Saturday, March 28, 2020

The night before you left

Treasure what you have before it is gone

It is half an hour past two in the morning. My eyes are still wide opened. My mind is still active thinking.

Today, I mean yesterday, I was overwhelmed with so many things. About life, life cycle. You know, born, getting old, sick, and die. Those four are part of human's life (if you are lucky enough to grow old before die though).

Before this, I actually tried to do meditation before sleeping. But instead, I was talking to myself and went into deep contemplation, of all the things happening in my life. Confessions too, of what I actually felt.

And before the attempt of doing meditation, I continued watching the Chinese movie that I watched halfway in the afternoon as I was not sleepy yet. It was made based on true story. The title was "Only Yun Knows." (I watch a movie a day lately as I have to stay at home more during Covid time, and every time I just anyhow pick any movie that is available on the website without any idea what the movie story is about).

It is a nice but sad movie about fate and love, sickness and death, hope and dreams that happened in foreign land. Somehow, the main character lady was suffering from cancer. She did operation to remove the tumor, slept for 8 days after the operation - effect of anesthesia, and never got up again. I had a mixture feeling. A sign? Coincidental story?

I just could not sleep. I had feeling that something was going to happen but I tried brushing my feeling off. And whole day, I was not feeling well too actually. That was why I felt a bit emotional about everything.

Tashi and I - Lake Toba, Indonesia (Feb 2019)

In my contemplation, I realized that what seemed real, it was more like a series of illusion now. Especially the things that had happened in the past. All the happiness feeling and wonderful things that happened were just memories today. And what felt so real last time, it felt only like a dream now. We could not keep it the same for the current and present time. As time went by, things changed, people changed. Many things happened. No matter how beautiful the story was, it soon had turned into the past. You could never keep it the same.

And also, no matter how bad the things happened in the past, time could and would heal the pain. You would not as angry as before, or disappointed, or anything else. Slowly, you would forgive. Because despite all the wrongdoing, there were still plenty of good things that happened beforehand and worth forgiveness.

I always remind myself that nothing is permanent. Every thing in this world is all impermanent. So, take it easy. Do not take it too hard. Because nothing will ever last. Not a thing, not people, not happiness, not health, it is nothing will last, really!!!

I was talking with myself too, as if I was talking with my friend, who was currently battling her life over her sickness. She was sleeping unconsciously, but I believed that she could see and hear what was going on around her. I just had a feeling that her time to go was there, but not knowing when. I talked to her as if she could listen to me, about everything I wanted her to know and listen. I wished her to be away from the pain and suffering, and to know what was going on inside her body. No one was able to say it directly to her and we all deceived ourselves hoping for miracle to come and save her. But it never came.

I turned my phone on again to check if there was any news before going to bed. No news was always good news. I turned it off and slept.

Rest well my friend.... See you again next time...

This morning I woke up very late. And when I turned my phone on again, I received messages, missed call. They said she had gone peacefully in her sleep, 4 am Bhutan time. I could only cry despite knowing that this day would come sooner or later. I could only pray for her, to be born in better world, have fate with Buddha Dhamma Sangha. Hope you can be happier out there... Rest in peace Tashi... Hope to see you again next time...

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Intoxicated aka drunk

Cheers.... (Pic source:

Are you a drinker? Have you ever get drunk or intoxicated before? If yes, how often? And why???

Suddenly I just want to write on this topic. I learned how to drink since I was in teenager's time. Perhaps when I was 12 years old. I mixed Sprite with beer in the beginning so that it tasted good and did not contain too much alcohol.

When I went to college, the friends and environment made it conducive for me to drink more alcohol. However, it was limited only during weekends, that too only for a glass of beer mostly (as I had limited money to spend as student).

Which one are you? (Pic source:

However, when I started a relationship, you know, when I was disappointed or angry with my bf over something, once or twice I would act stupidly by e.g. drinking 3/4 bottle of wine by myself, or pouring a full glass of Malibu or Vodka neat, with the hope of after finishing it all, I would get intoxicated and forget about the problem I faced.

Life after college, I still drink within limit. However, as I remembered, there were many occasions I drank till I dropped, meaning, to the extent that I could not go home alone without any assistance, toilet bowl was my companion for the night, sometimes people had to drag me along as I attached too much to the ground, etc.

There is a limit on how much my body can take. And I realized some things from the experiences (after the recent intoxicated moments and looking back at many intoxicated times):

Drunk quote (Pic source:

1. Do not drink on empty stomach. When you do, the alcohol effect runs faster. Therefore, food must be there to accompany the drink (that is why Bhutanese needs 'changpa' or food for drinking, which is a good because usually the drinking session starts first before the dinner).

2. People say, do not mix the drink. Meaning, you do not drink beer, wine, and spirit altogether at one session. Try to stick to one type. So far, I have no problem with it. I can have different types at one time as long it is within the limit of what my body can take. So, bring it on.

3. "All you can drink" session is dangerous!!! It is when I most likely get drunk. Be it at pub, disco, friend's house, company event e.g. Dinner and Dance, wedding party, hahaha... I will usually make sure someone will be there to reach me from MRT station, or friend to accompany my journey back home, or to the taxi, Grab, whatsoever. In any case, someone must be there.

Or perhaps, Whiskey did (Pic source:

4. Drinking makes me feeling 'emo'. Calling or messaging bf or ex-Bf just to tell them 'I love you' is not something I am proud of doing. I regret many times after I get sober the next day.

