Sunday, January 27, 2008

Bad mood

Dunno why.. I found myself having a very bad mood these few days.. Feels like my blood wants to burst out of my skin... This afternoon my hubby and I went to Carrefour at Plaza Sing. We have chosen two pairs of Chinese New Year clothes, for my son and his cousin. In the cashier, the girl who attended us, took out the button on one of the clothes harshly.. Undoubtedly, the button part of the cloth has been broken by this inpatient lady. After broken it out, she still looked 'innocent' and tried to take out the price tag. I checked on the torn cloth, and she looked at me.. again.. innocently.. saying.. "how? don't want?".. I really wanted to scold her at that time.. I really wanted to report her attitude to the Carrefour manager.. I really wanted to cancel the buying of the other cloth as well.. but I only told her that I didn't want to take that torn cloth. Walaoo.. I was really angry at that time!!!! What type of attitude was that? Broken the item and still tried to sell it innocently w/out even saying 'sorry'??? Shit man!!!! I wish she got complain one of the day from her stupid attitude!!! It ended up.. we only bought one pair, which was for my sis-in-law's son.. and I still have to find another pair for my son... *haizzzz... Maybe I will make a trip to Suntec to find the same pair, if not.. just bought other type at other shop... Sickening lady!!!!!!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

3R Look-alike Meter

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Happy moments

Beside of being sad from what has happened, we also had happy moments there.. From this funeral, we were able to meet w/ lots of people, especially dear fellow cousins. *See pic from top left to right (Sylvia, me, Silvy, Christine, Shindi, my eldest sis, Fung Yung). We could become closer because during these few days, we always worked together, sat down together, talked to each other, lived in their house, and many more. I would be able to know lots of new members of the family, such as Shindi, Yohanes's wife.. they just got married last December.. but since I lived in Singapore and just started my new job, I wouldn't be able to attend their wedding. Silvy, Jackson's fiancee, whom I've never met before.. I could talk more w/ Sylvia, Jeffry's wife.. From there I knew that she is from Manado, and met Jeffry there.. and all this while, I thought she was older than me.. but then I found out that she is actually one year younger than me.. Since then, she called me "ci" instead of just my name. I could also talk w/ ci Ling2, ko Rocky's wife..

She was actually the one who has deep impression of me, 'cos when I came into Adi Jasa on my first day, she kept looking at me and wonder who am I. I was wearing white and black, so she thought that I must be one of the grandchildren, it's only that she doesn't know whose child I was from 'cos it seems that she never saw me before.. When I saw her during the first day, I also couldn't recognize her.. I mean.. I didn't expect her to be one of the grandchildren.. I thought she was only one of the guests that I didn't know about.. But after that.. she found out that I was my mom's daughter and I just realized that she is ko Rocky's wife.. hahaha.. and they also often go to Singapore for holiday. She told me.. if not because of ema's funeral, she wouldn't be able to recognize me, as one of my grandma's grandchild, if we were have to meet on the street in Singapore. But now.. we would surely know if we met on the street some day.. And few of us found that she is a very friendly and helpful person. She offered me cookie that day.. I told her that the cookie tasted very nice.. then she told me that the cookies were made by her mom-in-law's friend and she could order some for me to bring back to Singapore.. I thought that she was just saying.. but the next day, when she met me, she told me that she has ordered the cookies and after the burial day, I was asked to pass by her mom-in-law's house to pick up the cookies.. Wow... can u imagine??? Someone that you just met in a day, would be so kind to you?

Shindi, has also been very kind to us. Since the very first day, she has already offered her house for us to stay. But at first night, I stayed in Feby's house, 'cos my mom has already agreed w/ him at first place. On second night, after my father came, then I moved in into Shindi's house. Thanks Shindi for ur help and kindness.. Yohannes too, for taking care of us and entertained us while we were there.

