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Memories from high school time...

A2 Class Photo - 1996
This afternoon I packed my thing inside the book shelf and found a loose leaf file folder with the notes that I wrote when I was in the last year of senior high school. It was written it in Indonesian language. I will translate it into English here. I apologize in advance if the translation will be a bit weird, but I’ll try my best to make you all understand. Those written under the bracket ( ), is my current comment to explain something. It was written as follow:

Dearest: All my schoolmates

Hi! Thank you very much for giving your precious time for me to write on this album that consists of your impression about me and also some message written especially for me. I feel that it will be unfair if it’s only you who do the writing, therefore I'll do the same for you here.

For me, writing is not difficult, as long it is done sincerely from the heart. But before you continue reading, let me warn you first! When I write things, I will write it at least 3 pages unless if the situation does not allow (e.g. if my paper in the book had almost finished, paper provided was only 1 page, etc.) So, you have to obtain a strong willpower to read my long story with my beautiful handwriting hehehe….

Where should I start?

Alright! I start it from the history of this album.

The reason for me to make this special album is because now we’re in the last year of the senior high school. We have been through many things during the 3 years period in our lovely school. I would like to compile it in one place, which is here, so that once we get old and out from this school, it will leave me a good memories from the past :)

At first, I was thinking, what kind of album that is suitable for me to put our memorable photos together with your writings?

So... On 26th October 1995, after two days holiday, I supposed to go back to school, but end up, I added on another day off by myself because when I woke up, the clock had shown the time 07:32am. (We supposed to start school at 7am) Nah loh! At that time I was sooooo panic!!!. I forgot to tell my maid to wake me up!!! I was hysterical and shouted myself in my room, “Crazy! Crazy! OMG!!! What did I do? Why I woke up so late??? How???"

My father who was sitting in the dining room and read his newspaper could hear my voice and commented, “Who is crazy?? Sleep longer lah…!!!” I heard it embarrassingly. Luckily my father didn’t get angry, because I had been a good girl, never skipped the school before! So, for this once, I skipped the school for one day, would be okay right? Hehe....

I went to school during break time to meet my friends (fyi, my house was located very near from the school, it’s only 3 minutes walk), and also to borrow their notes.

After coming back from school, I took my photos collection out. Suddenly, I had some idea. How if I made the album using the loose leaf file folder (the one with many holes ring binder – where you can open it to add in or take out the paper from the folder), because I could keep lots of paper on it. But, what kind of paper huh? I was thinking of using a blank white paper but it would be too plain and boring!! Not attractive at all!!

Then I had an idea, how if I used colorful papers, as what you’ve seen here (I attached the letters inside the folder – front page. So they can read it then fill in my album). After that, I immediately took my motorcycle and went to Subur bookshop. There were many types of colorful paper, thin one and thick one. After many consideration, such as: thinner one would be easier to cut, could fit in more inside the file folder, lighter, and most importantly, cheaper - finally I bought the thin colorful papers there.

Reached home, I chose the suitable loose leaf file folder. During my 17th year’s birthday, some people gave me loose leaf folders as a present. It wasn’t easy to choose too! From few that I have, finally I choose the dark blue color, a present from sweet couple, Joselin & Benny. My priority considerations: the ring must be made of metal – so it’s stronger, can last long, and easier to put in and take out the paper; color must be dark – so when it’s dirty, it won’t be too visible hehehe…; and the file cover must be thick – so it’s durable and not easy to spoil if passed over from one hand to another.

Well, the folder and paper have been settled. Now, how to make it! It required me three days to complete the album, but not fully 3 days. E.g. On 1st day, after choosing loose leaf file folder and paper, at 3 pm, I went to Citraland - one of the malls in Jakarta - with my sister to look for shoes. From Citraland, we went to eat Bakso Grogol (beef ball), the food stall name is Mahkota! Wow, it tasted so good!!! It’d been quite some time since the last time I was eating there, yah… since I stopped joining the Tae Kwon Do competition in Stadium Grogol. The price wasn’t expensive too. Added with crackers and es pala (Nutmeg ice). Wah, so fresh and full!!! Eit eit… sorry ya friends, I talked this far, even promote their shop! But it’s really damn good, you know!! Even I heard they opened the branches. Have you guys eaten there before? Nice right? Was the price same with what they set in Grogol?? ^^"

The night after coming back from Grogol, I arranged the photo. Means, I put it in sequence based on the timing, which one occurred first. That’s not an easy job as so many photos need to be arranged! Some more I was soo… tired and sleepy… End up, that night I was sleeping in my eldest sister’s room because my bed was so messy, full with photos, paper, etc.

