Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Another week away from home..

Two more weeks to go!! I hope the exam will end up soon... I miss my son and my hubby. It's near but yet far.. =(( He said that I'm staying in camp now, preparing for the war hahaha.. Thanks for his understanding and let me stay in my bro's place for few days... Anyway, must continue study now.. Ciao!

Monday, November 29, 2004

Rainy day

It's raining here whole day!!! Heavy rain. 

This afternoon, I visited my friend who held housewarming in her new flat. She is my best friend. She has just happily married and moved to a new house. I could see a big smile on her face, really showing her happiness!! 

But funny, I couldn't see the happiness in some other people, who just got married as well.. Hm.. Perhaps not everyone is happy of their marriage life?? Not a right partner? Or  perhaps wanna pretend to be single in their whole life? Afraid that the rest know that he has got married? 

Anyway.. During housewarming, there were not many people there. The house was not very big, but most importantly, it's warm!!! Full of laughter and happiness!! She and her husband worked very hard to earn money so that they could buy and get their own flat. Finally their dreams come true! Congratulation! Hope both of you will do fine all the time! 

My weekend has over.. Tomorrow I must continue studying. Hiks... Less than 2 weeks to go.. I must go for the exam! I had a nightmare 2 days ago :( I went to exam without any preparation!! Ooh... Scaryyy....!!! 

Today is not a very happy day.. My hubby is now struggling in fixing his computer.. Really bad situation.. I'd better not disturb him for a moment... WELL... write till here then... Continue again some time!! Ciao!

Tuesday, November 23, 2004


Few days wasted already... hiksss... Haven't reviewed fully yet... Yesterday my sis came and I accompanied her for half day.. We had lunch and swam together.. My lovely hubby helped me updating my Windows.. Yeahhh!! It's been a long time since year 2000 and now I am using Windows XP, hehehe.... So happy! He updated it until 2am last night until he forgot to bring his hand phone with him today. Thank you Laogong!
Talking about exam, it reminds me of someone saying this to me: "When exam, it is not the marks that people will look at, but the effort behind it that counts." Now the problem is.. I don't put enough effort in it.. hahahaha... 

Today I'm gonna bring my sweetie to my bro's house, and ask my sis to take care of him. Hopefully I can do some revision.. Maybe you're bored reading my blog because everything was about exam, exam, and exam preparation.. But tell you what.. When you were in my position, you would worry about it as well.. Doesn't mean the older you are, the better you are in handling exam.. hahahaha... Ciao!

Saturday, November 20, 2004


Alamak!! Class from 10 to 5 pm.. 2 days in sequence.. So tiring.. Some more the contents were very hard to understand.. Hiks... 2 weeks to go, I guess.. Still so many things need to do.. But i need to relax too lah.. huehuehue

Friday, November 19, 2004

More confident!!

After going through the revision class, I have increased my confidence to face the exam. Hopefully I can make full use of my remaining time (around 2 and half weeks) by revising more on the previous exam questions. I never expect to get any gold or silver this time since the major that I took was damn difficult and you need a fully concentrated mind when doing it. My mom told me that she prays everyday for me so that I can pass my exams. I also hope that your other pray will come true too Mom... Love you...

Thursday, November 18, 2004

Another new day

You can call me a bit too late when I said another new day.. Because time is now 12.06pm in the afternoon here... hehehehe.. Anyway.. I feel fresh after having 7 hours sleep.. i assume it would be enough for me to refresh my energy and my brain, another new day to start up with revision for my exam. I hope I won't be tempted anymore of anyone calling me later when I left my notebook alone, I hope.. though.. hard to resist.. hahahaha...
Btw, remember what people told me about.. that I was a smiley person.. "Was???" Am i not a smiley person anymore? I hope not.. Although now I'm living in another country, hope it doesn't change my personality, because sometimes when you met new people, with new characteristics, in a new ambiance and in a new way of life, it could affect your personality for some reasons. You may become a tough person, or weaker.. smiley or angry face.. it all depends. Anyway.. I love to write.. can write about anything.. usually something informal, like what i feel now.. 

Remind me of seven years ago, perhaps, when I knew internet for the very first time with my own brand notebook, and when I knew someone from the other side of the world whom I challenged and the loser had to write 10 pages of email to the winner.. and guess what, I lost. I was challenging him something that made him a better person.. huehehe.. and I purposely lost in order to motivate him. So, anything came out on those ten pages email. I guess I still kept the copy of what I wrote. It brought me with another memory of another person.. huahahaha.. 

Believe it or not.. Memory will never end. Every new day means another memory is being created. But usually we only remember those very happy and very sad moment. Anyway.. smile for today. Hope it will bring a very happy moment with someone or people around you.. Can be your families, friends, girl/boyfriend, anybody... SMILE cheeezzzz.... :)

Exam's coming

Gotta work hard! 

Life has not been easy for some time, especially when exam is coming. Nobody forces me into this.. It's my own decision to continue study. For the future? Maybe.. if it's useful.. hahaha... Otherwise, it'd be just a piece of paper collected inside the folder, that I would bring along here and there to find my rice bowl somewhere.. 

Anyway.. i wish my energy is as much as when i am online like this.. hiehiehie... Unfortunately, my eyes were only opened widely when in front of computer with internet connection only.. hahaha.. until I was onced titled as "Ms. Computer" during study time in LR hahaha.. 

Btw, talking back to my previous school, there were lots of memories in it.. The beauty and the peace of the country.. the fresh and cool air.. most importantly, great friends inside it, and my ex who had encouraged me a lot during studying time. 

Will talk about it later.. not now.. because I'm sure there will be lots more about it.. my everything.. Gotta sleepzzz soon.. My eyes have been working too hard for the whole day.. Time to sleeeeppppzzzzz.... 


Ola ü
What a time!! It's 4am in the morning, in the mood of having my own blog online.. 
Hope of having my own space, can speak freely of what I'm thinking and doing here. Cheers!!!
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