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Something about December

Something about December

The above video is a song by Christina Perri. The title is "Something about December". Nice to listen, especially in a raining day like this. Hope you enjoy the song too...

It's 22nd December! 3 more days Christmas is coming!!! Time flies like usual.

PY, ET and me
On Wednesday, my two best friend and I went for ET's post Birthday gathering dinner. Her birthday falls on 10th December, but we only celebrated on 19th December due to our busy schedule. We had our dinner at Jack Place in Ang Mo Kio. The place is pretty cozy. The lighting was a bit dark, creating a very nice ambiance. PY came only an hour later as she had to finish issuing cheques because the Directors will be leaving for Christmas holidays until New Year.

I ordered Jack Place Chef's salad, my old time favorite :) ET first time ate there and she loved the salad too. PY just changed her hand phone and proudly showed it to us. Hahaha... ET kept saying that this phone is very good, so many functions in it, etc, but herself was actually using iPhone kekeke... We also chit chatted about other things, such as plan on how to celebrate Christmas and New Year, etc. After dinner, we went to NTUC to buy things. I bought some chocolates for my mom. My brother went back Jakarta yesterday so I asked him to help me passing it to her.

Yesterday it was Dongzhi festival, which literally means "Arrival of Winter." This festival is commonly celebrated by Chinese on or around 22nd December. As for this year, it falls on 21st December. Traditionally, it was meant as a festival for family to get together. 

When we were young, on the night before, my mom would prepare "tang yuan" or balls of glutinous rice (which symbolizes reunion), made of glutinous rice flour and water. She would add some coloring, like red and green to make it colorful and more attractive to eat hehe.. We would sit together helping her to shape the dough into the balls. On the next day, she would prepare the soup, made of brown sugar, ginger, water, and pandan leaves.The balls would be boiled then put in the cold water separately. When we wanted to eat, she then would heat the soup and pour the balls into it. As for how many should we eat, it would be according to how old we were. But as we grow up, we don't follow that rule anymore. Just eat as many as we can eat. Otherwise, imagine if I'm 50 years old, I have to eat all 50 balls into my stomach...... hahaha.... no space for that... :)

Preparing the tang yuan or glutinous rice balls

The photo above was taken in pastry kitchen at place where I work. My colleague was preparing the glutinous balls for our company's Christmas party. Yes, Christmas Party!! :)

Year end is coming and usually they would prepare one for all staffs to celebrate all our hard work and achievements for the whole year. It's just a short one, but the Chefs would prepare nice food for us :)

Desserts made by Pastry Chefs
They prepared a beautiful range of desserts, appetizers, and main course. I ate until very full.

Me and my colleagues :)
Took fun photo there as well... ^^

This evening, I finally used the juicer machine :D I bought it last weekend. I wanted to buy it since long time ago, but only recently managed to get one. The price was $200 plus when first launched. After many years... I think it's been 3-4 years? Now the promotion price was $169. But I bought it at only $129 hahaha... nice bargain ah??? Hubby told me that I won't use it more than 20 times per year. He even asked me to write in a piece of paper, the date that I use the machine, and to be signed by him each time I use. If I use it more than 20 times, he would reward me with something. Hahahahaha....... :D

I bought the other machine before. It was a blender. I seldom use it and most of the time I would keep it inside the cupboard. That's why he commented the above :D

This afternoon, I bought few types of fruits. There were pineapples, dragon fruit, watermelon, oranges, and carrot. Ready to use the machine :)

Hm... it's really good!!! The machine produce the juice only. All the fibers were filtered so that what it produces were only pure juice. Hm... Nyummy!!! See how often I use it. And I realize, I know why I seldom use those machines... Because it need a lot of washing after you use it... Sooo troublesome!!! I think it's better to buy a glass of juice outside for $2 per glass rather than do it yourself like this... hahaha... But the quality will be different though, 'cos usually they mixed it with water and ice. Hm... good bargain.. Just love it!! :)

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