From this occasion, I also spent more time w/ Cannell, my cousin, since childhood time. But since we grew up older, we went into different place for more than 20 years and became close again this time. On the journey to my grandma's house from Adi Jasa, we talked a lot about our childhood time. Really nostalgic moment to remember all those things.. He has also shared a lot about what he felt during the days we had in Adi Jasa, as he was one of the people who did lots of things down there..

Below is the pic taken after we returned back to grandma's house from Lawang (all were wearing red t-shirts).

So, after burial day, we went out for dinner as we were invited by Ku Yoyo. We went to Kahyangan, a great place to eat w/ great view and food and reasonable prices too. Although it was located quite far - about an hour journey from my grandma's house - we really enjoy the time we had down there. *See pic below.

After the dinner, we sent Ku Yoyo back to his house and fetched Fredy, my father's friend's son, who also came to Surabaya. All of us went to Coyote and had great time there 'til 3am in the morning.

Next morning, we met w/ most of my grandma's grandchildren. We were invited by ko Rocky for in-between breakfast and lunch at 10.30am at Ah Yat Abalone's Restaurant. We had all you can eat dim sum plus shark's fin soup and abalone. What a sumptuous lunch!!! And before we ended our meeting, all of us shared our story one by one.. about what we got and felt from our grandma's funeral.. And after this, we hope that we can meet more often.. well, maybe without me, since I stayed quite far from them.. But if they came to Singapore, I have already asked them to contact me..

Well... I've come back to Singapore now.. It's been a tiring journey.. but a lovely moment too for being together w/ all relatives..

And today is my mom's birthday... Happy birthday my dear mom.. I have told myself.. to love you more and more and make you always happy while you are alive now.. Although we stayed faraway from each other, I just hope that I won't make you feel disappointed of having me as your child.. I love you Mom!!!


Tuesday afternoon, 9 Jan 2007, I reached Surabaya and was fetched by my cousin, Feby, and drove back to Adi Jasa, where my grandma were put, by one of the rented drivers. Once reached, I met up w/ my relatives who have reached there days before. When I met my mom, I could see her face look very sad, tired, lack of sleep and rest.. and she kept walking here and there trying to find something to do or to help. I had to keep asking her to take a rest while she can rather than walking here and there.. My cousin, Jeffry, told me the story and showed me the pictures he took when my grandma passed away until what I've seen that day.. The place has been decorated nicely organized by my fellow cousins. My fellow aunts and cousins were in charge of many things. For example, I Hoa and Siska were in charge of food.. Feby were in charge of transport.. Canel were previously in charge of flowers but replaced by Jackson and Fandy, so he became in charge of only two things, "table & chairs", added w/ Air con & lights.. kekeke.... Christine, Shindi, and Sylvia were in charge of welcoming guest at the reception desk, also wrote down the list of flowers and food received.. helped by Sylvia who came later on.. Jeffry were in charge of photography and video recording, followed w/ A Hwi who came later on too w/ photography. Lisa and Linda were in charge of room decoration. Ngkim Hui Po were in charge of overall. Ku Liong were also helping out in organizing other necessary thing. Ku Seng and Ku Yoyo were in charge more into inviting the priest to organize the funeral prayer.

My grandma, Corry Massie, passed away on 8th January 2008 at 10.06pm, although her last breath was stopped at 10.15pm, in Adi Husada Hospital, Surabaya. The body were put at Rumah Duka Adi Jasa at Jl. Demak 90 since Wednesday and buried at Pemakaman Sentong Baru, Lawang, on 12th January 2008. She got married had 7 children, 23 grand children, 28 great grand children. 7 children-in-law, 15 grandchildren-in-law w/ total of 80 members of family altogether.

They have prayer twice a day, morning and night, in Christian way, since my grandma and most of her children were Christian. They rented 3 areas become 1 to accommodate the guests. But since the place was occupied fully during 2nd night, we had to open another area, became 4 places into 1. We received lots of food (rice, bread, cakes, etc) and drink from relatives and friends. The food and drink were abundance. Because they always remember, when my grandma was still alive, she always asked everyone who came into her house, to eat first before doing anything else. So in this place, we also asked everyone who came to eat first, to have enough food, before doing anything else.

