Friday, February 24, 2012

Moving on...

It's been more than a week I stay in a new house. The MRT journey takes longer time each and everyday, so I try my best to get a seat inside MRT, otherwise I have to stand up all the way as most people will only alight at Dobhy Ghaut MRT.

I enrolled pro-rate class on Monday and attended my first lesson yesterday. I've missed out quite lots of lectures, so I really need time to do a catch-up myself. There are so many materials to read and understand. The way the teacher teaches is quite good. He uses lots of illustrations based on mostly his personal working and life experience. It makes study becoming easier to absorb and less memorization required. Too bad I've missed first 8 classes before this, so I'd missed out lots of important points ba... haiz....

Well, I have finally enrolled the P class. I used to think that it was an unreachable dream to go through the level 2 exam and didn't think to continue to upper level, but I just did it. Well, not yet passing the exam, but I've already taken a move to a higher level and I'm sure with hard work and determination, everyone sure can do it, which means, I need to spend more time to study than do other activity. Well, like what my motto is, study when it's time to study, work when it's time to work, rest when it's time to rest. Study hard, work hard, rest hard, and play hard too!!!!

There will be some activities going on in March. Starting with OCBC cycling on 3rd March, then family day at Wave Sentosa on Mar 10th. There will be class on 17th, and so on.

Will hunt for motorcycle and still can't decide to buy a new one or second hand one. The urge to buy second hand one is due to more attractive price and I don't know how long will I need to use it. But to save trouble, new one is better of course.. but it comes with a price. I need to dig into my saving to buy one. Well, see what fate will I have :)

Oklah.. time to work now.. hehehehe... it's Friday again!! Enjoy your weekend and looking forward for our housewarming this Sunday. Have a great day!!!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Moving house :)

The day finally came. It's a day before Valentine's day. Mom and my aunt came a day before V day. Since I know I would be busy on 14th, I bought the flowers for Mum first on 13th night, gave it to her with written card that it's all from her 5 children and wanna thank her for her care and love all this while. Got a note for me saying thank you for specially coming to help up with my house moving as well :) Hope she likes it!

14th Feb 12 was the busy day in office. Time to work was shorter due to the State of the Hotel Address given reflecting the performance on year 2011 and what are coming this year.

After work I headed to supermarket to buy some fruits and some other thing, then went home. I reheated the steamed rice, mixed rice, and noodle for dinner. It's all brought from Jakarta by Mom and Aunt. Thank you!

After that busy with packing again... This round, I dismantled the computer and its accessories... kekeke... Hubby went to borrow car from his cousin. At midnight, we moved several items first, such as: computer, speaker, rice cooker, and Reever's books. Reached home then slept quite late. 1 am plus? Last night in Hougang....

Walked over the burned charcoal
Woke up at 7 plus. Took a bath then started to load the items to car. We brought those necessary for cooking and bed sheets first. We reached new house at 8.50am. Hubby turned on the fire on the stove using charcoals and fire starters. Just nice Peggy & her hubby, my mum, aunt and sis-in-law reaching there too.. So all of us went up and went in together. We stepped the stove and charcoal over, I guess it's a sign that we start over again in new place. Then rolled in pineapple ad brought the rice inside our house. Hope we are blessed with enough food all the time.

Mom cooked, helped by my Aunt
Mom brought food from brother's home, already cut one. So she just had to cook all the dishes. There is tofu cooked with Chinese leeks (suan) with red thingy... means that we can calculate things (to be prudent and save money, can live happily), steamed fish (nian nian you yu), fried noodle (blessed with long live), fried chicken, fried vegetable, cucumber achar made by mom.

Our first meal at home sweet home
While they were cooking and preparing, we put on bed sheets to my mother-in-law's and my son's new bed and fixed a place where to put. Mine was only be delivered in evening time since we used the bed from old house, given by my bro and his wife.

Hubby was busy preparing the Buddha altar together with his father's signage.

When food were ready, we then had our brunch (11am liao). We then had the apple, Chinese pear and orange as dessert.

We went to Hougang again to pick up goods. My mother-in-law stayed for a while in Hougang since she had to pick up my son from school. Mum, aunt and sis-in-law stayed in new house. We moved items again, this time brought the TV so that Mum, aunt can watch it while waiting.

