Monday, December 20, 2004

Holiday again soon...

Everyday is holiday... hehehehehe... i hope so.. =( 

We have decided to go to my hometown mid of next month. My husband's families would go including me. Total of 8 adults and my baby. I hope it would be a pleasant and safe journey all the way till we came back. I have informed my parents about our arrival and they are happy to hear that and welcoming us to stay in their house.

My dad will turn 58 next year and my mum 54. There was only my eldest sis staying in the same country and the rests have been staying abroad. So, i could understand how they feel. Although having 5 children, 5 in law and 5 grand children, only both of them stay in their house.. so, knowing that the children would come and visit them, they feel very happy, at least not lonely for 5 days.. I know my dad is disappointed with the fact that none of his children continue his business but nothing he can do or we can do about it. I just hope they could stay with us in this country, hope to be able to buy them flat so they are not lonely anymore.. and can visit their grandchildren and children very often. But how to buy them flat if now I'm still jobless.. ???? huehehe.. must jia you!!!

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