Second day, I went to school like usual. After finished the class, I had my lunch and changed my uniform to a comfortable one. While listening to the radio, I started arranging the paper from the brighter color to the dark ones. The paper that I bought was in bigger size so I had to cut it into smaller size one by one. And also, I had to make the hole using the hole punch so that it could fit into the ring binder nicely. Once it's ready, I tried to do the first page starting with the first event, Kirab Remaja.

I was thinking, how to make the photo durable and not easy to spoil or dirty? I took out the transparent plastics, which were used to wrap the greeting cards (I used to buy lots of greeting cards – e.g. for Birthday, Christmas, Chinese New Year, etc. Instead of throwing the plastic away, I collected and kept it – recycling it, since it was all still in a very good condition). So, I put each photo inside the plastic, folded it nicely – ensure the photos were covered in it, then put a scotch tape so it won’t get loose.

Once done, I pasted the photos on the paper and stickers as decoration, then cut a white paper and wrote down what even was that, when did it happen, etc. I finally made my first page successfully. Then continued with second event, etc. Since the events had passed quite some time ago, I was a bit forgot when was that happened, so I had to open my diary to recall the information back.

It was Friday and I had to go for my English course in LIA. So I stopped at 4pm. After my class, I went to the restaurant to catch dinner with my family. But since I reached there quite late, my father ordered a packet of Ee fu noodle for me takeaway. It was such a big portion!! I was too hungry and ended up finishing the whole packet by myself, except the mushrooms to my mom since I didn't like it :P After dinner, I continued making the album for a while then sleeping in my eldest sis’s room again – that day my room was even messier!!!

On the last day… It was Oath Youth Day, 28th October 1995. I went to school. You also right? Did you guys remember that we had flag ceremony?? If not… forget it then! I also couldn’t remember… I just knew, after the flag ceremony, I ate Soto (Indonesian style chicken soup) near the church there, with Letis and her sister. When I wanted to pay, I looked at my wallet, oooww… I only had Rp. 1,200 notes Hehe.. My face had turned reddish like a boiled crab!!! Because when I was asking for the price to the seller, seemed like no problem at all. But when wanted to pay, seemed like my money wasn't sufficient!!! So after searching for coins at the corner of my wallet, finally I could take out Rp. 1,200 together with 2 coins of Rp. 50 plus 2 coins of Rp 100 = cenggo (Rp. 1,500). Ahhh… I felt so relieved!! Next time before going there, make sure I have enough money in my wallet! Don’t repeat it again, please!!!

After having the Soto, I went back home. While doing it halfway, I realize I didn't have enough papers, so I had to ride my motorcycle again back to Subur bookshop. When done, I went back home and continued my work.

At 3pm, I got myself prepare to go to Goenawan (for physics tuition) – At that time, I went there to learn the basic course for 3 months. It was quite expensive, which costs Rp. 250,000. But the course was not bad. It was twice a week.

After the class, I had my dinner, changed clothes and watched TV. I continued making the album from 9pm to 12am. Oh lala… finally it’s done!!! After so much hard work, I finally finished preparing this beautiful album… The next day was Sunday, it was rest day.

On Monday, 30th October, I started to show the album to my friends. Since it was fresh new, many people looked at it with curiosity. The advantage of using the loose leaf file folder: I can put in and remove the paper for them to fill in. So they can just look at the album in the class, then they bring the paper back home, fill it up, and once finished, just submit that paper back to me. So they don’t have to bring the whole album back home – as it’s quite heavy.

But lately, I forced them to bring it home because it became heavier each and every day and I was quite lazy to do it… hahaha… :P

In the beginning, there was no “Impression and Message” notes. I took the idea from Mala (my classmate) for that part. After buying Mickey Mouse paper, I distributed the paper around. First, to my lovely A2 class, then to my close friends at other classes, then to other friends.. Luckily all of you were willing to give your precious time to write for me.

