Thursday, January 27, 2011

Just finished my class and now on the way back home. So funny! After work, I have 3 other friends who also went to the same school, same building, same timing, but we didn't meet each other there. Each of us went to different course and different class.

I almost forgot that I had a class today. Lucky I checked the schedule and still not far from home so that I could still go back and get my book, otherwise I would have missed this memorable lesson. :P

Teacher gave us lots of homework but I don't think I will have time to do it since the next class will be this Saturday. My time is packed with working tomorrow and Saturday morning. Hope I would have enough time to do it another time.

As I walked back home, I forgot that I've left something below my table. A thigh of roasted duck. Haiya.... Would be waste if I don't eat it tonight. We had 1 duck and my friends had given me a part of it. I ate a bit this evening, then I hid it below my table as someone came into my office. Then... I forgot to take it back liao.. Hahaha... Not my luck!!

Anyway... Reaching home soon. Wanna watch American Idol. But I think I won't watch it. I need enough rest so that I can do my work properly tomorrow. Another stock-take day. Hope everything will go on smoothly and have a smooth closing.

Counting down.. 2 more days to go.. My parents are coming. 3 more days to go.. My sis and her families are coming... Yihaaaa!!!!!!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

One more week to CNY!!! Have you all been exciting and ready for it???? Yeahhhh!!!!! :)

Have bought all the necessities. Prepared the necessaries. Now preparing myself for the busy month-end period. At the same time, eager to wait for the arrival of my parents, sister and her families from HK!

We talked about it early this month and now, in few days time, they are going to come here.

So many people do not feel well and I hope all of us can maintain a good health for this upcoming festival. Have planned some dinner and lunch gathering, also to go to USS with whole families. Wow! Never seen my father goes to amusement park before! Heheehehe.... It's gonna be the first time, and not the last one hopefully! We are all young at heart. Hahahahaha.... :D

Have booked steamboat for next Sunday (6 Feb) at Hougang and hopefully we can have a relaxing and enjoyable dinner before they going back the next day. Hehehehehee....

Can't wait to meet my sis and her families. Children must have grown up and I guess her hubby would still look the same hehehehe... Wish him to win more money at MBS!! As what he'd had before in Macao. Hahahahahaha.....

Well... Hope everyone is having a great mood as well. When the family members are not there, friends would be as good accompany as well! Hope everyone is blessed with good health!!!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Shopping day!!!

Today I took off-on-lieu to replace the New Year public holiday. I woke up at 6am and fetched bao bei to his school. I hadn't done this for quite some time. So, although I slept quite late last night (just to watch the first series of American Idol Season 10 - with new judges: Steve Tayloe (singer of my favorite song - I don't wanna miss a thing) and Jennifer Lopez. Both had brought a better ambience in judging the contestants. Keep it up!)

We had a breakfast first, fried beehoon with fish fillet and seaweed chicken for him and fried kway teow with luncheon meat and fried cabbage for me. Both of us shared teh-o. Nice breakfast!!!

I went back home after that. Tried to sleep again but I couldn't, although I was tired. So I just browsed around the youtube listening to some nice songs and posted it to my fb.

At 12.45pm, I went to his school again and fetched him back. We went to coffee shop to have lunch and met my mother-in-law, younger sis-in-law, and the elder sis-in-law's son. Bao bei and I had chicken rice. He likes eating the chicken rice there while I still prefer the chicken rice near Hougang Central. The children played games and exchanged the tickets to some toys then we went back home.

Bao bei preferred to stay at home. So I went out myself. I went to Tampines. When reached there, I visited bank first to exchange money for CNY. Queued for about half an hour before my turn. Once done, I started to browsed around. There are 3 shopping malls there, so I walked from one place to another. This time I was looking for some working clothes. I need to replenish my working attire due to wear and tear.

I found a nice shirt, but not cheap. But since I liked it, I bought one. A bit scared that I couldn't get any clothes due to my preference and size that is hard to satisfy. Hahahaa.....

Then went to Popular book shop. I bought a new wallet for Bao Bei. His wallet is very old and not in a good condition. He needs a replacement. Hopefully he likes the design that I chose.

