Friday, January 28, 2005

In the office now.. =)))

Hai.. im in the office now.. nothing to do.. boring leh... better got works to do than not at all.. Now is only 15.28 pm, *hehhhh..... still 2 hours to go.. Hope I could get any tasks to do soon.. otherwise.. i will blog all the way.. hehehehe...
My office ok lah.. I got my own space to work (of course lah, otherwise, where will i work? But comparing with my previous experience.. i have to share my working place with the others.. so.. this time consider ok liao..). Got own PC with broadband internet.. kekekeke... (so bad i can't use msn messenger here.. i installed already, but something went wrong when i wanna open and start.. hiks... if not, now i already chat with u guys.. hehehhee..)
I can listen to my yahoo radio online.. hehehe... Actually i tried to bring small radio once.. but only to find out that I worked in B1, so that I could not get any reception over here.. hiks.... But never mind.. as long as yahoo could accompany me working, that's good already... =) so bad i can't listen indonesian songs.. (can sih.. if i bring my own mp3 cd songs.. but.. lazy lehh.. hehehe..)
ok lah.. dont write much.. afraid boss will be back from meeting soon.. hehehehe... byeeeee

Monday, January 24, 2005

A bad start!!

Bad news, I just receive a news that my travel agent cancel my flight ticket to Australia today!! Oh my, I cant believed it! I was about to confirm the ticket today, and the airline company pull my out without any notice from TA! I tried to rebook the seat, but was fully booked, they can only put me on waiting list!!
Dont know should I count this a bad satrt?! But it's really distroyed my mood!! I have to arrive before 21th of Feb. I am start worried about it!

Thursday, January 20, 2005

Can't see me ol so often now...

Hehehe... I started working already this Monday. My workin place is very nice. It is very convenient to get there.. It took me 40 min to reach there. At least I didnt stuck in a traffic jam.. I got free lunch everyday. They always serve salad.. which is my favourite.. somemore it can help me in having a healthy life. hehehehe... so happy... Got fruit as well.. well.. actually green apple everyday.. I tried it once.. very sour leh... so.. I don't think I will take it a second time.. hahaha... see lah... maybe once in a blue moon..
Then.. the working hour is ok. I work 5 and half days. Lots of people doesn't like it, but for me, it was good already.. My last job was also the same.. only that my workin hour was much more flexible. But this job really suits me well.. and I love it. Hope I can hang on for quite a long time.
Well.. looks like no prospect for the future.. but since i m still studying.. it really really suits me well.. hehehe.. ok lah.. wanna have a break. Tomorrow is holiday.. wanna watch dvd bought in my hometown last week.. hehehe.. byeeee

Sunday, January 16, 2005

I'm back!!!

Hellow everybody!!!
I'm finally back to this country again!!! 5 days journey in my country.. First two days were spent in a city 5 hr drive or more from my hometown. 2 cars were used cos there were 13 people going there. We went to Safari Park first to see the animals, then continue our journey up to the mountain, with cool weather and rain. My mom, dad, aunt, cousin, my hubby, and I were having hot spring in that kind of weather. Really shiok!!! Felt like in Japan. The smoke was coming out from the big pool. We didnt feel cold anymore after having a bath there.
Although many places I want to go couldn't be fulfilled, but we really had a wonderful journey there. We had local food, rabbit satay, fresh cow milk, picked our own fresh strawberries, and bought lots of other fruits and snacks. Oh ya.. almost forgot, we also went to volcano mountain. Nice trip!!!
Third and fourth day was shopping day till I didnt have time for myself. Hei, tell u what.. I met some of my old friends.. One of them was driving us to Hard Rock Cafe.. Thanks, B! Then when I felt blue, this fellow friend came to my house and had a chit chat with me. And today, I really spent my own time with my fellow old friends. From one became two, then three, then five of us!! Hahaha.. We had lunch together.. all my favourite foods!
Then we went back lorr... ok lah.. tomorrow started work already.. I gain so much weight already from my journey there.. must diet soon! hahaha.. as if i could do it~!
OKlah, wanna have my supper before having a nice dream. Wish me luck for my work journey... Ciao!

Monday, January 10, 2005

Last holiday for this year

Huehehehe... i wish everyday is holiday... but it will no longer soon. This would be my last holiday for this year, cos i will start working once coming back from holiday. The rest of my holiday would either for studying / preparing exam or just a normal off in here.. But it is fine. I have enough play last year and it is time for me to be serious, hehehe...
Tomorrow i will go back to my hometown, together with my husband, son, and my husband's families. Total 9 of us. We will take a night flight and the next morning, we will go to another city, i guess 4 hours ride from my hometown.. It's been almost 10 years i did not visit that city. The weather is cooler over there. I heard, lots of factory outlets and cafe too. I hope I could visit any of those places. My father will drive us there, accompanied by my mum. Hope it would be a safe journey along the time. We will stay overnight and return back to my hometown the day after. Friday and Saturday will be our shopping days. As for Sunday, i want to do facial, creambath, and cut hair before we return back here. It is a short trip, but hope we all could enjoy it before all of us starting work again. Jia you!!!