After Chemistry lab test - Lovely A2 class
I have read all the “Impression and Message” from all of you. I am soooo…. happy although some was a bit confused and dunno what to write and at the end, you wrote the same thing. I’ll discuss your comment here one by one…. Hihihi…

1. Majority has the same impression towards the way I laughed, which was just like ‘kuntilanak’ (Indonesian woman ghost). I admit that was true! In addition, when I was in Primary 5, I like to play ghost game with my cousin and my neighbor, both guys, at about same age. I became the witch and the ghost. My specialty in laughing made them shocked and ran away… It was so fun playing like that!!

For me, laughter - as long as it’s funny - has to be released! Do not hold it. Especially when we are still young and there are still times for us to laugh and be happy. But if you laugh at other people’s misfortune, e.g. when they fall down while walking, then you have to hold it, otherwise, you are looking for trouble! Other than that, when you laugh, you also have to see the situation. Don’t laugh because you look down on other people, that’s not right!!! Most importantly, laugh normally and freely, like mine… :D As long as it’s funny, otherwise, you can be the first patient of Putra (if he decided to become Mental Health Doctor) kekeke….

2. People said, I’m a Queen of Dangdut. (Dangdut is a genre of Indonesian popular music that is partly derived from Hindustani or Hindi music, Malay, Arabic. Loved by native Indonesian). In the beginning, when I was given task to draw from Pak Suyono (my drawing teacher), I would feel very stress. Therefore, I would start hysterically singing Dangdut songs. My memory of the dangdut songs that I heard when I was young were suddenly all appeared on my head. When I was in Primary 1, what we could listen on my father's antic radio was AM channel, not FM, so most of the songs played were dangdut, and the funny thing was, I liked listening into it! Hihihi…

Actually I love to sing when I was young! We used to watch Aneka Ria Safari and Selecta Pop shows on TV (where the top singer performed the latest hit Indonesian songs). So, don’t be surprised if I often sang those mushy adult songs. Then, me, my 3rd sister, and 2 neighbors around our ages, we would play as if we were on the singing show.

One of us would be a singer, while the rest would sit down and watch. We took turn singing. While singing, you had to move with some styles too, so not just stand up still, such as butterfly style, backstroke, frog style, etc. :P Then one of the audiences would be MC and said, “Here is our star…. Overcome… with a song called…. Hura hura……” The rest of audience would applause hard, whistle and welcome the star to sing…

Even, some of my parent’s favorite cassette became our object to record our sweet and melodic sound. That antic radio could record too!! So, we took one of the cassettes, we searched for one that had the same cover (later on we found out that was actually contained different songs), because from outer appearance it was all looking the same. Rather than having so many with same one, so we took one for our recording, for our goodness in developing our talent and creation.

We started recording our sounds. After singing, audience would happily applause, cheer and whistle, so it would look like crowded (actually it was only 2 audience there). Our effort went smoothly – means so far our parents didn’t know about our activity – until one day, when we were in a holiday trip to Jawa, my father was driving and mom was sitting beside him. My siblings and I were inside the car too. My mom then turned on her favorite cassette, but suddenly a strange and tacky sound started to appear and highlighted our bleak journey. My father scolded us while my sister and I were laughing happily at the back seat, able to listen to our sweet and melodious voice…. :D

There were some dangdut songs and wordings that were nice. Even when I sing an English top hit song, it would be affected slightly by the dangdut accent, and therefore, many people has complained, especially those in A2 class. Hehehe…

3. Some people said, I was rough. It was quite true as it’s a bit hard for me to hide my emotion. If I was happy, I felt like hitting someone! So many victims had been hit by me. Therefore, please accept my apologize… However, there were some loved to be hit though… I’m going to hit ‘em again later then… hahaha….

4. I like to throw rubbish not at the rubbish bin!!! Hehehe… Also quite true!! But recently, I have been reducing this habit since the drawing banner and poster competition, which were held recently. When inside the class, I threw the rubbish because I felt like to and thought that it was fun to throw the rubbish on people, especially the one sit two front rows before me, aiming at Putra! Sometimes it would fly too far and it would hit Dado and Istan (both sat next to Putra). Hehe… Sorry guys!

5. People said I’m such a thoughtful person, love to send cute Birthday cards. Hehe... Thank you. You don’t have to praise me on that. It was just my hobby to find a nice and cute card, and it wasn’t too expensive too. I loved to match the picture and wordings in the card with the person who receives it. Most importantly, those cards have brighten up your days right??? :)

6. I’m not feminine. Ah, not really… I had my hair long before. In school, I wear skirt everyday too!!! What else you want for me to be feminine??? Even during the farewell party last year, I wore a very bright lipstick on my lips!!! You can look at the photo if you don’t believe!! I even scared to see it myself because the color was just like drinking someone’s blood….

