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Bhutan Trip Day 6 - 28 June 2015 Trip to Jakar Dzong and Bumthang Cheese and Wine Shop at Batpalathang

View from the (toilet's) window - amazing!!! :)

It's Sunday!!! A rest day!!! I too, took half day off from my holiday. What?? Took day off during holiday??? Hehehe... :P As I wrote earlier on, the holiday that supposed to be a chill and relax, turned out to be the most tiring one!!!

I slept late almost every night and woke up as early as 5 to 6 am almost everyday. The sky turned bright after 5 am and also, because we had to share one toilet among the rest of the house occupants, and I loved to spend more time for myself inside the toilet, really slowly. Be it browsing internet (morning time was the best time to read other people's blog!!!), checking on Facebook status, or updating my whereabouts to my dear family members back home. Also, the view from the toilet's window was marvelous!!! See the photo above as a proof!!! :D

Happened at the same morning, there was an earthquake (magnitude 5.5) in Assam, India, which shook the area of Bumthang too! The toilet was shaking when I was having big business and I heard children sound from outside the window. I think they were jumping too. So, I thought that the children were jumping so strong until it shook the toilet. Lol!!! But still, as a precaution, I faster finished my business and went out from the toilet. In a while, I read many Bhutanese updated their Facebook status regarding the earthquake. Luckily nothing bad was happened!

Jakar Dzong view from afar - Bumthang, Bhutan

We only went out at 3 pm. This time, we went visiting Jakar Dzong. I had been looking this building from afar since two years ago, but didn't have time to visit it. However, this time all of us finally visited the place (especially the Lhakhang) for the very first time!! :)

Jakar Dzong - Bumthang, Bhutan

Jakar Dzong or Jakar Yugyal Dzong was literally translated as "Castle of the White Bird". Legend said that when Lamas assembled in 1549 to select the site for a monastery, a big white bird rose suddenly flying in the air and settled on a spur of a hill. It was interpreted as an important omen. So that hill was chosen as the site to build the Dzong (source: Lonely Planet) while some other source said that it was founded by Zhabdrung's great-grandfather - Lam Ngagi Wangchuck - who came to Bhutan to spread the Buddha teaching.

Direction signage at Jakar Dzong - Bumthang, Bhutan

The entrance was quite steep and slippery, especially after rain. I was wondering how the lady civil servants coming to work to their administrative office using high heels and wearing Kira. They must have struggled walking on that path. Salute to them la! Also, I can't imagine how to work during winter time when it's layered with frozen ice... Yalama!!!

Jakar Dzong - Bumthang, Bhutan

When we arrived, no one was seen around, not even inside the security room. As a good guest, I still filled the book up with my details :) We waited outside the temple, almost giving up and wanted to leave the place until the security officer suddenly popped up and approached us. He told us that the Lhakhang's door at ground floor wasn't locked and allowed us to enter to pray.

Steep ladder at Jakar Dzong - Bumthang, Bhutan

On the way back, I saw the very steep wooden ladder going to second floor. I was amazed with it and wondered where it led to. I was asking Neela if we could climb up, at least tried and experienced the steepness of the ladder.

While doing it, again the security officer passed by and he seemed telling us that the caretaker of the prayer room located at 3rd floor was around and we could proceed to upstairs. Wow!!! Again, lucky us!!! (Felt like they could hear my wish, my deep inside prayer :))

Climbing up the steep ladder inside Jakar Dzong - Bumthang, Bhutan

We climbed the staircase slowly and it just felt magnificent!!! The distance in each ladder was quite high too. While climbing up, I was imagining how old the staircase must have been and how good it was if there was any lift available, to cater for elderly visitors or young kids. Otherwise, only the young and adults would be able to visit the place la! I know, I know.. you would lose its uniqueness right? I just wondered though... :D

Yayyy!!! We made it there!!! :) Jakar Dzong - Bumthang, Bhutan

However, for the caretaker, climbing this kind of ladder was just a piece of cake. He was even running while climbing it up. Lol!!! Anyway, good exercise for four of us. We finally reached inside the Lhakhang, happy and satisfied!!! :)

Outside the Lhakhang at 3rd Floor - Jakar Dzong in Bumthang, Bhutan

The room was quite different from other Lhakhang I went before. You could even see from outside the door at the photo above (two hanging figures upside down) and other different paintings on upper side of the door. Even inside, the display of the altar was quite different too. A new experience for me :)

We made it there!!! :) Happy and satisfied!!! Jakar Dzong - Bumthang, Bhutan

Uhuyyyy!!! Mission accomplished!!! :)

Stopped and relaxed - enjoying the view of Bumthang valley :)

On our way to next destination, we passed by the wooden seats on the roadside facing the Shrishtika's school and beautiful view of Bumthang valley. Neela stopped his vehicle and let us sitting there just to chill and relax. After all, it was Sunday evening! ;)

Fresh milk from Batpalathang - Bumthang, Bhutan

Bumthang Swiss and Wine Shop or Swiss Guest House

Oh oh... only now I realized. Actually, I was planning to visit Swiss Guest House. But instead, Neela brought me to the Bumthang Cheese (Swiss) and Wine Shop at Batpalathang. Lol!!! :D

Finally got my Red Panda draft beer. Cheers!!!! :D

Didn't matter though, as I found what I wanted there - Cheese Gouda - and Red Panda draft beer!!! Cheers!!! :)

Bumthang alcohol drink products :)

Besides, they sold many local alcohol drink products on the shelf too!!!

Met Kuenza there :)

And otherwise, I wouldn't be able to meet Kuenza Karma there and tasted delicious Rangjung ara given by him hehehe..... What a coincidence la!!! :) So, that's about it now!!! Hope you enjoyed reading it!!! See you soon!!! :)


sancha rai said...

Thanks for making Bhutan so rich and diverse...

Rima Reyka said...

My pleasure la Sacha! Thank you for reading :)

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