Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Waiting for the rain to subside

QOTD - On raining day :)

I just filled my stomach with hot yong dou fu soup at the coffee shop inside the shopping mall nearby my house. Dated my hubby who worked at the same building, and we had coffee to warm and energize our bodies in such cooling weather.

I left my house without the pocket umbrella that I usually brought in every occasion (be it hot and rain). It was cloudy when I glanced upon the balcony window, but I did not step outside to check whether it was raining or not. The cold weather enveloped Singapore these past few days and I took it for granted that it was not due to rain. Only after I came out from the lift at the first floor, then I realized that the sky had already drizzled.

"It is just little rain," I told myself as I was too lazy to go up and take the umbrella from home. I continued walking and passing by the mail box to drop a letter before reaching the mall.

Since I woke up quite late today, I did not have my breakfast at home and directly had heavy lunch. So now, my stomach was still full from it.

I walked around inside the shopping mall after separated with hubby, to catch at least 5,000 steps counted by the watch on my wrist. The goal was 10,000 steps a day. And I had zero for the last 2 days as I was engulfed in my reading and hid myself below the blanket enjoying the cold weather. "So today, let me get at least half for now." 

Christmas tree on raining day ^^

The watch vibrated when it reached 5,000 steps and I wanted to go home. But alas, it was raining outside, even heavier than when I came. "Haiz..... Where should I go, what should I do????"

My lip wanted to taste another cup of black coffee or even the hot milk tea. The image of me dipping the kaya toast and slurping the half boiled eggs filling my mind. As when I passed by the shops, I too imagined munching the deep fried you tiao and the fluffy meat bun. However, my full stomach alarmed me and said no to all my imaginary scenes. "Hahaha.... It is not that I do not have money to buy those. But this stomach puts the 'no' sign voluntarily. "

The air condition blew harshly and made the place much cooler. It made me running away from it. Luckily this mall was built with some outdoor seats with roof on top. I walked down to the basement and found a quiet nice wooden seat, then rested my butt in it. This rain had given me a reason to write about this situation and romanticize everything that I faced.

It was still raining by the time I finished writing this. It rained heavier and the sky had become much darker. "I should have just stayed at home just now. Haiz.... it is too late now."

Luckily I had fully charged my phone battery before coming out. I browsed around Goodreads to find out what nice book to read. I searched such interesting book at the National Library apps and checked whether they had the online book available. "Yesssss!!! I got one. 'Life will be the death of me' - by Chelsea Handler."

My next read - 'Life will be the death of me' by Chelsea Handler

I downloaded it immediately and it was time to read now as I clicked the 'publish' button from this site. After all, I only needed a book, good weather, and quiet place to do what I like doing.

Thursday, October 10, 2019

Visiting Jeju Island during Typhoon Mitag - Day 2

Our first stop - Jeju coastal road view - Jeju Island

Thank Buddha, the next morning, the weather seemed good. I mean, we expected rain to happen, but there was no strong wind that we were worrying about earlier. Mr Won too (our driver for the day), messaged me early in the morning, to confirm about the car rental arrangement and the trip. And yes, we went on with our journey to browse the Jeju island instead of staying inside the room and doing nothing :)

Second stop - One of the 300 fishing villages view in Jeju Island :)
While planning for our trip to Jeju, we never thought of typhoon into the possibility of happening in our itinerary. Therefore, my sister planned to browse around east side of Jeju to see the beautiful nature that Jeju could offer. And it was where I went last time on my first trip to Jeju - towards the east, to visit Manjanggul Cave, Seongsan Ilchulbong, Seongeup Folk Village, Sangumburi Crater, Mysterious Road, and so on.

But I told my sisters that those were mostly nature and outdoor activities. We could not possibly climbing the Seongsan Ilchulbong in such rain and cold wind weather. The women diver might not want to dive in such weather as well. Therefore, we changed our plan and route. We traveled to the west and south of Jeju Island, and visited places that I had never been to before.

