Saturday, January 01, 2005

Unforgettable Tsunami

Year of 2004 was ended with this unforgettable Tsunami happening in South Asia (India, Srilanka, Maldives, Phuket, and Aceh). It kills up to 125,000 over people to date from many different nations. It was happened a day after Christmas Day.
I cry everytime watching news in TV and reading the newspaper. My heart was very pain seeing many people died and separated from families.
One day, my sis in law suggested to donate them milk, dried foods, etc. At that moment, we just agreed without thinking twice, cos we know that the condition over there was really miserable although the quake has over. People were hungry, thirsty, in pain, and I couldn't do much to help them. So donation would be the best way for us. I also asked my mom, my aunt, my bro to donate as well and they agreed. So this morning, after having New Year breakfast with my families, my hubby and I went to supermarket to buy some milk for baby (I wonder if there were any babies, since lots of children dying...), mineral water, some medicine, and we decided to buy the food package relief organized by local supermarket. My sis in law also bought some dried food and medicine before. So, all things were delivered today in one of the biggest temple here in sg. I could see many other donators were giving away foods, blanket, milk, drink, clothes, and we all really hope that we could help those who needed, and suddenly, I feel that all were united in helping those in needed.
In this new year, there were no party like other new year before.. but all feel sad and really hope that the victims could be living in peace in Heaven, or reborn again in another better world, and those who loses their families, friends, relatives, etc., hope they also can recover from their sadness.. as we know.. there is nothing eternal in this world.. And we can only hope.. after this misfortune happened, the good luck can come afterward to the rest of the year.

Happy New Year to All of You..

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