I went into Esprit shop and bought a skirt and sleaveless shirt. Both were on sale. But the skirt wasn't cheap either. From original price of $99.90, now became $69.90. That's the last piece. So I thought it was meant for me. The size is just nice and it's a bit short. Need to have some diet in order to be able to wear it nicely. Hahahahaa.... ;P

I went to another shop called Cache Cache and again, quite lucky to find a short sleeve shirt and normal shirt for working. I paid less than $50 for these 2 pieces. Waaa... Spent quite a lot money today, but felt happy. I have found what I want. So I plan to have more sleep tomorrow. When I woke up, have breakfast, take a bath, then to manage my whole wardrobe. To get rid of those not in good condition and replace it with new one.

I'm on the way home now inside the bus. Enjoy ur weekend!!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Yesterday before finished working, I was asking my colleague why she was wearing all black from hair to toe. She said she was going to my ex-colleague's home, his father passed away and she was asking me if I interested to join. Since I didn't have anything, I agreed to it immediately. We went out from office at about 7pm. We had dinner while waiting for another colleagues then went together to his house.

My ex-colleague stays in landed property. I was curious as well as I heard before from other colleagues that his house is so... big! True enough. The front part of the house is very big. It can hold a banquet of about 30 tables maybe? They put tables on left and right while middle part is for people to pray and give respect. The coffin was put inside the living room facing outside. He was 76 yrs old. It was unexpected that he would leave this world this fast because at first he was admitted to hospital to fix his pelvis that was caused when he fell down recently. After surgery, it came other problem and when doctor found out, there were stones in his intestines and it affected other organs as the blood that passed through the intestines creating toxic. Within few days he was gone.

Life is really unpredictable and short. When it's time to go, it'll go. So, cherish your life while you're alive. :)

One of the ex-colleagues said that yesterday, it was the biggest, I don't know if I can call it 'funeral', that she'd ever seen in Singapore. There were big banners from quite number of associations where his father was the member or even the leader of the association. There were flower wreaths as well. When she said that, it reminded me 3 years ago when my grandma passed away. The same 'funeral' was conducted for few days before she was buried. THAT was the biggest I've ever seen!!! They set the thing not at home, but at the place where is built especially for that. There were table set up just like 5-star restaurant. They put carpet and air-con inside. The food and drink came and were served non-stop to visitors. The food can start from chicken noodle, rice with meat and veggies, bakpao, can't remember what else, even pop corn, etc. And it's kinda special as the coffin was surrounded with lots of beautiful and imported flowers set by my cousins. My grandma likes a nice smell fragrant when she was alive, so they wants to make sure that even when she's gone, she would be still surrounded by flowers which generates nice smell. The place was decorated in red as well, as they want my grandma to leave this world happily. The flowers wreath came non-stop. There were hundreds of wreaths and it was displayed in the big walls, so... many of it!!! my grandma has 7 children and all of them loves her very much. Grandchildren and great grandchildren were a lot! We all have memory with her when she was still alive. She was one of the luckiest people on earth!

Well... I hope she and my ex-colleague father could be bornt in a better life in their next reincarnation fromm all good deeds they ever did when they were alive. So many people felt their lost, however their memory would still remain in our hearts.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Yeah!!! Today is the date of the above!!! Chinese believe that 1 is a good number. There will be lots of couples getting married today as it's an auspicious day. One of them is my hubby's friend's friend. They were on TV last Sunday being interviewed by Channel 8.
At a glance I recognised the couple on TV, but I thought I saw it wrongly. After the break, they appeared again, and it's really them! Well, wish both of you all the best. Although they might not know, but I know. Hehehehehehee......

Yesterday I cleared one of my OIL. I woke up at 8.30am, and went out for breakfast at 10am. Slowly enjoyed chee chong fun with a cup of Kopi at the coffe shop nearby our house. I had to treasure every moments as next year or next two years we'll move out to other area. Sure I'm gonna miss that place very much!

Then I took MRT and walked to study room of my school. Reached there, needed time to settle down myself. It's been quite some time I had self-study or reading with full concentration. At about 12.30pm, I felt hungry again... Hahahahahhahha..... Maybe the raining weather made me feel hungry faster.. *excuse... Hahahahahhaha....

So I headed down to the food court nearby the school and I had lomie for lunch, with garlic and chilli. Wow... Smelly smelly.. And complete my lunch with a glass of coke with ice. After that I contonued my study.