My father came on Thursday, together w/ Fredy and Ko Aman, his friend. My bro-in-law came on Friday. Then on Saturday morning, we all came at 6.30am. We had our breakfast first. They had a prayer before the coffin were moved from Adi Jasa to the ambulance car. We also went inside the bus and follow the car to Lawang, passing by my grandma's house beforehand. We went out before 9am and reached Lawang at about 11am. Again, we prayed first.. took pics.. then the coffin was slowly brought down into the grave. It was really a touching moments.. Many people were crying. My cousin was singing 'Mama Hao' song too when it happened.. Se shang shi you ma ma hao... you ma de hai zi xiang ke bao... etc etc.... It's really sad moments.. 'Cos we won't see our grandma anymore.. But we believe she will get better in her new life.. Separate from the pains that she suffered here when she was still alive. Hope you were happy in ur new life, Ema....

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Deal or no deal

After new year... I've faced deal or no deal situations twice. First, when I had to decide.. whether to pay my ACCA subscription or not.. 'cos it's crucial to decide if I continue to study or not... And second one, Oops... I just did it again last nite.. No joke...
Actually yesterday nite, right after writing my previous blog, I was about going to sleep.. And before sleeping, I had a talk w/ my hubby regarding my grandma situation and whether I should fly to Surabaya or not.. Not long after that, my phone was ringing... I knew something must have happened... It was! My eldest sis called me to inform that my Grandma just passed away.. at 10.15pm Surabaya time. =( Not long after that, my Mom called me to inform me again.. and she asked me if I can attend the funeral or not.. At that time, I told her.. I might go over there this Friday.. as I thought I'm new in this job and can't take many urgent leave or whatsoever..
Then I thought it over.. Suddenly it flashed me back.. to the time when my Grandma was still staying in Jakarta.. in her old house.. when she stayed not faraway from my parents' house.. When she was healthy, she could walk freely by herself.. She could make 'pempek', 'popiah', or 'pastel', which all were my favourite food... And it was still in my mind when she attended my wedding party.. although it's faraway from the place she stayed...
I discussed it w/ my hubby... should I go today.. or wait until Friday. My hubby thought it was too rush for me to go over.. For me.. at first I was worrying about my job performance.. 'cos previously my boss told me not to take many unpaid or urgent leave as it will affect my job performance etc.. But then... again I think... job is just a job. If they think by taking leave to attend my grandma's funeral was bad for them... then forget it.. I can find other company to work for - if let say I'm not happy w/ their thinking... But.. If I don't attend her funeral.. I will miss a chance to see her again for the last time.. and no matter what.. family is still much more important than anything else in life.. So I told my hubby.. that I will sms my boss.. and find the ticket immediately.. Deal or no deal.. I hate this type of situation when I have to decide on something.. But I just follow my heart, for what I think is right and more important..
I smsed my boss immediately.. at 12am.. middle of the night. I told her that my Grandma passed away an hour ago and I need to attend her funeral. I need to take unpaid leave from Wed to Fri. Surprised for me, she replied me immediately and told me to go for it.. Not to worry (about the job) and take care.. Wow.. I felt very happy for her understanding.. and faster find the available ticket and managed to buy the Jetstar and will fly this afternoon. Thanks God!
Really thanks God for giving me chance to decide on what is right to do.. and this morning.. my Boss smsed me again.. saying that my compassionate leave will be until next Tuesday.. She asked me to do settle my thing and take care.. Again.. I feel very glad.. that she helped me to ease my pressure.. 'cos previously I thought I wouldn't be able to take the compassionate leave as I haven't been confirmed there.. but now.. she told me that.. which means.. I will still get paid for the days I won't be working... Now I can leave Singapore peacefully and settle all the necessary thing over there..
I thank my Hubby too for being understanding to me.. Actually now he needs me too as his mom is hospitalised now.. But he still lets me go to attend my Grandma's funeral.. And thank to my sis-in-law too for taking care my son when I'm not around these few days.. She has helped me lots in fetching my son to and from school.. taking care him when I went to work.. Thanks God for all people around me who has been helpful to me..
I'm going to prepare myself in minutes.. And will go to airport at 11am. My eldest sis has reached Surabaya this morning. She will arrange someone to fetch me later. It's my first time, I guess, to take plane there.. 'cos normally we went there by car.. My father would drive us during school holiday and passed by the city...
Surabaya, I'm coming..
Ema.. hopefully you can stay in peace in heaven... Be happy no matter where you are.. whatever condition you are.. And hope you can be born in better world.. in a happy family.. If got fate, next life we will meet again... Sadhu sadhu sadhu...

