Tuesday, August 02, 2016

It will never end, my feelings of love for you...


Time flies… It’s been a year since the last time I visited Bhutan. As I browsed the history posting from my Facebook page, I ended up rereading many of my blog posts that I wrote related to my trip there.

Last few days in Bhutan- July 2015

The five-day Bumthang trip, challenging journey to Samcholing Secondary School, pilgrimage trip to the eastern Bhutan, village stay at Uma - Wangdue, journey and my stay at Phuentsholing and across Indian border, hiking towards the sacred Tiger Nest across the mountain back in Paro, visit to the Madman Drukpa Kunley Buddhistmonastery Chimi Lhakhang in Punakha, up to the rest of my stay back in Thimphu meeting up with my various Bhutanese friends, soaking ourselves in wooden tub (Bhutanese style hot stone bath), visiting various holy Buddhist temples, and so on.

The memory was still vivid at the back of my mind. It’s as fresh as piping hot coffee that I had this morning. Reading the blog post reminded me of every detail event I went through before, the memories that I would never forget all through my life.

Last few days in Bhutan- July 2015

Their warmth welcome, their hospitality, their delicious home cooking food (ema datshi, Indian curry chicken, kewa datshi, various veg curries, etc.), their fresh boiled tea with milk (suja and ngaja), their fresh milk, curd, etc. (pressed from the cow), their welcome alcoholic drink (wines, whiskey, Druk 11, ara, etc.), their fresh handmade Puta and Khuley (Bumthang noodles and pancake) and Sel Roti (Nepali traditional sweet deep fried dough), their providing warmth shelter and comfortable bed, their accompanies, their precious time, and so on. I would never ever forget them.

Even after a year gone by, occasionally I still received many gifts from them. Fresh ema (chilli), datshi (local Bhutanese cheese), red rice, Happy chips – it made me smile upon seeing it! – bottles of wines (Zumzin, Vintria, etc.), local produced whiskey (1907, Misty Peak, etc.), ezzay, dried chillies, and so on.

Blessings from dear friends

I felt very thankful and grateful each time receiving their sincere love and heart to send me all those. It’s their remembrance and heartfelt thought towards me. I appreciated it very much la!!! Not forgetting everyone who had been so helpful transporting them all the way from Bhutan to where I live. Name same kadinche la all of you!!! I sincerely express my thank and gratitude towards everything all of you have done for me, especially for your love and friendships :)

Last few days in Bhutan- July 2015

Choe lu ta dhi dhey bi say, 
Nge Gi sem ya Jang dha yi 
(Staring at you, I lost my mind)
Choe lu gu dhi dhey bi say, 
Nge gi me tsay zo ya si 
(Waiting for you, didnt realise all my life’s years have gone by)

Bum choe no wai bu su dhi, 
Bu nga ghi choe lu bay jin gay 
(Your dream boy, your prince charming, let me be the one for you)
Nam so khai dha ma, ma bew lay, 
Che nge ghi in say lab na may 
(Before the autumn’s tree leaves fall,  Please say that you are mine.)

Choe lu ga wai sem dhi mo, nam yang zo ne mindu sa 
(It will never end, my feelings of love for you.)
Choe dha dhey bi rewa dhi, Nam yang zo ne mindu sa 
(The depth of my love for you, it looks like it will never end)

Choe ga gi mo, Nga ma shey 
(Can you belong to anyone? I never know)
Nam ya zo ne mey, choe lu ga wai sem 
(It will never end, my feelings of love for you.)

(Lyrics and meaning are from Misty Terrace blogKadinche la! It’s a beautiful song!!! :)) 


Tashi Chenzom said...

I hope to see you again here...soon! And I love this song and misty terrace band.☺☺☺ it's been my favourite since a long time

Overcome Life said...

Haha... I also hope to go there again... soon! ^^ Yeah, I love this song too! Keep playing it whole day! :)

Tshering C Dorji said...

I could not recognise myself in the pictures keke

Overcome Life said...

How could that be Acho!!! ^^ I'll never forget our early morning trip that day! Continued with thukpha at the bus station for breakfast!!! :)

Dechen Chhoeden said...

I know Acho as well, my friend's brother! Well feel more comfortable calling him Ata in Sarchop dialect. Hangten cha ya Ata Tshering? :)

Overcome Life said...

Hey Dechen, thanks for dropping by! I met Acho Tshering from blogger meeting back in 2013. Come back writing your blog again! Never too late to start again! :D Wish you a wonderful day La! :)

ray said...

Rima, nice to see your love for Bhutan. It is an magical place. Could I interest you to share your Bhutan trip at a an event at a public library in Singapore. We will have many folks interested in traveling to Bhutan joining us.

Overcome Life said...

Hi Preetam, thank you for reading and your offer but I'm not good at public speaking and presentation Haha... but you can introduce my blog to them so they can have the feel about the country :) Wish you a wonderful day!

ray said...

Thanks for replying. It is not a formal event as such - we don't have presentations in the traditional sense. We just gather around and talk. Anyway here is the link if you ever happen to be in the vicinity on the days we meet. https://www.meetup.com/sgtravelmeet/

Overcome Life said...

Oh ok! Nice to know such an event! Thank you for sharing! :)

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