I finished at 3pm. It's still raining outside. I went to Marks & Spencer looking for bra. I love using and buying their bra. It's affordable to. After buying, I saw and tried the shoes. Wow, it fitted my feet well and it's comfortable! Somemore it's on offer. Without thinking twice, I bought the shoes. Usually it's very hard for me to find the comfortable shoes with nice model and affordable price. Although it's the last pair, the condition was still new and good, so I grabbed it. It's a steal!!

Walking up and down making me hungry again. Hahahahhaa..... It kept raining outside. At 6.30pm, I went to food court below the Concorde hotel and had Thai mango salad and phad thai for myself. Wow!!! Sweet, sour, and spicy food!! Really suitable for the cold weather. Only that I ate and walked alone. Kekekeke... Hubby and friends were working.

Anyway, after dinner, I walked to Daiso and bought tea pot and strainer, 'cos 2 days ago when we had dimsum for dinner, just realised that we didn't have one. I reached home at about 9.30pm. Legs and shoulders were tired. I took a bath, packed my bag, then slept....

Today go to work again! Jia you!!!! Happy working and have a great day!!!

Saturday, January 08, 2011

First time attending Charity Gala Dinner

Yesterday there was another theme day in our canteen. It's New Year theme day and proudly presented by S&M department. There were games as well. Need 3 group of participants. They called dept I work, consisting 1 group leader in charge of drawing and 3 members to guess the pictures. There were just nice 3 colleagues and myself. They asked me to join. Since it's games for fun and supposed won't be difficult, I then happily participated as the one who drew while the other 3 to guess. We selected the list of pictures to be drawn randomly. When I opened the paper, I laughed so loud 'cos there was my favorite cartoon and the rest were quite easy. There were 5 pictures to guess. It's Doraemon, my GM, Singapore flyer, Merlion, and one of the food outlet in our place. Wah, I happily drew and my colleagues were also clever that they could guess what I drew easily and fast. We became the first group to finish. The rest two groups were quite slow.. Haahhahaha.... So happy and coincidence... :)

There is another game, to write down the area where 5 photos were taken within our hotel. I wrote once. Then after finished my lunch, I went around to check where exactly those photos were taken. Quite interesting 'cos one photo was taken on ceiling and we seldom drew our attention to look up to the ceiling although we've been to the places for so many times. Another more difficult one was in front of one of the rented room, where we often pass by the area as well, but didn't really notice on what's really there.

I went back to canteen, and wrote down again my findings. Not sure if I'm qualified to do that 'cos I wrote the answer twice. The DOSM was there and my AFC said it was ok, 'cos there is no terms and conditions for this game. Kekeke... At the same time, AFC asked me to write the answers for her as well. True enough, both of us got the answers right and won small tokens from the games. Hahaha... Quite fun!!!

On Thursday afternoon, my Boss called me and asked if I was free on Friday night. One of suppliers invited her for Charity Gala Dinner. But she was very busy and unable to attend, so she asked me since my job relates to this supplier. Then I asked her to forward the email then told her I would see if I or my colleagues was free on Friday.

In the email, the supplier invited my Boss and 2 of her team members. I asked my colleague if she's free and wanted to attend the event. She said she's free and could go. Then I called him and told him that me and my colleagues would attend the event, but not my Boss, then he said he would deliver the tickets to us on Friday afternoon. The next day he personally handed in the tickets to me. In the letter, he has given donation for 10 seat, each seat was given for every $350 donation. Well, right after work, my colleague and I went there by MRT and bus.

It's my first time attending Charity Gala Dinner. There was Ministry of Health as Guest of Honour attending the event. The special thing for the dinner is that the food served were the food that the Singapore National Culinary Team cooked and presented, and also won during the Culinary World Cup back in year 2010. They won the 1st prize from 26 countries who competed for the Award. That night, Chef Eric Teo, the president of SCA (Singapore Chefs' Association) was there to add the professional touch of the menu. Usually I saw him on TV, also the MOH. I saw them in person that night. Hehehe....

The menu was European 4-course dinner. Started with foie gras, then salmon, beef, and dessert. All tasted great!! I loved the salmon very much, and the beef. Both were very soft and smooth inside your mouth. The combination of the ingredients were mixed very well. I really enjoyed the dinner.

My colleague and I sat together with the supplier who invited us. He also invited other people from other establishment. Not bad, can know more people. Good way of networking.

There were opera singing, violin played, and danced from Singapore Dance School. There were also auction selling of the art donated by the artist from different background. Quite interesting.

