Sunday, September 28, 2008

Dikutip dari fsnya orang... Renungan hari ini

Tujuan utama manusia adalah untuk mencari kebahagiaan, tetapi proses untuk mencari kebahagiaan itu tidaklah mudah, dibutuhkan keuletan, kesabaran, ketekunan, keceriaan, ketenangan, konsentrasi, dan merasa puas dengan usaha yang telah dikerjakan, dan akan berusaha untuk mengerjakan apa yang belum dikerjakan dengan lapang dada. 

Bila tujuan hidup adalah untuk mencari kebahagiaan tetapi mengapa kita terkadang masih terpaku pada kesedihan, terpaku pada keserakahan, ketamakan, kebencian, kesombongan, iri hati dan senang mencari-cari penderitaan orang lain atau penderitaan sendiri.

Dengan menderitanya orang lain sudah pasti akan memberikan penderitaan baru bagi diri sendiri.
ada lagu rakyat gelang sipatu gelang: "buat apa susah? buat apa susah? susah itu tak ada gunanya!". Kita hidup mencari bahagia!!!!

Stress - it's hard become a mum

Well, now I feel the stress of becoming a mom, which I didn't feel previously.. Even thought of adding another one.. But now I guess, one is enough.

Not just thinking of the money.. I guess you all know how high the cost of living in Singapore. House loan, electricity, transportation, school fee, daily use, food & beverage, and now.. plus the additional education for children. I used to laugh at my colleague, who thought raising a child is like an investment and 'til now he hasn't got one. Dunno if he really didn't want it.. or because they still can't get it. But now, I realize that.. a child really costs a lot of money here. Well.. not only in Singapore, also in other countries like Hong Kong, US, and even in Indonesia. If the parent earn lots of money, then it's just a piece of cake for them. But if the parents only earn a peanut... then something must be cut down.

I used to travel on my own to the countries I've never been before. It can be faraway, and it can be expensive. This time round, I've planned to travel to Hong Kong in December, but more on like family holiday. I will go w/ my hubby and son, and my hubby's cousin and his families of 4. I was thinking of traveling to Seoul or Taiwan before that.. but after comparing the prices and benefit, I changed my mind and decided to go to HK. My 2nd sister has agreed of letting us stay in her house. Thanks a lot for that! We can save a lot of money and we'll have more guidance and help from her too... hehehe... Then that would be my son and her son's birthday during that period, so it's great that we can celebrate birthday together for a very first time.. hehehe... I also plan to bring them to Disneyland on Saturday. Just want to give them great time before starting the school again in January. He will lead a hard study life after that... So just give them a great break time!

Back to the story.. I just enrolled my son to Kumon this afternoon. The chief instructor told us about how it works. Basically, the child need to practice everyday at home by themselves and they learn through repetition and memorize. I was a bit worry that it can work for him 'cos he's a playful type of child and he's have a hard time to concentrate. I enrolled two subjects for him, English and Math. It's damn expensive! Haiz... hopefully our money won't go into the drain..

I don't think next year onward I'd have the luxury of travelling on my own again.. unless to the near place from Singapore. But at least I've a goal now.. to save money for my upcoming new house, and to my son's education. Haiz.. money oh money...

Btw it seems like we're going to move to Punggol in Dec 2012 'cos I checked the HDB web that most of the houses have been chosen by people. It only left about 10 percent. Haiz... too bad I don't have any luck in 4D or TOTO... otherwise... I can have easier life now.. hiks... Stress...

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Thank you

Thank you SB for giving me great friends and families. On my birthday, few of my old friends sent me sms and wished me happy birthday. Actually since I've lost my friends' data from my handphone, I couldn't get back some of the numbers unless they called or sent the message back to me. And do you know how happy I were when I received news from them? I felt so grateful that after so many years of friendship, and many years of lost in touch, they were actually still remembering my birthday. Hehehe... I was so grateful too for having my current friends who remember my birthday. Well, I know.. friendster helped.. but their effort of wishing me birthday that I appreciated them for.. My mom sent me sms early in the morning before she flew to Menado. All my siblings called me too on that day. Thank you ya... ^^

Although I may not be a successful person in life.. I'm still very lucky of having great friends and families around... and I'm very happy because of that.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

It's my birthday today... Finally I reached 30 yrs journey of my life. Hopefully there is still many years to come. Thank you for all sms, phone call, msg in friendster, email from all family members, relatives, and friends. Thank you too for my colleagues who accompanied me for steamboat dinner tonite.. I can feel that my metabolism getting slower.. hahahaha.... Well.. it's not so early now.. going to bed soon... Good nite and hope my dreams come true... ^^
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