5. When drinking, I do not usually feel anything. My stomach seems to be able to absorb anything like nothing. However, the kick will only start when I get up and go to toilet (after so many rounds, going toilet is unavoidable). That is when my head starts spinning and I start getting blur. That is when I have to embrace myself, control my actions (speech and mind) the best I can. Usually by this time, it is time to go home.

6. Luckily I have good companies. Good friends are there to ensure I can reach home safely. Some will even accompany to home, or my station, before they themselves are heading home. I always feel thankful for all of them.

7. When dinner was served after the drink (usually when I was invited by Bhutanese friends), I could not remember what I was having. But I always remember to take photo before having it (as I want to collect the memories with people who invited me and were there with me during dinner). So the next day, when I browsed the photos back, only then I tried to remember again what I was having. Lol...

True, indeed (Pic source:

8. Sometimes I lost thing on my way home. I lost EZ link card before (most probably dropped it from my bag) and luckily so far no wallet and mobile missing!!!

9. The next day I usually woke up very early in the morning because after vomiting at night, my stomach became empty and I felt very hungry!!! Then heavy breakfast was a must!!! (I think I could even eat an elephant!!! :P)

10. And while eating, my mind would wonder how I managed to go back home. Many times I could not remember the full process. Just pieces and bits.

Cheese... you are on camera!!! (Pic source:

11. Sometimes I found pictures that I did not remember taking as well. Only after asking my friend, they then would explain why I took the pictures. Hahaha... luckily no naked pictures taken lol....

Well for me drinking is kind of entertainment, as well as for socializing. It is no longer to intoxicate myself, or to forget problems (cos problems will always be there whether I am drinking or not), or to make myself suffer (as to hurt my own organ - liver - and to die faster). Not anymore. No way.

It is really purely for socializing reasons. Sometimes I enjoy the feeling when I am high, but it is not necessary to become drunk and collapse. Most of the time I will stop when I reach my limit, although sometimes I miss that breaking point accidentally.

Drinking is supposed to be enjoyable, not hurting or making your self suffering or regretting it later. Drinking session is also better when you have a great accompany or accompanies.

Do not drink alone!!! Call me!! :D (Pic source:

Try not to drink alone, as it will only reflect a loneliness and feeling depressed. Try not to store beer in home's fridge too unless you prepare it for drinking session with friends. It will be giving too much attraction to see the chilled beer sitting on the chiller like that. And will only make you addictive to it.

As we all know, alcohol is not good for our body. No matter how much alcohol you drink, it cannot kill the virus inside it (not Corona virus either). Drinking moderately and occasionally are still preferable. Best is no drinking at all though. At least when bar is requested to close for sometime due to the prevention of Covid spreading, you do not have to feel sad, disappointed or dispirited by the news. You do not need to join the super long queue at NTUC to stock up beer as well. Hahaha...

So, drink responsibly and within limits are still my aim when drinking. And I hope I do not have to trouble anyone anymore in the future due to over drinking :)

Friday, March 13, 2020

Life's greatest wealth is healthiness (Both physical and mental)

Edible Corona virus themed easter egg made by French Pastry Chef (Pic source:

Two days ago WHO Director-General made the assessment that COVID-19 could be characterized as a pandemic. Pandemic is (of a disease) prevalent over a whole country or the world. The virus outbreak has spread to date to 127 countries, affected over 134,000 people with almost 5,000 death cases (approx. 3.7% death cases). The death victims were mostly elderly and many had already had pre-existing conditions, such as: high blood pressure, heart disease, lung infection, diabetes, etc.

Yesterday our Singapore Prime Minister, Mr. Lee Hsien Loong, appeared on TV to brief us the update of the situation. He mentioned that Singapore is facing a serious situation and expecting for the spike number of COVID-19 cases. The situation is expected to continue for some time - a year, or maybe longer. However, the situation remains under control and Singapore will not raise the Disease Outbreak Response System Condition (DORSCON) level to Red (currently Orange).

"We are not locking down our city like the Chinese, South Koreans or Italians have done. What we are doing now is to plan ahead for some of the more stringent measures, try them out and prepare Singaporeans for when we actually need to implement them." 

And in today's news, Singapore has widen the travel restrictions to block entry from Italy, France, Spain, and Germany since there are currently many imported cases from people who traveled from these areas (in addition of previous travel restrictions from mainland China, Iran, northern Italy, and Republic of Korea). The imported cases came not only from Europe, but also from our neighborhood country, such as: Indonesia (but so far, not travel block from Indonesia yet).

Covid-19 figure update as on 13 Mar 2020 (Source:

4 days ago I was still considering to continue with my long awaited travel plan to visit my friends in UK and France (to fly this April). I had to let it go this time after receiving message from my mom. Both she and my father were worried about my health if I insisted of going.

That time, the situation was not as bad as it is now. Yet, I respected their request as I knew that they loved and cared about my well being. I immediately informed my friends about the trip cancellation. My parents were even willing to bear the ticket money that I had paid, in case the airline was not able to give a refund.

However, on the same day, the airlines had come out with new policy regarding the re-booking and/ or travel cancellation. I made a phone call the day after and they told me that I could cancel my trip and to apply for the travel voucher (the amount paid for my ticket fare only - not included the luggage that was paid separately) that is valid for one year to any destination using the same airlines and their partners. At least I did not have to worry to lose my hard earned money to the drain - besides keeping myself safe, I still can go there to visit my friends and perhaps to visit my old school (or even join the school reunion that has also been postponed due to the Covid-19 - supposed to be held on May this year).

