Friday, July 14, 2006

Today.. rest day (Thursday)

Today I'm not going anywhere. This morning I woke up at 8.30am to prepare American breakfast for my friend and her flatmate.. fried eggs, sausages, bacon, and bread with eggs.. hehehe.. not bad.. with orange juice to complete the meal =)
Then, washing up.. taking a shower, washing clothes and drying it up. While waiting, I downloaded my photos taken few days ago to my new laptop =), the one I'm using it right now.
It's 12pm now.. gotta be ready for cooking lunch 'cos I asked my friend to come home for lunch today as my gratitute for giving me permission staying here with her. Thanks, Yul!!
Only simple fried rice, hope u enjoy it.. hahahaha...
Later.. maybe put my pics on the fs, then having a nap before cooking anohter simple dinner for tonite.. hehehe... write till here then.. Ciao!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

I'm in LA now...

Well, I'm in LA now. It's been my 5th day over here. It's a very good feeling of having holiday *no work for 3 weeks... can u imagine? Have a free time to do whatever things I want.. very far away from the country where I live.. (7 hrs flight to Japan and another 10 hrs to LA)
It's very far.. and very tiring when u sit on the airplane almost continuously as the transit time.. phew... very short... only about an hour or less...
I stay in my friend's place over here. But she works for this current week, so that I have to spend my time alone.. taking the tour over here.. On Monday, I went to Universal Studio alone.. It's kinda sad 'cos it's very hard to get someone who can help me taking picture nicely (some of them have a very bad skill in taking pics.. hiks...), that's why I didn't take lots of it.. well.. I took a lot.. but no me inside... just the view, the building, etc...
Universal Studio.. I guess it's my second time of visiting this entertainment park. First one, in Barcelona, Spain, together with my school's friends during our Barcelona trip, and this one is a second one. Well, they're almost the same, but there is some new ride, like the Mummy.. and can't really remember about the rest. The shows are almost about the same.
But at least they have a tour surround the studio. We took a 45 minute ride tram, sitting inside listening to the guide and going from one scene to another, showing us some special effects used for the show, feel in it.. feel wet, moved, flooded in minutes, all that kind of feeling. It was not bad at all, I quite enjoyed it.
I had a very quick lunch *10 mins, I guess.. having a burger & fries (junk food...) and tried to catch Waterworld show.. Lucky I didn't get so wet.. 'cos in the show.. you can get wet as you 're taking a bath.. It was crazy..
After that, I went to the lower level to have some other rides and back to the upper level to watch the Terminator2. The show was quite good.. then I had to go round and round myself 'til my friend coming up to accompany me to the City walk.
We walked around from one shop to another and finally we had our dinner at 9.30pm at Mexican Restaurant.. forgot its name, but starting with 'C'. I quite enjoyed the food.. but the portion here was really BIG... We just couldn't finish our food most of the time.
Then my friend drove us back home and I had a little nap otw home.
Yesterday, I was having Grand and Movies' Stars home's tour from LA sightseeing. We arrived ten minutes late to the hotel where I would be picked up, only to find out that the driver even later than me for another 10 minutes.. Me and family of four were driven up to Marina de Bay in Santa Monica, to their main office and otw there, we went through the houses with canal, very beautiful (I thought place like that only can be found in place like Amsterdam), and we waited again for quite some time before sitting up in the bus. Since there were 3 persons came by him/herself, the driver asked us to sit together in two.. 'cos another couple of passengers were going to sit together.. Yeah.. the girl behind me kept insisting of sitting next to the window seat.. I just didn't like the way she did like that.. and I had no choice but to give up my seat for the other couple.. but finally I moved out to sit with another guy to have a better view.. and not long after, another single guest was sitting next to her... hahaha...
We stopped for about 10 mins in St. Monice Pier 44, then the driver brought us around Sunset Boulevard, Bel-Air, and Beverly Hills, showing us houses of those billionaires and most of them were movie stars, directors, author, singer, etc... like Nicole Kidman, Tom cruise, Kurl Russel, Steven Spielberg, etc... so many of them, can't really remember.. =P
Then we stopped by at BH Rodeo to have a short sight and feeling to shop in a very luxury, classy shops (there is one, that you can only shop by appointment only - Bijon, otherwise they won't let u in no matter how rich or how much money u have), all the branded shops along the street, such as Bvlgari, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Prada, Versace, etc.. etc...
I missed up the Cheesecake factory that was located nearby.. if I've known earlier, I would have buy one 'cos I started loving cheesecake not long time ago.. But my friend told me that there is one nearby here and I think I must go there and try!!!! (no matter how fattening they are... =P)
We went up to the hill to see the 'Hollywood' sign and took a very far picture... btw, I haven't seen the 4 faces yet.. hm.. must ask 'cos suddenly I remember there supposed to be one over here in Hollywood... then we went to Universal Studio Citywalk again to have our lunch there.. I tried a Mexican fast food called Rubio's and they have a very nice World's Famous fish tacos there.. I finished three of them but couldn't finish the nachos... then having walk before we were fetched to the downtown LA. Well, the driver just drove us around to see the historic area of LA's origin, the music centre, Chinatown, then at 3.30pm the tour has finished and he left us at Macy's Plaza, which I think.. have nothing inside. A big shopping centre *3 floors for the Macy's shop, but the design, model, and prices were awful. They also have Victoria Secret, but really, nothing much inside it. I just hope I could find whatever I want this Saturday at Cabazone, otherwise.. I will shop back in S'pore then.. hahahahaa...
I just went round and round 'til they fetched us back at 7pm (which they said, they would fetch us at 6.30pm). I arrived back to the hotel where I got in at 7.45pm and my friend fetched me and we had our dinner at Thai Nakorn (we saw in someone's blog telling that the food was the best in the county - for Thai food), and I think.. it's not that wonderful...
We went back home at 9.50pm, taking bath, packing my things and slept about 11pm, I guess.. And this morning I follow my friend to her office 'cos she will fetch me to South Coast Plaza this afternoon for me to browse around myself. And now I'm writing this blog in her friend's desk, using her computer (she was on leave and will be back tomorrow).
Well.. I guess I write til here 'cos my hands are tired... *long time didn't write a long story... heheheheh... Hope I could enjoy the rest of the day then.. Ciao...

