Thursday, December 20, 2012

New year's resolutions

11 more days to go to year 2013!!!

I've just jotted down my new year's resolutions in my Doraemon notebook. Hehe.. It's more like short term SMART goals that I plan for the first half year. The 2nd half year seems to be slight far from now, so I won't think about it first.

There are some serious stuffs in the list 'cos according to my horoscope, few are saying that next year will be a great year to build my foundation for a better career. But they're also saying that my health star luck won't be so good. So I really need a lot of determination and full strength to carry on. Can I do it?? Let's see ba!! Usually I'd think, if others can do it, so do I! :D

Saving money is one of the continuous goal as I won't know when I'll need it, especially with my condition like this. And it's kind of weird as there would always be a period when I will need to spend lots of money at one shot. All kind of problems will just appear like that. This morning, I just broke my umbrella. Kekeke.... Usually it worked just fine whenever I need to use. And see dentist will be the biggest headache for the moment. Haiz..... It's not the first time and won't be the last one. Too many problems that I have. Hahahaha....

Maintain my weight is one of the resolutions. It always reminds me of the three new pants that I just bought. I bought it with current size that I am having now, so no way of gaining weight allowed!!

I will need a little short break. Still don't know where and when to go, but I'll plan for one, to go with my loved ones.

Well, see how much can I fulfill... Hehehe... Have you made one for yourself?? Think about it!


Anonymous said...

well good plan.. i never make ny resolution for myself.. just let it flow.. my priority now is family.. the rest will come second. saving money? always do it time to time.. i am not good in budgeting but i always save some money.. so never worry about it.
will i go back to work after birth? i dont think so.. chd care too expensive and cant afford with two kids later.. so must be ready to be stay home mom again.. haiiiz..
holiday? not in the list.. but planning to go back to jakarta sep next year with two kids.. one to visit parent.. two.. to escape hayfever. three.. need help to take care the kids.. hahahhaha


Overcome said...

Hey, did u realize that you've just made one?? Hehe... All the best!!! :)

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