Thursday, March 21, 2019

The same old (Obiang) me

I think we do agree that old people is generally old-fashioned, difficult to adapt with changes, having old-thinking, old-taste, conservative thinking, and so on. I do not regards myself as old yet, but I realized I have much of those characteristics in me. OMG!!!

Plain-looking face (no colourful make up), hair-pinned short hair style (you must have started imagined those Angay (grandma in Bhutanese language) or Apho (in Chinese language), no taste in clothing (comfortable and economic t-shirt batik rubber three-quarter pants - for daily summer wear; and some old style jacket for winter wear), simple sport shoes and/or slippers (no high-heels at all in my shoe rack), have been the alarming signs of so old-fashioned lady.

Miss Obiang look ^_^" (Pic source: Instagram rimareyka.writes)

The above top was my recent purchase to fight the cool weather and you know what??? Many grannies admired it after I wore it and even wanted to buy it for themselves. Hahaha... I don't know want to laugh or cry when they wanted it (same taste). Lol!!! :'D

Recently too, I met an ex-colleague who is much younger than me but is currently experiencing career-switch mid-life crisis. He wanted to change the job from operational type (he used to be Chef who worked on shift schedule, no days off on weekend and public holiday), to an office job (desk-bound and more regular office hours).

We were chatting over sushi lunch and I tried to advise him on the suitable job role that he could choose next. However, there was nothing suited him. Then I realized that my thinking was a bit conservative, too old-style to recommend him such job (although it matched with his education background and working experience). Perhaps after being jobless for few years in such modern metropolitan and fast-paced country, where many jobs have been replaced with automated machines everywhere, I felt myself becoming far away with reality world. Haiz....

Only from last night chatting conversation with someone I haven't met before but the person knew me from my blog and Instagram, I felt a bit relieved since the person told me that I still look young, even mistook me as college student. Hehe... :P Thank you again for the comment - let me took it as compliment :D

And for your info (not an excuse hahaha...), actually I am still the same old me. How I prefer my simple look (no make up), prefer having short hair (easier to take care), light and comfortable footwear, simple shirts and jeans or any other comfortable pants, and never really bother much about my look or appearance in the eye of others, especially when I travel overseas. To be in a place where nobody knows me, I had plenty of freedom to wear such an Obiang design hahahahaha... :P

Miss Obiang in full view :P

Here is the full picture of me that very day. Didn't I blend well in the environment? :P Hope I haven't yet reached that stage of old age yet despite how old fashioned my thinking was!!! :D

Same old me - back in 1997 (Tai Yuan, China)

And hope the above photo could prove the same old (Obiang) me, even when I was still a bit younger (back in 1997). I was wearing my grandma's oversize shirt, mom's pants, CD-man case sling bag, and China-made jacket on my travelling days :)

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Aspiration in life. Will that day come???

"The trouble is"- Buddha

It has been exactly two months since my last post. Oh my God!!! How time flies!!! I am not sure if it is because I have been living in such a fast pace world (Singapore country, to be exact), or I have been living my life with so many activities lately.

I too just realize that I have not updated any post on my journal, I even almost thought that I had lost it as I kept it somewhere I could not remember before typing this post. The journal update has kept decreasing despite I had not engaged in any full time job for the past few years. This journal has not even fully written since two years ago. Hahahaha.... 

I just feel that I have been busy each and every day, do not have enough time to do so much things that I really wanted to do. There were so many last minute activities I agreed to join as well. Other than list of doctor appointments on my phone calendar list, I have not jotted down the 'to-do-list' like what I used to do during my working life.

"In Search of a Meaningful Life" - Lama Zopa Rinpoche

It seems like 2019 has just been started few days ago and now it has already 14th March!!! Two and half months has gone by with rows of joyful activities plus a desperate need in balancing business of life and time to take a good rest - both body and mind.

Few Buddhist books left half read, lying hopelessly on my bedside table waiting for my attention to grab and finish reading it. Not only those, it also includes the e-book that I downloaded and let it expired when the time came.

What have I been doing??? All the business, all the activities. I feel like I should get away from all this, go somewhere quiet and peace, do nothing but practicing meditation, learning Dhamma, being silent and practicing ten sila or precepts daily, just like what I had last time at Wat Suan Mokkh, Thailand. 

The 3C's in Life Quote (Pic source:

I was not saying that I regretted all things I did all this time (being busy and hectic). I just want to have a peace of mind and silent environment, surrounded with only nature and simple life (not owning much - just some clothes to wear and decent food to eat). Someday I may reach a point where I say, this is enough. Just like Prince Siddharta, I may leave it all and join the monastic life, which lead me to somewhere. That someday, I wish when the time is right, the day will come and the teacher is there to guide me. Will that day come???