Morning coffee stop at Aewol Monsant Cafe owed by G-Dragon - Jeju Island

Actually that was my wishes to visit the other parts of Jeju Island. And the typhoon Mitag made my wishes came true. It was also my sister's wish to visit Aewol Monsant Cafe owed by her favorite singer - G Dragon and K-Pop Play Museum. So I guessed, both our wishes came true and thanks to the typhoon to make it possible :D

What is this??? Some kind of decoration?? Lol!!!

In my humble opinion, there was nothing special at the Aewol Monsant Cafe. The chandelier was not there (it was being damaged by his fans), puddled of water was found just in front of the cashier (and you worried your shoes would get wet while ordering your coffee and cake?), round hole as per shown in above picture, and the cost of coffee and food were exorbitant. Their signature drink - Dolce Vita - tasted nothing special and not worth for paying KRW 7,500 per cup. Only the expensive carrot cake (KRW 8,000 per slice) could at least taste good. If it was not belonged to G Dragon, I don't think people would still come and spend their money plus time there (I hope by posting this, the fans won't attack me with their comments :P)

Hallabong oranges roadside seller - Jeju Island

We continued our journey. Since the rain was there and wind was blown quite heavily, it was perfect for us to visit more indoor area. And our next destination was to visit the Osulloc Tea Museum. Find out more about the place information here

Osulloc Tea Museum - Jeju Island

We stayed indoor at this place. There were few photo spots completed with props featuring their tea products, a very good way to have a free advertisement done by the public (including me here :P).

Victims of expensive tea products :P - Osulloc Tea Museum

There was shop selling the tea and tea products inside. They even provided cups of tea sample so that you could taste before buying it. The prices of all products were very expensive. Check the price out here. But since it was the only tea shop that was available in the island, tourists were still willing to spend their money on the local products. The packaging of the tea was made very nice and that was actually where your money went to mostly :D

Tasted the tea and tea products - Osulloc Tea Museum in Jeju Island

There was cafe selling tea products too where customers could buy. We shared few items together, just to find out what it tasted like. Loved the green tea ice cream (KRW 6,000) and the Hallabong O Fredo (KRW 7,500), but not the green tea roll cake (KRW 5,000). The taste of the green tea on the cake was not strong enough. 

Jeju Osung Seafood Restaurant - Highly recommended by me!!! Must eat if you visit South part of Jeju Island!!!

By the time we finished tasting the tea desserts, it was lunch time and my stomach was hungry for warm food. Mr Won brought us to a traditional local restaurant nearby called Jeju Osung Restaurant. He recommended us to order the grilled Mackerel and seafood stew.

Wonderful seafood lunch at Jeju Osung Traditional Restaurant - Jeju Island

Oh man, I had hard time to find out the name of this restaurant!!! You have to try it yourself to find out how delicious their food is!!! The Jeju Osung traditional restaurant had been operated since 1973. And no, I did not get any sponsor in recommending you this place. Everything I wrote on my blog was based on my personal humble opinion, be it good or bad. And I loved the food they served here!!!

We ordered the seafood set for two (KRW 90,000) that included seafood doenjang jjigae or seafood stew (in long rectangular cooking pot that you see at the above picture - filled with 4 pieces of live abalone (sorry for boiling you alive...), a piece of medium size octopus, two giant clams, and very fresh hairtail fish), abalone dolsot stone pot rice (the one on right top), uni miyeok guk (Korean seaweed soup with sea urchin - the one with greenish things inside the bowl), breaded fried pork, and one stick of assorted skewer, with additional order of grilled Mackerel, and sea urchin bibimbap. We added those because we thought the portion for two would be very less. It was really more than our expectation!!! And the varieties and taste of the banchan (side dishes) was superb!!!! I had no words to explain :) Just go down and try! Total spend was KRW 121,000 for all.

