Monday, May 30, 2011

Another month-end

Another month end is here. Going for stock-taking soon and will be busy with month-end closing. On Friday my colleague will be on leave and I'll be busy covering her duty then... times off. Going to study days before exam. Just hope everything is going on smoothly.

After exam, planning for a break. Just hope it will go smoothly too.

Kinda moody this morning. Starting with printing problem at work, then added with someone who did not listen carefully to the message and needed to explain repeatedly. Walao leh... And when another person came and asked for something, again didn't listen to the message and just shuned his request off!!! What's wrong with you????

Well, can't write much. Going to stock-take soon. Hope everything is fine.... Have a greak week ahead!!!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Happy Vesak Day 2555

Sabbe Satta Bhavantu Sukhitatta - Semoga semua makhluk hidup berbahagia :)

Thank you SB for a good karma given to us that we finally made it for San Bu Yi Bai this year :) Actually I almost missed it. If not for my friend grumbled when hearing I would not go, I wouldn't have made it. Hahahahaa.....

PY has helped me queuing for the ticket. She woke up at 5am in the morning and took cab there, waiting for 4 hours until she finally had the tickets for us. Thank you PY!! So despita having flu and sore throat, I still went there and we did it!!!

It's been 3 days after the event and I still feel the pain in my thighs, especially when taking staircases down. I had to take staircases down on the way to my office :)

We had eaten breads, vegetarian noodles, drank lots of cups of soya bean, barley and plain water, scared of dehydration. Luckily the weather was very good. In the afternoon it was very hot!! But in the evening, it turned cool and no rain. The road was not that hot.

It's been a week and I still haven't recovered from my flu yet. Maybe I'm too stressed ba?? :D

Well... Hope everything goes smoothly. Exam is coming in about 3 weeks time. Not much time to study!! I must put more effort!!

Okla.. Write 'til here first.... Have a great day!!!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Long weekend - day 1

Why is it long weekend? Because I'm taking a day leave on Monday :)

I'm sick. :( Not a good news. Running nose, itchy and dry throat for the past few days. Already didn't feel well since Wed, perhaps too tired after the long revision class during weekend, which caused not having enough sleep.

I went to sleep very early these past 3 days. I slept at about 9 to 9.30pm at night and woke up the next day at about 7pm. Woke up few times for going to toilet (drank too much water).

I didn't see a doctor since I have a supply of medicines from the previous visit. But I still don't feel well :(

Just hope with enough rest and drink more water, also sleeping without air-con can make me get well soon. Wish me luck ba!!

This morning we had breakfast at nearby hawker center. I ate pork porridge while 2R was having vegetarian beehoon and vegetarian wantan mee. They continued their journey to Sengkang for Chinese class while I headed home. I rested and slept again after consumed the medicine and was woken up by sound of thunder and rain. It was raining heavily!!! I closed the window up and tried to continue to sleep but to no avail. My son's tuition center staff called me and told me that I haven't given them the payment since 2nd April's class. Wow!! It was 1.5 months and only now they were asking me for money...

So I called my hubby to pay first. I couldn't sleep anymore, so went to my son's room, packed his table and put my books there. Started to read the articles related to examination paper. Topics by topics and gain more depth understanding about each topic.

2R came back at about 2pm. I asked my hubby to buy lunch. I was hungry. He went to the market and bought food home. I ate mee ta mak soup. Big R ate mi kia soup, and small R ate my half mee ta mak and half economic rice.

I asked my hubby to buy 2 pc of pandan cake and he ended up buying 2 roll of pandan cake home. Waliao..... Communication broke down ah?? Anyway, thank you Laogong and luckily the pandan cake is very nice. It's soft and not dry :)

I continued reading the articles until about 5.30pm, I went to living room, tried to do some warming up so that I won't feel sleepy. Then I looked outside, the weather was good. Not hot, not raining, and not wet. So I decided to go outside for some running. Kekekeke.... My colleague asked me to do some exercise during off day, just to get sweat and can help the body's health. So I went out and run lor... At about every 15 meters I would stop. Hahahaha.... Stopped to breath and regain energy. Haiya, long time never exercised la...

I went to the place where my mother-in-law and son attended the 'Shuang Jie' or Father and Mother's day festival in our neighbourhood area. The guest od honor, Mr. Lee Hsien Long would attend the event. I didn't see him nor my son and mother-in-law. Too many people. So I decided to go home. Didn't feel really well too... Kekekeke...

I went back and took a bath. After a while, my son came back home while my mother-in-law went with my sis-in-law for dinner. My son told me that he had handshake with Mr Lee. Wah, he was so proud lor... Hahahaha.... And he told me Mr Lee said, thank you for our support.....

On the way back home, I passed by the Stadium. They were preparing for Vesak Day celebration. There would be San Bu Yi Bai tomorrow evening and another guest of honor, Mr Goh Chok Tong is coming. Waliao.. Actually so many ministers came to my area, only that I never joined their activities. Only my mother-in-law and son are more free.. Hahahahaha...

At night I was thinking of cooking porridge. I thought the canned salted vegetable was inside the cupboard. But when my hubby checked, it's no more there. So I checked the fridge and found some vegertable. So I told my hubby that I'm going to cook some simple dishes. Ahhahahaa....