Monday, January 14, 2019

At this age

Actually I planned to post this topic on my recent Birthday last year, but I was too busy holidaying with my families. Therefore, I had no time to write at all. So, only now I could finally finalize the below, things that appeared on my thought, as parts of growing up and after experiencing few decades of life on this earth.

Smile is my make up :) (Instagram: Rimareyka.writes)
At this age, I:

1. No longer have a need to impress others. I am who I am - whether you like it or not (inside and outside).

2. Wear anything that's comfortable (including shoes and slippers) - no matter how simple or ugly it looks.

3. Support and implement a natural look (without make up). So, many times, people have mistakenly thought that I was in my late 20s due to, well, perhaps I have been wearing smile as my make up ;)

4. Feel that I look better in long hair rather than short hair. But due to the circumstances (hot weather, hair loss, etc.) I have to cut my hair short (sometimes very short!), which in the end, I will be looking ugly/ auntie-look (due to my round and chubby face). Lol! But no matter what, I will always prefer comfort over good looking. No one to impress anyway!!! :D

New hair for the new year!!! :)

5. Eat to live, not live to eat - but still love eating. Meaning, I am no more fancy the buffet style or having the mentality of must-go-eat at restaurant anymore. Any cheap, simple and nice dish will do to fill the stomach, especially the home-cooked ones - not only healthier, but also saving dollar and cents for other cause.

6. Have to maintain my weight - to be under acceptable range - for a good health (as the age increases, metabolism has become slower and very difficult to lose weight).

When metabolism starts getting slow (Instagram: Rimareyka.writes)

7. Continue to balance life - work, travel, continuous learning, exercise, play, rest, read, write, and all the things I love doing.

8. Try my very best to include exercise as part of my life, even if it is only a walk (thanks to the active watch, it monitors how many steps I have everyday!)

9. Do what I love (when possible!) - especially when it comes to 'work'.

10. Still struggle to find it though. Preferably can earn money, have more freedom, less gossip / negative environment, and less stressful job. Best if I do not have to dress up and wear make up to work! :P

11. Still have difficulty with speaking the right thing at the right moment (too direct and blunt). Haiz!

12. Deeply feel grateful for having more than a roof on my head (as I am blessed with balcony where it is the best place to start and end my day, to relax, to drink tea/coffee with cakes, etc.)

Morning view from the balcony (Instagram: Rimareyka.writes)

13. Changed the goal that I set earlier in life - from making myself happy, to current one - make the other beings happy :)

14. Am very grateful for the family members and very good friends to whom I can share my love fully and unconditionally.

15. Continue feel grateful for my fate with Buddha, Dhamma and Sangha. They are always there for me all the time. Thank you!

16. Have known and understood well the difference between love and attachment.

Difference between love and attachment (Pic source:

17. Have realized that ego is the source of all suffering (which I still have it sometimes in my behavior!).

18. Still have difficulty to apply meditation in everyday's life (How I wish that sleeping is the best way to meditate :P)

19. Feel that reading and watching movie/ drama series are two things to avoid world's problem (which I enjoy a lot!)

Quote from current favorite Korean drama "Encounter" (Instagram: Rimareyka.writes)

20. Try to include visit to Buddhist temples plus rejuvenating mind and soul activities into my travel itineraries (when possible!)

21. Regard luxury as the last priority unless someone paid for it :D

22. Rather explore more countries or treat others with the the extra money.

23. Buy what I need, not what I want.

24. Fully believe that we should donate while we are still alive, and not after we die because by doing so, we are able to practice letting things go and non-attachment.

25. Try my best to do it now, today, and while I still can - as tomorrow is uncertain and not necessary comes.

26. Still lack of parenting skill but I guess communication is still the best key in any relationship (including parent-child relationship).

One of the dating time with Baobel :)

27. I'm still selfish as I was before (see note no. 17). Try hard to cut it down but it has become a habit! Yalama!

28. Find out that cooking with love is still my favorite thing to do. Now, baking too (although I can only bake very less varieties of cakes :D)

29. Will let people misunderstand me and think whatever they like because I can never stop them from doing that.

30. Realize that only true friend will accept me of who I am with all good and bad things I have (I think my hubby is my only true friend in life - he is left with no choice!) Lol!!!

31. Am grateful for having few trusted friends whom I could open my heart up with. Thank you!

32. Think that friendship is not based on how long we have been together, but how both parties are able to respect, commit, put effort, and willing to be there not only when one is having good times only!
Everything is temporary in life quote (Instagram: Rimareyka.writes)

33. Won't hesitate to let the fake friend/ people go away from my life - life is too short to be unhappy!

33. Enjoy travelling as it always trains me to be outside my comfort zone, adapt to new environment, practice detachment and impermanence in life.