It seems like every country is unsafe to travel to for now, cannot even to think to go back to my hometown (Indonesia). And as our PM mentioned earlier, that this may continue for some time. Knowing my own health situation, it is better not to risk myself to travel around, even within Singapore itself, although it was mentioned though, that the majority of COVID-19 patients, "80 per cent of them", only experienced mild symptoms. But with SLE inside me, I really could not risk my health and being 'gei kiang' (Singlish means act smart).

Moreover, I had traveled to so many places for the past two years. Seemed like the Universe knew that this thing would come. Therefore, I was given the opportunity to have the travel marathon earlier. And so far, I only had this trip planned for year 2020 whereby in the past years I would have already had so many travel plans on hand. The more reason I have to feel grateful for all that happened to me.

Books borrowed recently from Singapore National Library (Pic source: Instagram rimareyka.writes)

Singapore is still fighting with the upcoming cases. School holiday is coming soon (16-20 March 2020) and I have told myself not to go out to crowded places much. To spend my time wisely at home, I have come out with plan with the aim of having good immune system for my body and good mental health so that I will not easily get contracted with the virus.

The plans are:
1. To wake up early every morning (as early as 5.30am)
2. To meditate twice a day (before sleeping and after waking up)
3. To read (self-improvement book in the morning and other book during other times - including before sleeping)
4. To write journal (especially after reading the self-improvement book)
5. To share my thought in this blog (hopefully more posts coming up)
6. To eat more nutritious food (home cooked food especially - more vegetable and fruits)
7. To drink honey once a day
8. To cook and have dessert that will help in keeping the body healthy e.g. green bean soup, apple/pear soup, bird nest occasionally, etc.
9. To reach 10,000 steps daily (it forces me to move my body up - which I can do it even inside the house) - at same time getting points that can be redeemed with supermarket voucher :D
10. To lift my both legs up before sleeping for 20 minutes (while reading) - the article said it gives a lot of benefits to the circulatory system plus improves the digestive system and quality of sleep.
11. To communicate with my family members and friends more often as life is truly unpredictable and we do not know when we can meet them again
12. To spend the money wisely (as economic faces down turn and jobs become uncertain)
13. To avoid crowded place (nearby area is fine as long precautionary measure is taken) but resistant towards good sale, offer, and promotion are appreciated :P

14 Pedoman Hidup Manusia or 14 Guidance of Human Life - (Pic source:

Hopefully I can truly spend my time wisely today onward. You may say I am becoming 'kiasi' (scared to die), but it is not the case. I just want to treasure the health that I have right now. As you can see from the point no. 8 above, "Life's greatest wealth is healthiness." And from the recent Covid-19 outbreak, many people have realized the importance of the health very much. As no matter how rich you are materially, without good health, you will never be able to live life happily and enjoy it to the fullest. So, keep our mind positive in current situation and focus on the good and positive things always. Jia you everyone!!! You can do it!!! :)

Sunday, February 09, 2020

Unforgettable Chinese New Year 2020

Last day of Chinese New Year

Today it marked the last day of Chinese New Year, which was also called Cap Go Meh (meaning the fifteenth lunar) or Yuan Xiao Jie 元宵节 (the Lantern Festival) or also known as Chinese Valentine's Day.

This year the atmosphere of the overall Chinese New Year was rather special and it was mainly due to the arrival of special guest from Wuhan, China - the Novel Coronavirus or nCoV- that spread not only to Chinese people or within China, but to any other nationalities and all over the world.

List of 33 confirmed cases and its relation up to 8 Feb 2020 (Pic source: CNA Channel News Asia)

Since Singapore was among the top countries often visited by Chinese people, whether it was for business, meetings, working, visiting, and so on, it was inevitable that the nCoV reached to us pretty soon.  This had caused a stir among Singaporean who rushed around trying to stock up masks, sanitizer, cleaning products as a way to prevent the spreading and maintain the personal hygiene.

Our Lohei or Prosperity Toss Platter from Chinatown Complex Singapore 

Yesterday my friends and I embraced ourselves to go to Chinatown Complex Hawker Centre in order to have our Lohei or Prosperity Toss celebration and dinner. Initially we were worried too to choose the place there because it was a well-known hawker visited by both local and tourists. But I thought that there was affordable and nice Yusheng there where I used to patronize years ago and I wanted to introduce it to my friends.

I was quite appalled when I saw no crowd. I mean, usually this place was crowded like hell! There would usually a plate of Yusheng ordered in every table and 'Huat ah' (meaning to welcome prosperity)  shouting would be heard one after another while tossing the mixed vegetables in the air).

With my Mala Partners ^_^

Even when we finished our dinner (around 8pm), the area was quiet. Many shops were closed too near the temple area. Souvenir shop seller complained to me that their sales were not even reaching S$500 on such Friday night as the result of nCoV.

Temporary ban visitor from China (Source: wikipedia. org)

From 1st Feb 23:59 our Singapore government had stopped anyone who had visited China for the past 14 days to enter, or transit through Singapore. Ahh..., no wonder lah why the tourist area became so quiet.

I also thought the MRT would be crowded and I would not get seat, but I was wrong. We managed to get seat and there were many empty seats on and off. When reaching home, I started checking my phone and receiving many pictures. Then only I realized where all the Singaporean went that night.

The DORSCON chart (Pic source: CNA Channel News Asia)

It was yesterday that the announcement of DORSCON alert were raised from Yellow to Orange. Many 'kiasu' (scared to lose) and 'kiasi' (scared to die) Singaporean were rushing down to supermarkets to hoard the basic necessity products, such as: rice, instant noodle, canned food, cleaning products, and so on. The supermarket website was also not functioning due to overwhelmed shoppers and not enough stocks.

