Sunday, January 16, 2005

I'm back!!!

Hellow everybody!!!
I'm finally back to this country again!!! 5 days journey in my country.. First two days were spent in a city 5 hr drive or more from my hometown. 2 cars were used cos there were 13 people going there. We went to Safari Park first to see the animals, then continue our journey up to the mountain, with cool weather and rain. My mom, dad, aunt, cousin, my hubby, and I were having hot spring in that kind of weather. Really shiok!!! Felt like in Japan. The smoke was coming out from the big pool. We didnt feel cold anymore after having a bath there.
Although many places I want to go couldn't be fulfilled, but we really had a wonderful journey there. We had local food, rabbit satay, fresh cow milk, picked our own fresh strawberries, and bought lots of other fruits and snacks. Oh ya.. almost forgot, we also went to volcano mountain. Nice trip!!!
Third and fourth day was shopping day till I didnt have time for myself. Hei, tell u what.. I met some of my old friends.. One of them was driving us to Hard Rock Cafe.. Thanks, B! Then when I felt blue, this fellow friend came to my house and had a chit chat with me. And today, I really spent my own time with my fellow old friends. From one became two, then three, then five of us!! Hahaha.. We had lunch together.. all my favourite foods!
Then we went back lorr... ok lah.. tomorrow started work already.. I gain so much weight already from my journey there.. must diet soon! hahaha.. as if i could do it~!
OKlah, wanna have my supper before having a nice dream. Wish me luck for my work journey... Ciao!

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