Monday, July 11, 2016

Life is but a dream

My motto in life :)

Hi hi.. It's been some time since my last post. Work has been one reason as it occupied lots of my time for the past two weeks. Although my role was to supervise her, it wasn't a relaxing job. I had to make sure that I guided her well and she could do the job by herself for months to come.

Btw, I decided to extend for another month as my Boss requested. She just wanted to make sure the back up was there if anything happened. My dear colleagues had also supported my continuation there, even for just a month. Better than nothing at all, isn't it? :P

Life is all about balance :)
(Photo source: Positive Vibes)

I can't extend further as I've already made some plans on what to do next. Well, since I've been working hard since the beginning of the year, I think I deserve to have time to relax and play hard. In this case, it goes not far from following my passion, which is to travel :) I may not visit new place, but it may be. But the long break is something that not everyone can do, as our view and priority in life may be different, and our choice in life is again, definitely different!

Our grandparent's generation is believed to have longer span of life mainly due to the food they ate, the lifestyle they had, and so on. Therefore, they could live as long as they could. But these days, in the life where uncertainty is obvious, I'd chosen to live my life fully. I couldn't believe that I'd be that kind of person who live one day at a time.

My college used to teach us otherwise. We were trained to make short and long term goals related to personal and professional life, which I didn't follow. "Let nature takes its flow" has instead, been my guide.

Life is but a dream (Photo courtesy: Che Dorji)

At the end, I feel that life is but a dream. Whatever we have is all temporary. Good thing will end, so will the bad one. What we need is a peace of mind. That we have no regret for there won't be tomorrow, to have done what we had dreamt of, to fulfill the wish that our heart was saying and whispering all through our life. And happiness is something that comes within, the feel of being content and grateful with every little thing we had, with every good and bad thing that we encounter in life, and the faith that everything happens only for good reasons. 

Contemplate (Photo source:

So, have you contemplated enough about your inner self these days? Are you grateful and content enough with everything that happens to your life? Lets give it a thought and wish you a smooth journey in life with all your positive mindset in life. Have a wonderful week ahead and keep doing what you love doing!!! Take care and have fun! :)


chedorji said...

Keep going around when you are able and when you can, keep smiling and be happy as always!!!!

Overcome Life said...

What you said is definitely true Che. Keep traveling while we are able to as we know life is so fragile. Thank you so much for letting me use your beautiful photo for this post and also for your encouragement! Wish you all the same too! I love your spirit in life! Would definitely love to meet you again! :)

Sangay Cholden said...

Nice motto of your life!

Overcome Life said...

Thank you Sangay!!! Hope you are doing great! :)

Tashi Chenzom said...

Most of your posts have always been inspirational and this is one such such posts. Loved the beautiful quotations

Thank you!!

Overcome Life said...

Thank you Tashi for always reading my posts :) I'm glad it could inspire you in any way. Have a wonderful day! ^^

Launna said...

Rima, when I was younger I lived for short and long term goals... but as I grow older I realize more that life is about doing now... I hope I install that feeling into both my daughters.

Overcome Life said...

Yes Launna. I guess as we grow older, through experience, it makes us understanding life more and enforce ourselves to live now, at the present moment. Anyhow, every person has different thinking in mind. Just follow what we think the best :) Thank you for your comment! Have a lovely day! :)

Flora said...

I fully agree charo ... Everything in life is just a dream, I don't travel much, evey time i go out, the nature speaks a lot to us, the blue sky above, crossroads, flowers around and green vegetation... The action of nature actually show how uncertainty of life yet a dream. Beautiful write up as usual. Good that your working days got extend for another month.

Overcome Life said...

Thank you Charo for reading this and your supportive comment as usual :)

Life is indeed but a dream. Sometimes my posts have reminded me so much about life, uncertainty, impermanence, which myself need it as guidance in life journey :)

Have a lovely weekend Charo and thank you again for your wishes :)

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