Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Damn tired!!!
I don't have enough sleep these few days
I had lots of things running on my mind
Those stupid exam which comes very soon
And many other things..

I kinda tired with my life
Should I leave some so it won't be so heavy
If I do, hope it will end up beautifully
Just like what others have said or sung

Akhiri Ini Dengan Indah
by Jikustik

Aku takkan pernah jadi sempurna
Ingin aku tetap sperti adanya
Jangan salahkan jika diriku mengabaikanmu
Sebuah alasan yang sungguh sempurna tuk tinggalkanku

Reff: Ketika slamanya pun harus berakhir
Akhirilah ini dengan indah
kau harus relakan setiap kepingan waktu dan kenangan

Ketika pelukanku pun tak lagi bisa menenangkan hatimu yang sedih
Aku memilih tuk mengakhiri ini dengan indah
Engkau mencoba menahan isak tangis yang dalam

Dengan sisa sisa ketegaran yang masih kau simpan

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Desperate housewives

I watched the summary of the film last Sunday. It was interesting as the show shows the reality of life. What I remember most is when they say, "Every door lies a secret..."
I believe that every family.. every couple.. each person.. has their own secret.
Today, I found a true thing from my friend, at the time I was thinking I was in despair and can't think of anything but out from all and lead my life alone.. or no life at all.
We end up continuing our conversation on and on and even continue to part II later on. Human relationship doesn't come easily nowadays. The one who has the true feeling, keeps believing what he's seeing is true.. but the one who hide it, have no choice but to hide it still.
There was a guilty feeling, there is a sin feeling too.. but there is really a real feeling inside which conquer all.
I never know the ending of it 'cos I haven't seen it myself yet, that's why I also dunno what to tell to her on what should she do. My exam is only one week ahead, and these all come in this time. I have no more mood to continue my study.. I will take a break next semester..
Life, why life has to be like this???

After 8 years

Very happy today.. actually.. since yesterday.. 'cos u know wad?? I found my old friend from friendster.. hahahahaha...
He was my senior when I was studying in Swiss and we only knew a little bit about each other.
When finding out his name in fs, I was thinking, is there quite number of people with the same unique name?? 'Cos he put his son's pics all over the fs. But eventually, I could find out that it was him 'cos he is connected to other schoolmates too.
So I wrote a message to him and asking how is he doing. I told him too that about 4 years ago, I ever saw him in Takashimaya when I was working, but he walked quite fast and I was pregnant 9 months so I didn't get a chance to run and call him.. And this morning, I got a reply for him saying that.. yeah.. it could be him.. 'Cos he was staying in Singapore 'till last year. He also mentioned that he was staying in Sengkang, not very far from my house and ever saw me taking the same bus but he didn't call me 'cos he's afraid he was calling the wrong person.. hahahahhaa... What a small world!!! Even though Singapore was soooo small.. eventually, we met up before, but only after 8 years, we then met in friendster and got connected again!!
I love friendster... =D

