Saturday, December 18, 2004

What a wonderful world!!

Life has been so beautiful since the technology created internet in this life... huehuehue... that's my own opinion.. haha üü 
U know wad, now yahoo has offered launch cast radio! What a wonderful thing! Just find a title of song u want, or singer u know.. then there would be lists of those you may look for.. click on the song u want, you can watch its video and listen to it in front of you!! One more thing made it good.. it's fast and FREE!!!

You can even create your own station based on ur favourite singers or songs..

Hm... internet can also help me in finding the lyrics of the songs i wanna know.. just search in google, type elyrics and you find it! Type the singer and find the song.. then the lyrics will come up right away.. while watching the video, you could look at the lyrics, so you know what the song is all about..

The songs are up to date.. so.. u wont miss any single thing.. It's only that.. all available songs are only English songs.. no Indonesian.. or Chinese songs.. =)
never mind.. it's very good already!!

Internet has also brought me together with people i love.. my families, my friends all over the world.. even with my ex.. and my current hubby!!!

Friendster has also been my favourite.. I could find lots of my old friends there.. whom i haven't met for almost 10 years till now..

I really can open my eyes widely in front of my laptop.. Wish that i can open widely my eyes in front of my textbook during exam time.. hahahaha... ironic huh?

Remember lots of memories from this internet.. now..i can share what i feel here as well.. Hm... what world would be 10 years from now.. anyone think about it??


Kipchu Kipchu said...

It had been exactly 10 years since then, what has happened to the world?

Rima Reyka said...

World is still a beautiful place to live in and with Internet, we could meet and travel together, even more :) :) :)

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