Tuesday, December 21, 2004


Today, finally, i burn my first audio CD!!!!

Aku harus pergi - Ari Lasso
F**k it - Eamon (a very nice song, u may want to find and listen to it)
Ini bukan kesalahan - Jikustik
Januari - Glen Fredly
Pemuja rahasia - Dewa
Pulanglah padanya - Jikustik
Relakan aku - Jikustik
Sedih tak berujung - Glen Fredly
Separuh nafas - Dewa
She will be loved - Maroon 5
The reason - Hoobastank
This love - Maroon 5

Sounds like all broken heart song... That's y i named it 'Broken Hearted', hehehe..
Hey, my friend has come back from PH for another friend's wedding.. hm.. congratulations for M & G!!! Hope u both can always be together happily... Wish I could join them!!!
Anyway.... write till here then.. wanna listen my CD NOW!!! bubyeeee....

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