Friday, January 28, 2005

In the office now.. =)))

Hai.. im in the office now.. nothing to do.. boring leh... better got works to do than not at all.. Now is only 15.28 pm, *hehhhh..... still 2 hours to go.. Hope I could get any tasks to do soon.. otherwise.. i will blog all the way.. hehehehe...
My office ok lah.. I got my own space to work (of course lah, otherwise, where will i work? But comparing with my previous experience.. i have to share my working place with the others.. so.. this time consider ok liao..). Got own PC with broadband internet.. kekekeke... (so bad i can't use msn messenger here.. i installed already, but something went wrong when i wanna open and start.. hiks... if not, now i already chat with u guys.. hehehhee..)
I can listen to my yahoo radio online.. hehehe... Actually i tried to bring small radio once.. but only to find out that I worked in B1, so that I could not get any reception over here.. hiks.... But never mind.. as long as yahoo could accompany me working, that's good already... =) so bad i can't listen indonesian songs.. (can sih.. if i bring my own mp3 cd songs.. but.. lazy lehh.. hehehe..)
ok lah.. dont write much.. afraid boss will be back from meeting soon.. hehehehe... byeeeee

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