Monday, April 11, 2005

Dentist.. help me...

Hiks... I went to dentist twice last week to repair my teeth. What expensive teeth!!! 4 teeth cost me about $3k!!! Hiks... Otherwise, I could spend my 3k to travel to the places I wanted to go. Anyway, it's a necessary cost that I had to spend. At least I had enough money when it's required :)

And now, almost one week after that, I felt the pain coming out from one or two of those teeth. Hiks.. my painkiller didn't help much and I have finished it all. Now I had to depend on Panadol until the next visit, which would be tongiht.

I felt a bit swollen above my lips there, although it wasn't visible from outside. I just hoped the pain could end soon.

There will be BBQ this Saturday. I hope my teeth had recovered before that day so that I could enjoy the party... ;)

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