Few photos circulated among social media while queuing at supermarket in Singapore

The photos of empty racks, super long queue, and people wearing funny stuffs were circulated around the social media, stirring panic not only within the country, but also affected our neighbor countries like Indonesia.

Today many Indonesian friends of mine sent me messages asking about the situation here. They were also receiving those photos circulated online and was wondering how Singapore had become like this while there was no single case up to now in such a huge country with more than 260 million citizens in Indonesia. They conveyed their worries towards my families and my safe being.

Wuhan Virus VS Kiasi Virus (Pic source: Facebook)

Even this Saturday morning when I walked to supermarket to see the situation myself, as early as 9.30 am, a super long queue had already been there. Everyone was having shopping cart full of things both at upper and bottom part of the cart. They stood there and were patiently waiting for their turn to pay. I saw many unattended carts and baskets too that were abandoned by shoppers who did not have patient to wait for their turn.

Non of our family members were hoarding stuffs like that, thankfully!!! Because we had stored just enough food for our daily necessities which I had bought during CNY promotion period, such as: 5 packs of instant noodles, 2 packs of egg noodles, 2 packs of 5 kg rice for the families of 5 at home. I considered it to be enough for the time being and truthfully I would not feast on instant noodle on my daily meal. I would rather buy vegetable from nearby supermarket and eat it with, just enough for our meal. Otherwise we could still purchase bread from the convenience shop.

Another picture distributed online (Pic source: Facebook)

And since I stopped working, I had a habit of taking simple meal in my everyday's life. Plus I believed in 'I eat to live rather than I live to eat.' So basically my hubby and I took this incident calmly and I could relax at home reading and sleeping rather than queuing at the supermarket.

So far I also had not worn any single mask even when going out. The only mask that I had was the 4-piece mask that our government distributed once per household (which apparently not enough for 5 of us, but eventually, we still had to feel grateful as not every government gave out the mask away to their citizen, ie. Hong Kong, no matter how little the number given was). And although I had the hand sanitizer, I never brought it with me as I had no habit in using it and believed more in the power of washing hand with soap or using wet tissue to clean hands when required.

There was no spray to kill bacteria too at home. The most we added on was adding a small cap of Dettol into our washing machine when washing clothes to kill the germs, that's all.

Full moon at Buddha Tooth Relic Temple - Singapore 070220

No one knew when this virus would stop spreading. In fact, there were still many people not yet coming back to Singapore due to the travel ban (including 30,000 Chinese national who held work permit here in Singapore). It was definitely affecting the economy (especially on tourism and airlines), which reminded many people of 2003 SARS outbreak.

For now we could only pray that we could overcome this storm peacefully and prayed hard that the situation would be under control. May all sentient beings be healthy and happy, free from suffering and the cause of suffering, life full of peace and joy. Sadhu Sadhu Sadhu. 

Update news as Sunday 9 Feb 20 (Pic source: the Straits Times)

P.S This morning 9 Feb 20 when I woke up, 7 new cases were announced and it had added to a total 40 cases, and this time it even included the Taxi and private hire car drivers, which were worrying as many people were expected to be fetched in and out every day in their course of work.

However, do not let our guards down to prevent the virus by keeping up with the personal hygiene practice, staying at home more when necessary (instead of roaming around), taking care our health by eating healthy food, drinking more water, vitamin, honey (to increase immune system), and so on. Keep calm and stay away from rumour, which only added unnecessary fear and distress. Stay strong Singapore and let's join hand together to overcome this wave. Take care and good luck!!!

(Fyi, to read the latest Singapore news you could visit the MOH website, CNA or Channel News Asia, the Straits Times (Singapore local newspaper), and so on).

Thursday, January 23, 2020

Third Year with the Family

Thousand Layer Cake (Indonesian Kue Lapis)

Yayyyy!!! Finally!!! Today is the last day of working my part time job!!! It is my third year helping the family baking the thousand layer cake (known as Indonesian kue Lapis). Read here for the post I wrote when working there on my first year :)

Unfortunately due to an incident, our Lady Boss passed away last year on a Good Friday. And this year, her daughter, son, and husband, continue running the shop and selling the Chinese New Year goodies to cater to the needs of their customers (many are very loyal customers who have been shopping here since the shop was opened, and otherwise were a very good friend of the Lady Boss). P.S. Although she is no longer here, I still called her my 'Lady Boss'.

Baking kue lapis

Her daughter was messaging me somewhere in mid December and asking me if I would be available to help up to bake for this CNY. After confirming that I would not go anywhere this time round, I told her about my availability and started work on December 23. So it was exactly a month since I started it (with many holidays in between). And the pain from my previous post was caused by doing this job.

That is why I am so happy that finally the work is over and it is time for all of us to take a good rest and celebrate the upcoming Chinese New Year together with dear families and friends :)

Without the Lady Boss around, her daughter was taking in charge and managing the operations to ensure that they had enough stock to make the goodies, enough supplies to sell, delivery of goods to come on time, enough manpower to do the necessary work, and so on. And she was very lucky as she had handful of trusted workers who knew their roles and responsibilities, who were reliable for doing the given tasks, honest in handling the money and doing the job well, etc.

Many of the employees were in retired ages (above 60s) - were working there for so many years (more than a decade), hired by the Lady Boss.

The eldest one on her last day of work (See her happy face??? :D)

The oldest one is 87 years old this year and she works only during this period helping up with shaping the pineapple tarts. Second oldest is 75 years old and she is still very strong like a bull!!! :D

Despite the Lady Boss was no longer there, the workers were still working very hard and supporting the business as much as they could. But of course the daughter has continued treating us very well too!!!

