Thursday, July 28, 2011

It is a mixed feeling when I suddenly find a familiar face's photograph, someone who was ever be part of my distinctive life. Seeing him happily (even grows fat :P), with someone he loves, made my mind wondering for a while, what would it be if I was chosen to be with him before. Hehehe.. It's all in the past.

Just feel happy to see him happy and even happier that he's found someone he loves, for it was my place before :D

Seeing this message:'Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment' makes me realise how powerful the words are! That's the most difficult thing to do in life: controlling your mind.

Anyway... We have our own way of life. It just has to be with this way.

If I were given a chance to choose whether to see you again in my next life, I would choose not to meet you again. 'Cos the happiness that you ever gave me was all temporary, and only makes my life suffer when remembering our happy moments.

That's the reasons why we only met after many years we grew up, though our world shouldn't be much far apart. Hope not to ever see you again in my whole entire lives....
First Karaoke Session @Kbox

Girls Power !!!

Second Session @Party World

It's month end again!!! Time to stock-take and closing again. The karaoke last Friday seems just over, and tomorrow is another Friday again!!!

This Sunday I need to come to work to post invoices and do some other things for closing. Have high-tea appointment with ex-colleague who is going to go back to her home town for good, a farewell party. Also to wish her happiness for her wedding which was held about a month ago.

Wow! It seems just like yesterday that she was telling me about her wedding plan, quit her job, and go back to her home town. We had dinner in April ba?

But honestly, I can't wait for my holiday plan as well! Hehehehe.... 1.5 months to go!!! Go go go!!!

Can feel stuck by not going anywhere... Hahaha... My last trip was February. :D

Just plan another short break in September too. Though the time is short, hope we can enjoy the different environment, food, and snacks :D

Well... Write 'til here... Just hope this month end closing will go smoothly. Also the upcoming audit week. Wish us luck please.... :)

Monday, July 25, 2011

Weekend has just over. The check-up result was good. Need to go back in 5 mth's time.

Friday nite was blast. My friends and I went to 2 places for Karaoke with a total of 7 hours singing and having fun. Have a McDonald in between for a break, and cuppa of Cappuccino to make myself awake.

We finished at 3.30am and went back home for sleep. I woke up at 12 plus the next afternoon and watched my Taiwan series until evening.

On Sunday, I slept for few times, my body really needed a rest. Didn't study as per planned :P Haiya....

Had durian for consecutive 2 nights, and self made tang shen tea for cooling and add energy. I had nightmares for consecutive 2 nights too. Was it because of eating durian??? Or was it because too much things in mind??? I have no idea!! But the nightmares were really.... Sucks!!

Well, going to be a busy week this and next week!!! Auditing will come next week. Hope everything goes smoothly...

Jia you!!!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Sitting and waiting for my turn. No matter I came 40 mins earlier, I still have to wait for my turn, possibly in another hour. Doctor is now handling new case. There are other 2 doctors inside reviewing the new patients, really wasting my time waiting for them. Haiz....

I'll have a class tonight and tomorrow my colleague will be on leave and I'll need to cover Receiving's duty. Haiz... Will be a busy Friday.

After working I already had a plan to dinner and go for karaoke session with friends. Just hope it will be an enjoyable night.

Quite busy with works these past few days as few auditors will be coming beginning of next month. And as we're refurshing our SOP, there were other things need to change and hopefully as time goes, it can flow accordingly.

Haiya... What a busy month!! Next week there will be stock-taking again, follow by month-end closing. Just hope that I will have enough rest during weekend and re-energize myself again.

This afternoon my friend and I met up for lunch and went to Kwan I'm Temple for a pray. While waiting for my friend to come, I went to the Chinese herbal shop and bought some tang shen and longan, plan to boil some nourishing herbal water to re-energize my body. I really need it!

Well.. Still another 3 patients before me!! And it's 3.37pm already while my appointment is supposed to be 3.10pm!!!!!

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Have been busy these past few days and will keep busy 'til next Monday. Tomorrow I will start first Audit class. Hope I won't fall asleep as my friend already warned me that it'll gonna be a boring class and she needed 2 cup of coffee to stay awake. Wow!!!

I have cut down my coffee consumption these past two days as I'm afraid to get my body too heaty and replaced it with a tea with sugar. So far so good. Still have a slight cough and there is still green flame from my throat. I guess I need more cooling herbal tea ba??

Wonder why this year seems to get sick quite often.. I can see my face colour tend to yellowish, not a normal brown face. Kekeke... Ate too much medicine ba?? Feels like slaping it and get it red... Hahahahaha....

Tomorrow and Friday is going to be audit days. I have been checking one of thr required reports since yesterday. Hope to get it done by today.

Well, have a great day everyone!! Hope all of u enjoy your day!!!
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