34. Still wonder why people love and will never stop gossiping. Why don't they just keep quiet, do their work, and just speak when necessary. Jokes are welcomed but negative environment is really bad for health (body, soul, and mind!)

Who are you to judge anyway quote (Instagram: Rimareyka.writes)

35. Am glad that I never look beautiful as it often attracts the unwanted problems especially when traveling alone or to country where woman is often vulnerable. And instead, I was even gifted with this big size body that always ready to hammer any bad people who tried to disturb me :P

36. Believe the power of pray as it has been proved by many. It can even create miracles in life. So, don't give up hope and keep praying!!! Pray harder when necessary!!!

37. Do believe in power of positive thinking!!!

38. And the law of attraction (the ability to attract into our lives whatever we are focusing on, which uses the power of the mind to translate whatever is in our thoughts and materialize them into reality). So be careful on what you think!!!

39. Believe that to get the peace of mind, it must be started from home. Without peace and harmony among the family members, nothing will go well and according to what you wish for!

Peace and harmony starts from home quote (Instagram: Rimareyka.writes)

40. Realize that friendship is essential in life and you can never live alone no matter how great, powerful, or rich you are!

Well, those are resulting from life's experience (good and bad) and I believe that everything that has happened in my life, it all happens only for good reasons. I am really grateful for everything that happens to me. One thing relates me to another, then another, then another. It links me and shapes me to who I am. Not everyone goes through the same process. Even when they do, they may react differently and give a very different result.

It is all in our minds how we want to live our lives. What we want to focus, what our goal is, what our priorities are, and so on. I believe we are all a very unique human being, with different strengths and weaknesses. So, have you ever thought what kind of thought and way of life you have gone through so far?

Be grateful for everything quote (Instagram - Rimareyka.writes)

Those may change along the time. As we grow up, we may experience more, do more mistakes, face more challenges in life. Just keep being positive and always learn the lessons from it! Time to sleep now. Few years from now when I looked back to this post, I might laugh on what I ever believed and thought. Well, changes are constant. We will never know what I will become one day! :D So good night, and hope you enjoy reading my thoughts! Cya! :)

Sunday, January 06, 2019

2019 New Year's Resolution!!! Well, Life's Resolution!!!

It's the fifth day of January 2019!!! Happy belated New Year!!! Hahahaha... Is there such thing? :P Nevertheless, this will be the first post I write in the year 2019!!! :) Hope everyone is in good health and everything goes well so far!!!

Not sure if you noticed or not (eventually I did), I saw many people exercising especially on the first few days of the year (be it running, going to gym, cycling, swimming, and so on). Then I would be reminded that "exercising" must be one of the things listed in their New Year's resolutions. How long would it last? Only heaven knows. Some might be able to maintain it well, but some might only have temporary spirit to do it. Hahahaha.... :P

Typical New Year's Resolutions (Pic source:

I used to set the New Year's resolutions just like the above picture. To try and learn new things, dream big, live colorful life, choose happy, do what I love, etc. I kept doing it until it had become part of my life's habits and way of life. For now, there was nothing new from the above resolutions.

Then when the New Year itself arrived, I still had no idea what resolutions should I have this year??? I thought, "Let nature takes its course. Maybe just leave it and live my life like usual," until I chatted with few different people recently.

From my conversation with them, I realized that I had always had that thought in mind, although I had not really been doing it. Eh, that thought in mind that I referred to was, I always imagined myself of joining nunnery one day, busy chanting or reading Tibetan text (as if I could understand Tibetan language :D), having solitary life (leaving family and friends behind and serving other beings), and so on. But of course, I never had a courage to really do so.

All the Lives We Never Lived by Anuradha Roy

Moreover, recently I read the book written by Anuradha Roy - All the Lives We Never Lived. In one part of the story, the protagonist's father left home embarking on a pilgrimage, following in the footsteps of Buddha to Patna, Nalanda, Lumbini, etc., living as Buddhist monks did, with no money, seeking food and shelter from the charitable, meditating and learning about Buddhism along the way, and with no time frame too.

Upon returning home, he found out that "The world thought it was an unbalanced thing to do, but anyone who is truly spiritual is both mad and selfish. So many great seekers have spurned family and children, left them bereft for years on end; was not the Buddha similarly guilty? And yet, would anyone say that it was a mistake for him to have left? How many millions over how many generations have been saved because he had the strength to sacrifice his family? My own misguided quest ended in failure of sorts; I learned at the feet of great masters, but my attention wandered. My back ached. My insect bites itched. In short I discovered I was human and pitiful and my physical needs were greater than my spiritual hunger. These are bitter things for me to confess but necessary: the first necessity in the quest for knowledge is truth."