Friday, July 07, 2006

Tomorrow I'll fly

Waaaaa.... finally the day is coming... The flight is tomorrow morning 6am, so I must wake up at 3am to prepare myself and be at the airport at 4am. Hopefully I could wake up and manage to be there on time.. otherwise.. hiks hiks hiks.. I will spend the rest 3 weeks staying at home... eating my tidbits.. hahahahhaa...
Hm... very nervous.. 'cos it's been such a long time since my last trip alone (without family member) away so far.. It reminds me the time I studied abroad.. Have to separate with my family members and living a lonely life there.. hm.. not lonely.. but life with other people who has the same fate with me.. hehehee... yeah.. with friends, I mean.. but has to struggle lor.. 'cos being separated with people u love is very very painful.. don't u think so???
Another 22 minutes to go, then I can finish up my day in the office.. hehehehehehehhehe... I wanna thank to my Boss who gave me her permission of leaving this office for such a long time =D
Yeah.. everyday I don't need to think of what to wear, what work to do.. can sleep as much as I want.. can go out until soo0... late and not afraid of waking up late in the morning.. hm.. but seeing my schedule.. it's quite tight actually.. and I need to wake up quite early for few days.. =P Anyway... I don't need to sit down and facing computer whole day.. I can browse around Universal Studio, Disneyland, shopping centre, factory outlet, Magic Mountain, Pier 39, various hotels at Las Vegas.. hm.. hopefully what have been planned can be done..
Me and my friend also planned to take helicopter to see the beautiful Grand Canyon.. If we can reserve it, it will be my first time taking helicopter in my life.. hehehehehe...
Stop day dreaming.. I just hope that everything is going alright... Hopefully God can protect me wherever I go in everything that I do.. and can come back home safely as per planned... Please pray for me yahhhhh....
Gotta close this out.. and perhaps I could write another blog any time soon while I was there.. OK??? Ciao

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

3 more days to go!!!