Free two Americano too!!! :)

After payment, we were entitled to get two free cups of Americano (hot or cold) from the cafe located below the restaurant. Wasn't it a great perks to have after meal??? :)

Jungmun Saekdal Beach - Jeju Island

After lunch, Mr Won brought us to see the Jungmun Saekdal Beach. And lucky us, the rain was only started once we finished taking our photos. You could see from the photos how big the wind was. The waves had all turned white due to the heavy wind that blown from the sea. Fyi, touching the stomach of the Dol Hareubang (Grandfather rock) was believed to give a good wealth luck, and yes, we did that!!! Hahahaha.... :P

Play K-Pop Museum - Jeju Island

Stomach was full, and wind outside was still heavy blown. It was time for some indoor activity!!! Indoor activity?? Not as what you think Sherab!!! (In case you read this, lol!!! :P) Next, we went to the Play K-Pop Museum. I heard about the place last time, but that was all. Did not know what was inside. Mr Won was rushing us to faster enter the place as the show had just been started. What show? We found out only after reaching inside.

Hologram concert by G-Dragon - Kpop Play Museum in Jeju Island

It was the Hologram concert by G-Dragon, my sister's favorite singer. The sound speaker and quality of the hologram made it as if we were attending the real concert!!! Impressive!!!

Felt like attending the real concert!!! Hologram concert by G-Dragon - Kpop Play Museum in Jeju Island

They played quite few songs and my eldest sister was enjoying herself very much, dancing all the way from the beginning 'til the end. 

My eldest sister was performing in concert with G-Dragon at K-Pop Play Museum, Jeju Island

It got the staff's attention and she was participating in the concert, dancing together with G-Dragon :D She was indirectly famous for the day too!!! :D :D :D Sorry for my loud out laugh on the video. Was too exciting that my sister got called on the stage hahahahaha.... :D

Other activities inside the K-Pop Play Museum - Jeju Island

After that we were all heading to the second floor where many interactive activities with Korean famous singers were available. Taking photo with them was one of the thing you could do. 

Bring your memories back home with this USB drive :D - K-Pop Play in Jeju Island

They would save all the files using the barcode of your ticket, which at the end of your visit, you could purchase the photo in paper at KRW 4,000 each page, or the cute recorder 16 GB USB drive containing all the photos you took earlier at KRW 15,000 each.

Live 360 3D show by PSY Man - K-Pop Play in Jeju Island

And before leaving the place, we managed to watch the fife-minute Live 360 3D show by PSY Man by wearing the 3D glasses provided. Quite cute but the ending was not that good.

Time spent at Teseum (Teddy Bear Museum) - Teddy Bear Safari - Jeju Island

Posing with various bears at Teseum - Jeju Island

Last place to visit before we went back to Jeju town, we stopped at the Teseum (Teddy Bear Museum) - Teddy Bear Safari. Well, it was a place where you could take photo with so many bears. If I was much younger, I might find this place amusing. Hehehe... But I felt just so so now lah... :D

Cute flower bears at Teseum - Jeju Island

Teddy Bear wearing different countries clothes - Teseum in Jeju Island

The wind blew heavier and rain was strong too by the time we went out from this place. Mr Won was worrying that we would get stuck somewhere due to this. However it was only lasting for a while. As our journey back continued, the weather had changed and we could leave our worry away. In fact, he could not believe that we had a very good day (as in, we were able to avoid any strong wind and heavy rain caused by the typhoon Mitag). SB really blessed our journey, thank you once again!!!

Chicken dinner at Mom's Touch - Jungang underground shopping center - Jeju Island

This time he brought us to the Jungang underground shopping center - the one located at old Jeju town - to have our dinner. Since we were still quite full from our delicious lunch, we chose to have fried chicken over heavy meals like rice or noodle. We asked Mr Won to have dinner with us too and had a chit chat over life in South Korea.

Final pose with Mr Won and his huge van - our driver for Jeju Island trip!!! :)

After dinner, we were allowed some free time to digest our food by walking around the underground shopping center and then were sent back to hotel to take a rest. 

Fyi, I knew Mr Won since five years ago when I was going for my first trip to Jeju island. Initially I thought of hiring him but since it was only two of us (and he was taking jumbo taxi that time), he referred us to his friend instead. And this time, since it was five of us, we finally had fate to travel together. 

He was such a positive, optimistic, and energetic guy in his sixties. He kept encouraging himself since the tour started and kept giving us information about Jeju Island and places that we visited. If you want to visit Jeju and want to get his van service, you can message me on the comment below and leave your email address so I can send his number to you.