If I was so extreme, I might end up like him. Go for it, try it for myself, and come back with such thinking. Is it really necessary for me to leave everything behind and join the nunnery for the quest of my spiritual hunger?

Many who are younger than me (in their twenties), told me that this type of life would never suitable for their age. They feel that age is the measurement of the proper actions in life. Like in twenties, they feel that it is time for them to indulge themselves to fill their desire to their hearts' content (go for party, karaoke, binge drinking, trying different girls, etc.). It is also good time for them to get marry, build career, earn more money, have children, etc., which is not wrong at all.

And only when they get older, it will only be the suitable time to slow down in life, meaning, by then, they will change their life style - more pray and circumambulate, more visits to temple, more time to meditate, etc.

So, the search for the peace and happiness, the quest of the truth, will only be applicable in the olden age. Well, if you are lucky - meaning if you can live that long - then only you will have such opportunity. But if you are not (anything can happen you know! Does not mean you are healthy and strong now, then you will stay healthy and strong forever. Accident may happen to us anytime of the day too!), it means, you will waste your chance and opportunity for having been born as human in this life, to invest yourself for a better next life.

I'm just thinking, the solution for this is to live the balance of both worlds. Do both things at the same time. Not too extreme on both sides, but find the middle or correct way of doing it. And you can start it from the younger age, not necessarily wait until you get old.

In Buddhism, it is believed that to be born as a human being is the goal of every reincarnation, because only when we are in the form of human, we are given brain that differentiate us from other beings and compassionate heart to help more sentient beings. Only when we are human being, we are given the opportunity to change our life, to lessen up bad karma and make more good karma. And it makes me thinking that my New Year's resolution would be this - "Be a better self than before."

Meaning, everything that I do, I hope that I can be more aware of it - the words that come out from my mouth, the thinking that appears on my mind, the action that I do. I know it very well that I am just a human being, with lots of mistakes and imperfections. I often said things I did not mean it; I often hurt people's feelings at spur of the moments; I often did things that I soon regretted it; I often did stupid things that hurt other people's feelings. I felt sorry but somehow I could not restrain it.

I just think that, well, maybe for some, I am considered in old age category (lol!), which suits me best to start having peace of mind, meditating more, doing more good deeds and so on. But still, I feel that it's best to set that resolution for more years to come and instill it into my everyday's life, just like the rest of the resolutions above that have been the parts or way of my life.

2019 New Year's Resolution!!! Well, Life's Resolution!!! (Instagram:

I wish I can use the opportunity of being born as human being in this life well, not waste it unnecessarily, treasure it, and live it well, the best I could. I may not be able to cut my hair bald and change my everyday's clothes to red or orange robe. I may not be able to meditate inside the forest accompanied by mosquitoes and snakes around. I may not be able to help every beings surrounded me. I may not be able to resist temptations that comes in life fully. But I really hope I can be a better self than I was before, one day at a time, until the end of my life. This will be it. Not just a New Year's resolution, but my overall life's resolution. Wish me luck!!! :)

Sunday, December 30, 2018

Books read for the second half of the year 2018

Books quote (Pic source:

As usual, let me update the list of the book I read for the second half of the year 2018. I started it with August since I had no time to read in the month of July :)

August 2018

August 2018:
1. The Perfect Nanny - Leila Slimani
2. Sadness Love Openness - Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche
3. The Sound of the Mountain - Yasunari Kawabata
4. She Regrets Nothing - Andrea Dunlop
5. Do This For Me - Eliza Kennedy

September 2018

September 2018:
1. The Woman in the Window - A. J. Finn
2. Those Other Woman - Nicola Moriarty
3. Beautiful Liars - Isabel Ashdown
4. When Life Gives You Lululemons - Lauren Weisberger
5. The Light Between Us - Kathie Khan
6. My Book of Life by Angel - Martine Leavitt
7. Sea Prayers - Khaled Hosseini
8. See All the Stars - Kit Frick

October 2018

October 2018:
1. Chronicles of Love and Death - Norma Levine

November 2018

November 2018:
1. Hot Tea Across India - Rishad Saam Mehta

December 2018

December 2018:
1. Three Little Lies - Laura Marshall
2. The Wild Woman's Guide to Travelling the World - Kristin Rockaway
3. The Next Person You Meet in Heaven - Mitch Albom
4. Killing Commendatore - Haruki Murakami
5. The Sadness of Beautiful Things - Simon Van Booy
6. All the Lives We Never Lived - Anuradha Roy

I love books quote (Pic source:

With it, I managed to read total of 40 books, as per my goal I set earlier this year. Yayyy!!! But this time I read mostly novels instead of Buddhism related books. Hehehe.... Perhaps I just wanted to get away for real life and sunk myself into other people's world, to see how others could generate such idea into writings, and so on.