Yum yum.... Tasty right??? :D

She was treating us a sumptuous dinner on one of the day after we finished working, as her and her families appreciation towards our dedication and hard work. Sometimes she also bought dinner for staffs who worked until very late. On our last day we were given the CNY goodies to be shared with our families and friends at home.

I am very thankful for being given the trust and opportunity to work here again this time round. Even though this was only a once a year task and causing many body pains, I enjoyed the baking process very much. Perhaps it is the passion that motivated me to be there every morning. No doubt it was a very tiring job although it was only 8 hours a day. But at the end of the day, by baking the cakes well and making enough quantity to sell was satisfying.

The memory of the Lady Boss was always around especially when I was baking, as she, was the one who taught me personally on how to do it.

I do not know yet if next year I will still have the chance to work like this again (who knows I will return back to full time employment again right?)

But if I am free and available, I will be happy to help up again. For now, I have done enough and it is a time to have a good rest and let me preparing the upcoming Rat Year!!!

Everyone as a team :)

As a closure let me share the group photo above, taken during the staff dinner. No Lo Hei shouting was done though to respect the departure of the Lady Boss (still less than a year's time), but the food ordered was all delicious. We enjoyed a lot.

Thank you again to you know who you are for everything!!! May the business continues doing well and everything goes smoothly. Most important everyone is blessed with good health, peace, joy, luck and happiness in their lifetime!!! Huat ahhh!!!!!! :)

Saturday, January 18, 2020

The pain

Joint pain (Pic source:

I still remembered it was started on my first day. It had been so long I had not done any work and it was inevitable that the back of my right shoulder and the left side of my back were terribly pain for the whole night. The Japanese koyo (medicated plaster) that I bought from my trip recently was made in a very good use. Two patches were pasted on the different parts of my skin and it worked really effectively. The pain was gone the next morning, like a miracle!!!

Few days after I had no problem at all. It seemed that my body had adjusted to the rhythm and the movement. Even before my period came, my body seemed so energetic. I could do so much work in a day within short period of time, and nothing happened. I heard complains from every one else about how pain their knees were from the long standing. But they were all in their sixties and above, not young chap like me. So, inevitable right?

Until about two weeks later, I felt my left ankle swollen for no reason. Well, there might be a reason - standing up too long - but it would not make sense. I mean, I had no complain when walking a lot usually. But swollen ankle and I had to walk limping was quite a bad sign. Not only that. My back shoulder and near butt part were paining too!!! OMG!

That night my dear was kindheartedly rubbing the muscle pain reliever cream onto all affected parts of my body. Earlier, I too rubbed the Chinese medicated ointment that claimed able to reduce swollen into the ankle. Miraculously, those efforts done last night, plus love and hearts put onto it, able to make the pain disappeared!!! Wow!!! The next morning, I would be able to walk like nothing ever happened!!!

Enough sleep and rest helped the process of the recovery too!!!

Then, the week after that. The pain came almost every day in different parts of my body.

One day, it attacked the back part of my left foot. Another day, the pain attacked my whole neck area. The next day, it numbed my right hand - a bit swollen - looked like water retention, but soon reduced when afternoon came. The other day it attacked my left wrist. After that my upper part of right arms. Then left upper arms. It just came and went non-stop, testing my patience and endurance.

The past few days it attacked my left knees. When I squatted down, the pain was there and it made me wanting to cry. One time I felt like just staying at home and doing nothing but taking a rest. But the pain would go after it gave me enough pain, disappeared miraculously, just like that.

Another time, I had to take the painkiller to remove the pain.

I had the urine and blood check up. Just nice, the check-up time arrived. A week later, the doctor told me the result was fine. Nothing was there to worry about. She said, it was normal to feel the pain. If unbearable, take the painkiller. What an advise!!!

I was still considered young and not reaching retirement age yet. However, my body was worse than people in those ages. I was wondering if I did not have this SLE, would I still experience all these pain??? Or would I feel nothing and lived normally, as if nothing happened and sleep would remove my tiredness and that was it???

The pain could be unbearable sometimes. Like I could not even dry my back part of my body with towel when my upper arms were in pain. And it made me thinking, that one day, I might have to live with a support of other people's help - instead of independently taking care of my self. I could not imagine for that day to come. If I was lucky enough, I would have had enough money to put myself inside the nursing home, where there would be other people able to take care of me, even for doing such simple daily activity. Haizzz.... Of course, I did not want this to happen.

And I knew, no matter how much I did to prevent this to happen, it would still happen anyway. Because it was not under my control - where, when, how it would happen. I could only tell myself, that this pain was only temporary. It was there to rinse my bad karma away, to let me feeling the pain from all bad deeds I did from the past actions. Nothing lasted forever anyway and things would change all the time. So, just let it come, and let it go, everything would gonna be alright.

Saturday, January 04, 2020

Books read for the second half of the year 2019

That is me :D

The second half of 2019 passed so fast. Life was hectic for me, and mostly from travelling.

My goal was actually to read 40 books in 2019, but after first half of the year I only managed reading total of 13 books. 

Until November I tried my best to spare some time to read and could only manage another 10 books. So in December, once all the travelling had over, with the support of cooling weather back home, I spent most of time reading in my bed. That was also how I gained weight so fast as what I did every day was eat, sleep, read and repeat.