So, that was about it!! The info about places we could go during typhoon Mitag. Hope it can help you when you visit Jeju Island next time :)

Visiting Jeju Island during Typhoon Mitag - Day 1

Flight from Busan to Jeju Island by Jeju Air (Experiencing local domestic flight) - South Korea

From Busan, we flew using Jeju Air (domestic airline) to Jeju Island, on October 1st, 2019. In the evening after we reached Jeju, I heard about the typhoon Mitag. From the internet, they said the typhoon would pass by China, Japan, and South Korea, and that too to area where we went - Busan and Jeju.

Safe flight - Busan to Jeju Island :)

Omg!!! Months of September and October were not really good to travel around Southeast of China, Japan, and Korea. The typhoon came more often these past few years.

So upon reaching Jeju, I immediately sent the message to Mr Won (who would drive us around Jeju island on our second day in Jeju) about the possibility of the typhoon. He too conveyed his concern since safety was the most important issue that he had while traveling with his guests, and he was willing to cancel our arrangement if the typhoon was getting bad the next day.

Welcome to Jeju Island - South Korea

It was raining when we flew from Busan and it was still raining even after reaching Jeju Island. After putting our luggage at the hotel, rain did not deter us from walking all the way to Dongmun Market - a must visit place when you go to Jeju. Everyone wanted to have lunch inside the air-conditioned restaurant and have proper meal (in their case, rice set), while I insisted of eating at my favorite stall selling more like Korean street food kind.

I went there last time with hubby on my first visit to Jeju and still reminisced the taste and feeling we both had on the food served. Even if I had to be alone, the Universe decided otherwise. As I chose my seat - I sat and shared table with one granny - she smiled at me, and even offered me the Kimbab (rolled rice) that she was having together with her Tteobbokki (spicy rice cake).

Lunch at my favorite stall in Dongmun Market - Jeju Island, South Korea

I ordered one plate of Tteobbokki as well and hesitated of ordering the Kimbab - which was my favorite. I was afraid I could not finish it as it was too filling - carbohydrates from rice and rice cake. Therefore, I ordered one portion of Odeng (fish cake with soup) - 3 sticks were served. She still offered me her Kimbab, so in return, I offered her my Odeng. Hahaha.... This way, both of us could eat more variety without having to eat too full!!! Thank you Ahjumma for your kindness!!! I could not stop smiling while eating the food :)

Try their mandarin orange juice - Jeju specialty fruit and Hotteok (sweet pancake) at Dongmun Market - Jeju Island

Finished my meal with a bottle of cold mandarin orange juice - the Jeju specialty fruit - with its cute bottle at KRW 3,000 each, and Hotteok (sweet pancake) from one of the stalls near the exit.

Dongmun Market - Jeju Island

There were many other snacks available and souvenir shops too. It was better to buy the Jeju souvenir here. The price was slightly cheaper than the souvenir shops at touristic area.

Afterwards we took taxi to visit the Yongduam Rock. It was located not too far from the Dongmun Market. By taxi it cost us KRW 3,400 only. The wind was very big once we went down from our taxi. But miraculously, the rain stopped, and so did the wind. It allowed us to take photos with no hassle and kept us dry!!! Thank SB!!! :)

With Dol Hareubang (Grandfather rock) at Yongduam Rock - Jeju Island

Or perhaps it were Dol Hareubang (Grandfather rock) who were protecting us from the wind and the rain when we visited the place. Fyi, Dol Hareubangs were the two large rock statues, considered to be gods offering both protection and fertility and were placed outside of gates for protection against demons travelling between realities (usually found only in Jeju Island) - see the above photo :)

Posed with the Mermaid at Yongduam Rock - Jeju Island

Yongduam Rock is a popular oceanfront volcanic rock formation in the shape of a dragon's head, a must visit place if you go to Jeju Island. Legend said it serves as the symbol of the dragon's unfulfilled dream. Read more of its story here.

Yongduam Rock (the volcanic rock in the shape of Dragon's Head) in Jeju Island

We went back to hotel to have some rest and at night, we asked the hotel staff on where to eat the Jeju black pork BBQ. Lucky that he pointed us to the local restaurant located not too far from where we stayed as the rain was still there on and off, and all was the effect from the Typhoon Mitag that happened at the surrounding area.