My wish for you for the upcoming New Year 2019 :)

Just one more day, it will be the end of year 2018. Hope all of you are doing great in this year, have filled your life with so much beautiful memories (be it good and/or bad), lived your life to the fullest, realized so many dreams that once it looked so hard and far to reach, and welcoming 2019 with open arms, full of positive energy, good feelings that everything that you do will be good and great, realize more and more dreams of yours, and most importantly, be happy!!! :)

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Activities update - last month of year 2018

Last running event (10-km Standard Chartered Marathon) of the year - 8th December 2018

Time was indeed running, just like the Standard Chartered10-km marathon I had last Saturday, 8th December 2018. I often heard about it before, but first time finally joined it. I had it together with PY and also with my brother, sis-in-law, their relatives and friends. 

10-km Run For Hope at the beginning of the year 2018 - 21st January 2018

Finished it slightly faster (1h20m) than the one I had beginning of the year - Run For Hope on 21st January 2019 (1h28m). It still felt just like yesterday though.

This month I had no travel planning to anywhere as I had so many doctors' appointments, purely landed my butt at my home sweet home, doing things I loved doing, spending quality time with my families, keeping in touch with many friends who stayed all over the world, and so on.

Christmas gift from the heart - Home-baked lemon cake :)

With the latest purchase of new toy, I kept practicing and made the better version of marble cake. Also, I learned the second cake that I loved eating, from YouTube, which was lemon cake :) It turned out quite well. Made small versions and gave it as presents for my dear friends, while the big one - as my dear son's Birthday cake :) Btw, my friend liked it so much and suggested me to sell it :D She would be my first buyer of the bigger version of lemon cake!!! Thank you la for your support and encouragement!!! :)

Baobei turned 16th today!!! Yayyy!!! 12.12.2018

Did I mention Birthday??? Yeah.. today is my Baobei's Birthday!!! He's been living for 16 years now since he came out from my belly hehehe... And the cake that you saw at the above photo, was the large version of the lemon cake that I  made :) Looked not bad right??? :D (Baking cake - sweeten's people's lives - and staying at home as a housewife was my dreams since the initial days of my life :) Thank Buddha for giving me a chance to realize these dreams although I am not sure how long this will last!)

Oh, I also made video compilation above today, the continuation from his 11th Birthday to the present time. Pardon me for the poor quality video and the watermark that appeared, as it was a free trial version :P (Earlier on, I made his 0 to 10 years video compilation, which you can watch it here :))

Started wearing reading glass - oh man... getting old now... sighhhh..... 

I spent my time reading sometimes. The above was among few books I had been reading this month. And I guessed I had the old people eyes now. I needed the help of the reading glass in order to read now. Sighhhh..... our body could not lie the age I was holding now. It kept deteriorating one way and another. Hope it would not get worse in near future.

P.S. This book showed you how you should give your miserable job up (of which you hung unto it because of it's so highly remunerated) and instead, follow your passions and dreams doing what you love doing to have a happier life, plus follow your heart to love and let yourself be loved by someone who loved you. You deserved happiness in life after all!!! Nice read, believe me!!! ;)

Not forgetting to spend time watching the latest famous K-drama - Encounter or Boyfriend from TVN every Thursday and Friday at 9.45pm. Hahahaha... My Myanmar ex-colleague introduced me this drama and I had been hooked since its first episode. Watch it if you find the access at anywhere you stay guys!!! The main stars - both guy and girl - were very good looking. But the guy's characters that attracted me most - traveler, photographer, reader, and so on... ;)

Walk and move up!!!

Well, raining season was here again!!! I hardly got any chance to cycle in evening time due to the rain. Lucky my friend gave me the watch that could track my steps every day. With it, I could find out how much steps I had made each day and tried to walk at least 10,000 steps every day. So far, I could only make it on alternate days instead of every day though, but better than just sleeping whole day in my room :)

Baobei's part time job as a waiter!!! Jia you!!!

Since Baobei reached 16 this year, he was legally allowed to work part-time. This holiday time he started utilizing his time to work and try various jobs before settling to this one. He felt that this suited him best since he received staff meal allowance (delicious meal) daily. 

