Thursday, July 30, 2015

Bhutan Trip Day 6 - 28 June 2015 Harvesting organic veggies from the garden :)

Meat shop and vegetable market in Bumthang

After spending our time outside here, we passed by meat shop and vegetable market before heading home. We were actually looking for pork ribs to cook the Singapore style 'bakuteh' or pork rib soup. However, the meat seller offered us to buy 4 kg at one time or not buy at all kind of attitude (Devi said they were monopolizing the market as they knew other meat seller were not opened at that time). At the end we didn't buy and headed home.

Where I stayed in Bumthang :)

The above was the place where I stayed in Bumthang, central of Bhutan. The area was called Gangrithang, very near from Gangrithang Primary School, in fact, within 5 minutes walking distance. As you see the picture above, there were many greenery surrounded the house. Devi and Neela were lucky that the owner of the house let them growing some plantation in a given area. And coincidentally both of them enjoyed doing that. They both were even very proud of it!!! :)

Organic vegetables grown by Devi :)

The above was some of the vegetables grown in her garden: broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, zucchini, bean, spring onion, herbs, carrot, potatoes, chili, and so on. It's been the dream of my hubby to have such garden nearby the house. Too bad, we both lived sandwiched between the flats in government HDB housing, in the middle of the metropolitan city and country. This would always be his wish only :)

Chili plantation :)

She planted rows of chili too but it was still growing up. Uhhh... imagine if I plant that chili here!!! I won't have to ask someone to bring the chili from Bhutan anymore, instead, just go to the garden and pluck it up hehehe....  :D

Plucked potatoes, carrots and spring onion for dinner :)

That evening, we ended up collecting potatoes and plucking carrots and few spring onions for our dinner's ingredients. This way, she could save her food expenditures too and eat healthier food as it was grown organic.

Our gathering dinner :)

Our friends, Kedar and families, came from their village in Sarpang that night. We waited for their arrival and prepared the above dishes for our reunion. Chana, chilli chop, papadam, crackers, deep fried vegetables were our chang pa that night, so many varieties!!! :) I cooked Opor Ayam (chicken cooked in coconut milk added with potatoes and carrots) for them to try the taste of Indonesian food using the instant Indofood spices that I brought from home hehehe... Just hope they liked the taste though :D

I tried the new Bhutanese wine, called Happiness. Too bad it was not into my liking. I still preferred Takin wine ^^ So, Druk 11000 was still my primary choice for my chang pa la :D Thank you everyone for your time and effort for the gathering dinner. Hope you enjoyed it the way I enjoyed your accompany!!! Cheers.... :)

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