Friday, January 07, 2005

Waaa... finally...

I really do believe in yuan fen (fate). Finally I got a job!!! Few hours after interview, they called me and offered me the job.. huaaa... so happy... After studying hotel management, it is my first time to work in the hotel.. huehehee.. (malu lahhhh....), then go back to where I belong... the hotel was originated from where I studied before.. huaaa.. i told you.. yuan fen mahh???
Remember 3 years ago, I met my chatting friend. She brought me to one party, where the invitations were gotten from her sis, who was working in that particular hotel as secretary.. At that time, I really wonder.. hm.. when ah I can work like her.. seems like steady lehh... and now.. 3 years later.. i m the one who will become a secretary in that particular hotel.. huaaa.... so happy... Thanks to Sang Buddha who have listen to me.. and to my mum's pray.. Just now call my mom.. and she feels happy too... really wish me all the best for my future job.. Thanks mom.. She is the one who always pray for me.. for my love, career, study, everything!!!! And my pa too, for all of his support.. And for everybody.. thanks.... hope I can do my job well.. Wish me all the best ya.. heheheee.... muachhhh...

Do you believe in fate?

I do!!
People whom you met, the place where you go and live, company where you work for, etc.
I believe a lot in it.
Today i just went for an interview. I don't know whether they will choose me or not, but i just think that the company is very familiar with me and i really hope I could work there anyhow soon. Hope my intuition was right...
I don't mind if the job is stressful, the pay is bad, must work 5.5 days or 6 days a week.. I prepare already for all of those conditions. No pain, no gain...
I hope everything is fine.. and if not.. i might now have any affinity with it... but it has been a great experience to try interview there.. wish me luck...

Monday, January 03, 2005

First day go to school... =))

Today, 3rd January 2005, is my son first day going to school. Well, it is a playgroup next to our block here.. There were 10 students ranging from 2-3 years old or more, I guess, with my son could be one of the youngest one. First, the teacher asked them to go into the room, welcome them with bunch of toys on the carpet and let them play themselves. After they can adapt there, we all parents were going out and waiting outside. I decided to go home and cook some fried bee hoon and had my breakfast before fetching my son back. Slightly worried that he would be cry and look for me, I went rushing back to the school. But, my worry was useless cos everything looked fine. Parents, mostly women were chatting to each other. 45 minutes after the class started, one girl was brought out from the class since she was crying loudly and it affected the other students too. One by one, the student started crying and wanna out from the class. We peeped from the outside window and I saw my son walking around, did not know what to do with that situation and sucking his thumb, like usual.. hahahaha.. what a funny scene. Parents were trying to make their child or grandchild calm, but some were crying continuously as they couldn't find their parents around. My one was ok.. He was cool.. with his ultraman style, sucking his finger going to sleep... huahahhaa.. my dear little baby, i love you very much. I hope tomorrow will be better... Mum loves you very very much... muachhhh.....

Saturday, January 01, 2005

Unforgettable Tsunami

Year of 2004 was ended with this unforgettable Tsunami happening in South Asia (India, Srilanka, Maldives, Phuket, and Aceh). It kills up to 125,000 over people to date from many different nations. It was happened a day after Christmas Day.
I cry everytime watching news in TV and reading the newspaper. My heart was very pain seeing many people died and separated from families.
One day, my sis in law suggested to donate them milk, dried foods, etc. At that moment, we just agreed without thinking twice, cos we know that the condition over there was really miserable although the quake has over. People were hungry, thirsty, in pain, and I couldn't do much to help them. So donation would be the best way for us. I also asked my mom, my aunt, my bro to donate as well and they agreed. So this morning, after having New Year breakfast with my families, my hubby and I went to supermarket to buy some milk for baby (I wonder if there were any babies, since lots of children dying...), mineral water, some medicine, and we decided to buy the food package relief organized by local supermarket. My sis in law also bought some dried food and medicine before. So, all things were delivered today in one of the biggest temple here in sg. I could see many other donators were giving away foods, blanket, milk, drink, clothes, and we all really hope that we could help those who needed, and suddenly, I feel that all were united in helping those in needed.
In this new year, there were no party like other new year before.. but all feel sad and really hope that the victims could be living in peace in Heaven, or reborn again in another better world, and those who loses their families, friends, relatives, etc., hope they also can recover from their sadness.. as we know.. there is nothing eternal in this world.. And we can only hope.. after this misfortune happened, the good luck can come afterward to the rest of the year.

Happy New Year to All of You..

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