I asked him to go to mama shop downstairs to buy eggs as our supply has depleted. So I cooked choy sim with mushroom and garlic, and stir-fried tomato with egg. Then we ate with porridge. Hmm.... Nyummy.. A simple heartwarm home cook dishes for my 2R. Hahahahahaha.... Since I seldom cook, my hubby still praised me, 'cos otherwise, he was afraid that I won't cook anymore in the future... Hahahaha...

Okla.. Going to sleep soon. Btw this evening my eldest sis msged me saying my childhood friend's mom, who yesterday was admitted to hospital and found out that she had blood cancer, has passed away. I msged my friend directly and she told me her mom was gone last night, 00.41pm. All of us didn't expect that her mom will go just like that. Perhaps it's fated. Well... Enjoy life while you can and remember, live your life to the fullest!!! Never live in regret!! Have a great weekend!!!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

These past few days the weather was very hot!!! It forces us to hide inside air-con room, which makes our skin dry, and so does our throat. I have a bit of sore throat now. One of my colleagues is taking MC today. Didn't see any symptoms of flu on him yesterday but he'll be taking long leave this weekend.

Kinda upset with it but I have just to keep remind myself that despite the hot weather, despite the busy schedule of working and studying, I must KEEP FIT!!!

Exam is coming in less than one month's time. And there is a very important event to go next Monday!!! The more I have to KEEP FIT!!! I really hope I can attend the event healthily and overcome the process smoothly. Hope I can make it!

Well.. Kinda busy and short month, plus need of exam preparation. Hope I won't lose the spirit and able to study and concentrate fully to the subject.

Take care of your health everyone! As in Buddhism, it's said 'health is the biggest wealth of the human being'. Have a great day!

Saturday, May 07, 2011

7 May 2011

Today it's the first day of revision. So far so good. The teacher revised the inverstment appraisal, connected with other topics. 6 hours drilled in 2 session. Thanks to the coffee and breakfast eaten before going to the class :D

Tomorrow will be second day. Need to browse through the topic and get myself ready before he revised it tomorrow.

Just now, before heading to take MRT, I stopped by at crystal shop. Ar first I saw the heart shape of gold rutile pendent. Since tomorrow is mother's day, I thought of buying my mom something. Then I asked if there are other models available. After looking for few, I asked the seller, what is this for? He said, it's to make the mind clear during work, study, good for lung, career, and wealth as well. Then I was thinking that this is more suitable for my father and myself since my mom is not working.

I wanted to buy this gold rutile since long time ago but I haven't found any that is nice and suitable for me. Just nice I found 1 that is in bigger size (for my dad) and another one more girly type for myself :) Since it's mother's day, the shop gave 20% discount, and I was asking a slightly lower price. Anyway, she quoted me a price which I think reasonable for the goods that I bought. I felt so happy to find these two items. Because I believe that you need a fate or affinity when you buy a crystal. So I bought it with no hesitation.

It would be my first gift for him, hope he likes it.

Sorry Mom, I still can't find a suitable one for you yet. Hope you don't mind. I will still love you and respect you forever :) Hope one day I can buy something for you that you will like it as well :)

Happy Mother's Day Mum!!!

Today it's polling day as well!! Now I'm on the way to give my vote to the future government. Whatever the result is, just hope Singapore will always be a safe and peaceful country and good place to stay for everyone!!!

Friday, May 06, 2011

First time joining the rally!!!

2 days ago my colleague and I were discussing on who we'll vote during upcoming election. She then said that she attended the WP rally nearby her house last weekend. It was actually interesting to listen what the candidates said in their speech. I went online and listened on the speech during night time before sleep.

The PAP and opposition party were addressing issues and it was like question and answers session. They would react and give their comments on what the other party said about them.

So I was thinking to attend one of the rallies, listening to the party that I have interest at. So we decided to go to the rallies together after work.

We took bus to Ubi area. It was slightly jam when we almost there. We dropped off the bus at one stop before the exact bus stop and walked together with other passengers too (same supporters... Kekeekkee...)

It was raining before that. And the rally was held in the open grass area. The soil was wet and muddy. Although they tried to put a white cover on top of the grass, the soil was just too soft and our feet still landed deeply into soil and wet. However all of us were still walking through it and standing there, listening the speech with wet and dirty feet.

Slowly people was coming and filled the area. Some were cleverer by going to the nearest HDB block, watched and listened to the speech from upper floor (why I didn't think of that??? First experience ba! Hahahaaha...)

It wa drizzling a bit, lucky no rain. The candidates were giving their speech, talking about their goal, aspirations, etc. If they were elected and why people must vote them. They spoke in different languages, with different style of giving speech.

It's really different with PAP candidates. Just saw two young PAP candidates giving their speech and opinion to public. It was... Questionable on their capability to handle the public interest, really. Some were young and inexperience and didn't get the whole picture and had a very little knowledge on what problems that Singaporean are really facing.

It's very different with what the opposition thinks. The opposition candidates are sincere and giving their heart and effort, try to help addressing the problem that community faces.

Too bad my area is now no more under WP. Although I don't move my house,but yet we are now under different GRC from previous election. No explanation given on why they changed it in such way, anyway... Tomorrow is the polling day and today is the cooling off day. Let's think carefully which party we should choose for better future!!!
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