Thursday, November 18, 2004

Exam's coming

Gotta work hard! 

Life has not been easy for some time, especially when exam is coming. Nobody forces me into this.. It's my own decision to continue study. For the future? Maybe.. if it's useful.. hahaha... Otherwise, it'd be just a piece of paper collected inside the folder, that I would bring along here and there to find my rice bowl somewhere.. 

Anyway.. i wish my energy is as much as when i am online like this.. hiehiehie... Unfortunately, my eyes were only opened widely when in front of computer with internet connection only.. hahaha.. until I was onced titled as "Ms. Computer" during study time in LR hahaha.. 

Btw, talking back to my previous school, there were lots of memories in it.. The beauty and the peace of the country.. the fresh and cool air.. most importantly, great friends inside it, and my ex who had encouraged me a lot during studying time. 

Will talk about it later.. not now.. because I'm sure there will be lots more about it.. my everything.. Gotta sleepzzz soon.. My eyes have been working too hard for the whole day.. Time to sleeeeppppzzzzz.... 

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