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Hectic & busy life

Really busy these few days.. in fact.. this whole week.. Not because of work.. but other things that happened in life...
Well.. we have returned back from Batam. Overall, the trip was good, in a sense that.. everything was planned properly. Once we reached the Harbour Bay port, we were fetched.. by someone.. who ended up is a Manager of the hotel that we stayed *we only knew about it at our last day.. hehehe... He had helped us driving around Batam during our stay. We were sent to the hotel and put in our stuffs right away into our rooms. Not bad la... No lift, but lucky we stayed at 2nd floor.. hehehe... otherwise.... I'm sure the rest would complain.. especially because my mother-in-law's foot was in pain. Anyway.. I went to see my friend's mom right away to discuss about the transport and she has helped us providing the 7-seat car for 1.5 days.. for only 300k rupiah.. or about 50sgd.. We saved a lot man.. 'cos previously she offered us to rent the car w/ driver for 12 hours and it costs 700k.. so we saved more that 50%!!!
My hubby would like to eat 'nasi padang', so I asked Bambang (the Manager), to bring us to the place where they serve good nasi padang... Well.. it was so so la.. 'cos some food tasted quite salty.. and it doesn't cheap too.. okla... 150k rupiah or about 22sgd for overall food and drink. We then visited the Diamond city mall *I think, that's the name.. hehehe... and we bought lots of stuffs inside the Diamond supermarket.. After that we went to Nagoya Hill.. and my hubby managed to buy 'Polo' t'shirt.. a very cheap one.. only 30k per piece.. kekeke.. or 5sgd each.. hahahahhahaha.... We stopped by and had a root beer float at A&W. My sis-in-law couldn't wait to take picture of the mascot.. kekekeke...
At 6pm, we went to Golden Prawn to have our dinner. Before we were seated, we chose some live seafood and chose on what type of dishes the seafood would be cooked.. So we chose live shrimps, fish, gong gong, and crab and chose few vegetables to go along. Well.. overall it costs us 500k rupiah or about 73sgd for the food and drink. Oklah.. but I still prefer to eat at Bumi Aki Puncak, more to my taste.. Javanese style instead of Chinese cooking.. hehehehe....
Finally we went back to hotel to take a rest... and woke up quite early the next morning... We went out at 9am. First, we had breakfast - tami or mi kea - and a cup of Kopi-O. Not bad la.. but the portion was little bit small for us.. hahaha... Next.. we went to Toa Pek Kong temple to pray and then.. massage time!!! We were brought to 'formerly' Martha Tilaar near Komplek Top 100. I was informed by the staff afterwards, that they were not belong to Martha Tilaar anymore but Englo's Salon and Spa. But most staffs were trained from Martha Tilaar and lots of them still stayed and worked there. I was quite lucky that morning as there was someone cancelled the package, so I could go in to fill up the empty one.. So, I took the package.. massage plus scrub.. plus steaming.. masker.. and mandi susu or take bath using the milk... so called... The whole process took 2.5 hours.. So relaxing...
Then I continued with Hair Spa using the L'Oreal products.. Oh ya.. the package only costs 170k rupiah and the Hair Spa together w/ cutting little bit of my hair costs 108k. So overall costs would be 278k or 43 sgd for about 4 hours.. hehehe.. really spending my time there.. While the rest only had hair spa or creambath.. and one of my sis-in-law was having 45min massage. After that they just browsed around the mall at the opposite of the salon and had their lunch there..
At 3pm the whole thing ended and met them in the shopping centre. I found out that my mother-in-law's injury was bleeding... So we headed back to hotel immediately and my hubby and bro-in-law cleaned and put the bandage into her legs. Then we went to the Harbour Bay to wait for our boat...
Well.. our journey ended there.. We took 5.30pm's boat back to Singapore.. and reached there about an hour later.. and took taxi back home.
My bro-in-law brought my mother-in-law to her doctor, and the doctor asked her to go to hospital for further check-up. So they went to the hospital at that night and found out that she is actually having diabetes.. and she had to stay in the hospital that night and had her leg operated in the next morning. No wonder la.. last time she had injured her finger and it really took quite long time to recover. I think it took about a month to really recover. Her sugar level was quite high on the day she was admitted to hospital.. I think it was 26 *normal was 4-10, I guess. Then found out lor.. on the day she were in Batam, she drank lots of soft drinks and juices... Haiz.. if we knew.. we wouldn't ask her to go along.. 'cos we also walked quite a lot on that day..
My sis-in-law took a week leave to take care her baby and helped me taking care my son too while my mother-in-law stays in hospital..
Then.. my grandmother from mother's side is also in hospital now. Her condition is much worst than my mother-in-law. But my grandma is old liao la.. 80years old plus.. My mom and her siblings are all there liao.. Lots of grandchildren came to visit her as well.. My mom wanted me to go there as well if anything happened to her.. Well.. see how is her condition lor.. Doctor said she doesn't have many days to live due to her health condition.. Well. only God knows what is the best for her.. Just pray that she is happy in whatever condition she is...
Going to sleep now.. Outside it's raining.. so good to sleep.. Too bad I have to work tomorrow and will have a class too.. haiz... nite nite