Both hubby and I were very proud of him since he had shown initiative in finding the job, going for interview himself, and saving his money to buy the thing he had been wanting to have (in this case, his dream was to build-in his own PC and put it in his room. Looks like he would have it pretty soon... :D) Although tired, he managed to appear to work on time and never once he found excuse not to go or to quit, yet. Well done Baobei!!! Keep up your good work and positive spirit!!! :)

Christmas trees decoration at Orchard Road :)

And yes, Christmas was coming to town!!! If you were here in Singapore, never miss walking along the Orchard Road at night time. It was the best time to see the lighting and Christmas decorations along the famous shopping belt area in the country. I too, did not miss it this year, had a sweet date with dear hubby ;)

Well, this coming 17th, I will be celebrating the 10th year survival Anniversary as the SLE patient (Lupus). It has been with me perhaps much longer than 10 years though before I was detected and confirmed of having it. All I could say was that all my worry that I had 10 years ago whether I could still be alive 5 or 10 years later was really useless. 

There were ups and downs in between but thank Buddha it was nothing much. Just like the recent low blood count was detected (anemia came attacking me again!!!), but after taking the medicine regularly everyday (instead of 5 days a week), my blood count had gone back to normal. Phewww!!!

Health and Happiness Quote (Pic source:

If you were wondered how I could manage to live this long, well, the above quote might help answering your question. Peace of mind, heart and soul was the key, so did laughter and love. No matter how much possession you had, if you could not make peace with yourself, it would only bring you worry and stress, and make you unable to sleep. 

The past has already gone and the future has yet to come. Live at the present moment. Seize your days doing what you love, and love what you are doing. Realize your dream when you can no matter how difficult it might sound or be. Because no one can guarantee that you can still live tomorrow.

I read it from somewhere the beautiful messages below:
- Don't wait until you happy, then you smile. Smile, then you will be happy :)
- Don't wait until you become rich, then you donate. Donate, and you will be richer!
- Don't wait until people notice or care about you, then you notice or care about them. Do care about them first, then people will care you back.
- Don't wait until you get an inspiration, then you write. Write first, then the inspiration will come accordingly!
- Don't wait for people to love you, then you start to love them. Learn to love them first, then they will love you back :)
- Don't wait until you are rich then you will live in peace. But first, live in peace then there will not be only money that comes to you, but also many other kind of luck in you life!!!
- Don't wait until you become successful then only feeling grateful. But be grateful first and you will have more success in life.
And last but not least, don't wait until you free then you pray or learn the Dhamma. But spare your time to pray and learn the Dhamma first before everything else!

Well, hope after practicing it, you too could live a happier and healthier life, with peace of mind, heart and soul everyday :)

Sabbe Satta Bhavantu Sukkhitatta
May all sentient beings be happy and healty, free from suffering, life full of peace and joy.
Sadhu Sadhu Sadhu 

Friday, November 30, 2018

New passion in life ;)

Baking cake :) (Pic source:

After returning back from Taiwan trip, I was searching online to find a good deal for the mixer. Basically, I needed it to try to make nougat, after learning it from my very good friend in a Taiwan.

She advised me buying the handheld mixer as it was much cheaper compared with the stand mixer. But personally, I wanted to find a not too big, reliable, good quality - which could last long - at the very best price :D

It seemed like the Universe listening to what my heart was saying. After searching high and low, one day, it led me to a very good deal of Kenwood Chef mixer from the Carousell. And when I asked the person about it, he said the offer was available from Robinson at JEM.

It was "Black Friday". Obviously everyone would flock into website or headed to various shops, in order to find a special deal, or great offers. I did the comparisons among few Kenwood mixers beforehand, and I felt that this model was fitting my requirement perfectly (including my budget). Therefore, on that day, I hurried returning home, signing up as the buyer, and buying it online. Moreover, the delivery was free for purchase over certain amount (I did not have to carry it all the way home!!!)

My new toys!!!

Just like a dream came true, few days later it reached home. Wow!!! I still could not believe that in my course of life, I finally had my own mixer!!! Yes, I studied hotel management before, prepared large amount of pastries before, but it was all done in school. Never once I practised it at home afterwards. And now, almost 20 years later, I had forgotten almost everything!!!

I thought I needed to make something for the start, something I liked eating :) So I did some research from YouTube on how to make the marble cake (it was my favourite during my college time as it was the only snack available at the lobby bar and was sold at a very reasonable price - SFR1.50 each).

First cake baking after almost 20 years!!! :P

So few days ago, after the evening run near my house area, I went directly to the nearby supermarket and purchased things required to bake the cake. I went home and took a bath. To gain some support for my first step, I shared the YouTube video with my sister-in-law and told her that I'd bake it right at that night. Hahaha... She was a bit startled with my determination and there I went!!!

My first supposed "marble cake" had turned out failing miserably and turned into a "chocolate cake" instead. Hahaha.... :P Luckily it was still edible and the chocolate taste was good ^_^"

What supposed to be (top left) and how it ended up (right) :'D

It had been a long time since the last time I made any cake. I had no idea what speed I had to choose and for how long to create the white thick formation from the egg and sugar. In the video, the person just showed us the result and did not mention the strength of the mixer and the duration to mix. Lol!! That was why there was no yellow white colour appeared on the cake. Well, mistake was learned and it led me to watch more videos regarding the making of the similar cakes and this afternoon, I tried it the second time!!!

