Sunday, November 30, 2014

Splendid time together - Steamboat, gals night out and TNP Big Walk 2014!!!

Ingredients for Steamboat :)

Whole afternoon our land was blessed with a falling rain. What a perfect time to have a steamboat!!! :) Just nice we had planned to celebrate the upcoming one of my besties' Birthday at her house. We met up in evening time at the nearest supermarket to buy the above ingredients. By the time we reached her house, we were all hungry and therefore, prepared our dinner immediately!!!

Steamboat Feast - ET Birthday :)


This was how our steamboat looking like!!! Sliced meats, canned meat, sausages, prawn balls, home mixed pork meat balls, cheese tofu, tofu, assorted mushroom and vegetables, with mixture of sesame and scallions dip and chilli sauces. We prepared two different types of soup - chicken stock and Tom Yam flavor. Hmm.... what a hot and delicious food under the perfect weather!!!

Three of us used to work at the same place but two of them were there at different time. I've known PY for more than 10 years now and ET slightly less than that. Even though they had moved to many different companies to work at, we still maintained this friendship and some events made both of them to become closer. I was like a bridge to both of their friendships.

Perhaps, it was fate ba! A beautiful fate that made me feeling so lucky knowing them. With them, I could trust and share my secret (also they could trust me with their secrets). We offered comforts at times when we needed the most - office matters, relationship broke down, and so on. We remained loyal to each other and kept our secrets from leaking out to other party. It was because we respected each other's privacy and preferences in life.

During those longest years, we sometimes fought and kept quiet to each other. However, it didn't take long. Those friendships feeling were just there. We could just get back together as if nothing was ever happened. We indeed forgave and forgot those small little things :)

As we grew up and became more mature, we had become a much more understanding person and treasure our friendships more. Our relationship was not always serious too! We laughed, joked, and teased each other with no tears coming out.

We had shared countless events through our passing life such as: birthdays, Christmas celebration; attended many events like Run For Hope, OCBC Cycling, and today's The NewPaper Big Walk; met up on regular basis for simple things like dinner, lunch, karaoke session, and so on. And the best thing was they always allowed me bringing my dear son to join on our activities so that I could still spend my precious times together with him.

Best Friends Forever - Cheers!!! :)

Thank you my dear friends for the friendship you offered! For your understanding, love, care, concern, help, supports, and many priceless gifts in life! I really enjoyed our time together last night. Dinner, drink session, cutting Birthday cake, etc. As if we were back to teenager's time, PY, me and my son were sleeping over at ET's house and slept together in ET's room. We chit chatted until 2.15am before finally fell asleep.

At 5.10am we had to wake up as we were joining our first The New Paper (TNP) Big Walk together. We reached the starting point by 6.35am at Nicoll Highway MRT and by 7am we started to walk 5 km journey ahead. We had great times together surrounded with many beautiful sceneries and people around us. Below, please enjoy the photos taken during the day!!!

The New Paper Big Walk 2014 - Singapore

Good morning Singapore!!! Superb weather!!! - The New Paper Big Walk 2014

Beautiful Sunday morning over Singapore Flyer - TNP Big Walk 2014

Singapore city center - TNP Big Walk 2014

View over The Float @Marina Bay and Helix Bridge - TNP Big Walk 2014

Another great time together!!! - The New Paper Big Walk 2014

Our reflection from ET shades - The New Paper Big Walk 2014

So, hope all of you have a great weekend too with your loved ones! December is coming very soon! The last month of the year, another busy month full of gatherings and celebrations!!! Live your life to the fullest and be grateful always guys! Make your 2014 memorable as always!!! Have fun!!! :)

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

True friends never part...

That afternoon we had a tea and chit chat about things in life - mostly about what happened around our lives - such as: career, dreams, aspirations, and so on. We then came to the topic - ‘true friends’.

Like an old man he advised me to choose my friend wisely in life, as not to let other people take advantage of my kindness, and that by this age I should have learnt whom my true friends are and let go those who can’t wait to see me down and unhappy. 

