Thursday, January 20, 2005

Can't see me ol so often now...

Hehehe... I started working already this Monday. My workin place is very nice. It is very convenient to get there.. It took me 40 min to reach there. At least I didnt stuck in a traffic jam.. I got free lunch everyday. They always serve salad.. which is my favourite.. somemore it can help me in having a healthy life. hehehehe... so happy... Got fruit as well.. well.. actually green apple everyday.. I tried it once.. very sour leh... so.. I don't think I will take it a second time.. hahaha... see lah... maybe once in a blue moon..
Then.. the working hour is ok. I work 5 and half days. Lots of people doesn't like it, but for me, it was good already.. My last job was also the same.. only that my workin hour was much more flexible. But this job really suits me well.. and I love it. Hope I can hang on for quite a long time.
Well.. looks like no prospect for the future.. but since i m still studying.. it really really suits me well.. hehehe.. ok lah.. wanna have a break. Tomorrow is holiday.. wanna watch dvd bought in my hometown last week.. hehehe.. byeeee

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Ching said...

He Rima, Congrat!! It's nice to know you like your job so far, and welcome back to hotel industry!! :)
Work 5 and half day is quiet long, Im sure not many people like it, Taiwan used to work for 6 days a week, but now average is 5 days per week!
Anyway, I think it good thus, as least you are earning money and have something to do!!

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