Second trial ;) I considered it half success :P

Tadatadaaaaa... Well, not bad!!! It's half success!!! Lol!!! Still need some improvements but at least I got the batter texture much better than before!!! It should be using stronger beat and at certain time!!! I was thinking that the chocolate gave so much weight and it sunk when I put it on second layer. Maybe next round I will just have to put less chocolate on it. Let's see!!!

Well, practice makes perfect!! Most important, Do Not Give Up!!! Keep learning and practising!! And once I know how to make this one, I will learn to make the other cake, so on, and so on... And next time when you want to eat the freshly baked cakes, you know who you need to find!!! ;) Let's see how long this passion lasts!!! :P

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Growing up son

It was almost 2 weeks ago since I attended dear Baobei graduation. The O-level exams were still going on after that, but they held the ceremony earlier. And the best thing was, everyone graduated no matter how good or bad their results would be.

Graduation message year 2018

I came with my mother-in-law since hubby could not make it due to work. We sat near where my dear boy was going to sit. There were many classes for the Sec 4 level and only 1 class for the Sec 5, but apparently not many parents attended the graduation ceremony. Perhaps the timing was not fitting their busy schedule as it was held at 2.30pm.

So then it started with the speech by the school principal, then continued with video clip presentations made by fellow teachers and students of each class. After each class video presentation, the student was going up the stage one by one and given their certificate and congratulations wishes from their form teachers.

Beginning of his Secondary school life

All through the event, I felt very emotional. Being seated in that hall, reminded me of the day the parents meeting being held when my son started his first secondary year in his school. At that time, he was still short, cute, and chubby! ^_^ And now, he had grown taller than me, growing moustache, hairy legs, and still a bit chubby, although lesser chubby than last time, perhaps I would call it handsome :D

I felt I cried few times during the event hahaha... secretly of course, just felt grateful of how he became now. He's much quieter person now, maybe cool was the better description, more mature (he could think of how to earn money by buying and selling things online, and soon would do part time job during holiday time), good at managing his money (knew what to and what not to spend, how to get better deal for the same stuff, etc.), not invest in relationship early (well, I might be wrong on this but I asked him many times if he had any girl friend but he never confessed haha...), and once he liked doing something, he would put his heart and mind into it.

My growing up son :)

I never expected him to be wonderfully perform academically as I knew how stressful educational system in Singapore and I didn't want to give him too much pressure on it. I think he knew what he could perform and what he could not and I respected his choice. Most important he knew all his strengths and weaknesses. Although he tended to give up on what he disliked, he could put so much efforts on what he liked. So that also one of his good characters. With that, I believed he could still survive in this realistic and materialistic world.

And it's good that he had kind personalities (not once I heard him fighting with others, jealous or harm other people). He too could help up with housework, e.g. if I cooked, after having it he would wash the dish; hung clothes when I was not around at home, etc. He also could help me doing some other things that I could not because I was not around. He was someone I could rely on. Oh btw, he was having good interest in cooking too although I seldom had chance tasting his cooked food :P

My cool son ;)

So dear Baobei, thank you for being such a great son for us. We never expected you to be perfect. We just wanted you to learn and live your life happily and independently. We might not be able to walk through this life journey together for a long time, but since we were still having it, let's live our lives happily and full of love. I wish you all the best for your next education level and live well.

Your loving mom,
Love you always XOXO

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Day 7 - Last sightseeing day in Osaka, Japan :)

D7 - 25 September 2018

Third visit to Osaka Castle - Japan

It was our last sightseeing day in Japan and the place to visit today was Osaka!!! It was convenient to travel there from Kyoto. There were few types of train you could take. One was by Shinkansen (bullet train). You could reach there in 15 minutes time but it cost 1,420 yen (almost S$18) for single trip fare, that also for unreserved seat (reserved seat cost double). Second, by Special Rapid Train. It took 29 mins to reach and the ticket cost 560 yen (S$7) per trip (3 stops away). And the slower ones would take from 40 mins and more as it stopped in more places and cost less - 410 yen (S$5). I found that the Special Rapid Train was the best choice to take.

Huge stones made to build the surrounding gates that protected the Osaka Castle - Japan

Once reached the Osaka station, we took cab directly to reach the famous landmark of Japan and historical building - the Osaka Castle. It was my third time visiting it. It was still looking the same :) Find out their history here and visitor information in this link.