His sentences struck me. I realized that it’s been some time since the last time I thought about it.

My mind roamed to the recent past few years. I looked back into my own thought. I think, I was too naive, even at this age. I trusted everyone that I just barely knew and met. Some I hadn’t even met before. Perhaps it’s in my nature. I always thought positive about anyone based on what I read, what I heard, but never even bother to find out from people surrounding them, who should have known about them better in real life.

I don’t know about you. But for me, I think, when you are honest with someone, you expect them to be honest with you. When you are opening yourself up to the friend you trust, you are also expecting them to be opening up to you. Nothing to hide and we keep this secret just between us. But of course, not everyone was willing to do the same.

Or perhaps, like he said, they might just take advantage of the kindness that I offered. 

I told him that I never expected anything in return by doing so. It was purely kind intention, to make others happy. 

He continued, “Yes, maybe that’s what you thought. But someone might just think otherwise. Instead of being grateful to you, they just took you for granted. They didn’t even bother to treat you right. Some even lied or hid the truth from you.”

“Well, whatever it was, I left it to karma,” I replied him, that simple only.

“Anyway, whatever goes around comes around. But by doing so, the person had to bear the risks of losing that friendship,” I said.

Suddenly I laughed at myself as I said this, again, to my stupidity, “Ah, maybe there was no such friendship at all at the first place. Perhaps I wasn’t worth much in their lives,” and then frowned for a while.

“But what hasn’t happened yet, I must be wary of. Well, just take it that I paid my debt back to them in this life. I feel better this way,” I continued, as usual, looking always at the bright side of life, and smiled.

We were quiet for quite a while and only sipping sound was heard with a background of a falling rain. What a wonderful moment! Both of us were contemplating with our own minds, as mine was looking at the beautiful memories I had with the rest of true friends that I currently had.

Tried to catch the falling rain :)

Slowly we heard these beautiful lyrics from our neighbor’s balcony door…

Day will break, stars will fall
And there’s always something you forget to say.
Don’t dismay,
True friends never part.

Time will pass, paths will stray
And there’ll always be someone who will break your heart.
There’s no point being cruel,
True friends never part.

We’ll meet again, trust me my friend
There’s no harm in goodbye.
Give me your glass, follow your heart
Wipe that tear from your eye
Time makes amends, don’t be afraid
You’ll not let love pass you by.
Remember this,
True friends never part.

Friday, November 21, 2014

PSLE Results Day!!!

PSLE 2014 - Xin Min Primary School
Today is a BIG day for all Primary 6 students all across Singapore. They were receiving their PSLE (Primary School Leaving Examination) results this morning at their respective school. Parents were allowed to go to the hall to listen the Principle and Vice Principle's speech and to witness the awards delivery for those well-performed students.

I took leave today in order to accompany my son to the school, together with my hubby. We were giving him a moral support and to witness the last day of his school attendance in his Primary School. Six years passed by too fast. I still remembered the day I went there for the very first time to register him for the Primary 1. Now my son has grown up and become a teenager very soon.

Inside the hall, we were provided seats based on the class. Not bad. Many parents, guardian (usually grandparents), some siblings or relatives of the students, came to support the students. This year, we also received good news that every students passed the PSLE results and able to continue their study to the Secondary Level. Tears were coming out from my eyes when the Principal was announcing this news. I was very happy to all of them. Their hard work was paid off.

Once all the announcement was over, students were led back to their class. Last chance to sit together in their class. Parents were waiting outside and peeked how the results were finally distributed to the student.

I saw my son's face not that bright when receiving his results from his teacher haha... When he came out and showed us the results, it wasn't as much as what he expected earlier on, but we were still very happy because there were improvement on Chinese subject and at least, he didn't fail his Math. Wow! :)

He got the average marks only, but he was still happy because there were still few other friends who got lower marks than him. Just too bad that he couldn't go to the Express class and had to enroll for the Normal class, which caused him to study longer by one year.