Monday, May 29, 2006


Last week was fun =)
Well, first of all, Great Singapore SALE was started last Friday, 26 May 2006, so many shopping centre has their closing hours extended and last Saturday I met Ching at Orchard and there were lots of people there.. even she said.. it was her first time to see Singapore was so crowded despite she has been here for many times already.
We had lunch the day before near my office. Actually I wanna bring her to taste Singapore chicken rice at Maxwell Food Centre, but she came 20 minutes after 12pm, so I thought we wouldn't have much time if we insisted to go there (it will take 20 minutes time for the journey go and back), that's why we decided to have Japanese lunch at Liang court. We didn't have much time so we just had a short chit chat and more into a common updates on what we're doing.
Last Wed, I accompanied my junior high school's friends who came here for their very first time. She has just married on 14 May with a guy, who is also our classmates in the school last time. We had our quick dinner at People's Park Food Centre (it wasn't very nice food, I realised), then we had a walk to the other side of Chinatown. They looked very tired after browsing around Singapore for a whole day.
Last Saturday before meeting Ching, PY & I had spent our time studying at Starbucks at Liang Court. It was a little bit crowded (I didn't expect it would be that crowded actually..), but we were doing good. Had a little bit chit chat so that we won't fall asleep or bored.. hehehe..
Oh yeah.. yesterday I tried to drink the Brand's Chicken Essence for my very first time. I heard it is effective for those who study or work late. So, I tried one, a warmed one. I pressed my nose hardly and closed my eyes while drinking it.. hahahaha.. 'cos I don't want to know or bother how it tastes like.. Well, it was OK, at least I still feel ok this morning although I slept quite late last nite.
Last Saturday, we had our dinner at Wisma Atria's Food Republic *is it the right name? If you haven't been there before, then you should! 'Cos the concept of the food court is very different with a normal food court. I like the concept very much, but it's a little bit crowded so that we must wait before we could get our seats. So many varieties of foods, Chinese, Malays, Korean, Japanese, Singapore local dishes, etc. Very very nice!! I will go there again next time during weekdays.. and slowly enjoyed my lunch or dinner..
Ching has gone back to Taiwan yesterday and my classmates have also gone back to Jakarta today. It's very nice to meet the old friends again. I really enjoy it. Too bad my exam is coming, otherwise I would have spent more time with you guys!!
Anyway, next time if you visited Singapore again, don't hesitate to contact me! I would be great meeting you all again!! Keep in touch and take care!! Ciao~~

Add: Next week I'm gonna go to Food Republic again for farewell dinner of my two colleagues. *sigh.. Both of them are leaving soon, for their personal reasons.. Well.. that's life..
Choose the day after my exam has ended. hehehehe.... Well.. write till here then..

Thursday, May 25, 2006


Exam is 2 weeks ahead and I haven't studied.. AT ALL!!!!!
My friends came one and another.. and I like meeting them.. but then.. I feel a very big failure in me... *sigh...
Perhaps.. I have no mood in studying anymore.. what do you think?? Should I stop? Or should I continue?? I'm a bit fed up with it.. but how about later, the time when I need to change a job... should I still consider going for finance job? Or just forget all about it and go for the current line??? Dilema.. =(((
Today my best friend is coming from Adelaide. I supposed that she has finished her master degree there and has finished doing her paper too.. Hope so... Must spend a time with her celebrating her accomplishment and wish her all the best for her future career.. I think it will be very nice if she can work here too.. but I don't think she is interested to work here.
Her dream to open her own cafe is still there.. Perhaps I should go for that business too?? So that I don't have to think about my exam anymore.. hahahahahhahaa....
Anyway.. it's fun studying tax in S'pore.. although I never pay tax every year to government yet.. *except those GST and others.. But at least I learn a lot on how to compute tax, what are the rules and policies.. what are the tax exemption, and many many more.. Too bad, I need to go for the exam.. How nice it would be if I only can learn, but no need those certs or whatever proofs that I've learnt it... *sigh....

Tuesday, May 23, 2006


I thought it's over..
I thought she has started afresh, falling in love with someone new and forgot about the past...
But I was wrong..
She still demands of friendship.. which I started it before 'till my situation now
If it can happen to me, why not her?
Hm.. perhaps.. must learn to let go?
Like what I posted in this blog before
'Cos no matter what, there is a very little possibility that it'll long last
Reflection.. or karma..
Well.. shouldn't bother so much.. but I just don't like it..

Monday, May 22, 2006

Blue day for me?

This morning I had a bad dream, but I couldn't really remember on what I was dreamed of. But as I know, it relates to losing someone. When finally I met the person, we have already lived in a different world.. when we returned, the praying table is there, praying for us.. for our happiness..
Sometimes we didn't realise, we may take things for granted.. whereby we should appreciate, treasure, and cherish more on what we have. By the time it's gone.. it's all too late already.
Just don't feel good this morning.. My life seems very messy..

