Wednesday, June 22, 2005


Yesterday after work I went to the future school for my paper 2.2. Actually I didn't really like it for my first and second impression, but I guessed, I just had to live with it. I had adapt with it to get whatever I want in whatever situation hehehe.. We'll see lah how will it look like :)

Thinking of school.. so sad.. which means my holiday only left this and next week only :( Seems like it is never enough because I didn't go anywhere. There were places to go, but I had no money to pay hahahaha...
Maybe not now, not the right time yet. I still have to save some money to cover up my liability hieheiheihiehie... :P

After that, I went to the opposite shopping center and met my hubby there. We had dinner together and finished our course with our favorite Ice Kachang hehehehe.. *I just realize that I kept laughing in this blog, why ah??? *still thinking

Anyway, after having our dinner we had a walk and suddenly we could smell plastic burn smell from below. As I looked at lower floor (2nd floor), there was thin smoke came out in front of the shop and the smoke just got thicker along the time.

My hubby still wanted to go to Carrefour which is located below that floor.. aiyah.. better forgot about it and we finally made up our mind to go back home.

As we went out from car park, there were 5 fire engine cars outside the building, with police car and civil defense car. It's my first time to see the building caught on fire and I didn't expect to see it more, hopefully not. Before that, my husband said the place where he worked was caught fire too in the afternoon. It's one of the school in Singapore.

After thinking hard on why so many things happened yesterday, suddenly I remembered on one thing. Yesterday afternoon, my boss showed us her calendar and told us that yesterday was the worst day of the month, which was also one of the two worst day of the year. No wonder lah. Believe it or not but it happened.

Well, I guessed, it's accidentally happened ba? Because everyday everywhere, disaster happens, right? Anyway.. leave it to the fate then. Write till here, gotta back to work. Ciao!

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