Saturday, January 23, 2010

Another week has passed by. Here I am, sitting on a wooden bench, enjoying a cuppa of Singapore's coffee, waiting for my son who is inside the class now. I enjoy this time being alone, sipping coffee with wind blows slowly, under a roof, don't feel any heat at all. After this I'm going to continue doing my thing.. Seems like I can use it this year. Heard that my father is interested to go to the place I wanted to go this Aug or Sep. Great time where the weather is great and seems that I can take longer leave at that period. Can't wait for the time to come. I hope I really get a chance to be there.. It really requires lots of yuan fen... Pray for me, ok? ;)
Enjoy your weekend!

Friday, January 22, 2010


Just now I spoke to a quite new colleague who has resigned and her last day will be on next Monday. She is from China and usually when we passed by, we didn't talk much, and mostly smiling. Since I thought her last day is today, so I asked her when we passed by just now after having my lunch.

I asked her the reason why she quit and applied this job at the same time. She told me that she is going to continue her PHD study in Singapore and she works here to gain more experience. She got her Master degree from school in Australia.

Before we separated, we shook hands and she told me thank you for always smiling to her. It built her confidence. She even put her fingers on side of her cheeks for smile sign.

Hehehe.. Never did I realise that my smile is that powerful huahahahahaha... Well... Continue smiling then??

Today is my mom's birthday. She is 59 yrs old this year. Time flies.. Sometimes I wonder what she was doing when I wasn't around. Seems like my time staying fully with her is less than 20 years. Kinda missing in space and time.

She has done her job well raising five of us, even taking care her grandchildren. She always there for us at the time we got married, giving birth, and in sickness. She has always been a wonderful mom for us. Wish you a Happy Birthday Mom! Wish you have a good health all the way so that you can have lots of time to see your grandchildren growing up.

Have a great weekend everyone!!!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

It's Thursday. 1.5 days to another weekend. Kinda moody now. Just don't understand how people think.I'm not the kind who like to take advantage of people, so don't worry of being taken advantage.
Somehow I find that they were the one who being selfish. When they're in needed, they would come to me. If not, just forget it. Don't worry, I hate those people who likes to take advantage on me. So better think twice before you act.

Another moody feeling of not having a chance to get together. It's the feeling of... I'm super freedom woman. Better let go those feeling of always wanted to be together, just fly with my own wings wherever I go. I'll remember this and will never ask that question anymore, 'cos at the end, the answer will always be the same. Welcome aboard the singly woman flyer!!!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Feeling much better after sharing my thoughts w my hubby last night. It's true what Buddha said. When you were bornt, it's where you suffering started. We all encounter that.
I was actually wondered yesterday, about 'am I passing my stages of life too fast?' Like what I told him last night, some of my friends, same age as mine, or even older, is now still at the phase of having boy/girl friend relationship. They haven't been through a phase of getting married, getting pregnant, having children, etc. Seems like they're having many things to plan on and more excitement to come.
Unlike myself, who has gotten married, having a child, on a step of stable career... I was kind of wondering.. What is next??? What excitement is going to come? How should I do in life to make myself going into greater excitement? I was thinking of holidaying to places I want to go, but sonetimes or somehow, that's just temporary.. Not a right time yet? Or no companionship yet.
So I look deeper within my situation. With Reever around, at least I still have a goal of seeing my son growing up. Wanna see a stage where he reaches teenager's time, bring back girlfriend, get married, or I may become grandmother. Kekekekeke...
But one thing I belief.. That this life is somehow predestined by our nature. That this life has a relation with our past karma. And will relate to our future karma too.
I should have been lucky to get this life so far, and I may plan something to do to make it better. Maybe again, that's fate? Let's see!!!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Recently I feel that I don't have enough resources to talk with. Sometimes when I bored, I can't find anyone to talk to, about what I feel. Some friends were busy or some just can't talk about anything.hehehe.. I'm sure that I'm not the only person who has such a feeling.
Yesterday after work, I finally bought things that I wanted to buy. I started to do it right after that. Only after 1.5 hrs, I could deel that my fingers were tired. Hahaha...
I started to have this thinking to do since 2 days ago when I saw someone photo in fb. What he did remains me of what I did in the past. But this time, I'm going to do it for myself, and nobody else. Let me enjoy my hardship ;P
Only after I successfully make one, then I'll start make for the others. I enjoy the process very much. At least now I know what to do while waiting for my son on weekend :)