Within a month's time, I managed reading 9 books which in overall year, the total books I read was 32 books. Not bad lah :D

Below let me share the list of the book I read for the second half of the year 2019:

July 2019

July 2019: 
1. Your Second Life Begins When You Realize You Only Have One - Raphaelle Giordano
2. Thus I Heard - Ngawang Phuntsho

August 2019

Aug 2019: 
1. Kopi Thiam - James Suresh
2. Normal People - Sally Rooney
3. If, Then - Kate Hope Day
4. When Loss is Gain - Pavan K. Varma

September 2019

Sep 2019: 
1. 101 Stories for Foreigners to Understand Chinese People - Yi S. Ellis with Bryan D. Ellis
2. Girl A - My Story
3. Falling is Flying - Ajahn Brahm and Chan Master GuoJun

October 2019

Oct 2019: 
1. Awaken Every Day - Thubten Chodron

November 2019

Nov 2019: 
1. The Postcard - Zoe Folbigg
2. The Diary of Amos Lee (I Sit, I Write, I Flush) - Adeline Foo

December 2019

Dec 2019: 
1. In Love with the World - Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche
2. Big Sky - Kate Atkinson
3. Sikkim Requiem for Himalayan Kingdom - Andrew Duff
4. Where the Crawdads Sing - Adelia Owens
5. Finding Chika - Mitch Albom
6. The Overdue Life of Amy Byler - Kelly Harms
7. Three Women - Lisa Taddeo
8. Once Upon a River - Diane Setterfield
9. The Bookish Life of Nina Hill - Abbi Waxman

Hope you still maintain your passion in reading as many others are doing. I am glad to find many passionate readers lately through Instagram where we can share which books are nice and worth spending our time reading. So, see you again in 6 month's time and enjoy reading!!! :)

Wednesday, January 01, 2020

Looking back at 2019

Myself being myself - Virginia Woolf

Wow!!! Another year had gone by!!! It passed like a lightning and yet, it added not only number to the age. 

Year 2019 was different from many other years I had been through. It was a year of realization, a maturity process (perhaps age and experience had also played a part in it), and it had brought many changes for the thinking and behaviours from inside me. 

There were not always changes for the better or worse, and right or wrong, but changes for what I deemed important to attain the empty space and inner peace.

It was no longer the more the merrier or the more the better. I had become more selective on who could be, what should be, and where to be - to be inside the part of my life journey, and to treasure those who chose to stay and treasure me back.

Needless to say, the circle had automatically gotten smaller and me too, became much quieter. Despite those, I never lost any piece of me. I still lived my life to the fullest, one day at a time, with people whom I loved and loved me; still being my own self, doing things I loved doing, ignoring the voices that judging me of what I should do or not do from their eyes. Who cares?

Thank you for another wonderful year 2019 (IG: rimareyka.writes)

2019 was another most travelling year for me too. At least once a month, and many times to many different places at one time and visited many new places I had never been before.

It was my first time arranging cruise plus free and easy trip for the family to faraway places (different countries with different languages, first time visit, etc.) It was challenging but rewarding when everything went as per planned (and we were all blessed with good health, safety, and smooth journey). Thanks to so many reviews from Google maps, websites, blogs, and so on! :)

I visited many new places in China too and made me wanting to travel there even more in the future. Even Indonesia! Many beautiful nature could be found there. There would be no longer repetitive places with no specific reasons to go. Life was too short not to travel to many of my dream places :D

And of course, health! Thank you for the good health we had in 2019 and yes I knew well, nothing stayed permanent. And thing had already changed with so much weight I had gained from all the good food I took and received from those travelling. Weather and my time spent on reading forced me to stay more inside house, resulting in lack of exercise. 

I was blessed with makan kaki too where I could have almost weekly Mala and Tsing Dao session from Chinatown!! Lol!! Blessing or just excuse for enjoying life? In any case, I love the food, the feeling, and the accompanies!!!

Get ready everyone!! No one says it will be easy, but it will be worth it!!! (IG: Rimareyka.writes)

Well, 2020 is like a blank paper in front of me now. Only one dash point I could see for now, while the rest I leave it still blank and let nature takes its course. But I predict that I would stay more on the ground, spend more time on readings, practise meditation (I hope), and be more aware of my doing. 

So, with the end of 2019, another chapter had closed and a new page is there, ready for us to fill up.  I have gotten my diary ready, and wish everything goes well to everyone, as well as to the world where we live in. 

Same world, same time, but many different things are happening. Wish for the best to come and wish everyone a wonderful year ahead!!! :)

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Waiting for the rain to subside

QOTD - On raining day :)

I just filled my stomach with hot yong dou fu soup at the coffee shop inside the shopping mall nearby my house. Dated my hubby who worked at the same building, and we had coffee to warm and energize our bodies in such cooling weather.

I left my house without the pocket umbrella that I usually brought in every occasion (be it hot and rain). It was cloudy when I glanced upon the balcony window, but I did not step outside to check whether it was raining or not. The cold weather enveloped Singapore these past few days and I took it for granted that it was not due to rain. Only after I came out from the lift at the first floor, then I realized that the sky had already drizzled.

"It is just little rain," I told myself as I was too lazy to go up and take the umbrella from home. I continued walking and passing by the mail box to drop a letter before reaching the mall.

Since I woke up quite late today, I did not have my breakfast at home and directly had heavy lunch. So now, my stomach was still full from it.

I walked around inside the shopping mall after separated with hubby, to catch at least 5,000 steps counted by the watch on my wrist. The goal was 10,000 steps a day. And I had zero for the last 2 days as I was engulfed in my reading and hid myself below the blanket enjoying the cold weather. "So today, let me get at least half for now." 

