Saturday, December 01, 2012

Minor durian season

Durian - King of fruit

Last weekend, we went to our old house market for breakfast. I was craving for vegetarian wanton noodle while hubby and son were having kway chap. After that, we had a walk in a neighborhood and we saw a lot of durian stalls!!! The stalls were only around when there was a durian season. When passing by the place, we could smell its aroma... hmmmm..... It's been quite some time I didn't taste it - (the last one was during National Heritage Food Promotion at place where I work, some where in August). Since we took public transport back home, we didn't buy any, because the smell was very strong and bring durian to public transport (bus and MRT) was not allowed. You couldn't even bring the durian into TAXI. The driver has the right to refuse you for boarding, because the smell is very hard to disappear and some people don't like the smell at all. Too bad... I could only swallow my saliva and left the market without it.

We stay in new area, where the eating place, market, shops, and other basic facilities like clinic, dentist are not within a distance. We have to take bus, LRT, bicycle to go there. So, don't even think of having durian stalls nearby. And this evening, my mother-in-law brought back a packet of durian home. She said she 'smuggled' the styrofoam packed durian into her bag and went back home by bus and MRT. Hahaha... She knows I love durian the most and she brought that home for me. She even took a risk of embarrassment if being caught hehehe...  So touched!!

Mangosteen - Queen of fruit
However, today my hubby took the company's car and brought us for dinner, also to shop groceries. He knows I love durian very much and since he will only go back to work next Monday, he suddenly allowed me to bring some durian back too. Usually he was very strict, didn't allow durian to be put inside the company's car, scared the smell was too strong and remain inside the car. So I wouldn't miss the opportunity and bought another 3 packets of durian back home hahaha..... I also bought mangosteen as they believe that it will cool down the body (eating durian can make your body heaty).

We opened up the packet and ate it once we reached home. Hmm.... nice... The textures were soft and it was sweet with some bitterness. I ate more than one packet on my own... hahaha... Usually I can eat more than that... but now I can't eat too much and too sweet things. So we keep the remaining balance inside our fridge so tomorrow we still can enjoy it slowly.... ^^

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