Saturday, February 26, 2005

Buzzy week again!!!

Wah, life has been very tiring nowadays.. hasn't it? hahaha...

My mom came here 2 days ago at midnight because of the delay of the plane. Yesterday I have slept enough the whole nite from 8pm to 7am. Busy huh?? ^^

And tonight I guess my mom will come to my house to visit us. This afternoon I have to tidy up and clean my room and toilet. Quite dirty already.

Then tomorrow my hubby's sister will get married. Teng teng teng teng..... teng teng teng teng...

Hope everything will go smoothly. Tomorrow we will have wedding dinner and fun!!! ;P

Life.. o life.. o life.. dudududu...
life.. o life.. o lifeeee... o lifeee....

Tuesday, February 22, 2005


Finally.. the result came out yesterday. My hard work has been paid. I passed the two exams I took 2 months ago. Well.. I heard it was easier in the beginning, but after these 2 first papers, it will be a nightmare, that's why I don't feel really excited about the rest of the papers. Additionally, I am now working and don't have much time for studying. So, we'll see ba!

Anyway, you can ignore my previous blog.. I kinda confused to myself whether to think about today?? or tomorrow too??

But i guess I will keep looking out for the future. The future is still faraway out there and if everybody only think about today, what will be the world today??? Am I right??

My mum will come this week to attend my sis in law's wedding. I asked my father to come too, but he couldn't and that's why my mum is coming to represent both of them.

Time flies man. My sis-in-law had only one and half month preparation for their wedding, because her husband's grandma just passed away almost 2 months ago and they had to hold the wedding either within 100 days or 3 years after the mourning. So, here they are and the wedding will be held this coming Sunday! See?? How time flies...

I write till here. Lots of confusion in my mind. But I guess I know what I'm doing. Ciao!

Sunday, February 20, 2005

Life is fragile

911, Tsunami, Bali bombing, and many other occasions... Our lives are getting fragile from year to year. I've just been thinking on how should I continue my life..

What you have today, may be gone tomorrow..

That's why some of us may think to just live for today and what the hell of tomorrow. Who cares?? If I'm gone, so let me go. But they never think of the other people who love and care them very much. 

They continue smoking, drinking, etc., thinking that anyway once I'm gone, I would leave all my troubles too. You see, so many people take care of their health. They were dieting and doing lots of sports but at the end they still died because of accident, bombing, or even got sick then die.

If you are one of them who think like that the you'd better do some reflection! Otherwise I'll be the one who think the same way too.

Why should I maintain this marriage? What's the meaning of being married? Find someone u love? Having children? Then what? Anyway, if your partner doesn't care about what you feel, why should you care so much about them??? Why should you love your partner too much where at the end you cried like hell when he's gone, while he didn't even care on what you feel?? 

So, how if I say, what's the meaning of marriage anymore if you think like that?? Then, why don't I find someone else who could understand me, love me, care about me and I don't need to bother about how you feel too?? Anyway, when you re gone, at least there is someone who accompany me still hehehe... What a selfish thinking!!! :P

Well, whose faults? If you didn't think like that at the first place, should I think more about what I felt???

Life is really fragile.. but at the end.. seems like "What is tomorrow like??", "How long more should we live?" We'll never know. "How we die??", "Where will we die?" It 's all a secret from above. When we're gone.. then we're gone..

The morale of the story is..

Why should you study hard, if tomorrow is uncertain. You may just die a day before your graduation day and at the end all your effort would go to the drain hahaha.. :P

Why should you work so hard, if tomorrow is uncertain. You may just get stroke and can't move any single part of your body. You might have a lot of money but you can't even enjoy it.

Why should you maintain your marriage, be loyal to your spouse, where at the end your spouse just left you like that and leave you alone. Oops.. with your children too??

Why should you diet and exercise so hard, if tomorrow is uncertain. The plane that you take may just be exploded by terrorists tomorrow. Your resistant towards chocolates, cakes, steak, were useless hahaha....

Then??? Why should we do???

Live for today! For the one you love. Tell them that you love them very much and be lucky of having known them in this world. If I can't love you tomorrow, I will love you today no matter what happens.

