Thursday, November 29, 2007

3rd day of work

Hahaha... today is worst.. I really come at the wrong time.. I supposed to start on 1st Dec, oh? 'cos end of the month, is closing time for accounts people... and since I'm in CC dept, I have lots of things to do too.. This morning, I followed my colleague to do stock take - the beverage. We went to 8 places.. Good thing is.. I know the place better... at least I know what are the main locations for those restaurants, kitchen, bar, lounge club, etc. And I got to know more people too.. but too bad, I am bad in memorizing people's names... If only little bit ok la.. but there are over 400 staffs there.. I can't possibly remembering their names one by one.. Well.. time will tell la.. hehehe.. but seems that I don't have any interest to know so many people's name there.. so.. who cares la... ;P

It's my first time to join the Hotel's updates. It is almost the same w/ what my previous hotel does.. But it's a join event for celebrating birthday, award presentation, hotel updates, etc etc... They have also introduced the newcomers. There were total over 30 new staffs for this month.. including me. We were asked to go up on stage to 'show off' to other old staffs.

From here, I got to know the GM and EAMs of the hotel too.. hahaha.. Funny thing is.. I often saw this old man in the hotel area.. I thought he was just someone who works nearby the hotel.. and I found out that he is our GM.. kekekeke.... don't have GM's look.. hahahahahhaa.. ssshhhh...... don't tell him ya... ;p

The hotel has nominated lots of staffs for employee of the quarter, from front, back, and management level. Kekeke.. the winner will get hotel stay, cert, and $200 cash.. not bad ya.. but too bad.. I don't think I will be one of them in the future... kekeke...

Well.. guess what? Today I finished at 11.20pm.. and reach home 11.45pm. Now 12.45am liao.. gotta sleep now... Bye byeeee

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

2nd day of work

Haiz... I still can't find out what is the good thing working in this place.. Maybe time will tell.. but from the moment I started.. until today.. I still doubt that the things will get much better than what I encounter.

Today I went out and back from hotel to warehouse in Kaki Bukit for 4 times!!! Went through the same route over and over again... to deliver the stupid mooncake boxes... I'll think twice when I buy the mooncake next year.. kekeke...

Then they have HL Dinner and Dance tonite. The hotel has reserved 2 tables for the dept I work, but since it's just my 2nd day there.. they don't know me and I wasn't invited.. kekeke... and I guess they have occupied all seats.. so.. who cares la... But I managed to meet two of my ex-colleagues who each of them work w/in the same hotel group. There was one more but he didn't come.
I finished working at 8pm... Never I go home that late when I worked in my previous place.. and this is only my 2nd day... haiz.....

Monday, November 26, 2007

Looks like disaster is coming... When I looked at my face in the mirror, I could see little dots spread out in my forehead.. and some other part as well.. Still can't confirm if it's chicken pox yet.. but I can see it coming into my way.. hiks hiks.. see how it goes tomorrow morning...

Today is my first day working in a new place. If I compare it w/ my previous working place.. my last place was definitely in much better condition than this one..

Yeah.. this hotel has been there for about 27 years so can't expect so much la.. Also located in prime area so the place was quite small. Finance office is located at 4th floor.. very very small.... Lucky I was not placed there.. yet...

My office is in the 1st floor, near receiving area. Not good in feng shui as my chair facing back the door.. unlike my previous table.. kekeke.. Haiz.. can't expect much la.. Just take it as work purpose only.. don't think I will enjoy it as I enjoy my previous place.. The colleagues.. the environment.. the canteen food... haiz.... My first impression was not so good.. some more I feel worry about the upcoming chicken pox.. - not confirmed yet though... Oklah.. gonna take a rest.. very tired wearing shoes almost whole day... Ciao!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

APB yeahhhh...

Just returned back from APB... hehehe.. so fun... =) More people got high... hahaha.. including me... This time.. it's getting more fun.. cos it's held after 6pm. We reached there about 6.50pm then we went for the tour.. after that we went into the Tavern.. our favourite place.. hahahahahaha
I think I drank 5 glass of Heineken, 1 glass of Erdinger, and 1 glass of Tiger Beer.. and it made me quite high too.. especially when we were entertained by our new coming staff, May, from Myanmar.. She was the reason that made me laugh a lot that nite. We played 5, 10, and funny thing was that.. she was laughing happily.. when she lost.. and she didn't know if she lost.. she thought she was winning.. hahahaha,,
Managed to reach home at about 11pm.. going to sleep soon.. byeeee

Monday, November 19, 2007

Another nightmare has begun...

