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Visiting Jeju Island during Typhoon Mitag - Day 1

Flight from Busan to Jeju Island by Jeju Air (Experiencing local domestic flight) - South Korea

From Busan, we flew using Jeju Air (domestic airline) to Jeju Island, on October 1st, 2019. In the evening after we reached Jeju, I heard about the typhoon Mitag. From the internet, they said the typhoon would pass by China, Japan, and South Korea, and that too to area where we went - Busan and Jeju.

Safe flight - Busan to Jeju Island :)

Omg!!! Months of September and October were not really good to travel around Southeast of China, Japan, and Korea. The typhoon came more often these past few years.

So upon reaching Jeju, I immediately sent the message to Mr Won (who would drive us around Jeju island on our second day in Jeju) about the possibility of the typhoon. He too conveyed his concern since safety was the most important issue that he had while traveling with his guests, and he was willing to cancel our arrangement if the typhoon was getting bad the next day.

Welcome to Jeju Island - South Korea

It was raining when we flew from Busan and it was still raining even after reaching Jeju Island. After putting our luggage at the hotel, rain did not deter us from walking all the way to Dongmun Market - a must visit place when you go to Jeju. Everyone wanted to have lunch inside the air-conditioned restaurant and have proper meal (in their case, rice set), while I insisted of eating at my favorite stall selling more like Korean street food kind.

I went there last time with hubby on my first visit to Jeju and still reminisced the taste and feeling we both had on the food served. Even if I had to be alone, the Universe decided otherwise. As I chose my seat - I sat and shared table with one granny - she smiled at me, and even offered me the Kimbab (rolled rice) that she was having together with her Tteobbokki (spicy rice cake).

Lunch at my favorite stall in Dongmun Market - Jeju Island, South Korea

I ordered one plate of Tteobbokki as well and hesitated of ordering the Kimbab - which was my favorite. I was afraid I could not finish it as it was too filling - carbohydrates from rice and rice cake. Therefore, I ordered one portion of Odeng (fish cake with soup) - 3 sticks were served. She still offered me her Kimbab, so in return, I offered her my Odeng. Hahaha.... This way, both of us could eat more variety without having to eat too full!!! Thank you Ahjumma for your kindness!!! I could not stop smiling while eating the food :)

Try their mandarin orange juice - Jeju specialty fruit and Hotteok (sweet pancake) at Dongmun Market - Jeju Island

Finished my meal with a bottle of cold mandarin orange juice - the Jeju specialty fruit - with its cute bottle at KRW 3,000 each, and Hotteok (sweet pancake) from one of the stalls near the exit.

Dongmun Market - Jeju Island

There were many other snacks available and souvenir shops too. It was better to buy the Jeju souvenir here. The price was slightly cheaper than the souvenir shops at touristic area.

Afterwards we took taxi to visit the Yongduam Rock. It was located not too far from the Dongmun Market. By taxi it cost us KRW 3,400 only. The wind was very big once we went down from our taxi. But miraculously, the rain stopped, and so did the wind. It allowed us to take photos with no hassle and kept us dry!!! Thank SB!!! :)

With Dol Hareubang (Grandfather rock) at Yongduam Rock - Jeju Island

Or perhaps it were Dol Hareubang (Grandfather rock) who were protecting us from the wind and the rain when we visited the place. Fyi, Dol Hareubangs were the two large rock statues, considered to be gods offering both protection and fertility and were placed outside of gates for protection against demons travelling between realities (usually found only in Jeju Island) - see the above photo :)

Posed with the Mermaid at Yongduam Rock - Jeju Island

Yongduam Rock is a popular oceanfront volcanic rock formation in the shape of a dragon's head, a must visit place if you go to Jeju Island. Legend said it serves as the symbol of the dragon's unfulfilled dream. Read more of its story here.

Yongduam Rock (the volcanic rock in the shape of Dragon's Head) in Jeju Island

We went back to hotel to have some rest and at night, we asked the hotel staff on where to eat the Jeju black pork BBQ. Lucky that he pointed us to the local restaurant located not too far from where we stayed as the rain was still there on and off, and all was the effect from the Typhoon Mitag that happened at the surrounding area.

Donsachon - Korean BBQ Black Pork in Jeju Island

We ordered a portion of white pork and three portion of black pork (two portions were rejected as it was too little). Four portions were still too much for five of us as we were all ladies and some ate very less. So, as the youngest, I had to try my best not to waste the food, and that was why I gained so much weight from this trip :P

The BBQ white and black pork with Hallasan Soju and Terra Beer - Donsachun in Jeju Island

I used to detest the taste of Korean Soju, until Sam (our driver in Seoul - who was actually a very rich businessman) introduced us "Bum" - the mixture of Soju and beer. When mixed together, the taste of Soju was not that obvious and both combination became tastier. So that day onwards, I always had Bum mixture instead of Soju or beer alone :) And if you go to Jeju, Hallasan Soju is a must have!! :)

Not forgetting the Korean ramen at aside :D - Donsachun, Jeju Island

Yes, not forgetting to order the Korean noodle soup at aside. It tasted really delicious in such cold night. Perfect with the BBQ pork :)

See our happy faces??? :D

Mom and sisters :)

Our happy faces as per shown above, before we became overeating. Hahahahahaha..... :P So, will share another post on where to visit during Typhoon Mitag in Jeju Island!! Oh, as for additional info, after going back to hotel and watching news, we found out that many flights were cancelled flying from Busan and Jeju Island on that day. Luckily we reached Jeju the day before from Busan and it did not affect us. SB was really helping us and let our journey went on smoothly. Thank you, thank you, and thank you!!! :)

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