Friday, January 04, 2008

Happy New Year 2008

Hip hip hurrayyy...
Hehehe... lazy and also busy recently.. so only now I got a chance to write here..
Count down... just watch TV at home.. really not interesting... haiz.. kinda wasted my time... My hubby and son slept.. boring hoh? Hahahahaha...
Aiya.. everyday is the same la... correct or not? It's just a matter of 'special day'
Tomorrow we're going to Batam and stay there for a night. It's our first time being there.. All of us.. 6 adults and 2 children. House will be empty... except Jojo, my sis-in-law's dog.. hehehe...
We are going to stay in hotel owned by my ex-schoolmate's parents-in-law. Normal hotel la.. not those big one.. So.. don't expect much from it.. Just a place to stay for a night. It's cheap though... It costs us 120k rupiah per nite.. or about S$20 per room. We will be fetched also at the harbour once we arrive. I've booked the seats as well for the boat.. but not buy the tickets yet.. hehehehe...
So hopefully everything is going to be fine. I've planned to spend the first day shopping.. and makan... while 2nd day is to rejuvenate and pamper ourselves at Martha Tilaar... Massage, creambath, and facial.. maybe.. hehehe.... Hope can eat some seafood too during first night..
Work wise.. still like that.. have not improved yet.. I mean.. I'm still working on it.. still in probation time.. so.. I will think through if I stay or leave it... See how la..
And I've joined back to the ACCA club last Wed.. kekekeke... After 'deal or no deal' moment.. I decided to give myself chance again.. be it the last chance.. Target... take at least 1 paper this year.. no rush... give myself time... Yah.. see how la... hahahaha...
Oklah.. going to sleep now.. Gotta wake up quite early tomorrow morning... Have a nice weekend everyone... Take a good care.. Stay healthy! Byeeee....
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