Saturday, January 14, 2012

Happy :)

Thank you SB for your help that today I'm glad we finally hear a good news.

Just came back from new house. I was just thinking how lucky we were, that due to my hubby's good deed, he managed to get new washing machine instead of having the current one being repaired. Seems like the one we get is a brand new, not a display set... :) It's been tried and so far it works with no damaged inside.

Otw back, hubby told me that the person who viewed our house last night has decided to put a deposit to our house. This afternoon hubby said the person is offering 10k above valuation, but hubby's boss tried to get 15k instead. I told hubby, if we could get another 3k more should also be fine, because the person I met yesterday was sincere enough. He said he's going to buy the house for his mom, who is now in hospital. When seeing the Buddhist altar, he was praying and gave his respect to Sang Buddha. Somemore, he definitely need to renovate the whole house to accommodate to his Mom's needs. I told hubby, just sell it at rate that make both parties happy. What goes round will go around. So.. really thank SB that everything goes smoothly. Hope he and his Mom are blessed with good health too so they can arrange everything smoothly.

There is open house at my new neighbour house today. I visited them bringing Old Chang Kee curry puff and gave them a hong bao, wish them to get abundant of luck. They are Malay families. Hope we can be good neighbours in the future.

Just an update. The buyer just came to our house and paid deposit, also signed documents. According to him, he likes this house as he saw the Buddha statue when he came in. He is Buddhism as well and since we have stayed here for more than 10 years, he thought we are all blessed and protected by Buddha all this while, same with this house. He told us that he got asked the Buddha, which house he should choose - 'qiu', and directed him to choose this one. It's all fate ba. I've been praying to Kwan I'm and Buddha too, to help us selling this house as the date of moving house is getting closer and time given to sell this house has passed half of it. I believe it's all arranged by the above. It's fate. He said he went to many houses. Got some is in much better condition, renovated, and around the price range, but didn't move him . There was one where the seller's house got praying to Thai Buddhism - with lots of statue, and he immediately crossed it out. He also said, he won't change his mind if there is nothing bad happened. I think he was refering to his Mom. I also wish that Buddha will protect her, bless her, and help her so that she can get well soon and happily staying in her new house. SB, please protect them....

Feel happy and grateful. I believe, there are other people praying for us too.. Thank you Ma for all your support and pray for us. I know you are one of them, although you didn't say it :) Hope you will be blessed with good health and lots of happiness for the rest of your life.

Once again, thank you SB for everything....... Amituofo... Sadhu Sadhu Sadhu...

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

What kind of life do I wanna lead???

Like what my friend just wrote as his status in fb, he's now in shi zi lu kou and need to decide where to go... To turn left? Turn right? Go straight? Or U-turn and go back?

Very moody this evening. Someone's mood affected other people's mood easily. When task was over, there was joy and happiness. But when met with mistake, well, I'm alright with mistakes. Who is in the world never make a mistake before? Glad that we can learn from mistake after that.

I tidied up my drawers and everything else I have. Found a notebook, written some kinds of goals I wrote a year or more ago. Didn't realise any of it. Just thought, well, I'm not cut for that???

Recently money was a bit tight due to things spent for a new house. That's not a big deal actually. Only that I cut down my social life quite a bit, which I was alright too 'cos I also need to spend my time on things I need to do. I rejected many invitation to eat, to sing, to drink, and so on. Spent most of my weekend with my families. Until I realised.. when I need someone to meet up, to confide, well, they might have their own activities.

End up, I spent this evening alone after work. Had my dinner first at Ipoh stall, alone, then took bus to Somerset. Browsed the shops looking for clothes for CNY, but couldn't find any suitable one. It is sometimes good to go out by myself, but my mind was wondering around too.. thinking.. what kind of life I wanna lead to.. after this..

Career wise, seems like stuck out if I'm about to stay. They have trained someone else to a higher post. Maybe I was designed to stick on my post forever there, just like three other colleagues who have been working there for years... Do I wanna be like them???? Well, my boss treats them quite alright, as long as they don't expect so much and are easily satisfied with what they get.

Question is... do I the type of person who is easily satisfy with what I have??? If yes, would I be prepared to remain as what I am for some time? I read this quote before: If you don't plan yourself, chance is, people will design your life. What will you get from it? Not much.

When I quit my job there, I didn't expect I would do something that was suitable with my experience and someone was willing to pay more. Well, not very big gap, but at least, there was value there. At the same time, with this experience, she would even offer me with better post and pay. Well, I didn't say that I don't like with what I'm doing now, but perhaps I am expecting more. So disappointment comes when you know someone has got that opportunity. And that someone has been taught and guided to learn more. I find myself stuck there. So how? Give some more time until I get ready with new wings? But even you have wings, doesn't mean other people will accept you. There is still need a fate. Where will my fate lead me to??

Actually, I don't mind staying.. as long as they increase my pay a lot every year... wakakakkaka.... wish ah... :P Dealing with same staffs all the time also need chemistry.. kekeke... If can maintain the relationship, it was good. If not, haiz..........

What else? I think I need to plan to go somewhere this year, another new place. Don't care if it has to be alone. Need to find some inspiration.. some other thing to feel calm in mind.

Still haven't found the answer yet. At the moment, just keep going.......

Wish me luck!!!
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