My colleague was sending me message, asking about my son's results. When I told her about it, she asked me, "Is he taking it well?" I replied, "Of course." She then said, "Good! That's (my son's name)! Always positive and happy go lucky :)" Then I told her, "Yes, it's a much more important quality rather than just having good marks in life :)" She replied, "I agree! Most importantly is the kid is healthy and happy! :)" 

She was indeed true! There were many other students who got much higher marks than my son, but she/he ended up crying because it was not as good as what they'd expected (too high expectation from themselves or from their parents - also from society).

Another funny thing was that some parents whose child got better mark than my son, were hoping that their child to get lower marks. Why? Because even though their children fell under Express class, the marks were not high enough to enroll the good school that located nearby their house. They thought that at least with lower marks than that, their children still could be accepted in that school, but under Normal class. I was shaking my head hearing that.

Anyway, there were many funny things resulting from this exams. I'm glad that it's over. For Singaporeans, PSLE exams were as if the University's exams results. Students were given very high pressure, even at this age.

My hubby and I didn't expect much from him as we didn't want to pressure him so much with the academic results. Therefore, as long as he had tried his best, we were happy enough and with this grades, hopefully he still could be accepted to the school located nearby to our house. That's the only hope that we have. And like what my colleague said, most importantly, the kid is healthy and happy!! Right?? :)

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Happy 10th Anniversary Overcome Life!!! :)

Yayyy!!! Today marks the 10th Anniversary of Overcome Life. Happy Birthday to!!!

Uugghhhh…. I’m so exciting and happy for you!!! :)))

Celebrate with mini Lemon Maringue Tart and tea :)

Thank you Overcome Life for always being with me through ups and downs, happiness and sad, celebrating so many special moments like Birthdays, Anniversaries, participation in many events, a place for book reviews, quotes posting, traveling journals, etc. for these past ten years!

I’ve been logging you in and out from many different countries as to post whatever things that I felt at that point of time.

I’ve been posting thousands of photos and pictures here too, which almost reviews big parts of my life journey together with my families and friends.

Because of you I would be able to know many new friends, which some that until now I have never even met in real life before. But through you I knew them. You connected us with each other - supporting and encouraging us at the moments when we were sick, lifting us up when we were feeling down or in needs of support; wishing and praying for our good health and luck; sharing our activities, places, cultures, experiences in life, and so on.

I felt much better after venting my sadness, disappointment, enraged moments with you, and at the same time I felt very grateful that you gave me strength and talents to immediately turn my feelings and emotions into positive things over what happened in my life.

Sometimes I couldn’t wait to share my happiness too with others :) Sharing of joy, love, happiness, gratitude, contentment, passion, appreciation, believe, hope, and optimism. I felt good to share these positive things with them.

I couldn’t imagine what my life would be without you. Very special thanks to that exists until now. Without your support, my blog would never exist in this online world and I couldn’t share many stories with everyone.

Without you, I'm nothing :)

Above all, thanks to all my readers who have been passionately reading my posts, pressing the G+1 button when you love it, sharing the link around through Google+, Twitter, Facebook, and for leaving your valuable and caring comments into my blog post.

Wish all of you a wonderful day and remember to always live your life to the fullest!!! Take care! :)

Hugs and kisses,

Overcome Life’s blog writer :)

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Run For Hope 2014

The annual Run For Hope is here again! Just like the other years - 2013 and 2012 - we participated and supported this event as the fund will be use for a cancer research.

Run For Hope 2014 - 3.5 km Family Run/ Walk

As usual, my son, my bestie, other friends, and myself joined in this to strengthen out our friendship, bond time with my dear son, and of course, for some great fun! ;) (My colleagues were participating too. But, as there were more than 10,000 people signing up for the event, we only met up briefly at the beginning and ending part of the event hehe..).