Monday, January 11, 2010

Nostalgila masa lalu - Nostalgia from the past

I woke up early this morning as I don't have to go to work ( I take Off-In-Lieu replacing last Sunday closing). I brought Reever to nearby coffee shop to have breakfast then fetched him to school. After that, nothing to do at home, just browsed around the youtube. Listening to Katon's songs, then continued with other popular songs in 1980s. It really brought me back to 20 years back where songs were the only entertainment for us. Love songs dominates the market that time.

The video below is one of them. This song's name is Kaulah Segalanya (You're my everything), sung by Ruth Sahanaya. She has a great voice and a good singer.

Last Saturday, like usual, we brought Reever to Chinese class in the morning, then to Kwang Meng Shan Temple, starting his Saturday School. After that we had a walk at AMK for a while, then went back home at 6pm. His father brought him playing bicycle at the park and he was hurt after his bicycle was hit by another bicycle. He came back home crying after being scolded by his pa.. Poor boy...

And yesterday, we had Roti Prata for breakfast. His dad fetched him to Kumon. I fetched him back from Kumon and we continued our journey to his friend's house who held a birthday party. It's his first time attending the classmate's birthday. Me too. Hiaeiaheihae..... Not bad. There were some classmated attending the party too. I had a chance to talk with the birthday's girl's mom. There were lots of finger food, such as: small sausage, chicken nuggets, fries, homemade sushi rolls, pineapple, homemade spring roll, konnyaku jelly, etc.

Boys were playing with PS2 console and Nintendo Wii, while girls were playing other thing. I played Scrabble with the birthday's girl's mom, Reever, and Reever's friend, just for fun of course... hahahahha....

At 3pm plus, we sang birthday songs for her and she blew the candles. It was a princess cake, pink colour. They took pictures then ate the cake.

We went home at 4pm. At about 5.30pm, we went swimming. Just exercise for a while. After that we had our dinner at nearby house's coffee shop. Kekekeke... makan, makan, and makan again... After that, Reever played his bike for a while, then went back home.

Later we're going to play badminton at 2pm. Just playing for fun! Well.. write till here.. Hope you enjoy your day everyone!!! Cheers!!!

Monday, January 04, 2010

Primary 2 - First day of school

Today everybody goes back to school and work again. Holiday has over. This year, Reever has to go for morning class and must be there by 7.15am. It reminds me of my last schooling time. I also had to wake up early everyday.

As today is his first day, I woke up early and get ready to fetch him to school, to give him a full support for a new beginning. My hubby and mother-in-law also went to fetch him. Hehehe... What a lucky boy! I went to school myself last time on every first day of my school, as I could remember,

The weather wasn't co-operate well this morning. It was raining and it was even raining harder when we almost reached his school. However I could still see him smiling (with one tooth missing), and he was so exciting to show his missing tooth to his classmates, hahahaha....

Another thing he is exciting about was.. To buy food in canteen. He kept mentioning that since we were at home. Kekekeke....

Since it was still early, my hubby accompanied me drinking kopi at nearby coffee shop and had breakfast before I went to work. Thanks laogong!

It was still raining when I reached office. Cool weather. Great! Hope it won't bring sickness to all of us. Well, a new year, another round of new beginning for all of us! Hope everything goes on smoothly and well! Have a great day everyone!!!

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Happy New Year!!!