Friday, May 19, 2006


Yesterday I had my last class for Paper 2.3 Taxation.. *hopefully.. Actually there is one more next week, but I couldn't attend, 'cos there is something else much more important that that.. Guess what?? After 6 months waiting.. finally the letter came to my house and yeah.. next Thursday is the date.. for me to receive my IC and Citizenship certificate. It will be held at 6pm *well.. I think the buffet dinner will be provided at 6pm while the ceremony will only start at 7.15pm. I have asked my boss permission to leave the office one hour earlier, so that I have enough time to take taxi to reach there.. =D the rest.. I think will be a boring session, which will finish 'til 9.30pm.. *zzz... zzz.... so latee... =(
Aniwae... I found a replacement for my favourite Malan Lamian shop.., which is located just the opposite of CPA House - the place where I attend my class - sometimes.. And yesterday nite I tried to eat there.. well.. not bad.. Zha Jian mian.. only costs $4, and at first, I thought it wasn't look so good and I wouldn't finish it.. but.. guess what?? I finish it 'till the last piece of minced meat.. hehehehe... the chilli was almost the same with the one that Malan Lamian has.. I tried Xiao long bao too.. it's ok.. not bad.. and the beef in soya sauce was fragrant.. hm.. so happy.. finally can find another place to eat... hiaehiaheihaiehiae...
Well.. now gotta continue my work.. a bit bored actually these few days.. but I have to hang on... Ciao

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Potray of life

All along I've been seeing through other people' lives. Some is in more details, some is only at outside appearance, and some is deeper inside.
Those who has broken-hearted, those who has had long-distance relationship, those who has a backstreet relationship, I have also experienced it myself, but of course, NOT all they have experienced it before, I have encountered.
I was in their position before. When I was broken-hearted, I need someone and some time to help me to heal my pain. I forced myself to accept the reality that someone'e else had replaced my position. It was painful, but eventually, I could recover myself back again, standing up again and who knows I could meet someone else who has changed my life line.
Those who has gone through the wrong way to face the reality, lucky for you that you're not doing that anymore and seeing you standing up again and trying to forget over your past, it's a very wise decision to do so.. Look ahead.. the road is still long way for you to go.. and with a help of God, you now can think positively about a life. I hope you can start all over again and who knows.. find someone else like I did.
As we went older, our problems in life has changed too. It was not all about being rejected anymore.. but it's a completely different problem that we saw it wrongfully done when we were young. We slowly went into a stage whereby marriage problem or divorcee, all happen for a reason. Problem with parent-in-law has become common too..
Well.. it's a process in a life that we must go through and we need to settle it ourselves 'cos only we knew where the problem lies and how to settle.
But it's wisely if we can speak it up with someone else who understand our position.. and IF you, as a reader, have this kind of problem and need someone to talk.. you may try to speak out with me and I'll gladly listen to share your burdens.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Swing mood

Dunno leh.. now I feel.. I have no mood for the today's event... Just hope everything will go on smoothly and finish faster... =P
Dunno leh.. feel like I want to talk with somebody right now.. about anything.. *sighhh.....
tauk ahhh.... feel sianz lah.... byeeezzzzz......

Monday, May 15, 2006

Long weekend has ended

WAH!!! Last weekend was really a torture!!!
Thursday nite, Fri morning to evening, Sat morning to afternoon, then Sunday morning to evening.. the class was continue on.. walauuu.... sooo... tiring!!! But at least I can have a better motivation to face the coming exam, which is 3 weeks ahead!! Jia you!!!
Yesterday was Mother's Day.. My son has given me a flower and greated "Mu Qin Jie Kuai Le" excitingly!! How cuteee.... =))) Love him very much... hehehe...
And after this.. no more long weekend.. till comin' July.. for the long holiday.. to Los Angeles!!! Yeahhhh!!!! Hehehehe... Hm... one and half month to go!! How time flies!! =)
Jia you!!! Must do my best for the exam and dun bother so much about the result... as long I have tried my best!! Jia you!!!

