Tuesday, April 19, 2005

This week's schedule

This week... (talking about nite after work)

MondayI had steamboat and BBQ at Marina South with my eldest sis, bro and families, 3rd sis, hubby and son
Supposed to go to Mustafa after that, but we finished quite late yesterday, reached home about 11pm

I have class today until 9.45pm, while my hubby and the rest stated above will go to Mustafa

See dentist

ThursdayEqual with Tuesday except that, no Mustafa

My chatting friend will come over.. out for dinner in one of the weekend

SaturdayMy high school friend will come over as well. Perhaps we'll be out for another dinner over the weekend

Hopefully my rest day!! Too bad, I need to do some housework

Monday, April 11, 2005

Dentist.. help me...

Hiks... I went to dentist twice last week to repair my teeth. What expensive teeth!!! 4 teeth cost me about $3k!!! Hiks... Otherwise, I could spend my 3k to travel to the places I wanted to go. Anyway, it's a necessary cost that I had to spend. At least I had enough money when it's required :)

And now, almost one week after that, I felt the pain coming out from one or two of those teeth. Hiks.. my painkiller didn't help much and I have finished it all. Now I had to depend on Panadol until the next visit, which would be tongiht.

I felt a bit swollen above my lips there, although it wasn't visible from outside. I just hoped the pain could end soon.

There will be BBQ this Saturday. I hope my teeth had recovered before that day so that I could enjoy the party... ;)

Thursday, April 07, 2005

Feeling blue

It's been two weeks since my last update. How is your life doing up to now? Great??

Unlike mine, I faced lots of miserable feelings. Between want or don't want.. can or can not.. should or should not.. right or wrong.. aaarrgghhhhh..... Why life must have lots of choices that you know I couldn't make??

As a Libra, it's really difficult for me to make decision and I will always choose a middle way, which is not sure and unsure. Hiks hiks hiks.. When can I be better in making decision???

It's been raining outside and inside. I had to lie to myself and resulted lying to someone else. I had to sacrifice my feeling too, for the better of someone else whereby I knew that it may not give them happiness for some, but a happy occasion for someone else.

You may not understand what I'm saying but I feel happy releasing what I feel.
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