7. Many people surprise with my results! Not only you my friends, even I’m surprised with my ability… Some wrote that my life was just like a bat (sleeping in the afternoon and lively at night). Actually, it was not ‘just like a bat’, but ‘it is like a bat!!!'

Do you know why I study at night? After a long day at school, don’t you feel tired? Some more if there were additional class. So it’s better to take a good rest first! At the same time I was avoiding extra job from home such as: sewing the sack bag, carrying the goods from house to lorry and vice versa, covering the box with sack then sewing it nicely, pasting the masking tape into the boxes, etc. (My father’s occupation was mainly buying goods from Jakarta, repacked then sent it to another island. He expected us to help up since we were very young. And I often try to find a way to get rid of it. What a naughty me!!! :P)

For me, that was not my time yet to do such things because my main duty right now as a student is to sleep!!! Oops.. I mean to study!!! Then usually I will start studying from 9pm onwards. My father often turns on TV so loud. The TV is just behind my room. So noisy, you know? Try yourself to study at 12am, 1am, 2am… It was so peaceful and quiet… so good… Other than that, you can also practice yourself not being afraid or scared of other things e.g. ghost. At the same time, you could become a security guard protecting your house (e.g. when listening to weird sound from the roof or in front of your house gates, etc.). See? So many advantages!!!

But sometimes I didn’t have enough time to study, so I got bad marks. If the results were good, that’s because I listened and put attention to the teacher well, took down a note, and absorbed what they taught us in the class. It would benefit us much better in that way!! Don't you agree??

8. Some were saying, during orientation, I was often doing something against the organizers (our seniors and teachers). No no, not right!! I did only once, but with a very bad consequences!!! (When we just started high school, there was a week orientation organized by 2nd and 3rd year students (our seniors and teachers), to let us adapt and grow up into the new world. We had to follow what they ordered us to do, such as: tie our hair into two for gals, or guys wearing clips on his hair when going to school. Bring food that consists of 5 spoons of brown rice, 1 piece of tofu with triangle shape, long bean cut into 3 cm each for 10 pcs – must make sure it’s correct measurement, etc. If you don’t follow exactly what they want, they will punish you in front of others, such as singing, dancing, push up, sit up, and so on, and mainly just to make you feel shameful).

At that time, it was the last day of orientation. They asked us to write about what we feel during the orientation. I was too honest to describe what I felt, including some personal comments and remarks toward the some seniors, but honestly, I just wrote it to release what I felt, without any bad intention.

Disaster in the beginning of the high school. Because of that, they punished and scolded me. Imagine!! Everyone in their classes would hear me shouting and reading my comment alone in the basket ball court under the hot sun!!! They also asked me to apologize and to get signatures from the seniors that I'd offended and from some teachers, and they made me to do hard things to earn their signature until I was crying hehehe…. What an unforgettable memory!!! Sigh....

9. Some said they'd miss being disturbed by me, such as: stick the sticker behind their uniform huahaha…. Put, that was so much fun you know? There was a deep satisfaction in doing so!! Even Bu Lily, our chemistry teacher, laughed on you too.. hehehe…

Fyi, recently it wasn’t me sticking the sticker into your uniform, but the other two girls who sit beside me… hihihi… You don’t know right??? Even those who sit behind me was also participating into it. Hihihi...

10. Some friends were suffering with me, taking the bus all the way to Tangerang (suburb of Jakarta). Hahaha.. I believe, it’s an unforgettable event for those who were sitting in the bus with me. Most of you know about the story. For those who don’t know, let me tell you the story.

When I was in 1st year of high school, me and other 4 friends were heading to LIA in Slipi to register the English course. When going back home, I asked them to stop at Slipi Jaya (shopping center) as I need to buy the ink pen ROTRING – German brand pen – used for drawing (mine was lost somewhere). After going out from Slipi Jaya, there was a big green bus (we called it PATAS bus) stopping right in front of us, and the bus conductor was shouting, “rang rang rang rang…”

Without looking at the bus number and the destination that usually was written in front, I immediately asked my friends to board into the bus. Because it’s kinda hard to get the bus to our house, as most of them would prefer to use highway and not the normal road. So, all of us sat down peacefully inside the bus. I took out the story book and read it on the journey, didn’t look around on where the bus went to, as I confident the bus would go to the right direction.

