Thursday, February 22, 2024

Dream To Fulfill This Dragon Year :)

The dreamer is back!!! :) (IG: Rimareyka.writes)

It required fate to form friendship. I felt very grateful that in my life journey, I had met many wonderful people with whom I could learn many life lessons from, especially from the older ones. It just happened that I had befriended many as older as my mom's age. One of them was my current boss.

It was fate that we worked together again after 20 years. In this small office, it was just two of us. I, the introvert, the quiet one, and she, usually she was the one who started the conversation - about her life, her family, her life experience, and so on. I had learned many things from her for the past few months - her calm encounter when facing challenges in life, her appearance (it inspired me to dress better even though no one saw me), her cheerful demeanor when telling the happy story, her generosity, etc. It just inspired me to be a better human being. 

To all my supportive friends and family, thank you :)

I met a group of friends recently for dinner. We did not realize that ten years had passed since we traveled together to Russia in a group tour. After the tour had over, we had met sometimes and usually for a meal. But for the past few years, I met them less often as I was busy travelling (before Covid), and after I started working (during Covid and after). 

So recently, one day when one of them invited me for the gathering and I happened to be free, I agreed to it immediately. I did not realize that it had really been many years since I attended the dinner gathering with them. And in between, things happened. I mean, all of us were getting older each year. Those much elder than me would obviously faced a physical change, such as: not being able to walk or hike as much as they were ten years ago when travelling and one faced greater challenge, like sickness. Luckily her positive attitudes towards life and the will to fight it had made her recovered.

There, they kept reminding me, to travel while I still young and could walk far. Time waited for no man. Health was the main issue for keep going in life. Taking care of health the best we could, if we wanted to walk longer in this life journey. 

From there, they too, ignited the sparks of hope in me, to travel again, to the destinations of my dream. even after I started working. I did not have many leave days in a year, so it was kind of constraining my travel lately and many priorities in life might limit my travel destination and dream places to go.

Dalai Lama quote - My all time inspiration :)

The word from young boy - to follow my dream - had also motivated me to be right on a track - of my dream - to travel to new places, place I had never been before. Actually I had this thought before but since I just started working, I thought I should not focus much on travel first, but to focus on my job, as I had not familiarized myself with the busy and less busy period throughout the year. I mean, I had to find out which period I could and could not travel since every job had different period of busy-ness. 

I was still in the cycle and few more months to go, but I could already see where I wanted myself to be this year. That group of travel khaki had already had places in their mind of where they wanted to go this year and hopefully, I could join them this year. Finger cross, let's hope that I could join them and fulfill my dream, at least for this current year :)

May all of you find what you want and fulfill it this year too - at least for now :)


Anonymous said...

Keep sharing and stay tuned with your fascination and 😴

Overcome Life said...

Thank you :)

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