Sunday, July 31, 2016

I am determined to be happy!!! :)

I'm determined to be cheerful and happy quote :)

"Oh no! It's raining again!"

I flipped the book down and hurried myself to the balcony. It's where I hang my clothes dried. One by one I picked the hanger up from the rail into the point finger of my left hand.

"Hurry up!!!" speaking to myself.

Once all was taken, I moved them to where it's supposed to be hung up, on top of my washing machine, at the back of the kitchen.

"Phewwww...." I was released.

It'd been raining almost everyday and I had difficulty to get my clothes dried. The air was just too humid.

With white woven slippers taken from the hotel free of charge, I walked towards the kitchen. I took the empty kettle, filled it up with water, put it into its base, turned the electricity on, and pressed the button down. In a while, the heating sound filled up the whole kitchen area.

I took the coffee mug from the cupboard with a small spoon, tore a packet of Indonesia coffee - Kapal Api special mix - poured it into the empty mug, and placed them on top of the transparent tray.

"Takkk!!!" It's the sign that water had been boiled. Still with the smoke coming up from the edge of the kettle, I poured them into the mug until it was almost full. I stirred the coffee well to ensure the powder mixed equally. I brought the tray to the dining table and chose the bread that I wanted to eat. Only then, I took the book from my room and placed it next to the tray.

Book, coffee and bread - that's perfect! :P

Cool air pierced through the opened balcony door. The hiss rainy sound with some lightnings added the gloomy day. Nevertheless, it was a perfect time to read my favourite novel, drink the steamy hot black sweet coffee (the best one from my hometown), and bite the savory bread slowly. Hhmmmmm..... there was always a perfect day, if we created them to be... 

One of my favourite quotes :) (Pic source:

And just like what the above quote was saying, "We can't control what happens on the outside, but we can control what happens on the inside. Don't lose your joy!" That exactly how our approach towards life had to be! Don't you agree?? ;)

Quote by Heather Stillufsen :)

When the weather was the other way around, such as the unbearable hot weather, the above quote would then fit perfectly into the place - "When life gives you pineapple, just add Rum!" Yeah, add on Malibu in it and it's puurrrrffeeccttttttt......!!! Cheers.... ;)


Tashi Chenzom said...

Just be happy and cheerful as you always have been. Happiness is state of our own mind.

Love to taste your coffee and bread! Lol
Happy sunday

Karma Thinley said...

Happy weekend.oh I took no breakfast when it's lunch time also. Got to get out from the bed, what a hangover. Meanwhile do continue to write and keep inspiring

Overcome Life said...

Imbay Tashi! Thank you for your lovely comment! If you are here, I've already invited you for a cup of coffee and the bread, plus everything else!!! ^^ Have a lovely Sunday to you too!!! :)

Overcome Life said...

Hahaha.. You must have too much alcohol last night and got drunk Mo la? Hope by now you've filled your stomach with food and rested comfortably! Have a wonderful Sunday Karma and thank you for dropping by! :)

Flora said...

Determination plays a great role in our day to day life... Good one charo! You always remind every one (atleast readers), I enjoy the way you bring points. Another realisation for me, I am on train and just finished reading your article and I am at my destination. 😂

Overcome Life said...

Thank you Flora for always reading and leaving your words here! That's a good way to spend your traveling time. While taking a rest of your body, your mind can do something else ;)

Glad that you enjoyed this short post la! Wish you a wonderful week ahead! Have a blessed August! Take care!

Love, Rima :)

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