View of Osaka-Jo Hall (multi purpose arena) in Osaka from Osaka Castle observation deck, Japan

Visitor could go up to the Observation Deck where they could see a panoramic view of Osaka from the above. Lift was available up to level 5 then continued with staircases to 8th floor. Once done, they could go down slowly by staircase and see the various exhibitions related to the buildings in each floor.

My dream Cafe - Cafe Lau Lau - Osaka, Japan

We had lunch at one local cafe - Cafe Lau Lau - not too far from Osaka Castle. The place was small consisting of one counter table that could fit 5 guests plus 2 tables for 4 pax and 1 table for 2 pax in another side. The menu was fixed daily. Like for lunch, there were only 2 set lunch menu offered. Set A - Chicken katsu with rice, salad, seaweed pickles and miso soup and Set B - Spaghetti Bolognaise (beef) with toast bread and salad. Both set cost 900 yen (S$11.50) and included coffee/tea or orange juice.

The opening time was from 7 to 9 am, then 11 to 6 pm. Therefore they did not cater for dinner, only breakfast and lunch set. It was kind of my dream cafe. Small place that offered simple menu (daily menu based on the owner's choice), reasonable price with delicious food and decent portion. Although the location was a little bit inside, many guests came and went while I was there. Only 2 staffs were there preparing and doing everything. Hmm... nice na??? :)

The famous landmark of Osaka's Minami area - Glico running man near Ebisu bridge - Finally I saw it!!! :)

We visited supermarket nearby before taking cab and heading to the other main tourist place in Osaka - Dotonbori canal and street :) Although I went to Osaka three times, this was my first time visiting the Dotonbori street. I was very happy when finally could see the above landmark - Glico running man signage near the Ebisu bridge (been looking at it  at other people's photo, but could not see it myself from previous visits).

Dotonbori canal and street - Osaka, Japan

There were various shops and restaurants along the Dotonbori canal, including the huge Don Quijute shop with a rotating ferris wheel overseeing the nearby area . There was tourist boat as well. And if you still not having enough Ichiran Ramen, they had a joint over there :)

Japanese snacks - Takoyaki balls, Okonomiyaki (Japanese pizza), Yakisoba (fried noddles), etc. - Osaka, Japan

If you were hungry, you could buy the takoyaki balls (Japanese wheat-flour based balls filled with octopus and topped with takoyaki sauce, mayonnaise, and dried bonito). It was very famous in Osaka. There were Okonomiyaki (savory pancake or also called Japanese style pizza) and Yakisoba (Japanese stir-fried noodles) too. I did not try it all though as I was saving my stomach for the dinner feast :D

One of shopping heaven area - Shinsaibashi Osaka, Japan

We had free time there until dinner time and just spent it walking around the area from the Ebisu bridge all the way to Shinsaibashi shopping arcade and return. The place was full of people but still manageable. And finally, the most awaiting time - dinner time!!! :D

We wanted to have the Kobe beef at Steak House Juju at the first place, but it was closed for private guest. Therefore, we went to other alternative place and headed to Steakhouse Gekkokamen. The place requested each of us to order beverage to accompany our meal. I had local beer - Coedo Ruri Pils followed by Asahi dry beer, while some tried the warm and cold sake (Japanese liquor).

Japanese Kobe beef, other origin sirloin, and scallop dinner from Steakhouse Gekkokamen - Osaka, Japan

It was my first proper teppanyaki dinner in Japan tasting the delicious sirloin steak from other area in Japan complete with the other side dishes. Some ordered the scallops, abalone, tenderloin and sirloin Kobe beef, which I could have tasted as well. Wow!!! The Kobe beef was tasting differently!!! It really melted in the mouth!!! Yummy!!!! I was very fortunate being able to experience such expensive meal and thank you to you know who you were for the treat!!!

Fyi, the 120g tenderloin Kobe beef cost 16,800 yen (S$210), and 160g sirloin Kobe beef cost 14,600 yen (S$182), while my sirloin beef portion from other area cost 9,900 yen (S$124), and all course set need to add 2,500 yen (S$32) per pax. Now you understand why I felt very fortunate for the meal hehehehe........ :D

The round and bright full moon above the hotel where we stayed - Kyoto, Japan

After dinner we went back to Kyoto by train. That was our last dinner there. Time to pack our luggage as we went back the next day.

Arigato gozaimasu - Thank you very much!!! Feeling grateful for everything!!! :) (Pic source:

It was such a wonderful journey and thanks to someone who had planned and arranged it all. I had such a wonderful time with everyone and felt very grateful for everything, and to everyone. Thank you, thank you, and thank you!!! With this, I end my post on Japan trip and let's see what comes next!! ;) Wish you all enjoyed reading it!! Have a good time wherever you are!!! Cya!!! :)
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