Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Malan Lamian

Finally it opened at Chinatown last Thursday. I was eating there yday w/ my friend. The shop is not very big and the menu is limited. When we ate yday, they only serve 3 types of noodle, which is za jiang mian, pai ku mian, and niu lan mian, and 1 type of appetizer, pumpkin w/ prawn. Both of us ordered za jiang mian.
The price has decreased. It costs $4.80 per bowl. Usually it cost more than $6. But of course the portion was compromised. It became less, but we feel it just nice, not too less and not too much. The taste is still as good as usual. Chilli is more spicy.
No wonder they decrease the price 'cos the ambience you feel is different, feel like eating at normal coffee shop and a bowl of noodle cost $4.80 is still consider expensive compared w/ the usual $3 bowl of noodle.
They don't serve our favourite cucumber as appetizer and no more my hubby favorite fried noodle, quite disappointed. Perhaps I'll buy Sze Chuan cold noodle and liang fen rather than za jiang mian ba... But once in a while, that will be okay.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Goodbye dear 810

Hiks hiks.. I have to part w/ my darling.. forever... Since my friend need it, I've to sell it away. Rather than put it at home and wait for it to die peacefully, I'd better hand it over to someone else who need it. It doesn't cost much but at least can be put into a good use.
Hopefully the new owner will treasure you as I love you.... kekekekeke... *anyway, she's just going to use for few months before she buys a new one.. So... nothing is impermanence.
I used to buy things but seldom to sell. So, there is a feeling on it. Giving is different. Anyway... hope you can live in happily and in good care.. good bye my love...

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


It came again last nite. I don't know if it's sweet or bitter. I juz know that the feeling I encounter has always been the same. Suffering.
It's rite. Karma has played a very important part in our lives. What you sow is what you reap. This morning songs reminded me of my past - over and over again. But no matter what, I still love listening to it and wonder if the other part has the same feeling or not.
I slept early last nite. Should feel better today huh??? Well, gotta work nw. Have a great day everyone.. Cos everyday is a gift that we should always trasure...

Saturday, August 15, 2009


Finally I bought it!!! ^^ B'cos soso bought it, I bought it too.. hahahaha.... Got khaki ma???
Thank you for $100 voucher each from Ray & Dajie, also from subscriber to reduce off another $100. Now it becomes more affordable to buy. I'm charging it now and read into the instruction book now, so I'll know how to use it. Hehehe... And later on, can use it there...
It's going to rain outside. Plan to stay at home for the rest of the day and play w/ my new toys.. Yahooo...... :D


So tired.. Holiday doesn't make me feel fresher, but made me becoming more tired. Hehehe.. But glad that I could go back again. Kids played satisfyingly at Kidzania and adults ate til we dropped - the belly. Hahahaha....
Work oh work.. coming back to work only to make me more tired. But w/out u. I've no money. Hahaha.. Writing blog in the middle of the nite - full of madness. Dunno what I write. Just.. feel sleepy and tired...
Tonite after work, we gathered @Justacia, at Dobhy Ghaut MRT Station nearby. It's Harpin's b'day and he invited us for dinner. Not bad. Ate ice creams all u can eat. I ate 4 scoops. Vanilla, coffee, strawberry and vanilla.. Ready to get fat! Or.. fat already?
Reever had fever since last day of my trip in Jkt. He went to see doctor twice and he's getting better today. Hope he'll get well tomorrow and after. He skipped school for 4 days, missed many classes. Hope he won't get stressed and can cope w/ it.
Holiday has over. Ray go back to reality. What he didn't feel during holiday, has returned back. He gets stressed like usual and just hope he can cope w/ it too.
Well.. gotta sleep soon. Feel very sleepy and tired. Hahaha.. Gud nite everyone. Hope you enjoy ur weekend... Muach...

Friday, August 07, 2009

Long tiring day...