Err.. I thought everything will be alright after 2 weeks... I thought after Reever has recovered, everything will go back to normal.. who knows.. my hubby started to have fever last Saturday and kept continuing and even worst on Sunday night.. I could see the small bubbly things appeared in my hubby's face and bodies... He then decided to see the 24-hour doctor nearby our house.. and then the doctor confirmed that he was caught chicken pox...

Hiks.... My hubby was very sad and worried.. I could see from his eyes.. that the nightmare would have just started... For 2 weeks he is going to suffer staying inside the room, eating only pork porridge, drinking medicine every few hours, and applying the medicine on his dots everywhere..

This afternoon he called me saying that more blisters coming out.. and I witnessed it myself once I came back from office. Wow, it really gets worse!!! Lots of red dots in his face, bodies, hands, legs, etc.. and the most irritating ones were on top of his head. He said it was really damned itchy and he really wanted to scratch his head badly...

Haiz... I just hope after two weeks.. everything will be fine again.. Laogong, jia you!!!! Get well soon ya!!!

Friday, November 16, 2007

iPod touch

Yeahhhh... when I went back home, I saw my hubby trying hard to turn on his iPod touch... hahahhaa.... He got it free after signing 24 months contract w/ SingNet and I can use it too now.. hahaha... Just now I downloaded the iTunes and sync all songs inside my laptop to this iPod. Still not so clear on how to use this thing.. but I feel very great mannn!!! It's been such a long time I dream to have this gadget.. but I never buy it 'cos I think it's too expensive! Some more I can use my handphone just to listen to my song collections.. But after I listened to the songs... WOW!!! the song qualities are DAMN GOOD man!!! Maybe I'm 'suaku' la.. hahahaha.. anyway.. I'm very happy with it.... ^^
And today is FRIDAY!! Yipeeeeeee........... Everything goes well in office - so far so good.. but no luck in new job yet.. So.. if you got any 'lobang', don't paiseh to inform me.. ok? hahahahaha...
Oklah.. gotta try some other features in it... Have a great weekend everyone!!!!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Back to work

This morning, I went to work again... to my old place.. my palace... My seat cushions were waiting for the owner to sit... *eeee... eerie...... =D The place was quite messy.. I reached office at about 10.45am then prepared the working area and the laptop (my boss one, 'cos Secretary's computer was borrowed for the MC's training).

I started to arrange things around me. Lots of things were messy.. I saw lots of paper.. dunno what she wanted to do w/ it.. just put it like that.. haiz....

I had 'Deepavali's day' food for lunch, which doesn't suit me very much.. but ok lah.. still could fill my stomach. I felt like dreaming when I was there.. seemed like flying.. my mind.. everything.. People popped me out the common question, "hey, you're back!!", whenever they saw me. Really dunno how to react in different way. My 'auntie' also visited me today.. making my back really pains siahhh..... It's been some time since I sat on the seat for long hours... hehehe... Just now my hubby helped me massaging my back and rubbed it w/ super boost dragon balm for shoulder and neck.. very good.. hehehehe.. thank you my dear Laogong...

Ok lah.. quite tired now.. gotta eat my vitamin first before getting a sleep... Write again some other time.. byeee

