Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Apa ya...

Yesterday nite I got class, and I met one of previous classmate (from the last two papers), and he told me that he failed one of the papers.. (he took 3, while I took 2 only), waa... Was it that difficult? Because he told me that he confidently knew all the answers, but he admitted that his handwriting was not clear enough to read.. (I copied his notes before, so I guess, that's the real problem on him..) hewhehwehwe...
So, he will take 4 exams this time, instead of 3 (as per planned). Good luck, pal!!
For me, hopefully I can go through these 2 exams.. and slowly go through it all... *i wish...
Wish me luck yaaaa....
Today, I learn something from my colleague, recording casual labour voucher. Hm.. interesting.. seems not that important, but at least, i learn something! Hiehwiehwihew...
I hope tonite I can study in the office.... can or not yaaaa..... *banyak godaan nehhhh...
Udah dulu ah.. bubyeeee

Saturday, March 19, 2005


Weekend again!!! What a day!! ^^

Lately I've been in the mood of Chinese songs since my colleague sent me the mp3 Chinese songs into my handphone. Although I didn't really understand the meaning, it's kinda interesting and it attracted me to listen more into Chinese radio station. I could learn from there and reminded me of what I'd learn before. Nice! Thanx YW!!!

Tomorrow I will have class in the morning. After that I may go somewhere to release my boredom hahaha... Actually, everyday I would like to go out to release my everyday's boredom hahaha.. But because of that, I didn't have enough time to study.. My exam is coming in the beginning of June, and so far I haven't prepared anything...:(

It's been 2 months working here in this new company, and so far so good. All my colleagues have been very helpful and friendly (of course you must know how to adapt with the situation well). My boss has treated me well too and never pressurized me in doing things (she gave me lots of freedom as long as I did my job properly), and the other staffs had been treating me well too. Some likes to smile with me when meeting me hahahahhahahhaa.... (Only my husband know about this.. hahahhahaha..)

I've gone through Chinese New Year celebration here (lohey celebration during lunch time), Valentine's Day (nothing special, though), lunch dim sum together, celebrate my colleagues' bday, had dinner together (one of my colleagues got promoted recently), and we will have a BBQ party together next month in my Boss' apartment.

So, I guess in two months time, there were lots of things we've been through and many will come more in the future. Hope that everything will go well and smoothly, especially the interpersonal relationship, and hopefully my company will have better  future as well... :)

Monday, March 14, 2005

Wild Wild Wet

Photo source: Wild Wild Wet

How time flies.. It's been a week since my last blog.

Yesterday it was a family day organised by Mediacorp at this swimming entertainment area called Wild Wild Wet. My hubby and I had to go and back to Cheers in Pasir Ris twice before we're able to get the tickets. 9 of us (my bro n his families, my sis in law's cousin, my sis-in-law and her husband, my hubby and me) went there yesterday from 12.30pm to 6 plus. (My sis-in-law and her husband went after 2 pm).

It was my first time to go there. It was really fun!!! There is one place like that in my hometown, but I haven't visited the place again for quite long time (since primary 1 or 2)?? Therefore, I found that this triple W has recalled back my childhood memory.

My favorite places to play there were Tsunami and Water Shiok while my husband favorite was Jacuzzi.. hehe... The sun was quite strong yesterday. My husband's skin was burnt to red as he didn't use any sunblock at all. Lucky I used it before swimming, so I only had this reddish color on my face and shoulder :)

After going back home I did some packing and not long after that I went to sleep until this morning. What a tired day!!! But Fun!! :)

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Another buzzy week...


Last Saturday after work, we (my hubby, son, me, my sis and her hubby, my bro and his wife with their 2 children, and my mum) went to meet together in Sentosa Island. They're staying there overnight. 

In evening time, we went swimming together then having dinner - Chinese food cu chao (We ate the most expensive kangkung in the world - a small portion of kangkung costs us $7.00 - I swear I won't go to that stall ever again in my life. More over the seller was really showing her attitude and faster asked for money after all foods were served). Really disappointed!!! 

We watched the Magic Water Fountain at 8.40pm. It was quite nice, with the open air and romantic kind of ambiance. 

After the show finished, we went to buy Burger King back to the hotel as snacks, and we ate it with Absolut Vodka Blackcurrant (my favorite alcohol drink). Too bad it was only left a little bit, so each of us only could get one glass hehehehe... 

We were quite exhausted that day. Therefore, my hubby and I went back not long after the drinking session. 

On Sunday, we stayed at home until evening time then it was time for dinner. We had a family dinner at Coca Suki. This time we had it in Novena, not the one in Orchard. It was very full and tiring. 

After coming back home, I still had to iron my working clothes and prepare things for the next morning before going to sleep.

On Monday, I was going back to work. In the evening, I met my hubby. We watched movies together as we received free tickets from my sis-in-law's cousin. It was Singaporean movie called 'I do I do'. Hm.. funny, but not the right time to watch and not the right mood to watch too hehehehe... We went back home after that and went to sleep.

On Tuesday, which was today, I was having a training session organized by corporate office called Thinker Fun. It was interesting and not boring session from 9 to 5pm. 

Tomorrow I will have another one too. But today, after work, I still have to attend my class till 9.45 pm (what a busy life). Tomorrow after the training I will have a dinner with my colleagues in one of the hotel's Café.

Starting Thursday, hopefully I can start studying in my office after work since exams are coming soon. Scaryyyy..... hehehehe...

OKlah.. write till here.. Gotta sleep soon.. Gud niteeee...
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