There were two run categories: 10 km and 3.5 Family run/ walk. We joined the 3.5 km only and started running at 7.35am this morning. Despite heavy rain last night, this morning we were blessed with a wonderful weather and glimpse of sunshines! Oh, I couldn't stop thanking the above for the perfect weather today! It was cool at times and warm at some other times.

My friends were running in front. I chose to accompany my son and follow him from behind. He walked slowly not bothering people surrounding him who ran here and there. Despite my nagging, he preferred to follow his instinct to just walk slowly and enjoyed it! ;)

His Mom would be the luckiest one as she too didn't have to run but to follow him, take care of him, support, and encourage him to move forward from behind.

As he walked slowly, this Mom came out a naughty idea of taking many photo shoots of his son's background! Haha... And below is a very short clip for their journey of Run For Hope 2014 ;)

After running through the finishing line, we gathered again taking some photo together then having our customary breakfast at McDonald's :D Each of us ordered a set of Big Breakfast meal.

Customary breakfast after Run For Hope ;)

If last year my son would be satisfy with his meal, this year his appetite has grown (perhaps he is in growing time now!). He claimed he wasn't full enough.

So, two hours later, we ended up eating a big plate of Briyani Chicken bought at one of the Indian stalls in Tekka Center's hawker center, which I had to queue for more than half an hour to get it (I was the only Chinese along the very long queue where the rest were mostly Indian).

It was my first time visiting Tekka Center although it had been built there for a very long time. I only knew that the Briyani there was very nice, but didn't know which stall selling it. Therefore, I just browsed around and joined the stalls that had the longest queue. (In Singapore, when you didn't know which food was nice when you visited the hawker center, just find one with the very long queue!)

Delicious Briyani Chicken at Tekka Center

Hmmm.... The Briyani chicken was not only tasting delicious, its portion was big and the price was reasonable too!!! I had to share my meal with my bestie while my son had his share alone. One plate of Briyani chicken costs only S$4.50 plus egg masala at S$0.60 while other place sell it at least S$5.50 per plate.

Oh.. We all were very full after this meal. We even skipped dinner today haha... :D

Overall we had a great time again today and blessed with great weather and accompany! Thank you SB for everything! Thank you, thank you, and thank you!

Hope all of you spend a great weekend too out there! For those who will have exams tomorrow, wish you all the best! Don't hallucinate too much until pen and paper can converse with you! Haha... Just kidding! Anyway, all the best guys! ^^

Thursday, November 13, 2014


After having family dinner at one of the Japanese Restaurant at Orchard Central yesterday night, we visited the newly built Orchard Gateway Mall, which was located just next to it. While browsing the area around, I was surprised to find the newly built library called Library@Orchard, located at Level 3 (The Studio) and Level 4 (The Loft). 

I heard about its opening late last month, but yesterday it was my first time visiting it. I thought that it was located in Takashimaya (the previous place - closed over 7 years ago). Tell you, you must love the place man!!! I was stuck there for an hour before it had to close at 9pm!!!

The design was marvelous! Check the photos below for your viewing pleasure! (Pictures speak a thousand words) and tell me what you feel about it! ;)

Art gallery at Library@Orchard

Cool book shelves with ladder (the Studio area)- Library@Orchard

It was cool, wasn't it? They really made use of the ceiling space to store the books. However, it might not that convenient to climb up and check the book, especially for elderly and those who were afraid of height.

Magazine wall - Library@Orchard

Magazine collections in four languages - Library@Orchard

Oh man! The above magazine walls were amazing! It might look like a display only but you actually could open it by pulling out out and get the magazines inside. You could find magazine collections written in Chinese, English, Malay, and Tamil language!

Audio-visual material to borrow - Library@Orchard

They stored the above materials in such artistic ways! Nice! :)

Approximately over 100,000 titles, fresh and new! - Library@Orchard

View from the staircase - Library@Orchard

Reading space and curvy shelves in modern style with fresh paper smell from the new copies.