Suddenly, one of my friends poked me and asked, “R, is this bus going to Muara Karang?” Since I was so deeply into my story book, I looked aside for a while with a confident face saying, “Correct la! Just now he shouted ‘karang karang karang…’ mah?”, and I continued reading my book.

Again, my 4 friends started to panic looking left and right, felt that something was wrong. They couldn’t recognize the place at all!!! She poked me again, who was still reading full of concentration. Then I looked left and right… Alamak!!! Where were we!!! Where the bus brought us to??? I started asking around where the bus was heading to and found out that this bus was going to Tangerang, and not Muara Karang… OMG!!! Suddenly I felt my body was so weak and lost so much energy. I immediately put my book inside my bag and we were dropped off at the entrance of the highway to Tangerang and went back home by TAXI. Hahahaha…. They scolded me all the way back home… :P

Sorry friends, I really didn’t realize that we were taking the wrong bus back home. I was too confident. Really sorry about it!

11. A friend told me that I used to be stingy, but not anymore. Hm.. after thinking about it, maybe he’s right. But it was before, before I know Buddhism. But since I visited the temple near my house often, I had learn and tried to practice the Buddha's teaching: to help those who in need and to make them happy.

I found a good saying taken from outer part of donation box in the temple: “To give doesn’t mean to lose. To accept doesn’t mean you’re lucky! To give is the beginning of accepting and to accept is the result of giving.” Isn’t it nice? It’s based on the karma law, cause and effect.

Well, more or less, until now, Sunday, 31st March 1996 at 2.07am in the morning, I have compiled your impressions towards me. Oh ya, do you want to know how long did I take to write the above? Yesterday, Saturday, 30th March, from 9pm to 2.45am. See, bat’s life? Then today, Monday morning, from 1.45am to 2.10am.

Then, do you want to know the entire story behind the photos that I put in this album?? Want or not? Want or not? Want ya??? (Then I continued writing for another 5 pages front and back. I won’t write it here… as it is too much to write… Btw, the one that I wrote above was actually about 6 pages front and back, all was written using my handwriting. Wow, I really had nothing to do huh???)

So, that was more or less me, during senior high school time.

Few days retreate - Me on the left and Aileen was on the right
Below I posted one of the paper written by Aileen, the one who stays in Singapore now:

19th January 1996, 11.20am

Hi R, the best friend of mine!
Ready yah? One… two… three… start! Listen carefully, ok?

Number one: Look at the picture! That is Mickey Mouse, isn’t it? Now I want to tell you that you’re just like him. Not the face (if you feel like it, also can hehe..) Look at him again carefully! He is a charming person. He is smiling as if he did not ever know about sadness. Seems like you who always look cheerful. Because, as I know, you never look sad. But at home, maybe you’re such crying baby ya? (As if I know).

Time’s up! Let’s go on No. 2!
I want to say, but don’t feel proud ya.., that you’re creative. Wanna proof? What you ask me to do now, to write what I feel about you and the message for you.
I wish I were you. Because I can’t be creative like you (don’t feel proud again ah?). I am too lazy to make things like this.

Done with no. 2,
Now number 3: What is the difference between the past R and the present R?
The answer is: Since I knew you, seems like you’ve never changes. Your thin, your fat. You look okay from every aspect. You are sociable, confident, kind heart, all remains the same. The only thing changing was your trendy hair, that’s all! One more thing, do you realize that recently, or maybe since 2nd year, you became more talkative and amusing? But that’s fine! That’s cool, man!

The following are my messages to you:
- Study hard and put in much effort as it all will be for your future. Thanks yah for your support to me before!
- Just be yourself!
- Forget me not, ok?
- Ora et labora (pray and work in Latin)

Oh ya, I forgot to tell you my impression about this: I’m impressed with you who always go to temple every week, unlike me. But even I don’t go, I still pray at home. So, there is nothing wrong for me to tell you never to forget the ‘above’, right?




Kipchu Kipchu said...

Such a distinctively fine character you have been. You still are. Then and now, times changed but not you. Rather you developed further into a remarkably finer and unique - sort of a different and yet a special kind. Still the most natural, real, authentic and spontaneous one.

Rima Reyka said...

Haha... It means what? I've never grown up? :P

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