Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Where are u now???

Today my cousin just came back from Australia for holiday. She will be staying here for less than a week. She came back here with her boyfriend. It reminds me of the day when I came to Singapore during my school time for holiday and met up with my ex who was also on holiday. I just wondered how the rest of the people thought about him and me like what I thought about my cousin and her boyfriend now. Things such as hm... he's not matured enough, or.. what have they gone through together so far, or.. will they last long?? How long will it be?? Hahaha.. I feel that I'm old now compare with both of them who are only 19 years old. My ex and I were 22 that time. I'm supposed that we were mature enough to have these bf and gf relationship. So, I guess not many people would think that we were childish, or were we?? Hope not! =)

When she sent him back home, it took quite long time for her to come back. It reminds me the time when I sent him back home. He did not go back directly, but we had a chit chat first somewhere quiet cos we didnt have enough time to chit chat while at home (with so many people around..). We hug each other to express what we felt and finally he refused to go back hahaha... with a reason that it was too late already and finally he asked my mother's permission to stay overnite here.. (of course not staying in the same room.. =P) But again, we didn't talk much as he looked sleepy and I let him rest then... Moreover, with so many people around, it was not really convenient to talk or to hug.. Hahaha!!! Anyway.. if really i could turn back time.. maybe.. maybe.. maybe.. just maybe.. well.. Can't turn anywhere anyway! So.. forget it ba!

I never see him for a long time already.. Wonder what he is doing now.. really wanna know what is his decision then.. but anyway.. it's over.

Just one question.. Is it wrong for me for not being able to forget about him? I guess, I'm not the only person in this world who still misses the ex-bf. It's only that.. I have married hahaha!! Well.. even though I have married, can I still do that?? or not???

Just hope you are doing well with your life.. I don't wanna disturb you.. because you have your own life to go as well and I shouldn't hold you for your happiness...  Ciao!

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Anonymous said...

is he the one from sydney, rim??? or as far as I remember, is he the one whom visited you in bluche?? :)
You are right, you are not the only girl who can't forget the exbf..coz I am included :(

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