Christmas tree on raining day ^^

The watch vibrated when it reached 5,000 steps and I wanted to go home. But alas, it was raining outside, even heavier than when I came. "Haiz..... Where should I go, what should I do????"

My lip wanted to taste another cup of black coffee or even the hot milk tea. The image of me dipping the kaya toast and slurping the half boiled eggs filling my mind. As when I passed by the shops, I too imagined munching the deep fried you tiao and the fluffy meat bun. However, my full stomach alarmed me and said no to all my imaginary scenes. "Hahaha.... It is not that I do not have money to buy those. But this stomach puts the 'no' sign voluntarily. "

The air condition blew harshly and made the place much cooler. It made me running away from it. Luckily this mall was built with some outdoor seats with roof on top. I walked down to the basement and found a quiet nice wooden seat, then rested my butt in it. This rain had given me a reason to write about this situation and romanticize everything that I faced.

It was still raining by the time I finished writing this. It rained heavier and the sky had become much darker. "I should have just stayed at home just now. Haiz.... it is too late now."

Luckily I had fully charged my phone battery before coming out. I browsed around Goodreads to find out what nice book to read. I searched such interesting book at the National Library apps and checked whether they had the online book available. "Yesssss!!! I got one. 'Life will be the death of me' - by Chelsea Handler."

My next read - 'Life will be the death of me' by Chelsea Handler

I downloaded it immediately and it was time to read now as I clicked the 'publish' button from this site. After all, I only needed a book, good weather, and quiet place to do what I like doing.

Thursday, October 10, 2019

Visiting Jeju Island during Typhoon Mitag - Day 2

Our first stop - Jeju coastal road view - Jeju Island

Thank Buddha, the next morning, the weather seemed good. I mean, we expected rain to happen, but there was no strong wind that we were worrying about earlier. Mr Won too (our driver for the day), messaged me early in the morning, to confirm about the car rental arrangement and the trip. And yes, we went on with our journey to browse the Jeju island instead of staying inside the room and doing nothing :)

Second stop - One of the 300 fishing villages view in Jeju Island :)
While planning for our trip to Jeju, we never thought of typhoon into the possibility of happening in our itinerary. Therefore, my sister planned to browse around east side of Jeju to see the beautiful nature that Jeju could offer. And it was where I went last time on my first trip to Jeju - towards the east, to visit Manjanggul Cave, Seongsan Ilchulbong, Seongeup Folk Village, Sangumburi Crater, Mysterious Road, and so on.

But I told my sisters that those were mostly nature and outdoor activities. We could not possibly climbing the Seongsan Ilchulbong in such rain and cold wind weather. The women diver might not want to dive in such weather as well. Therefore, we changed our plan and route. We traveled to the west and south of Jeju Island, and visited places that I had never been to before.

Morning coffee stop at Aewol Monsant Cafe owed by G-Dragon - Jeju Island

Actually that was my wishes to visit the other parts of Jeju Island. And the typhoon Mitag made my wishes came true. It was also my sister's wish to visit Aewol Monsant Cafe owed by her favorite singer - G Dragon and K-Pop Play Museum. So I guessed, both our wishes came true and thanks to the typhoon to make it possible :D

What is this??? Some kind of decoration?? Lol!!!

In my humble opinion, there was nothing special at the Aewol Monsant Cafe. The chandelier was not there (it was being damaged by his fans), puddled of water was found just in front of the cashier (and you worried your shoes would get wet while ordering your coffee and cake?), round hole as per shown in above picture, and the cost of coffee and food were exorbitant. Their signature drink - Dolce Vita - tasted nothing special and not worth for paying KRW 7,500 per cup. Only the expensive carrot cake (KRW 8,000 per slice) could at least taste good. If it was not belonged to G Dragon, I don't think people would still come and spend their money plus time there (I hope by posting this, the fans won't attack me with their comments :P)

Hallabong oranges roadside seller - Jeju Island

We continued our journey. Since the rain was there and wind was blown quite heavily, it was perfect for us to visit more indoor area. And our next destination was to visit the Osulloc Tea Museum. Find out more about the place information here

Osulloc Tea Museum - Jeju Island

We stayed indoor at this place. There were few photo spots completed with props featuring their tea products, a very good way to have a free advertisement done by the public (including me here :P).

Victims of expensive tea products :P - Osulloc Tea Museum

There was shop selling the tea and tea products inside. They even provided cups of tea sample so that you could taste before buying it. The prices of all products were very expensive. Check the price out here. But since it was the only tea shop that was available in the island, tourists were still willing to spend their money on the local products. The packaging of the tea was made very nice and that was actually where your money went to mostly :D

Tasted the tea and tea products - Osulloc Tea Museum in Jeju Island

There was cafe selling tea products too where customers could buy. We shared few items together, just to find out what it tasted like. Loved the green tea ice cream (KRW 6,000) and the Hallabong O Fredo (KRW 7,500), but not the green tea roll cake (KRW 5,000). The taste of the green tea on the cake was not strong enough. 

Jeju Osung Seafood Restaurant - Highly recommended by me!!! Must eat if you visit South part of Jeju Island!!!

By the time we finished tasting the tea desserts, it was lunch time and my stomach was hungry for warm food. Mr Won brought us to a traditional local restaurant nearby called Jeju Osung Restaurant. He recommended us to order the grilled Mackerel and seafood stew.

Wonderful seafood lunch at Jeju Osung Traditional Restaurant - Jeju Island

Oh man, I had hard time to find out the name of this restaurant!!! You have to try it yourself to find out how delicious their food is!!! The Jeju Osung traditional restaurant had been operated since 1973. And no, I did not get any sponsor in recommending you this place. Everything I wrote on my blog was based on my personal humble opinion, be it good or bad. And I loved the food they served here!!!