Friday, November 09, 2007

Happy Deepavali

Happy Deepavali for those who celebrated... =)
In the morning, I went to Chinatown and met up w/ Shelly, her mom, and her hubby for dim sum. Shelly said she seldom go to Chinatown, and seldom eat dim sum too because her hubby doesn't like dim sum. I was little bit stunned... 'cos I thought almost everyone loves dim sum, especially her hubby is Chinese.. but then she told me that he used to eat fishes since young - he lived in island where fishes are the main food there - then.. I understand lor... ^^
When we ate, he really ate very little. He just took spring rolls and 2 cups of tea. Lucky my hubby is a good eater.. that's why also I married w/ him. Hahahahahahahhaa..... =D
They ate very little... I felt a bit weird, 'cos normally that should be portions for two instead of four.. hahaha... so a bit not used to it.. but oklah.. the most important thing is that I could finally meet Shelly again.. Although we keep in touch through email and phone call/sms, we seldom meet leh.. I think the last time we met.. about 1-2 years ago? I couldn't even remember when.. hahaha....
After makan, I met my hubby at Plaza Singapura. We met there and walked around lor... Had Pasta mania for lunch.. hm.. my favourite place for pasta and pizza... =) then we shopped things lor before going back home.
At night my hubby made laksa for me. His mom and sis were craving for laksa, so they prepared and cooked laksa for menu of the day... hehehe... and since they still have lots of noodle, today we're going to cook another menu of the day, which is either fried hokkien mee or prawn noodle. Both use the same ingredients.. we'll just be flexible w/ it.. hehehe.. Little bit hungry now.. but haven't done anything leh.. only a very fragrant prawn soup available.. kekeke...
Oklah.. write 'til here first... bye bye...

Monday, November 05, 2007


I joined the above recently after receiving few invitations from my friends hehehe.... So I'm one of the members now. Not bad la.. They have many cute applications that I could play with.. Met number of friends as well.. I can decorate my rooms and have an aquarium virtually, don't u think that's great? Hehehe...

Sunday, November 04, 2007

How Can I Not Love You

by Babyface

Can not touch
Can not hold
Can not be together

Can not love
Can not kiss
Can not have each other

Must be strong,
and we must let go
Can not say
what our hearts must know

How can I not love you
What do I tell my heart
When do I not want you
Here in my arms

How does one waltz away
From all the memories
How do I not miss you
When you are gone

Can not dream
Can not share
Sweet and tender moments

Can not feel
How we feel
Must pretend its over

Must be brave,
and we must go on
Must not say,
what weve known all along

Must be brave,
and we must be strong
Can not say,
what weve known all along

Chicken pox et BBQ

This morning when we went out for breakfast, I noticed that there was something wrong w/ my son's skin. There were red things filled w/ water in his neck and some other red things in his head. Then I suddenly thought of chicken pox.

My hubby asked me to check his body. I immediately opened his clothes front and back and noticed that there were few red things there and he was confirmed having chicken pox after seeing the doctor.

Haiya...... He ended up couldn't join the BBQ and the swimming session that we planned before. I almost canceled my trip as well.. but after that.. I finally decided to still go on w/ the BBQ.

The BBQ was actually held by my ex-company, Finance department. They invited me to go along to this outing. And it was held in my ex-boss apartment's below - like what we had 2 year ago. Hehehe... So my hubby and I went there lor.. and met my ex-colleague at the MRT before we took another bus to my boss's apt.

We reached there around 5.20pm and the bbq was only started at 7pm since there were others who use the pit before us. All of us were quite hungry at that time but slowly we managed to get our food and drink.

At about 9.30pm some of us left the place. The rest of us still stayed there. We sat and talked while drinking the red wine. Not bad la.. quite refreshing. Hehehe... The new girl from Myanmar, May, drank quite a lot and was pushed by one of the colleagues down to the swimming pool for kids. She ended up quite wet and had to change her clothes w/ my boss's one.. hahaha... poor May...

We finished around 11pm. KS helped us driving home. Thanks for all of you for letting me join the outing. Hehehe... Too bad there was enough soft drink and ice.. otherwise.. we could drink more.. hahaha..

Oklah.. it's 1.32am right now.. Gotta sleep soon... Put one picture on top.. Hope u enjoy seeing that! Nite nite...

Thursday, November 01, 2007


What will appear on ur mind when u think of blue?
Sad things? Or happy blue?
Blue roses.. blue toothbrush.. blue doraemon.. =D
Blue puzzles.. blue goggles.. blue sharpener...
I feel blue.. blue for.. sadness, maybe?
But I'm hanging on! 'Cos when I open my eyes widely, I can see that not myself feels blue.. There are still many people who feels blue too.
I'm not alone, Blue!
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