Be grateful with what you have. There are many people out there who live with so much suffering. Don't have food to eat, cloth to wear, shelter to live.

Do things to help others and live your life to the fullest each and everyday!!!

Saturday, February 19, 2005



This Tuesday my friend from Taiwan came here on business trip. She was staying with her boss in one of the most beautiful hotels in the country. We managed to meet up together with other school friends on Wednesday and we had dinner and drink together in one of the pubs in Esplanade. It was nice. We had finger foods, drank cold beer, and chit chatted at the same time. The night was wrapped out by having lo hei at my home... huehehe.. Thanks for joining guys!!!

Supposed to meet them again on Thursday, but I couldn't. So sorry... Yesterday she went back already. Wah, yesterday so many people were flying out. Ching went to Aussie. My friend, S, went back to London.. *really envy them as I wanna go there too but it was too expensive hahaha.. My cousin, Pao, went back to Aussie too for study. Hm....

Just having my late brunch and now waiting for my hubby. We will have sushi for dinner later. Hope my wish come true hahahaha... :P

Have a great weekend all of you!!!

Monday, February 14, 2005

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Valentine's roses
Today is Valentine's Day!!! 

But everyday is valentine's day for me n my hubby :) But funny.. Just now I received a bucket of roses, which I thought my hubby sent it secretly. But he told me that it wasn't him who sent it Huaaa??? Then who? There is no name inside the card. And now I'm just wondering who was the person who sent it to me?

I think my husband was a little bit furious knowing that there was someone who sent me this bucket of flowers. But at least, this could let him know that although I've been married, there was still someone out there who was interesting in me :P huahahaha.. Just kidding honey.. 

In case you read it, I really don't know who sent it. So please, don't mad at me, ok? He asked me, which friends knowing my address and phone no??? Hm... lots of my friends know it. Hey Ching, you know my address right? My phone number too right? Who knows it was a girl who sent it to me??? But still don't know who.

Anyway, I still have to thank the sender. But at the same time, I scared my husband keep pestering me leh.., asking me who was the secret admirer :D

The flowers are very nice and beautiful. Hm.. when was the last time I got roses?? Let me think...

Back in my school last time, where every Valentine's day there would be classmates or whoever bought those roses and the roses will be distributed inside the class. During 3.5 years in school, I think I received the most flowers when I was at the last year there. 

On first year if I didn't remember wrongly, I received one, which was given by my best friend because he pitied me that nobody bought me one huahahahahaha... 

On second year,  I think I received nothing. I couldn't really remember. 

Then on my last year there, my best friend F helped my ex to buy roses for me, which was quite a surprise because he had left a hand made card in my pigeon hole. Anyway, it was a history.

And now I want to enjoy the flowers.... huehehehehehehehe.. Thanks to whoever the sender and Happy Valentine's Day all!!!

P.S: Eventually, I knew who the sender was. Thank you for the flowers! I appreciate it very much!!!

Sunday, February 13, 2005

Cycling at nite

Yesterday night after dinner my hubby fetched my bro n his families back to his house and I rode bicycle from our home to their house, alone.. huehehehehehe....

Well.. I didn't know how to use the gear so I anyhow turned the gear here and there. As a result, just after 1 km cycling, the chain had loosen to the other side haha.. Luckily I managed putting it back to the right place and continued cycling.

I listened to my hp radio while cycling to reduce fear of being alone. Not bad. The road here was considered very good because they always have this continuous path for cycle rider (and pedestrian too..).

At night time it was windy and had less car and less people. I only scared if someone had intention to steal the bicycle, or hand phone, or even having other bad intention (*touch wood...) The rest was fun, especially when the road was going down hehehe...

It was so fun until the pedal on the right side had broken and I had to stop because of that. Huaa... It almost reached my brother's house you know... So, I had to call my husband to fetch me back home huahahaa...

It was my first experience to ride this far. Hm.. I was sure there would be a second, third, etc. Hehe..

This morning I supposed to wake up at 5.30 am and ride it again but I was so lazy leh, hahaha... I felt better when I slept. Lolx! I continued sleeping until 10 am and had my breakfast.. hauhahahahha... Walao lehhh...