Hubby and I went to Hougang again. When we reached there, the mover lorry was behind us. The moving then started. While they were moving things, I was inside the kitchen clearing out the things from the fridge. My pant was smelly due to the spilled beers... haiya.. smell like drunker... :P

Not all things could fit inside the lorry. They didn't stack the boxes high enough, Therefore there were still few boxes and lots of small bits left inside the house.

We went back to new house again to direct them where we want them to put our things. Now my house was full... Hahhaa... Mom and Aunt started to work.
We started to put bed sheets to my bed. Then they unpacked my clothes and put it inside wardrobe. There were some Reever's stuffs and clothes as well.

Hubby and I went to Hougang again to bring our plants and some stuffs in. After that hubby returned the car and I unpacked some other things.

Koko and his brother-in-law came to visit and picked my Mom and Aunt. They went back home to rest. I finally could take a bath, reheat food, and had dinner.

My son was very exciting with his new room. He pasted some posters into the wall and he wanna sleep there alone!!! Usually he liked to sleep and squeezed in our room. Hahaha... Then he must learn how to use the common toilet too... :D

I managed to get into the bed at about 10.30pm and slept about 11am. This morning I was awoken by Reever's alarm clock. Guess he set the time wrongly. The school bus would fetch him at 6am everyday but he set the alarm at 6am. Kekeke... Lucky my mother-in-law used to wake up early. Otherwise it's gonna be a torture to wake up so early while you're still so tired :P

Well, I find my new house cozy and warm. I love it. Maybe because it's my own house, so the feeling is different :) Just need to adapt that there is no coffee shops and other shops around. So we still have to buy things from other place.

Well, now it's unpacking time!!! Will have a coffee and some cakes (fa kwe) first before starting my day!!

Once again, thank you SB, family members for all your support and help. Amituofo.

Friday, February 03, 2012

Happy weekend!!!

Time flies... It's been more than 2 weeks since my last post.

Happy Chinese New Year!!! :)
We celebrated in Jakarta this year. 3 of us went back home and spent the day with both of my parents, my eldest sis & her hubby, my brother and his families and some other relatives. It's such a short trip, even shorter with the traffic jam to wherever you go. Haiz.... it never changed for the better, but to the worst :(

Only met with 1 friend, who brought 3 of us to Sea World and had lunch together after that. Thank you Pid!!

I got the highest angpao from the tree this year :D hehehehe... Not bad ah :D

Came back to work on the third day of CNY. Did the stock-taking, closing, and now it's Friday again!!

2 last weekend before we move into a new house...

There is sentimental feeling to this current house. I got married there, was pregnant there, raised my baby til now in P4... Not only that. Also to my sis-in-law. She had 2 baby boys here hehehehhe.... :D

12 more days to go and I haven't finished packing. Hopefully I have time to pack this weekend. Renovation has over. Furnitures came today and sofa will arrive next Monday. Before 15 the curtains will be installed. Just hope everything goes smoothly...

Yesterday I was feeling low because one of my colleagues will take hospitalisation leave starting next Thursday. She will take 2 weeks. And usually when she's not around, I'll be the one who covers her duty. But I'll take leave too in middle due to move house. And doing her job is not a simple task to do since she needs to receive and check goods from supplier, then post into system. Usually I need more than half day to do her job.

I was thinking that my Boss won't give us someone to help since everyone has their own work to do. I was telling my other colleague that in worst scenario, he might have to work alone if I take leave.

I was then looking for my Boss and tell her my problem. Talked here and there, it led to a conclusion that she allowed me to hire part-timer when my colleague is not around. And fortunately, my boss's secretary's son is looking for a job, and not yet find one. So he is able to do temporary job helping me!! Yay!!! I felt very relieved to hear that... So I just wish everything goes as per planned and he can learn fast and do well......

Thank you SB for helping me again.. thanks to my Boss as well.. Otherwise, I wouldn't have enough energy to do it all at the same time :)

Well... happy weekend everyone!!! Today is $10m TOTO!!!

哈!哈!哈!星期五开采,你可要买,别忘记噢,祝您好运@:):):) Huat ahhh!!!!!! :D
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