People cluster at the Loft - Library@Orchard

There were some cosy and private seats in this floor. However, I couldn't catch some pictures as it was all occupied hehe...

Reading area at the Studio (level 3) - Library@Orchard

The above was the reading area at the Studio (level 3). Good enough to relax your legs and bums there ^^

Wall-mounted computerized monitor to search your books - Library@Orchard

Rather than the usual monitor put on the table, this one was wall-mounted. Too bad it was too low for some people, including me - also no pencil and paper to record down the call number (which shelf to find).

Last but not least - photo of myself at the entrance of the Library@Orchard :)

So, it's awesome, wasn't it? I told my hubby that I wished I would have a very long holiday like those school children (more than a month time holiday) so that I could visit this place everyday, reading different magazines and books, dropping by nearby Café to sip some coffee or hot chocolate and just enjoy the time! Hehehe... I wish! ;)

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Long live Fourth King of Bhutan!!!

60th Birth Anniversary of His Majesty the Fourth Druk Gyalpo logo - designed by Au Kinzang Tshering

The above logo has been chosen for the celebration of 60th birth anniversary of His Majesty the Fourth Druk Gyalpo (Fourth King of Bhutan), which will happen one year later on11th November 2015. However, the celebration is started today! It was designed by Au Kinzang Tshering, a talented Bhutanese artist who also drew my photo wearing Kira (Bhutan traditional dress for woman) many months ago. 

When asked about it, this humble man explained to me, "Although I presented the initial concept, the final version underwent several changes with valuable inputs from higher authorities including Lyonchen himself (Prime Minister Tshering Tobgay). Therefore, you might briefly mention somewhere that it's a modest contribution to this big event from your friend."

The logo itself contains many remarkable meanings as per follow:

"The green dragon represents the strong personality 
of His Majesty the Fourth Druk Gyalpo, who throughout His golden rule has spearheaded environmental conservation in the Kingdom that brought him international fame and recognition, according to a cabinet press release.

The green colour represents His Majesty’s selfless service to the nation and the people as an ultimate Commander-in- chief of the armed force in ensuring peace and security in the country.

The four national flag coloured jewels clasped in the claws of dragon represents Four Pillars of Gross National Happiness that have been instrumental in guiding Bhutan’s socio-economic development under wise and farsighted leadership of the Fourth King.

This also represents His Majesty as the propounder and the custodian of the GNH.

The golden khorlo is to show that while pursuing country’s development processes, His Majesty also ensured that Buddhism as state religion was never left behind.

The Dragon and Khorlo together resembles like a figure 60 (both in Dzongkha and English) depicting His Majesty’s 60th Birth Anniversary." - quoted from reliable source.

From there we can feel the greatness of His Majesty Druk Gyalpo, which is why every Bhutanese is very proud of their King and paying a very high respect for his unconditional love to the country and its people. 

The pictures below are another proof on how much Bhutanese people love and respect their Fourth King. 

Many happy returns and long live to Fourth King of Bhutan 

It was gathered from my Bhutanese friends' profile and cover photos in Facebook. They posted it as a tribute, gesture, deep respect, gratitude, and love towards their Fourth King. 

It's amazing, isn't it? Not many leaders in the world receive this kind of respect and treatment from its citizens. 

On this happy and auspicious day, I'd love to wish the Fourth Druk Gyalpo, Happy 59th Birthday! May you are blessed with good health, love, luck, joy and happiness always, and contribute more happiness toward your beloved citizens! 

Have a wonderful day to all Bhutanese around the world! Take care and be happy always!

