband/son...but as well as parents, friends, even food, tradition etc etc..
Seeing your blog reyka..what your life is, what your life will be...just keep remember..are you doing what you're doing with love?
If you're living only because you "have to", you will feel like that everyday until you're stressed better gather yourself..think for yourself..what are you doing everyday in your life right now? are all of those really worthed and even tho its hard, you're willing to do it?
people need or have to does that mean you'll wake up everyday feeling grumpy just because you have to work? dont you feel happy when you receive your salary?
in every thing that we do..there must be a reason why we do something even though it's hard..
some people still can endure the bitterness of life..
at some point, we might feel really cant stand it anymore..and from there..some people might run and escape, while some people will face it..and become stronger
so which one is you? =D

Monday, January 16, 2006

Search for meaning of life

What life means??
What we live for??
Anyone could answer it??

Bornt, grew up, went to school, worked, got married, had children, got sick, old and died...
Life cycle.. isn't it?
But I'm sure it's working in different ways from one person to another
Yesterday nite I couldn't sleep..
I'm kinda tired with my life..

Yes, I was bornt.. grew up.. currently studying.. working.. had got married.. had one son.. then?? I mean.. can't it be work in different way? Dunno.. sometimes I envy the freedom one of my friends.. He could move from one place to another.. one country to another.. together with his partner.. No permanent home.. All was rented. Wherever he went, he could find a job that suitable for him - he is a chef. He could have a long holiday - 6mths in Bangkok - with another 6 months of work in Swiss, his hometown. He could stay for 2-3 years in Hawaii to satisfy his dream of living in tropical country and managed to find a job there.. If my life like that.. I certainly would love it as well.. As if he doesn't have worry for tomorrow.. cos everywhere he goes, he could find a job and settle down, and enjoy the whole stay in new place.
Just wonder.. why can't I?? I mean.. I am a human too, same like him. The different is.. he has the ability to survive and let go.. He might not have his permanent house - unless his parents' house, but he always has a place to stay. He might not have his permanent job - but he always can find a job. And perhaps the most important is that his partner - his wife - always follows him wherever he goes - except for some holiday break.
If I looked at my life.. I have a husband and a son. A son... already someone there who needs a permanent place to stay and grow up.. I mean.. as a parent, I might worry that he won't get enough education - especially he's living in S'pore, where government strictly want their citizen to go to school, then my husband is a typical home person - his first time flying was to my hometown when he was 25 years old - and finding a job is not easy for him since he is more into having a stable job.. then he also has to take care his mom and sis - while my friend's mom and dad are a typical independent Swiss.
I don't know.. I just feel that my life is leading to a boring life cycle.. where I just follow whatever most people do.. Perhaps I just love so much of freedom in me.. that I wanted more in life.. but it was quite too late..
Before married, I was wanting to have my own family.. be a housewife, take care of my children and family. But I think it doesn't suit my independent horse type.
Perhaps if I could turn back time.. I shouldn't get married and have children too early.. until I am ready for it.. again.. it is too late.. and one more thing.. maybe I should get a right type of partner too.. hehehe... Well.. people is never satisfy with their life.. they always want more and more.. While others might envy with my current life, I envy of my friend's life..
So.. what life has to be then???
There is no right and wrong in life.. but how we think about it to make our lives more meaningful and happier.. *sighh.. i just hope i wouldn't choose the wrong path in the future.. who in life could understand what I feel?

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Still in holiday mood...

It's been a week since my last blog..
So many things happened during a week.