We finished the dinner at about 10.30pm. The supplier helped to fetch me until Boon Keng, then I took bus back home. Wahhh... I felt great and lucky, really had 'koufu', able to eat the food that was cooked by the winner. I know the Pastry Chef. But she doesn't know me. Hahahahha.... Her twin sister used to work in my working place, but not anymore. She joined her twin sis in Fairmont.

Well.. great experience and thank you my Boss for letting me attend the dinner. Hehehe.... have a great weekend everyone!!!

Thursday, January 06, 2011

1st class, new beginning...

Hehehe... Finally the day came!!! I just had my first lesson. On the way up inside the lift, I overheard someone said that it's been long time for her to go back to study again, 8 months. Inside my heart I was saying, mine is longer, 2 years. Hehehe.... Dunno why I felt exciting of going back to study again.

I still remembered two years ago after finishing my last taken exam, I told my brother and sis-in-law that it would be my last paper. The whole process was sooo.... tiring... Preparing for 1 exam was like... Dunno how to say. I needed to go library to study alone during weekends. I even stayed at my bro's house when they were still working overseas and slept there for a night, and spent the rest of the day studying.

I remember of giving up this paper's class twice, just because I wasn't ready for it. Wasted my money and time.

When I was sick 2 years ago, I also thought that life is short. Why would I fill my life doing miserable thing that I don't even know if it'd be useful or not in the future.

But because of the failure I had, because of the continuous sound healthy life I have so far, and because of motivation of having better career in the future - equal to expectation of getting better salary - and with that better salary I can continuously live my life with things I love to do AND to be able to give some of earnings to those in need, then I have this strength to carry on. Hehehehe... So long ah... But I just found that I have this courage, energy, and lots of positive thinking to be embodied in my mind.. and I hope I can make people who is around me to feel better, to be happier, to think positively, and to live the way of life they want. I also don't know why where did I get all those things.

Remember the book I purchased recently? I went to Kinokuniya and couldn't find the book in shelf. I don't know if it's been sold out? I want to buy more and give it to friends or family members that I care so that they could have this positive thinking in their lives as well.

I don't know.. Maybe I am bornt lucky in this life. I was bornt as the youngest in family. My parents are able to raise me up in big families. Never had worries financially so far despite of me and hubby not earning so much. Could visit lots of places in this world. Have roof to stay, clothes to wear, food to eat. No need to worry about financing other sibling's education fee etc. My parents are independent financially as well and are in good health so far. I really grateful with all the things happened to me.

I have some friends bornt as the eldest in the family. They have to finance their sibling's education, give allowances to parents, some parents are not in good health, therefore they need time and money to bring them to check up etc. The place they work is like hell, no freedom, no friends. Working hours so long. Taking leave also cannot take long one, and many more things happened to them.

I know I can't change their situation. But by giving them moral support, ask them to think positively, hope it can change the way they think. Don't you think it can help?

Well, life is like a box of chocolate, like what Forest Gump said. You never know what you'll get. Although I get a good one now, doesn't mean it will last forever. Anything can happen anytime, anywhere. Just hope one thing would not change... The positive thinking inside me and everyone. Hope everyone will live happily.. It's all in mind.

Happy New Year!!!

It's sixth day of January 2011! I've been busy with month-end closing these past few days and will be busy with CNY preparation. Today will be my first day of going back to school. It's been 2 years since I last took my class. Very exciting about it! Must keep positive thinking of all these and hope everything will go on smoothly! Must spend more time studying and revise in the future!! Hope I can do it!! Jia you!!!

Need to plan for this month-end closing liao as CNY falls on beginning of next month. My Boss wants us to close early as they won't have enough time to close on time if we didn't do so. Tomorrow we are going to talk about it in meeting. Hopefully everything will go on smoothly as well.

There are good news as well for the upcoming CNY! We won't go back to my hometown this year, but.. my second sis and her families will come here, so will my parents. We're going to celebrate CNY together here... So exciting!!! The last time my 2nd sis came to Singapore was when she attended my wedding dinner, which was 8.5 yrs ago. She and her son are very exciting about this upcoming trip. Too bad I had to work during month-end and only able to get off on the red dates (3 to 6 Feb). Hopefully I can make full use of the time to gather with them.

Well, hope this year will bring all of you abundance of good health, prosperity, love, and success.. Hope this year will be another smooth year again to all of us. I have some resolutions to fulfill this year. Hope I can make it!!! All the best everyone!!
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