Monday, October 29, 2007

Tiger Beer Exhibition

Tiger Beer Exhibition - Singapore

My ex-colleague gave me 2 tickets to Tiger Beer Exhibition when I visited her last week. Actually both tickets were her lucky draw presents, but she said she didn't have time to go as she'd have exam in few weeks so she handed it to me. So today I went there together w/ my hubby.

We reached there at about 2pm after we had our lunch nearby our house. The place is located in St James Power Station. There were only 4 of us (w/ another couple). One staff brought us around from one place to another. Hm.. quite impressive, really! It's all automated and it really brought things alive w/ the 4D things and other super effects. Worth it to go.. hehehe... but too bad, they only served one glass of Tiger Beer and not refillable.. Haiz..... But oklah.. 'cos we also got souvenir from them, which is Tiger Beer glass one per person.

We could take picture then sent it to email too.. but too bad the picture was not clear.. Lucky we got our handphone camera, so we took some pics too while we were there.. hehehe... Enjoy!!!

Learning how to pour the beer into the glass


Sunday, October 28, 2007


Time flies very fast... Almost a week after my trip! Wow! Day by day.. just made myself busy tidying up my messy room. Yesterday I tidied up my son's cupboard. Ironed his clothes, sorted out the dirty and small clothes, etc. Also cleared up the stuffs inside the top part of the cupboard.
Today my hubby, my son and I went out almost a whole day. Started from having breakfast nearby our house, then meeting his friend in White Sands, Pasir Ris. About 2pm we went to Ikea. We browsed around looking for table and chair for Reever. Before buying, we went out to Courts and Giant to check about other stuffs they have and also bought some other things. We finished shopping at 8pm then we headed home. My hubby just finished dismantling the table and chair. Now I'm sitting on them and put my laptop onto the new table. Hehehe.. not bad oh? Now my son has the right place to use the old laptop and to do his homework. Hope he can get used to it, unlike me... hehehe..
Just joined facebook yesterday. Not bad! I can find lots of ex-school mates down there. And there are some funny things to do as well.. hehehe...
And today my hubby borrowed a PSP game from his friend. Playing the Japanese drum. Not bad la... Quite interesting.. too bad the language used is Japanese.. so there were many things I don't understand.. I mean.. the conversation, the instruction, etc.
What else?? Oklah.. nothing much at the moment... Going to sleep soon as time has shown 11.20pm right now... Good nite everyone.. oh ya.. Happy Birthday to my best friend, PY!!! Hope she enjoyed her special day... and had a very nice weekend at RTP! Wish you happy always and success in everything! I'm sure she can do it!! Jia you!!!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

I'm home again..

After one month, finally I'm home again.. Still feeling tired from the trip. Especially when we had to wake up so early almost everyday... haiz.. and now.. I have to wake up early too 'cos my son wants me to fetch him to school in the morning... But oklah, after that I can go to market to have my breakfast before heading home.
My room is very messy.. I can't stand it myself.. hehehe... So many things cluttered everywhere. This morning I need to spend 5 hours just to clean my dressing table and it has not finished yet.. I feel tired already.. huahahaha... There are still many things I have to clear up.. such as my son's cupboard, my own cupboard, etc.
Gonna meet my friend later.. it's 5pm now.. tired tired.... bye now...

Monday, October 08, 2007

China, I'm here!!!

Today I flew from Hong Kong to Xiamen. Now staying at my aunt's house... Wiiii.. first thing to ask.. Internet!!!! Hahaha.... It's been almost 2 weeks I almost out of touch w/ internet since my sister's house in Hong Kong doesn't have internet connection yet. She has registered last week but it will only be installed this Wednesday.. how slow.... so.. now I'm using my cousin's laptop to connect w/ internet.. hehehehehhehehehehehehe.....

It's been... I don't know.. 10 years maybe??? since last time I came here.. Now they have moved their house to new apartment located at the highest floor of the building, 15th floor. My aunt said we can even see Jing Men from her balcony... Hehehe...The weather here is still hot, not cold yet.. a bit cloudy.. Very cloudy in Hong Kong Airport, luckily everything goes well..

We were fetched by my aunt, uncle, and my aunt's youngest son, who has the same age w/ me. He used to call me 'ben dan' and I used to call him 'sha gua' in year 1995, when I was unable to speak any Chinese language yet before. I stayed in their house before for few weeks.. and at that time I was unable to speak any Chinese yet.. so I used body language to communicate w/ all of them. But my aunt, uncle, and their sons were very friendly and welcome me.. I was grateful to have relatives like them... =)

Now we meet each other again.. Since I come alone, she told me that I like a 'single' woman.. still looks so young.. hahahahhahaha...... but she's still the same.. likes to talk and laugh.. My uncle said, I looked like my aunt when she was young.. kekekekke....

My parents are chatting at the living room while I'm inside room writing this blog.. hehehe...

I stayed almost 2 weeks in Hong Kong. Most of the time I stayed in my sis home.. Only sometimes we went out to find Doraemon's stuffs.. hehehehe.... It's much cheaper and more things than in Singapore. My sis was also eager to find it w/ me... Everytime we went into shop, her eyes were finding the Doraemon's stuffs faster than me.. hahahahaha....

My sister is not working in Hong Kong. She is a real housewives taking care her hubby and children (one naughty son and one beautiful daughter). I learn some things from here during my stay there.. and have learnt lots of things from her. Really grateful to be the youngest child.. as I can learn lots of things from all my elder sisters and brother.. =)

And really grateful for the time and chance given that I'm now able to go abroad w/ my both parents especially we are going to our ancestor's hometown back in Jiao Ling in few days time. We are going to meet other Zhong's people around the world.

Well.. going to share with you again once I know what will happen during my stay in China.. Btw.. I miss China very much! There are lots of changes here in Xiamen! I can't even recognise this city anymore... Well.. I think we're going to meet my other cousins tonight w/ their sons... they are very nice people! Talk to you again later on... write till here then.. byeeeeee
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