Another 3 days to go!!!
Hm.. it's been quite long time that I didn't travel that long.. feel a bit nervous.. but at least I will not be there alone.. there will be my friend accompanying me..
Ever imagined travelling alone.. Sleep in the hostel, mixing with other 7 or 9 people (same gender, of course), taking bus to travel here and there.. challenging, actually.. but alone.. not fun at all... but again.. adventurous.. hm.. maybe one day i will do that.. but not alone.. with another friend, of course.. perhaps go to Europe again??? hm... too ex.. hahahahhahaa.... see how laaa...
For now, i just hope everything would be alright... Nervous leh... =D
As for now, I try to clear my job before I left. Hopefully I don't leave anything much for my friends/ boss to do.. I just try my best not to adding my job for them too much... No matter what, I still have a sense of responsibility, especially in my job.. hehehe...
About world cup.. *sigh... I only bet twice so far and I lost both of them.. hehehee... *guess that I really dun hef luck in it... what to do.....
Well.. write till here... Wish me luck, everybody... thanks... =D

Monday, July 03, 2006


Recently I posted lots of songs' translation in this blog 'cos I just found some nice songs around and wanted to share it with all of you.
5 more days to go. I haven't finished packing 'til my last day. U know wad? I had a nightmare last nite. Suddenly I just didn't know what day was today and when was my departure date. Suddenly I felt that the plane must have been flying without me, left me wasting my money on everything. Luckily someone had awaken me and told me that my departure date was one more day (tomorrow) and I haven't been left yet by the airplane. Heng aaaa..... suddenly I could breath again.. The funny thing, there was someone that I never expect to appear in my dream came out and we became friends (well, not completely friends, but at least I asked her whether she had anything that she wanted to give or passed through me), and I couldn't really remember what was her answer. Anyway.. it's really scary when you were overslept and missed the plane. As my flight will be 6am in the morning, I have to be in the airport at 4am and really scared of overslept... Hopefully I won't... hiiiiii......

Kiss Goodbye

Baby, don't cry again
How familiar this scene is
Hold your hands tight
You and I don't wish to part
Everytime when I want to say something
It is better to just stay silent
Give me one minute to really appreciate your beauty

Sorrow accompanies felicity
Both crosses in my heart in the mean time
The tears of frustation cannot test the weight of love
The love that I gave out cannot be collected back
I can't give you the love that I still owe you
Don't take away my heart too, following you

Everytime I am separated from you
I'm deeply defeated by you
Everytime I give up your tender
It is so painful that I cannot resolve the feeling
Everytime I am separated from you
Everytime I kiss you goodbye
The taste of love, I finally understand to its fullest at this moment

translation of Kiss Goodbye by Wang Lee Hom

Thinking of you

this time i can really think of u
really wish that u are here, oh
you are always willing,
to lend me your hand to hold tight

where should I go,
i always depend on you,
you are my direction, oh
i am really sure
that you will bring me to the right direction

* im thinking of u, I have you it's really good
you can make my problem become smaller
i'v known someone that really understand me
i will remind myself to keep this love within me
im thinking of u, I have you it's really good
only by holding your hand I knew
im not the only one in this world waiting
because I have you in my heart

thinking of u, I have you it's really good
thinking of u, oh, whoa

where should I go,
i always depend on you,
you are my direction, oh
i am really sure
that you will bring me to the right direction

because I have you,
i saw the world is beautiful

im thinking of u, I have you it's really good
only by holding your hand I knew

I found strength that won't be lacking forever
because I have you in my heart
im thinking of u, I have you it's really good
im thinking of u, I have you it's really good

translation from You ni zhen hao by Fan Wei Qi & Rainie Yang
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