Monday, March 14, 2005

Wild Wild Wet

Photo source: Wild Wild Wet

How time flies.. It's been a week since my last blog.

Yesterday it was a family day organised by Mediacorp at this swimming entertainment area called Wild Wild Wet. My hubby and I had to go and back to Cheers in Pasir Ris twice before we're able to get the tickets. 9 of us (my bro n his families, my sis in law's cousin, my sis-in-law and her husband, my hubby and me) went there yesterday from 12.30pm to 6 plus. (My sis-in-law and her husband went after 2 pm).

It was my first time to go there. It was really fun!!! There is one place like that in my hometown, but I haven't visited the place again for quite long time (since primary 1 or 2)?? Therefore, I found that this triple W has recalled back my childhood memory.

My favorite places to play there were Tsunami and Water Shiok while my husband favorite was Jacuzzi.. hehe... The sun was quite strong yesterday. My husband's skin was burnt to red as he didn't use any sunblock at all. Lucky I used it before swimming, so I only had this reddish color on my face and shoulder :)

After going back home I did some packing and not long after that I went to sleep until this morning. What a tired day!!! But Fun!! :)

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