Warm wishes 

From Singapore with love, 
Overcome Life :)

Thursday, November 06, 2014

Autumn in Singapore

Autumn in Clarke Quay, Singapore

This place, this bridge,
will be overflown by people

In the morning,
A mother walks slowly holding one of her child's hands
(after having a happy meal breakfast at the nearby fast food restaurants)
with her child's another hand holding the colorful free baloon, tighten with transparent string flying above the sky
The father push the baby's pram with both hands and conversing using the baby language with his chatty baby
Four of them walk together full of smiles upon their faces and enjoy the view of the red maple leaves that are dangling on the trees

Late afternoon after lunching at the nearby Japanese restaurant,
A loving couple hold their hands with one head resting on another's shoulder
Strolling at the side of the river romancing their love feelings
The woolen scarfs linger over their necks
and the handsome autumn jackets
keep themselves from the chill wind

The ring sound of the ice cream seller
jingles the already noisy environment
And although it's cold, 
it won't deter the crowds from buying it
Rainbow ice cream, durian, mint, cempedak ice potong, and many other flavors, 
will remind them of theit childhood memories

When the evening comes,
buskers started occupying the empty space
along the bridge... 
along the river...

From afar
You can hear stream of guitars sound
followed by a melodious song,
beautifies the already beautiful day...

Some people are running, cycling, pushing their scooter with complete gears
from one point to another
But many start from one place and end up finishing at the same place again after making a long way U-turn
Despite chill weather, these are activities that they love doing it as part of their healthy lifestyle

As the wind blows harder, 
the leaves are falling,
little by little
Slowly, the floor is flooded with dried and withered leaves
Leaving crispy crack sound when you step on it

Red maple leaves beautifies the autumn season

Later at night, 
laughter heard loudly
from groups of people who are sitting above the walls along the bridge
With liquor, wine, and beer bottles surrounding them
They sit there all night chit chatting, singing and dancing
All happy and smile :)

Ah, how I wish Autumn is here...
instead of the hazy grey cloud and burning forest smell that coming from the neighborhood countries

Then I'll soak the autumn air myself by sitting along the river with book at one hand and hot cup of coffee at another hand

Daydreaming feels great! ^^

It's time for me to wake up now! 
I know weekend is coming very soon
but fantasizing the autumn here is a much greater feeling than to do my work after a heavy lunch
Hope you enjoy your weekend everyone and have a great one! :)

Sunday, November 02, 2014

Hector and the Search for Happiness

Hector and the Search For Happiness

"The basic mistake people make is to think that happiness is the goal"

I saw this book on the bookshop’s shelf since few weeks ago. By reading the title, I was wondering what kind of story the author would write about. There were many books about happiness that I’d read. One of my favorites was The World Book of Happiness written by Leo Bormans. Read about its review here and here.  

By luck, I found the book available at the library yesterday! Yayy!!! I started reading it last night at 9pm. I thought I would read it for a while as I was not sure if the book was interesting or not. However, to my surprise, once I read the fourth chapter, I started liking it and hoped to finish reading it by that night, which I did!!! - I read in in three-hour time – including jotting down valuable lesson’s time into my journal book ;)

You can read the outline of the story here. They even made a movie. I would not repeat about the outline of the story, but what I wanted to convey here was actually I enjoyed reading this book very much!

First, it was written in such simple English, which everyone with Basic English knowledge would be able to read and understand it. Second, it was written based on the experience, which was translated into a very logical thinking to understand happiness. Third, there was some kind of comedy behind that could make you smile when reading it. And most importantly, there were many lessons learnt about happiness that Hector found out from his journey, which would be useful to all of us!!!

If you asked me what kind of book that I loved reading? This book would be one of them! A practical guide and story, and there would be place for us to contemplate as well, to see how far we were with the situations, with happiness itself! You could recollect back the memories and happening from your past lives, and looked back on what kind of attitude that you chose to do in order to overcome the unhappiness in your life.

Oh my!!! I would recommend all of you to read this. Perhaps not everyone would think like me or useful as what I think it’s useful for me. But seriously, it’s one of the books that you should read under your MUST-READ list this year :)

Let the curiosity kills the cat and let you find out more by yourself. I can’t wait to read his other book: Hector and the Secrets of Love and Hector and the Search for Lost Time. Hope it will be as interesting as this one!! ^^
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