Friday, December 28, 2012

Year end wish come true :)

I'm loving it..... :)

Yayyy!!!! Finally we managed to buy the display cabinet for my liquor collection!!! :) I had thought about it even before we moved house, but was thinking where to put and what type of cabinet should we purchase.

Last Sunday, 3 of us went to furniture shop in Geylang, our usual place to find furniture. At there, we managed to buy Baobei's wardrobe. It's time for him to have a proper wardrobe (currently he was using the 2-tier plastic cabinet - had used it for 10 years and still in good condition. Thought of either using it for other purpose or give it to friend or neighbor who wants it. We also tried to find the display cabinet there, but the price was slightly expensive and the model wasn't what we wanted.

So we went to IKEA, the world's large furniture retailer, founded in Sweden, which mainly sells ready-to-assemble furniture. We'd been eyeing two display cabinets there, one for me, to put my liquor collections, and another one for Baobei, to put his Gundam collections :D

Yesterday, all furnitures were finally delivered to our house. Hubby spent his day assembling his giant Transformers' toys, that was how he called it haha.... Oh ya, we also purchased a study table for Baobei, but hubby will only assemble it this weekend.

Dadadada......... My display cabinet had been fit when I went back home from office. I brought Chinese cold dishes and burger back home after having dinner with PY at Chinatown, and hubby had good meal to recharge his energy back :D At 9pm he asked me where to put and he nailed the shelf to the wall so it wouldn't fall when it's opened. He also asked me how high I wanted to put each rack as it was all adjustable. Once finished, I put in my collections into it. Waaa.... So happy!!!! :) Finally my liquor has a new home, and not stayed inside the kitchen cabinet anymore hehehe.... :D

Thank you Hubby, for making my wish come true..... :)


Riku said...

Congrats for having bought that. Looks awesome.

Overcome said...

Hahaha.... Thanks Riku!!! :) Another wish came true... So happy :)

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