Donsachon - Korean BBQ Black Pork in Jeju Island

We ordered a portion of white pork and three portion of black pork (two portions were rejected as it was too little). Four portions were still too much for five of us as we were all ladies and some ate very less. So, as the youngest, I had to try my best not to waste the food, and that was why I gained so much weight from this trip :P

The BBQ white and black pork with Hallasan Soju and Terra Beer - Donsachun in Jeju Island

I used to detest the taste of Korean Soju, until Sam (our driver in Seoul - who was actually a very rich businessman) introduced us "Bum" - the mixture of Soju and beer. When mixed together, the taste of Soju was not that obvious and both combination became tastier. So that day onwards, I always had Bum mixture instead of Soju or beer alone :) And if you go to Jeju, Hallasan Soju is a must have!! :)

Not forgetting the Korean ramen at aside :D - Donsachun, Jeju Island

Yes, not forgetting to order the Korean noodle soup at aside. It tasted really delicious in such cold night. Perfect with the BBQ pork :)

See our happy faces??? :D

Mom and sisters :)

Our happy faces as per shown above, before we became overeating. Hahahahahaha..... :P So, will share another post on where to visit during Typhoon Mitag in Jeju Island!! Oh, as for additional info, after going back to hotel and watching news, we found out that many flights were cancelled flying from Busan and Jeju Island on that day. Luckily we reached Jeju the day before from Busan and it did not affect us. SB was really helping us and let our journey went on smoothly. Thank you, thank you, and thank you!!! :)

Places to go when visiting Busan - Last part :)

Go around Busan with bus :)

We started our day by taking public transport - in this case, bus - to visit Gukje Market, the largest traditional market in Busan. Fyi, it was convenient to travel around South Korea using public transport, such as: bus or metro. Train and domestic flight were easy to book as well. So no worry about traveling to South Korea without any knowledge of their language because English was available at most places.

My cute T-money card :)

What you need to purchase was T-money card - which you could get at any convenience store or metro station at KRW 4,000 each - usually with no value inside, and you could also top up the charge amount at the same shop or using machine (English language instruction was available).

I used Google map to get direction from one place to another in South Korea. But sometimes I still had to use their own apps like Kakao map and Kakao metro to get better information. In anyway, I would find any way to reach my destination as I had to lead my group to the place in the most possible best way :D

Gukje Market in Busan, South Korea

We went to the market with empty stomach because we knew that there would be many delicious local dishes that we should try. As I said in previous post, this was my second visit to South Korea, and the first time I went was five years ago. That time, I did not explore as much as I did now, since these days, I could easily get information from internet - through blogs, Korea tourism website, and so on. And this time, of course, I would be more daring exploring public transport and visit more local market to experience their culture and life style.

Breakfast at Gukje Market - Busan, South Korea

Sitting down on low chair, choosing what we wanted to eat, and sharing our food together was one of the things you should try in South Korea. Do not always go into air-conditioned restaurant where menu was given and what you had to do was just order and waited for your food to be delivered!!!

So, there we were!!! Since we came too early, we could only patron this shop (the next door stall was still not started their operation yet). They served pretty similar food anyway. And since it was still early, we got all items freshly prepared with fresh oil to fry the ingredients (for better health, cheers!!! :D)

Gukje Market - Busan, South Korea

Once we filled our stomach, we browsed around the market, walking from one row to another. The market was so huge. The place where we ate earlier was food street market selling not only cooked food, but also fresh vegetables, meat, seafood plus their famous banchan (side dishes like marinated seaweed, kimchi, etc.).

