Tuesday, December 28, 2004

New Year Resolution

New year is just around the corner... 3 more days to go and change all the calender. Be ready with new resolution, new goal, new spirit.

My Year 2005 resolutions are:

1. Continue study (part-time).
Like what people said, "Better to walk slow rather than not walk at all."
So, even though I walk very slow.. at least I'm moving. Don't u think so?? Even if I fail in exam, hope that I still can move on and never give up!! Jia You!!!

2. Find a job.
Having relaxed for almost a year, I think it's time to move on. It's not that I don't want to find one, but I couldn't find one, yet. I don't think this year there would be more chance for employment, but no matter how hard it is, still I have to keep trying on, and not give up.

3. Save money as much as I can (After getting a job, I guess.. hehehe..).
I like to travel and I wish I could travel somewhere else in other part of the globe, not Asia, not Australia, maybe Europe or America.. but still long way to go.. Maybe.. 20 years to go? hahahhahahahahhaa...... Actually, it is not so important... The most important thing is that.. I have enough saving for my old golden days.. I don't wish to work as toilet cleaner or dishes cleaner in the age of 55 above.. *touch wood

4. O ya.. almost forget... in the end of year 2005, i wish of having another baby.. hopefully baby girl, who can be bornt in Sept - Oct 2006 (if Heaven blessed me one). I don't want let my son grow alone, be spoilt forever.. He must learn how to take care a younger sis/bro, learn how to take a responsibility as the oldest, and have someone to play, study, and grow up together...

That's all.. I don't wanna have it lots but I can't even make it realisable.. So, have fews, and be focus... Hope u all have ur own New Year resolution as well... And remember..., LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST...


Kipchu Kipchu said...

Asia wasn't in your travel destination list those days, huh! :)

Rima Reyka said...

Hahaha.... True. But it's the other way around now. I don't feel like going to faraway places now. Maybe age matters :P

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