Wah... today it's very very tiring day. After getting high last night, I found myself waking up w/ my glasses still on my head. Hahaha.. I couldn't even remember what I did after using the laptop. Did I turn it off myself? Or was my hubby doing it? I really can't remember at all.
Actually I was planning to wake up very late so that I could have enough rest after getting so tired for few days preparing the D&D dance and also doing month-end closing. But this morning, believe it or not... I even woke up earlier than my usual waking up time. My mother-in-law knocked our door at 6.40am to wake my son up 'cos he had to go to school at 7.20am. Since he woke up, I was woken up as well and couldn't get back to sleep anymore. Haiz.... I felt dizzy and.. hungry. I got changed soon and asked my mother-in-law to accompany me having breakfast. We went out for breakfast at 8am. I ordered fried beehoon w/ veggies & fish fillet, also a bowl of century egg pork porridge, which I shared w/ her. After makan, I had a walk to NTUC, then I had this sudden urge to go home as fast as I could.. Luckily everything went well so I managed to go to toilet and released on whatever things that was collected in my stomach.. hahahahaha....
At 10am, I went to my son's school, together w/ my mother-in-law, Reinier, and R's friend's mum & sis. After that six of us went to coffee shop to have another round of brunch. Hahaha... At first I didn't want to eat, but they kept asking me.. so.. I ordered vegetarian fried beehoon lor.. Hahahaha.. so big plate le.. Didn't finish the beehoon.. but ate the rest of the thing.
We went back home after children played at the playground for a while. At 1pm, R & I went out to meet my dajie at MRT Station. Dajie and R went to Vivo while I had my regular check up at SGH. R was successfully having Bumblebee from Toys r Us from his Kang Ma. Hahaha....
The blood test this time went very well. Doctor said my condition has been stable, the blood result is good, so he suggested me to reduce the amount of steroid that I take into another half. Wow... great!
I went to Bugis afterward praying at Kwan Im Temple, then met Dajie & R at BHG. Met up w/ PY to pass her things and vice versa. After that we had a walk for a while before we sat at McD to take a rest. It's first time to see the McD didn't sell drinks at all. They also didn't sell the Fillet O'Fish Burger due to the machine maintenance on progress. Can u imagine that????
We sat there until my friend came then we had bakuteh for dinner while my friend ordered lasagna. We were very full and tired so we decided to go back home. After reaching home, I had to pack all the barang2 needed for our short trip tomorrow to Jakarta. And I just finished it at 11.20pm. Wa... so tiring!!! Going to sleep soon.. Hopefully I can sleep longer tomorrow. Wish me luck!!! Good nite everyone, sweet dream. Muach...


Hi... just finished the yearly D&D organised by my working place. It was fun but a bit boring. Fun b'cos I was joining the dance competition this time and bored b'cos the magic thing was damned boring.. perhaps I drank too much ba... hehehehe. I drank 5 glass of beer... still managed to go home, but luckily my hubby was willingly to fetch me from MRT. Kekekekke....
And u know wad? I won the digital camera... Again??? This time by Panasonic... hiaz... It's the prize number 10 le.... Better than nothing... I kept asking my friend, if it's my number???? Scared I heard wrongly. So.. 2 digicam in a year??? What a coincidence!!! But I still prefer my Canon Ixus 100... :P I even bought the cover liao this afternoon @Central w/ my colleague.. hehehehehe...
I'm sleepy now le... but was happy. It's been some time since I drank this much... And tomorrow I'll be on leave... so I can sleep as long as I could.. hahahahahaaa... And the dance.. managed to got 2nd prize.. dunno what the prize is.. as long as I could get back the cash that I've put back to my dance floor.. shit... OK lah.. gotta sleep now... Btw.. one of my friends was dressing very cute tonite.. hahahahaha... Seldom to see him like that.. hahahahahhaha... byeeeee

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Canon IXUS100

Guess what? While I was working this afternoon, I received a phone call. A lady called me saying that I've won the camera from the Smirnoff Lucky Draw that I sent last month. I thought I was dreaming!!! She asked me to collect it at where my hubby's Boss working!! Wow! What a coincidence! The place is not far from my working place, so I immediately went there and collect. When that lady asked my intention to go there, she was surprised! She didn't expect me to go there that fast! Hahaha... I reached there about 15 mins after she called. Kekeke.. A bit kiasu hor? I was curious la.. She said I won a camera, but I didn't know what camera that I won mah... Then found out that it's my favourite Canon Digital Camera, very slim (the slimmest so far), with 12 mega pixels and 3x digital zoom. Very light too. It's Canon IXUS100 (normal silver colour). Wa.. I was very happy le.. 'cos I very rarely win this type of lucky draw! The price is about SGD$469 outside. So.. not bad hor??? Actually I've been wanting to buy the compact camera 'cos currently my digicam is quite bulky.. so.. good lor.. can have one now... ^^
The lucky draw was simply started less than a month ago. After attending the Comm Session at my working place, I delivered the cakes to my two colleagues who were inside the store. When I reached there, both of them were busy finding the answers for the lucky draw entry. It's Smirnoff lucky draw. There were pictures of four footballers in the bottle and asked us to answer who were not inside the list of the players. All of us had no clue about the footballers (as we are not the fans of it), so we looked for the answers from the internet. Each bottle has one entry. There were 6 bottles, I guess.. and I took one entry. While they took two and three each. I still remembered, I was saying to one of my colleagues, 'give me one is enough. If lucky, send one would be enough. If no luck, send many also no use'. And... correct enough. I was lucky to win the camera. The guy won miniature of the team's souvenir, while the gal win nothing. But that's for weekly draw. There is still a main prize. So who knows they would win them... hehehehe.. The main prize is to fly to Manchester with free accommodation and other perks as well.
I've just charged the battery and 've tried to used it. Ok lah.. not many functions, but small enough to be put into my bag everywhere now. Hehehe... Well.. gotta sleep now. Gud nite.. Thank you for the camera...
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