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Dumb dumb..

Yesterday after work, we hurriedly cathced the bus, in a heavy rain. My long pant has been wet and so does my sandal. We went to Cineleisure Orchard to catch a movie preview, Poseidon. We had a quick dinner at Subway and KFC *kekeke.. we're heavy eater.. then went up to 6th floor. My friend called her friend and try to meet them but after walkin' here and there, we still couldn't find them. Both of them admitted that they were in 6th floor already. One say, there were a long queue, which another one said.. she couldn't see any long queue there. Later on, one say there was a transparent lift, while another one couldn't find one and she then asked the person who worked there. She asked whether there is any transparent lift, which there wasn't and the guy then said... "Which cinema are you referring to? There are another Cathay next to Plaza Singapura.." I asked, "where? I thought that one is Golden Village in PS??" The guy replied impatiently, "No, not that one. The other cinema near there.. the new one.." Blink!!! My brain turned imagining the other cinema that the guy mentioning about... I passed by there before and now everything has become clear at that moment. No wonder her friend asked her to meet at PS there and saying that there was only 5 minutes distance from PS to there.. which Cineleisure in Orchard is definitely much further and takes longer time than that. We're rushingly went down from 6 to 1st floor and hurriedly walking to in front of Mandarin Hotel to catch a TAXI, which was about 5 minutes wait. We asked the driver to drive faster, although it has to go through the other way, which was much more expensive, to avoid the jam at the Orchard Road. We ended paying $7.60 for the distance from Mandarin Hotel to The Cathay there, but it's all worthed since when we arrived there at about 7.45pm, the movie has not started yet.. hehehe... It supposed to start at 7.20pm. Luckily we managed to watch from the beginning. When inside the cab, we had already imagined that by the time we arrived there, the ship has sunk already.. hahaha...
Well, overall, the film for me was not as good as Titanic, perhaps due to the time constraint. But also they only focus on few people for the filming. The boat also sank very fast, only after few minutes it started. For such a very big ship like that, they only previewed a very little people and little scenes. Aniwae, it's all alright..
We then went back home and talking about our stupidness.. My friend said she was dumb.. and I told her.. dumb people followed dumb people, which means.. I was dumb too.. hehehe..

Monday, May 08, 2006


Wow, it's been two weeks since my last blog, and one more month to the exam..
Dunno.. feel that.. don't have that eagerness for the exam at all... *sigh.. Lucky I never start my own business, 'cos I'm the type that can't stand do the same thing for a long time.. must change all the time.. that's why I think my current job is quite suitable for me as I didn't always do the same thing everyday.
And now.. taking course.. feel bored actually... going for exam twice a year.. must study almost about everything.. *sighhh.... and even if i finish the study.. I myself still not sure whether it will be useful or would be the same as my degree...
This month, one of my high school friends were getting married (last Saturday) and next Sunday, my junior high school friend will get married too.. Too bad, I can't attend both wedding.. Just a wish from here to them.. hope that their marriage will last long and live happily.. =)
This weekend I would have lots of classes.. Think about it, I think I will faint in one of the days.. It's a continuous one from Thursday to Sunday.. *sigh... no time to rest.. although it's actually public holiday.. hiks....
What else? Chicago day is coming.. and hope everything is going to be fine and works smoothly and accordingly.
My grandma is in hospital in S'pore. My mum is here too.. And one of the day this week would be Mother's day.. I'm a mom too.. So.. happy Mother's day then.. to all mothers in the world.. =))
One of my colleagues has tendered her resignation and her last day would be next Monday. This Wed and Thur, she will have lunch with us as a farewell.. Hope you can have better career...
Write till here first... Ciao
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