It's 2nd Jan already! We passed the old and new just the two of us, my hubby and I. We went to our house's coffee shop and had our supper there. Ray ordered mee goreng, I ordered San Lao Hor Fun, plus a bottle of Carlsberg for both of us. We just ate and chat and let the time passing by. It's midnite and the coffee shop was not so crowded. We ate fully and went back home. I slept right after that.. comfortably.. until 11am. Hehehehhee..... Got out of the bed at 11.30am, then received a phone call from Soso, asking if Reever wanna join the children for Alvin & Chipmunk 2 at 12.30pm. We took a bath hurrily and prepared ourselves. We took a cab there and brought Reever's bicycle there. The kids watched movie themselves. We put our thing at Koko house, then not long after that, Ray and I went out for lunch at S-11. I had Saba fish & beef Korean BBQ with rice, while Ray ordered kway chap plus the luo mi fan that is stuffed in the pork's intestines. Not bad. We ate until very full.. Indeed a very filling brunch! Talking about S-11, the chu chao has closed down, and so does the Vegetarian shop. The business is not that good, plus the tenant increases the rent. Even the kway chap shop has changed owner too.

Ray and I went to Bugis. We went to Kwan Im Temple and pray. After that we walked to Illuma then crossed over the bridge to Bugis Junction. Stopped by at McDonald, had a sip of Coke and snacked curly fries, plus bought 3 Doraemon - Chinese astrology series at $2 each. ^^

We went back to Bishan at about 6pm. Reever and Aryn were playing bicycles near playground. Reever is able to ride a bicycle now. He can turn around as well.. Well done Reever!!!

We went back to Koko's house. Reever and Aryn played wii, Ray played PSP, and I changed my almost all account's password. It's just a precaution, since I had exchanged my BB one to one and I'm not sure if M1 staff has reformatted my data inside or not. I've lost my contact data presumably, so.. I need some time to put all the data back to the phone this last few days.

They were playing Í Spy'game at wii, quite interesting. We had dinner at 8pm, Kim San Leng's chicken rice plus some oyster and carrot cake. Ray and I went to Popular for a while to buy Reever's exercise book, then went back home at 10pm.

This morning, I fetched Reever to Sengkang CC again for his Chinese class. After that we headed to Orchard Hotel. My ex-boss has her one month baby's celebration at one of the seminar room there. I came quite early and waited for a while until the rest of the friends coming. Abby looks great, has lost some weight, is a very proud mama. She smiles continuosly. The baby name is Marcus Cheong. He is a strong baby boy. I can see by his look. A very lucky baby, indeed. Hope that he can grow up healthily and strong, as much as his mum.

The buffet food was good. There were abalone, sashimi, sushi, hi piau soup, dim sum (siu mai, lo mai kai, char siew pao), pork leg bee hoon - taste great, chicken wine, sea cucumber w/ mushroom, pork leg vinegar - taste good too, kueh pie tie, mee siam, assorted fruits, cakes, etc. While I was taking my food - second round, Reever came over to me and said that his tooth was moving. It was bleeding too. But not yet came off from his mouth. He was scared as this is his first time experiencing the moving tooth. I have to make him calm down, and slowly finished my food. We left the place early.

We faster took a bus and MRT home. I went to see if the dentist near MRT station is still opened. It was! So I booked Reever's name there. The receptionist asked us to come back in an hour, but only after half an hour, she called us to go there. So there we were.

Reever and I went into the dentist room. He was sitted into the dentist chair. He was very afraid. He was crying and moving uncontrollable. Until the doctor has to stop and let him calm down for a while. I tried to talk to him not to be afraid as this is a very fast process and won't hurt so much. He was just resisting into it. I asked him to talk with Aryn on the phone too, but he was still afraid. Then the doctor came in again. This time, I have to sit below him. Then the doctor, with her helper, me, and the receptionist tried hard to hold his hands, body, and open his mouth forcefully. Hahaha... And finally the dentist managed to take out his tooth.

Only then Reever admit that it wasn't so painful, but it's just because his first time experiencing the tooth extraction himself, that's why he was scared so much. We went home after that. He showed his teeth proudly to his daddy, ama, and xiao ku. I took a pic of his tooth, before we asked him to stand straightly facing outside and throw the tooth out so that his tooth will grow up straightly in the future. Hahaha.. what a tiring day!

Photo 1 : Reever's tooth

Photo 2: Reever with his missing tooth :D

Tomorrow I have to go to work and do the closing myself. So... can't be too tired tonight. Well.. happy new year once again everyone. Hope everything goes smoothly and fine. Bye...
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