We ordered the seafood set for two (KRW 90,000) that included seafood doenjang jjigae or seafood stew (in long rectangular cooking pot that you see at the above picture - filled with 4 pieces of live abalone (sorry for boiling you alive...), a piece of medium size octopus, two giant clams, and very fresh hairtail fish), abalone dolsot stone pot rice (the one on right top), uni miyeok guk (Korean seaweed soup with sea urchin - the one with greenish things inside the bowl), breaded fried pork, and one stick of assorted skewer, with additional order of grilled Mackerel, and sea urchin bibimbap. We added those because we thought the portion for two would be very less. It was really more than our expectation!!! And the varieties and taste of the banchan (side dishes) was superb!!!! I had no words to explain :) Just go down and try! Total spend was KRW 121,000 for all.

Free two Americano too!!! :)

After payment, we were entitled to get two free cups of Americano (hot or cold) from the cafe located below the restaurant. Wasn't it a great perks to have after meal??? :)

Jungmun Saekdal Beach - Jeju Island

After lunch, Mr Won brought us to see the Jungmun Saekdal Beach. And lucky us, the rain was only started once we finished taking our photos. You could see from the photos how big the wind was. The waves had all turned white due to the heavy wind that blown from the sea. Fyi, touching the stomach of the Dol Hareubang (Grandfather rock) was believed to give a good wealth luck, and yes, we did that!!! Hahahaha.... :P

Play K-Pop Museum - Jeju Island

Stomach was full, and wind outside was still heavy blown. It was time for some indoor activity!!! Indoor activity?? Not as what you think Sherab!!! (In case you read this, lol!!! :P) Next, we went to the Play K-Pop Museum. I heard about the place last time, but that was all. Did not know what was inside. Mr Won was rushing us to faster enter the place as the show had just been started. What show? We found out only after reaching inside.

Hologram concert by G-Dragon - Kpop Play Museum in Jeju Island

It was the Hologram concert by G-Dragon, my sister's favorite singer. The sound speaker and quality of the hologram made it as if we were attending the real concert!!! Impressive!!!

Felt like attending the real concert!!! Hologram concert by G-Dragon - Kpop Play Museum in Jeju Island

They played quite few songs and my eldest sister was enjoying herself very much, dancing all the way from the beginning 'til the end. 

My eldest sister was performing in concert with G-Dragon at K-Pop Play Museum, Jeju Island

It got the staff's attention and she was participating in the concert, dancing together with G-Dragon :D She was indirectly famous for the day too!!! :D :D :D Sorry for my loud out laugh on the video. Was too exciting that my sister got called on the stage hahahahaha.... :D

Other activities inside the K-Pop Play Museum - Jeju Island

After that we were all heading to the second floor where many interactive activities with Korean famous singers were available. Taking photo with them was one of the thing you could do. 

Bring your memories back home with this USB drive :D - K-Pop Play in Jeju Island

They would save all the files using the barcode of your ticket, which at the end of your visit, you could purchase the photo in paper at KRW 4,000 each page, or the cute recorder 16 GB USB drive containing all the photos you took earlier at KRW 15,000 each.

Live 360 3D show by PSY Man - K-Pop Play in Jeju Island

And before leaving the place, we managed to watch the fife-minute Live 360 3D show by PSY Man by wearing the 3D glasses provided. Quite cute but the ending was not that good.

Time spent at Teseum (Teddy Bear Museum) - Teddy Bear Safari - Jeju Island

Posing with various bears at Teseum - Jeju Island

Last place to visit before we went back to Jeju town, we stopped at the Teseum (Teddy Bear Museum) - Teddy Bear Safari. Well, it was a place where you could take photo with so many bears. If I was much younger, I might find this place amusing. Hehehe... But I felt just so so now lah... :D

Cute flower bears at Teseum - Jeju Island

Teddy Bear wearing different countries clothes - Teseum in Jeju Island

The wind blew heavier and rain was strong too by the time we went out from this place. Mr Won was worrying that we would get stuck somewhere due to this. However it was only lasting for a while. As our journey back continued, the weather had changed and we could leave our worry away. In fact, he could not believe that we had a very good day (as in, we were able to avoid any strong wind and heavy rain caused by the typhoon Mitag). SB really blessed our journey, thank you once again!!!

Chicken dinner at Mom's Touch - Jungang underground shopping center - Jeju Island

This time he brought us to the Jungang underground shopping center - the one located at old Jeju town - to have our dinner. Since we were still quite full from our delicious lunch, we chose to have fried chicken over heavy meals like rice or noodle. We asked Mr Won to have dinner with us too and had a chit chat over life in South Korea.

Final pose with Mr Won and his huge van - our driver for Jeju Island trip!!! :)

After dinner, we were allowed some free time to digest our food by walking around the underground shopping center and then were sent back to hotel to take a rest. 

Fyi, I knew Mr Won since five years ago when I was going for my first trip to Jeju island. Initially I thought of hiring him but since it was only two of us (and he was taking jumbo taxi that time), he referred us to his friend instead. And this time, since it was five of us, we finally had fate to travel together. 

He was such a positive, optimistic, and energetic guy in his sixties. He kept encouraging himself since the tour started and kept giving us information about Jeju Island and places that we visited. If you want to visit Jeju and want to get his van service, you can message me on the comment below and leave your email address so I can send his number to you.

So, that was about it!! The info about places we could go during typhoon Mitag. Hope it can help you when you visit Jeju Island next time :)
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