Saturday nite, my colleagues, sis, some other friends, and I went to Ministry of Sound. It was just opened for about a month and located near the hotel where I worked. We met at 8.15pm and waited for 45 mins till the door opened at 9pm.
We browsed around from one room to another and we sat at the '54', which play the 'Retro' music - back to the year 70's. The design is not bad.. but the music... wasn't fulfill our tastes.. So, after having the first drink.. we moved our butt to the 'Smoove', also known for its 'R&B'. More people to be found here.. but too bad, the room was too small and we were quite lucky that we found an empty table to be our base there... We stood for quite a while before we went out to the stage for dancing..
After dancing there, we moved to the Main Arena - known for its 20ft water curtain - and I feel more comfortable with the music there.. We were quite tired after that and decided to go to 'Pure', which has white ambiance for its floors, walls, sofa's.. which is quite unusual.. There was the only available big round bean bag for people to sit while the rest of the sofas were all reserved.. After waiting for a while, we managed to get a place to rest there.. Could sleep and rest there.. hehehe..
Having enough rest, we went back to the Main Arena and we danced much longer there.. There were bubles coming from the top.. which was quite fun..
And we went out at around 1.30am and reached home around 2am.
Well.. quite a nice experience.. but it was too crowded after 11pm and so many seats were reserved since the beginning.. which disadvantage those who came walk-in no matter how early they came.. I may be going back there again.. but not that fast.. perhaps.. in few years to come.. hahahahahhaha....

On Sunday, it was raining whole day in Singapore. It was a 'good day' for marriage.. It was my friend's wedding day in Jakarta, and also my husband's cousin wedding day in Singapore. After waking up at 12.30pm, I called up my friend and congrats him for his wedding. And at nite, I attended my husband's cousin's wedding dinner - she was one of the twins. The food was so so and it ended quite late.. (the food was only be started at 9pm - it was written at the card that the dinner started at 7pm, and finished at 11 plus - one of the bad habit of many Singaporean - coming late for wedding dinner.. )

On Monday, after work, I went home and having a steamboat dinner at 7 plus. Tuesday is public holiday, a Hari Raya Haji. So my husband invited his NS friends to home for the dinner and they only came at 11 plus at nite. I only sat there and watched TV while they were eating as I was quite full already.. I made a rujak sauce too that nite and ate some fruits with it.
After 'supper' session, the drink session then started. They drank starting from beer.. then Vodka Currant, some Vodka Apple, then Martell.. They drank till drunk and went home around 3.40am that nite.. A couple had gone home at 1am 'cos one of them need to work the day after.. and some went home at 3am. Me? I went to bed after they all went back home and fell asleep not long after..

On Tuesday I woke up at 12pm. Took out clothes from hanger then folded it and put it in the cupboard. Next, clean the mess from last nite and last, cooked fried rice using some leftover ingredients from last nite.. After having a full-bowl of it, I fell asleep again at 3.30pm.. hahaha...
and we had another steamboat at dinner time.. and another rujak with star-fruits and jambu..
Wa... getting fatter and fatter now... Need to control already!! Chinese New Year is coming!! Another two week plus, we will fly to Jakarta.. Hope it is not flooding there... hiks...

Well.. gotta back to work now!!! Ciao everyone!!!

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

First class yesterday

Today is 4th Jan'06. Yesterday I attended my first class of year 2006. I finished off work at 6pm and my class started at 6.45pm. So I rushed taking the train and walk there, and ate on the way to the class. The class was damn full!! Very much different with my previous class, which I condemned!!! ;P
4 presentation slides were put so that everybody can look at the notes written by the teacher. I think there was 100 over students in the 2-joined class.
The teacher was knownly good for this major, and he has teached for eleven years for the same subject and other subjects too.
He demanded us to be in class on time at 6.45pm (not started at 7+pm); short break time for only 10 mins (not 30+ mins); and the class over usually at 10pm (not 9.30pm).
Most students did not feel bored with his way of teaching as he always wanted us to participate while solving the calculation problems and lots of traps in his questions making us learning better. He also demanded us to read a lot in our own time and to do lots of questions before coming back for the next lecture. He motivated us at the very first lecture - he mentioned that the passing rate worldwide for last year was 20+%, in Singapore was 44%, and in the school I went to was 60+% - which includes full-time students, which mostly Chinese nationality and had lots of time to practice - unlike the part-time students.. so.. for us, part-time one, I guess, it's only about 10%-20% who can pass for the exam.. hahaha.. j/k
Aniwae... lots of logical thinking needed to solve the problem and I already think to spare my Saturday 'til evening time to study and practice.. *hopefully I can.. =P Must Jia you!!! *still not included the revision for another paper... hiks...
So.. there are new challenges this year.. and hopefully I could manage my time well..
Support me, guys!! ;P
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