Friday, February 11, 2005


We went to my hubby's buddy's house tonite.. Not too far away from our house, but not too near as well.. My hubby drove there.. we visited his friend, as well his friend's sister and mother. The house got an aquarium with salted water.. The fishes are very nice, especially the coral.. very lively and colorful. My husband has dreamt of having this type of aquarium since long time ago.. but i dont think he could manage it and it costs very expensive to maintain it. His aquarium is not bad too.. A pair of lobster had given birth to lots of other lobsters which have grown up now. He has transferred some other fishes to the same tank too.. so that he could get rid of another fist tank..hehehe... Btw, my sis in law is getting married soon this end of month, so she will occupy the room and we need some space to put this computer.. That's why my hubby wanna move out one of the tanks from the living room. When talking about aquarium and fish, my hubby could chat for longgg hour with his buddy's mum.. hihihi.. same hobby.. Then we went out for eating.. I ate prata.. very nice.. crispy and not too oily.. On the way back, I decided to ride bicycle myself while my hubby was driving back home with my son.. Waaa... it's been sooo long that i hadn't riden any bicycle.. I guess... since I left China??? 7 years ago... wow... huehehe.. So, my hubby was worrying that I 'd ride it alone at nite.. But I assured him that everything is alrite.. and I made it!! It really nice.. well.. worry a bit cos I must adapt with the bicycle.. and the road.. but it's ok.. So.. I decided to ride it again anytime soon.. maybe once a week on Sunday morning?? (If I could get up.. heuehehhe...).
Hao le... write till here... ciao

Tuesday, February 08, 2005


So fulllllllll.......
Just now taking 2nd round of steamboat... huehehhehe.. tomorrow im going to gain 2 kg??? or more?? hahahhaa... duno lehh.. i just know that i ate a lot...
My brother and his families.. my sis.. my cousin all came here and ate together in my place. I like this type of atmosphere where we all could get together.. chatting.. drinking.. (just small amount of vodka.. heuehehhee...) They went back already... Then i continued the second round with my hubby and his sis.. huahahhahahahahahhahaha.....
Now im sleepy... wanna sleep.. but i dont think i could sleep early tonite...
Btw, i like to listen the midi song in this blog leh... huehehe..*now listening.. very relaxing.. even when i worked, i always open this site just to listen to its song.. heuehhehehe...
I think i a bit blurred now.. now drunk.. but sleepyy.. tired.. huehehehe.. see?? im laughing more now.. hauhahahahahhahahahhahaa........
ok lah.. write till here

Gong Xi Fat Cai!!!
I love you all... muachhhh....

Happy Chinese New Year!!!

Gong Xi Fa Cai! Xin Nian Kuai Le!
Shen Ti Jian Kang! Wan Shi Ru Yi!
Hong Bao Na Lai... hehehe.. =D

Time flies veryyyy fast! Tomorrow is Chinese New Year! Everyone celebrates it here.. especially in this country. Shops are closing tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.. People are busy shopping, prepare for their reunion dinner tonite.. Tomorrow people will gather in one house, normally to the elderly's house to bai nian, that's what we call it.
After work, I went to pray in Kwan Im Temple with my hubby. Then went back home. First, i thought of taking a nap, cos i dont have enough sleep.. but then.. seeing my room so dirty.. after few weeks never been cleaned, so just now i decided to clean it.. hahaha.. so lazy.. So tired lehhh... From 2pm til now.. finally finish..
This evening I invited my brother's and his family members.. my sis and my cousin to our place to have reunion dinner here.. together with my husband's families.. We are going to have steamboat here.. Wahhh.. can't wait!!! Then my uncle is going to cook shark fin soup.. hm......
Btw, today i only worked half day, then all staff had special lunch in cafetaria. We all got 2 oranges and red packet from our GM, then lunch together.. having a lo he (in Cantonese), mixed of vegetable, fish, crackers, oil, spices, etc. Quite fun!!!
So.. tonite I'm planning to makan.. and drink =))))))
So many wang jiu will be here.. hahahhahahahhahaha..........

OK lah.. Zhu ni xin nian kuai le everybody!!!