Hustle bustle street around Gukje Market - Busan, South Korea

They had many other areas apart from that one. And they sold many items there, like clothes, household necessities, bags, and so on. When buying clothes, we had to ask where were they made from. Hahaha... Because we tried not to get made in China product when we were there and willing to pay slightly more to get the made in Korea products :P

Angel-in-us Cafe - Busan, South Korea

When got tired, we decided to find a place to sit and sip some energy booster from local cafe. Here, we ensured that we only patron the local brand cafe instead of supporting the usual Starbucks or the Coffee Bean, in a way supporting their economy :P So we sat down at Angel-in-us to have some rest before deciding where to go next :)

Busan International Film Festival (BIFF) Square - Busan,South Korea

We took another bus ride to reach the Busan International Film Festival (BIFF) Square. You can find more information about the BIFF here. For me, the reason I came to this place was to try their street food. Hahahahaha.... :P :P :P

Ssiat Hotteok (sweet pancake with seed) - Must try food in Busan!!! :D

Yes, this is one thing that you should try when you go to BusanSsiat Hotteok (sweet pancake filled with sunflower seed, pumpkin seed, cinnamon, and brown sugar). In BIFF Square you will find many stalls selling the same thing. Some with long queue and some is without. So it is up to you from which stall you prefer to get. This thing is prepared on the spot - fried, cut and filled with to serve with freshness. Just give some time before eating it as it was still piping hot by then time it reaches your hand.

Must try street food in BIFF Square - Tteokbokki (spicy rice cake), Sundae (blood sausage), Kimbab (rolled rice), Mandu (fried dumpling)

While my two elder sisters and mom preferred having their lunch in the restaurant nearby, my third sister and I preferred to explore and have various street food there at BIFF Square. We had Tteokbokki (spicy rice cake), Sundae (blood sausage), Kimbab (rolled rice), and Mandu (fried dumpling) for our lunch. It was very filling and of course, delicious!!! :)))

Twisted Ice Cream as tall as 32 cm (including the cone, sadly) hahaha... :P

And as a closure, we purchased the twisted 32-cm tall ice cream (yoghurt with mango taste), sadly the measurement was included the height of the cone, not the ice cream alone. Hahahaha..... :P

Gigantic Melon Ice Flakes from Cafe Cloud Bam at BIFF Square, Busan, South Korea

Oh, it was not closure yet... Hahaha.... As we descended from where my siblings ate their lunch, we bumped into this dessert shop. We decided to enter the shop and order this gigantic Melon Ice Flakes. It costs KRW 18,000, containing a whole piece of melon being scrapped off, flakes ice poured with melon milky syrup, and one melon ice cream. Five of us were having hard time finished it as we were just having our lunch. And afterwards, we saw two Korean young girls ordered the same thing and only them eating. Hahahaha....

Well, if you go to Korea, you will find out that all the food portion there is very huge!!! Sometimes I wondered how come Korean could maintain their body shapes slim while the food portion was that much!!! Even for 5 of us, we often had to order less (like 3 to 4 portions) for us to share. We often asked for less, but many restaurants did not allow us to order less (they wanted their customers to order a portion for each person, but we managed to bargain to order only 4 portions for 5 of us). And, yes, those 2 young ladies might take that gigantic Melon Ice Flakes for their dinner instead of just a dessert.

Our dinner at Lotte Food Court - Busan, South Korea

We took turn browsing around the area for some shopping too. And on our way back towards metro station, we saw the Lotte Department Store ahead and decided to go there for having our dinner before going back home. Fyi, Busan is also famous for Milmyeon (cold wheat noodles). That was why I ordered the spicy cold noodle for my dinner while my sister ordered beef Bibimbap (Korean mixed rice).

My last photo from Kakao Friends - Aqua Mall Busan, South Korea

Before leaving the mall, pose with these cute characters from Kakao Friends shop.

Delicious fish cake from Samjin Eomuk at Busan Station - Must try!!! Or you will regret!!! :)

And before leaving Busan, make sure you go down to Samjin Eomuk fishcake store at Busan Station. They sell varieties of fish cake products - fried and non-fried (for takeaway and cook at home). In Singapore, I never like eating fish cake, as the texture and taste are not to my liking. But the fish cake here from this store, I can never forget the taste and I have never eaten such a delicious fish cake like this before!!! So I am really glad that I purposely went down to the shop (even after getting so tired from whole day walking outside), to purchase and try few varieties of fish cakes. Yummy!!!! :)

So, that's all my post and recommendation for places and food to eat in Busan. Hope you enjoy and hope it helps you when you decide to go there and experience it yourself. Have fun!!! :)
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