Saturday, February 05, 2005


Just now, i tried to change d skin of this blog.. i found a nice one, but unfortunately, with the new skin, i couldn't find a way in how to get my archive back, and how to make a difference who is posting this blog, me?? or Ching?? So, i decided to get back to normal...
It's sometimes nice too to have a simple blog, otherwise if I wanna make my own website, then i may choose the one with other skin.. but at least, i could find a nice song for this one... *so happy ^^
Hei Ching, long time no see you online.. where have you been??? I met Andrew and his wife today and he mentioned that Shelly is cumin here again.. How about you?? hehehe.. maybe you transit here for a nite or two before flying to ur new country???
When will you depart?? Don't tell me now u re there??? ;P
I miss our old times... Hey, i have stock of Malibu, Vodka, Smirnoff etc here in my cupboard... Wait for you to open.. hahahhaa....
Oklah... guys, enjoy this simplicity.. and remember, always be urself!!!

Friday, February 04, 2005


Yesterday was an exhausting day for me, my husband, and my friend. 2 days ago, my husband and I fetched my friend in the airport at midnight. The flight supposed to arrive at 11.30 pm, and I did not know what flight he took.. I only knew that he transited in Japan before coming here. And guess what? There were 3 flights from Japan which arrived ranging from 11.30 pm to 00.15 am. Hah!!! My husband had not met him before, so he couldn't recognize him if i left him alone. So, we waited, waited, and waited... still no shadow of him. Until the last flight came and.. we finally managed to meet him!!! And guess what, again? He only bring a small sling back and one normal backpack with him.. for a trip to 2 days in here and the rest of 2 weeks in Thailand!!!
What a real adventurer!!! Hahahaha... He said the flight was delayed for almost half an hour.. that's why he arrived very late.
We brought him to stay in my brother's place at 1 am. Having a chit chat for a while before reaching home at 2 am. Wow.. I had to wake up at 7 am.. so.. only 5 and half hour sleep before going to work.
Yesterday, my friend (he) and I had a lunch together in Chinatown. I brought him tasting the local food. I almost forgot that he didn't eat meat.. huehehe.. but we still managed to buy sumptuous, cheap, and full meal. After work, I managed to buy some souvenirs from him to be brought home and we had dinner together with my husband too in Newton Circus. He treated us this time. Having a couple sip of beer with sting ray, bbq chicken, fried vegetable, and rojak...
We had a walk too to Esplanade and river side. Again, relaxing and having a couple glasses of beer.. (this time was not Tiger.. went to the wrong pub...). Very tired... my friend was really exhaused too.. He walked for a whole day around Singapore.. Orchard, Chinatown, Sentosa island, and now here.. hahahaha... We dropped at our home first to let him meeting my son while my husband took a bath to refresh himself then sent him back to my bro's place. I slept after having a bath.. very very very and very tired...
This morning it was fine. Perhaps it was because of the macademian caramel chocolate that I took during break time. Otherwise.. I 'd slept in my desk.. hahaha...
And now, i have enough time to online before taking a nap again.. huehehee...
Time flies very fast.. OH ya.. we managed to have lunch together again this afternoon.. before leaving this country to another one. It has been 3.5 years that I met him for a last time. We chat a lot about anything.. He is really a great adventurer.. like to travel around.. for weeks, even months.. what a free life.. i hope i could be the one too.. *i wish.. hahhahaha
I guess i write till here.. have a great weekend for all of u!! Ciao

Tuesday, February 01, 2005


This week will be a tiring week for me. Yesterday after work, my lovely husband accompanied me watching movie in a quite far place, 'cos the movie that we wanna watch only be shown there. So, I really thank him for his sacrifice of not playing his ps2 yesterday nite =) Today, i will have class after work. Again, till 10 pm. Hiks.. i wonder whether i could still survive in my classes.. hiks...
Tomorrow nite, my old friend from Switzerland will come here for few days. He will arrive at 11.30 PM!!! So, i guess i would have a nap first after work before fetching him from the airport to my brother's home. Then, the rest of my week will be spent on him after work.. He was my colleague during my kitchen trainee and we still kept in touch although he has moved to Hawaii, and now he finally managed to come over and visit me here.. It would be a nice reunion tomorrow.. i guess.. hehehe.. but i don't have enough sleep leh.. huaa....
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